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Chapter 748: Talented Youngster

“Are you referring to the child Rong Ming?” The Manor Lord asked with his archaic voice, and An He nodded his head. “Rong Ming is indeed the one. Pei Yue is searching for him.”

“He and his father are both in the process of being turned into Blood Demons, but he is not loyal to our cause.” An He said with seriousness.

“I know that this Rong Ming has amazing potential and could become a high ranked blood prince, but he does not want to side with us,” An He sighed. “Since this is the case, why not use him?”

“We sacrificed a Blood Demon to turn him,” the archaic voice sounded again with a bit of hesitation. “He might be struggling against us now, but when he knows that he is a full Blood Demon, then he will no longer fight us.”

“There is nowhere for a Blood Demon as weak as him to seek refuge except with us.” The one with the archaic voice clearly disagreed with An He causing the younger man to frown. It was clear that he was unhappy.

“I know that to you everyone else can be sacrificed, as long as you continue to raise your strength and your influence,” the one with the archaic voice did not have contempt when he spoke these words. Instead, he was slightly praising.

“I know that you will do anything for strength, and that is the kind of demon we want the most, but not all our Blood Demons have always wanted to be one of us. We have some who have hated us to the core, but in the end, they still joined us because their wish to survive was stronger than their hatred.”

“Call back those two and let us continue their demonification. I have selected a few suitable Blood Demons to sacrifice to allow for his potential to be stimulated. He will become your younger brother, and thus you’ll have to look after him.”

The one with an archaic voice hesitated for a short time before he sighed, “You can send out two experts ranked in the top fiftieth. Tell them to return with Pei Yue’s head or not at all.”

An He gnashed his teeth hard when he heard that he and Rong Ming would be brothers because he was annoyed that this mouse, who he could crush with only a glance, was viewed so importantly by the Manor Lord, but he felt a lot better after hearing the last sentence spoken by the one with an archaic voice.

“Dismissed,” the archaic voice rang out completely apathetic once more. He showed no interest in An He and the young man did not dare to linger in the room any longer. He instantly bowed deeply and turned to leave.

As he had left a sigh escaped the Manor Lord’s lips. “I was once like that Rong Ming,” he mumbled to himself. “I too hated the Blood Demons to the core, but now I am a Manor Lord. Now I am in control of the humans, and I can crush them as easily as grapes.”

“I no longer feel sorry for the humans; I no longer feel guilt. All I want is to assist our Lordship in turning over the galaxy, in creating chaos and disaster all over.”

Shaking his head, the Manor Lord revealed himself to the now empty room. He was an old man with long white hair. His eyebrows were long and framed his face. He had a long white beard, but although he was old and wrinkly, he had an unmistakable air around him which was equivalent to any other half step Overlord.

“An He does not understand that although he is following our cause, he is just as loyal as Rong Ming. An He just joins us for his own benefits, and he will only want to be with us as long as he can benefit from it.”

The Manor Lord shook his head and sat down in a large chair where he looked out the window. His black eyes reflected the lights of the stars from the heavens above, and he slowly began to lose himself in his thoughts.

While the Manor Lord was busy thinking, An He returned to his room. He was still unhappy and the more he thought about it, the more unhappy he became.

An He was a favored son of the heavens! He was born with incomparable talent and future accomplishments. He had done so many things at a young age, and as time went by his achievements had grown in magnitude.

An He had never felt threatened before. He had looked down on everyone. He had never considered anyone his equal, and even Hui Yue and Lan Feng were nothing more than entertainment for him.

However now he felt threatened. Now he was uncomfortable. Rong Ming was clearly liked by the Manor Lord, and to be liked by a Manor Lord meant that one’s future would be as great as An He’s.

Although An He had begun demonification before Rong Ming, and his strength was many times stronger, he was still threatened, and he did not like it.

He had to get rid of Rong Ming, but he had to do it in a way that would not alert Rong Liang, nor be noticed by the Manor Lord.

Pondering, An He wondered what he should do, but suddenly his eyes gleamed with a dangerous light and his mouth curled into a sinister smile.

Meanwhile, in the Celestial Sword Sect, Rong Xing was looking at the recording of her brother and father, and her eyes narrowed slightly. She had looked at this recording countless times now, and she could sense that something was wrong, but she could not put her hand on what exactly it was.

Her father and brother were clearly the same as before, but now when she looked at it, she could sense that something about them was different.

The recording was made from quite far away, so it was impossible to see the details of their surroundings, but when Rong Xing looked at their worn clothes her heart ached.

