BP Chapter 749

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Chapter 749: Spiraling Coral

“I feel something is wrong,” Rong Xing said with a frown, and Hui Yue nodded his head. “It is indeed strange that they could escape from the eyes of others and then a few days later reappear in the middle of a city,” he agreed.

“Even more so that they would rent a place for as long as they have, it’s clear that they want us to find them.”

Rong Xing was nervous as she fidgeted around. “What should we do then?” she asked in a low voice, unsure of what to do. In response, Hui Yue just flashed her a great smile and shook his head, “Isn’t it obvious? What would we do for any of our friends? We will go!” he said full of conviction.

“I have gained a little bit of insight into the dao of water, and although I haven’t comprehended the complete dao, I still believe in my strength.”

“We will welcome anyone who is waiting for us in the eastern region. There must be a group of demons somewhere in the city ready to deal with us, but even so, we have no other choice than to go. We want to get Rong Ming back no matter the price we have to pay.”

Rong Xing nodded her head slightly and bit her lower lip as she held back her tears of gratitude. Hui Yue knew it was a trap, but he was willing to rush head-first into it for the sake of getting Rong Ming back.

Hui Yue pondered for a bit of time. It was clear that some of his friends were still in secluded meditation, and to interrupt them would be a great blow to their current cultivation, but if they did not rush then something could go wrong, or even worse, they could gain many reinforcements if they took too long to get there.

Hui Yue had permission to enter all of the secluded areas, and he slowly entered them one after another. He did not awaken the ones who were in seclusion and focused on making a breakthrough, but he did take those who were contemplating the dao, leaving only two in secluded meditation.

“Let’s gather everyone else,” Hui Yue said after a moment of indecisiveness. Lan Feng and Sha Yun were both deep in meditation, and he had left them be. Had it been someone other than Lan Feng, then Hui Yue would have just left a message for them, however, now that Lan Feng was the strongest in their group, tied with Hui Yue, he was not willing to go without him.

Hui Yue could feel in his soul that Lan Feng was comprehending the dao rapidly.

Although it was hard to comprehend a dao when one had already comprehended another, sometimes they would have enlightenments, and that was exactly what had happened to Lan Feng. Interrupting him would break his current train of thought, and Hui Yue would never do this.

Gritting his teeth, he decided instead that it would be better for them to wait.

“What if they gain reinforcements?” Rong Xing asked anxiously, but Hui Yue shook his head. “They already had quite a few people when they decided to show themselves,” he reasoned.

“They would never have shown themselves if they were not certain of victory, and thus, they have already received reinforcement.”

“It’s true that more might be coming, but perhaps delaying might even make things better.” Hui Yue tried to find the positive in their situation.

“They might become anxious and reveal flaws,” Hui Yue thought with a sigh. He knew that this was just wishful thinking, but he could not help but hope.

“Have the mercenaries keep monitoring them. Make sure that every action they make is reported to us. Then we will leave as soon as Lan Feng is done with his closed-door meditation. I will be able to sense it, so we will not waste any time.”

Rong Xing was hesitating. She really wanted to go right away but what Hui Yue said made sense, and she could only nod her head eventually.

She rushed back to the mission hall to update the task for them, and she kept praying that Lan Feng’s enlightenment would not last for long.

While Lan Feng was meditating, Hui Yue moved back and forth in the sect. He got his hands on new formations that he trained in as he wished to use them more in his fights. At the same time, he also gained materials of various rarity for concocting pills.

A few days went by and during this time Rong Xing was filled with anxiety. Hui Yue too started to wonder if Lan Feng would be in meditation for much longer, but after two days, during the night, Hui Yue suddenly sensed that Lan Feng was done. The speed with which he was comprehending the dao slowly decreased before he had reached an impasse with the dao.

It was obvious that Lan Feng had awoken from his meditation so Hui Yue rushed to where he was and entered.

Seeing Hui Yue, Lan Feng was at first perplexed. He had just woken up from pondering the dao, and the first thing he saw was his good brother.

“Oh, you’re waiting for me?” He asked after thinking it through. Hui Yue nodded his head, “Rong Ming and his father have been located. It is likely a trap, but we have to go anyway.”

“Right,” Lan Feng nodded his head. “We really can’t afford not to go now when we have mobilized so many forces to locate the Rong family for us.”

