BP Chapter 746

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Chapter 746: Mission

“This is Lady Bing’er?” Pei Tian asked curiously as he looked at Ling Bing’er with a gentle smile on his face, and Hui Yue nodded his head.

They had just arrived home from their years in the western region, and the first thing they did was to enter the mountain belonging to Hui Yue’s father.

As they had entered, he instantly came to see them, and he found a couple of new faces. He knew none of them but was quickly introduced to Da Hu, the Western Tiger, and Ling Bing’er. When Bing’er was introduced, Hui Yue made a point of saying that she was his guest who would be cultivating in the Celestial Sword Sect.

He also spent some time telling Pei Tian about the help he had received from the Ling family to make it easier for Pei Tian to accept this young girl, and his efforts were successful. Pei Tian had no disagreements with this young girl staying.

“Everyone take Lady Bing’er to the manager and find somewhere to settle her in; I need to bring Little Yue to meet his uncles.”

This was within everyone’s expectations. They had all expected that Hui Yue would have to talk with his uncles and give back the Celestial Sword once more now that he had returned to the sect. They knew that in addition, he would have to give a detailed report of what he had achieved over the last many years he had been gone.

Hui Yue and Pei Tian moved towards the main peak of the Celestial Sword Sect and entered into the residence of the patriarch.

“Little Yue, you’re back?” The patriarch said as he came out from a room in the mountain, and Hui Yue quickly cupped his hands and bowed politely. He greatly respected these two figures in front of him, his father and the patriarch.

“I am back home,” he said with a warm heart. Hui Yue considered two places his home; one was the valley close to the Magical Forest in the Divine Beast World together with his parents, the other was the Celestial Sword Sect.

Hui Yue could see the care in his uncle’s eyes, and he knew that they too considered him one of them. By all rights, he should have been killed when they found out that he had the bloodline of the Great Roc, but fortunately he wasn’t born in the sect. Even though the rules said he had to die, they still allowed him to live, and they even treated him with care and consideration. They had even given him their most treasured weapon to use.

“So tell me, what have you accomplished during the time you have been away?” the patriarch asked curiously, and Hui Yue started to talk about his exploits.

He spoke about how his friends were kidnapped the moment they appeared, and he also spoke about their close teamwork with the Ling family. He told them about the many Blood Demons he had fought, and about the elder that had appeared and given him trials for killing his great-grandson. He also talked about Da Hu and the Western Tiger.

Although Hui Yue trusted them greatly, he still did not tell them about the past lives in his core. It was too difficult to explain it. He would have to explain how he came from another world, that he had been reborn after a phoenix gave up his right to rebirth, and as a result, he had gained access to his previous lives.

One of these previous lives happened to be the life of Pei Yue. If he told them this, he did not doubt that they would love him as much as they loved him now, but things would become complicated.

After hearing Hui Yue talk about all his accomplishments, his father and uncle were both astonished. Hui Yue was much stronger than they had thought he was, and they were even more shocked when they heard he had survived an explosion from a World Ending bead!

He had fought against a blood prince. He had faced a million-strong army. He had even stood against an expert that was a half-step Overlord. Although this man had decided not to kill Hui Yue, it still required a lot to just stand against such pressure.

“This Ling Bing’er is from the Ling family that you worked with in the western region?” the patriarch asked about the young woman, and Hui Yue nodded his head.

“Well then, let her stay as an honorary guest of the sect,” he decided. He had a favorable impression of the family that had assisted Hui Yue during his adventures in the western reaches of the galaxy, and it was quite likely that they would extend an olive branch to them. However, this was something Hui Yue left for them to decide. It was enough for him to detail what had happened.

After finishing, Hui Yue took out the Celestial Sword and was about to hand it to his uncle, when the patriarch held up a hand and shook his head. “We have given you this sword to use, and the war is still ongoing. Keep it for now,” he said with a smile on his face, and Pei Tian also nodded his head.

Hui Yue was surprised, but he had taken a liking to the sword, so he just nodded his head unable to keep a smile from forming on his face.

“Now, no reason to stick around with us old men anymore,” Pei Tian said gently, and Hui Yue understood the hint, instantly leaving the mountain.

The first thing Hui Yue did after leaving the mountain was to find his friends. Bing’er was placed in a small valley and had been given a token that showed her status in the sect as an honorary guest.

The others had all returned to Hui Yue’s valley. Servants had been guarding the valley and keeping the mansion clean regularly; therefore, it did not seem as if it had been left alone for years.