From looking at Rong Ming and Rong Liang, she could guess that their lives had been much harder than hers. She had been spoiled by Hui Yue with everything she could want.

“Oh, these are the ones you are searching for?” The elder of the Celestial Sword Sect’s mission hall appeared behind Rong Xing. The two of them had gotten very friendly over time, so friendly that even Deng Wu was jealous from time to time.

“I thought the ones you were looking for were human?” the elder said again, and Rong Xing frowned. What did he mean?

“Look at them. Although you can’t see it clearly, their eyes are definitely purple. Only demons and Blood Demons have purple eyes.”

Rong Xing almost dropped the orb from where the recording was made, and her face turned ashen. Her eyes widened, and her mouth opened and closed time and time again.

Without saying another word she picked the up the recording orb and left the mission hall as swiftly as a beam of light, heading straight for the dao training grounds where Hui Yue was in seclusion.

As she reached the location, Rong Xing hesitated. If she interrupted Hui Yue now, then he would lose all the insights that he had achieved, but this information was simply too important to not share with Hui Yue instantly.

The only problem was that the area that was filled with the dao of water was not easily accessible. To enter one needed to have permission from the one currently training within, but Rong Xing did not have such permission. Therefore, all she could do was stand outside the door, knocking on it to no avail.

Rong Xing became more and more panicked. She had no idea what to do, and although not even a day had gone by, she was unsure of how long she could wait.

She started to consider entering the mountain of the patriarch to ask him to allow her to enter the room, but before then Hui Yue opened the door and left the training room.

Rong Xing stared at him stupefied. She knew that he could not have heard her knocking if he was in deep meditation sensing the dao around him, yet somehow he had still managed to leave the chamber after only a few hours of waiting.

This was truly inconceivable, but Hui Yue said nothing and just smiled at her.

“Dear Xing, you seem to be in a strange rush,” Hui Yue teased her, unaware of what exactly had happened. He could guess that it had to do with Rong Ming and thus his mood was great.

If Rong Xing came running, then it was likely that Rong Ming had been found. Remembering how much the twins had done for Hui Yue when he was a small child, the young man could not help but wish to reunite them as soon as possible.

“Ming! Ming has been turned into a Blood Demon!” Rong Xing exclaimed, and finally, the tears she had held back started streaming down her cheeks.

Hui Yue’s face contorted, and he no longer teased the woman in front of her. Instead, he reached out and grabbed the recording orb as he gently took the woman into his embrace. This embrace was soft and warm, like that of a brother trying to soothe his sister, and although he was not her real brother, Rong Xing still felt calmer afterward.

Hui Yue narrowed his eyes as he focused on the recording and since he knew what to look for it did not take him long to realize that Rong Xing was correct. Rong Ming and Rong Liang were turning into Blood Demons.

“That bastard!” Hui Yue gritted his teeth and swore as he knew that Rong Ming would never volunteer to become a Blood Demon. It was clear he had been forced by someone.

“Well, no matter if he is a Blood Demon or a human, he is still your brother,” Hui Yue said calmly as he gently stroked Rong Xing’s back.

Rong Xing nodded her head and retreated a few steps. Her cheeks were tear soaked and her eyes red, but a fierce gleam could be seen in them.

“He will always be my brother,” she said with a firm voice not having any room for discussion, and then she sighed. “We have to save him before he becomes a true Blood Demon, someone who fights on the Blood Demon’s side.”

Hui Yue nodded his head and contemplated for some time. “Where were they when they were seen?” he asked, and Rong Xing just shook her head. “I already considered going there,” she said with a soft voice as she had guessed Hui Yue’s intentions, “but it is in the eastern region. Not only that, multiple mercenaries went after them in an attempt to catch up, but they all failed, and no one found any traces of them later on.”

“Even if we go now, it will be impossible for us to find them. I would say our best choice is to continue like we have done so far, and eventually, he will show up.”

Hui Yue could hear the hopelessness in Rong Xing’s voice, and although he wished to help her in any way he could, he knew that she spoke the truth.

Both Rong Xing and Hui Yue sighed at the same time, unsure of how to proceed when a young member of the Mission Hall came rushing towards them.

“Miss Xing! Honorable Yue!” he called out with excitement in his voice. “The two people you have searched for have been located,” he said with a great smile on his face. “They have been seen in the eastern region, and they just rented a mansion for the next four years together with another third figure.”

“No one has tried to approach them, and they seem very vigilant, so we are trying to keep them thinking that we have not noticed them.”

“The eastern region?” Hui Yue asked with a nod of his head, “Let us gather everyone together and rush to the eastern region!”


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