The two knew exactly what the other was thinking and just sighed deeply before they left together. Although it was almost certainly a trap, they had no other option than to walk directly into it.

The enemy knew their strength, but they knew nothing of the enemy’s real strength. This was a rather depressing fact.

Everyone had already said their goodbyes to those they wished to inform of their departure. As soon as Lan Feng exited the training chamber by Hui Yue’s side, they all left the Celestial Sword Sect behind. They flew into the sky above, ready to leave the world and head straight for the eastern reaches of the galaxy.

The trip to the eastern region took around ten months. On the trip, they did not meet anyone who posed a threat to them, but every time they came across Blood Demons, they would eradicate their entire group.

Although they went out of their way to deal with the Blood Demons they found, their trip was not delayed. The Blood Demons they encountered were all rather weak, and none of them posed a threat to the group.

As they reached the eastern region, Rong Xing took out her communication orb and contacted the mercenaries that had been tasked with observing Rong Liang and Rong Ming.

“Give us more detailed descriptions of their location,” Rong Xing ordered, and the man in the orb instantly explained to her what was going on. After finishing the conversation with the man, Rong Xing turned to Hui Yue and told him everything that she had just been informed.

“Rong Ming and Rong Liang have moved to Spiraling Coral. It is a world almost entirely covered by an ocean, and the sea monsters that reside in the world are famous all throughout this region.”

“The inhabitants also sell spiral coral which is a special kind of coral that only grow in this world.”

“There are a few small islands in its never-ending sea, and one of these islands contains an immortal city.”

“This city is where Rong Liang and Rong Ming are currently. The world is rather deep in the Eastern region, therefore we will need to travel another month or two before we reach it.”

Rong Xing held nothing back and told Hui Yue everything that the mercenary told her, and he nodded his head.

The eastern region was much like the western region. Groups of Blood Demon hunters were all over, and the demons were also split into groups of hunters.

Hui Yue and the others did not actually partake much in the hunt for the Blood Demons in the eastern region. They just let the groups hunt each other and rushed towards the world of Spiraling Coral.

As they arrived in the world of Spiraling Coral, they saw water as far as the eye could see.

Hui Yue was astonished that no matter how long they flew, they only occasionally saw small islands, and when they flew over them, they noticed that they were inhabited by mortals. Mortals who were completely unaware of the group of Gods that flew above them.

After flying for a long time, they finally saw on the horizon a larger island than any they had seen before. This island had beams of light shooting towards it, and as they got closer, Hui Yue noticed that this was actually experts coming from beneath the sea.

“They are harvesting spiral coral,” Lan Feng noted, and Hui Yue nodded. It made sense that they would harvest this treasure that could only be found here.

The spiral coral was a treasure used mostly to create items. Jewelry, furniture, and so on were often created with this prized coral. The price of such items were extravagant to the extreme and sold throughout the markets all over the galaxy. Having furniture made from spiral coral was a luxury that few could afford.

Hui Yue and his friends continued forward, but they were on high alert. Hui Yue knew that there had to be a trap somewhere, but although he this, he did not know exactly how or where they would be attacked.

In some major cities in the galaxy, it was illegal to fight, but in Spiraling Coral world was simply too weak. They could not afford to have strong enough guards to ensure that fighting did not break out and thus it was highly likely that as soon as they entered the city, they too would be kept under strict observation by the Blood Demons.

Still, knowing full well about all these things, Hui Yue held his head high as they entered the city and observed what was around them.

The city walls were massive. They were made from spiral coral, and as they saw the buildings, they noticed that everything, in fact, was created from spiral coral.

In this world, it was as abundant as the water in the sea, and it seemed as if they had no other materials on this island to build from, so everything was made from spiral coral. What was considered a luxury in other worlds, was the most common material here.

“Let’s find an inn first,” Hui Yue decided as he looked around, seemingly appreciating the beauty of the spiral coral, but in truth, he was trying to notice if anyone specific was observing them. His soulforce was spread to the limits as it scoured their surroundings.

No one questioned Hui Yue’s decision, and together they all made it towards an inn, but the further in they went the more worried Hui Yue became.

There was no one observing them… Whether by eye or soulforce, Hui Yue found no one who paid them extra attention causing him to frown.

Had he been overthinking this, or was there some sort of reason behind it?

Shaking his head, he focused on finding an inn, and together they all went through the city to the inner regions where the more upscale inns were located.


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