“I need to go set up a mission soon,” Hui Yue said while smiling to the others who had made themselves at home in the mansion. In response, they just nodded their heads as they moved to their rooms to start cultivating.

Some cultivated in the rooms in the mansions, while others went to secluded areas where one could sense the dao.

“You wish to set up some missions?” The mission hall elder looked at Hui Yue with shock in his eyes when he heard what the young man said, but Hui Yue just nodded his head.

Everyone knew about Hui Yue being a very important member of the sect, only beneath the patriarch and the ancestors, so when he said that he wanted to set up a mission, the elder did not dare decline, but he was worried.

Missions were expensive. The person who put up the mission had to pay a high price to lure in others to complete it, and ten percent of the reward was also added on top as a fee for the mission hall.

Hui Yue just smiled and went towards a table where he waved his hand. He caused a mountain of Worldpower Stones to appeared.

“I wish to get information about two people. One is named Rong Ming and he is with his father Rong Liang. I don’t know much about Rong Liang other than he should not be too strong, but Rong Ming is a member of the younger generation.”

“I will pay fifty thousand Worldpower Stones for information about their location.”

It has to be said that fifty thousand Worldpower Stones was an amazing amount of wealth and even the elder himself was filled with an urge to go out and try to find information about these experts.

Unfortunately, it was a common expert, and there were as many experts as drops of water in the sea to find a common expert that nobody had heard about would be incredibly difficult.

“I will setup the mission right away,” the elder said as he swept up the Worldpower Stones with his hand. He had seen that there was at least seventy thousand Worldpower Stones, and Hui Yue just smiled, allowing him to take all the stones.

Seeing that he had been permitted to get these extra stones, he swore to himself that he would market this mission as much as he could.

To Hui Yue, giving out some extra Worldpower Stones to make a good relationship with this elder was definitely worth it. He wanted to make sure that his mission would be accepted by someone and to do that he needed the assistance of the elder.

After finishing the paperwork for the first mission, Hui Yue considered if he should make a mission for the turtle treasure that was lost out there somewhere containing the soul of Lan Feng’s last lost brother, but he decided against it.

If he put too much attention towards this treasure, there was a chance that others would look for it just for themselves, not to mention he did not know what kind of treasure he had been sealed within. A ring? A necklace? An emblem? He simply had too little information.

After realizing this, he hesitated no longer in the mission hall and left. He headed straight for the secluded area where one could comprehend the dao of water.

Hui Yue had chosen the dao of water because he was comprehending the dao of light when he managed to merge with the memory of the shining star, and Lan Feng had, in turn, decided to head to the secluded area for the dao of metal.

Hui Yue secluded himself, and while he was in seclusion, a rumor started spreading throughout the entire sect. Soon everyone got to know about a new mission that had been posted; a mission with the highest reward ever, and it was not even dangerous! The mission was just something that required attention and patience because it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

The elder had kept Hui Yue’s name a secret, so no one knew who had come up with this massive reward, but everyone was curious, and they used everything in their disposal to figure out who had issued the mission.

Eventually one of the workers at the mission hall broke all tradition. He snuck into the elder’s office to find out who had created this mission, and when he found out that it was Hui Yue, he spread the news fast.

Before everyone had been willing to go through hell and back because of the reward, but now they found that they could also be seen favorably by Hui Yue if they completed this mission and even more set out to find the location of these two men known as Rong Liang and Rong Ming.

Seeing this, Rong Xing felt her heart swell with anticipation. She was eager to see her twin brother again, and she was very happy to know that her friend had kept his promise to do everything in his power to find him. Almost every normal member of the Celestial Sword Sect had deployed themselves to find the whereabouts of Rong Ming and Rong Liang.

While everyone was talking about this, Hui Yue and his friends were busy in secluded meditation. At the same time, Ling Bing’er was being treated with all the respect that one would expect from an honorable guest.

She had thought that when she arrived at the sect, she would have to fight for every resource that she would need, but that was not the case. She was being treated especially well.

She had even gotten a suitor, and this suitor was no stranger to Hui Yue. If he had known that his friend Pei Ze had fallen for Bing’er, he would be laughing and wishing them all the best.

Since Hui Yue had displayed his abilities, it was not a foregone conclusion that Pei Ze would be the next sect leader, and if he took Ling Bing’er as his wife, then the Ling family would obtain a rise to fame that they could never even dream about.

However, Bing’er was unaware of Pei Ze’s standing in the sect, and Pei Ze never mentioned it. Still, love grew between the two, and after only a few weeks they were always together wherever they went.


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