BP Chapter 744

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Chapter 744: Cocooned

“You bastard, you dared to harm me?!” the young prince exclaimed in shock and disbelief as he looked at his leg.

The wound was serious and had it hit his torso then he would have been severely injured, but luckily for him, it was just his leg. Although it would take time to heal, it was not enough to make him lose too much combat ability.

“What?” Hui Yue snorted coldly as he heard the words that the young prince said. “You can harm and kill me, but I cannot retaliate? I should just stick out my neck and let you execute me?” he laughed out loudly and shook his head.

“Do you really think that there is such a thing as free lunch in this world?” he asked with a smile on his face as he gathered more energy to send out swordlight covered with his superimposed dao.

The child was furious, but he said nothing as his body shook. After a few moments, he quickly got himself under control once more, and a smile appeared on his lips.

“You managed to wound me, but you are not able to kill me; I am blessed by the heavens. I was born with control over five daos and with the ability to understand things at a rate you can not imagine.”

“Although it is impossible for me to become a cultivator that can comprehend six major daos or even a heavenly dao, I still understand the threshold of the superimposed daos now that you have shown me what it is.”

“I should thank you for this,” he said with a sneer. “And my thanks will be killing you faster!”

As he said this, he charged at Hui Yue, but Hui Yue had been gathering energy and was ready to face him. He changed from using the Sword of the Icy Tempest to the celestial sword, and the swordlight that shot out from his slashes was at least ten times as large as they had been before.

There was also a lot more swordlight flying towards this demon general. Every slash created three swordlights, and Hui Yue flashed his sword so fast that no one could see it with the naked eye.

Thousand of swordlight, all of them covered by the essence of four daos, made their way towards the young man.

The blood prince was shocked. He had compressed the daos as much as he was capable, but they were not completely compressed to a spark and thus he could not superimpose them on top of one another.

At some places, it looked like it was superimposed, but at other places, it looked as easy to break through as a netted fence.

Hui Yue used his soulforce and sent the majority of his swordlight towards these weaknesses in his opponent’s defense.

Hui Yue smiled while the child grumbled. He waved his hand, and an item appeared in his palm, and upon looking at it, Hui Yue frowned.

It was clearly a life-saving treasure of some kind. It looked like an emblem with a picture of a sun that surrounded a crescent moon.

A strong Ancestral Worldpower fluctuation appeared the moment the emblem was taken out, and Hui Yue could only watch as a heavy layer of Ancestral Worldpower surrounded the prince and kept him safe.

“I refuse to give in!” Hui Yue roared as he flashed the sword again and again, displaying more and more dazzling swordlight with the dao superimposed on top of them. Hui Yue was draining his Ancestral Worldpower rapidly, and he knew that he could only keep at this pace for a short while longer, unless he wanted to drain some of his lifeforce as well.

His swordlight had been two meters each at the start of the battle, but now Hui Yue prioritized quantity over quality, and they had dropped to being one meter long.

These one-meter long swordlights were all covered by the four superimposed daos, and there were thousands of them that kept bombarding the protective layer that had cocooned itself around the young prince.

Layer after layer of Ancestral Worldpower was chipped away by his swordlight, but it was a slow process. Sweat started beading on Hui Yue’s forehead as he drew upon his reserves of energy.

“I am not going to give up!” he said through gritted teeth as he continued to burn energy, even when he had no more Ancestral Worldpower left, he started burning his lifeforce.

Hui Yue’s life force was strong. He had absorbed the lifeforce of more than a hundred thousand Blood Demons with the help of the green pearl, and his lifeforce very was dense now. As it was turned into Ancestral Worldpower, it increased in strength, making Hui Yue feel rather strange.

On one side he was filled with power, so much so that it was overflowing, but at the same time, he could feel himself weakening.

“I can’t do this for long,” Hui Yue realized. This was the first time he had been forced into a prolonged battle where he did not have enough Ancestral Worldpower to sustain himself and had to use his lifeforce, but he was shocked to sense how rapidly it was being used up.

He used all the overflowing Ancestral Worldpower that was created from his lifeforce and poured it all into his attacks, and finally, he felt that he was greatly damaging the cocoon as cracks appear everywhere.

Before the cocoon had completely vanished, a shrill scream sounded out, and blood started leaking through the cracks of the cocoon.

A sinister smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face, but at the same time he too coughed up some blood. He had injured his lifeforce, so it was only natural that his body was feeling a backlash from this, but the little demon prince was feeling much worse.

Unfortunately, for the little prince, every crack was filled with attacks, and what was supposed to be his protection had turned into a prison instead.

Hui Yue maneuvered all his energy to attack at the exact places where the cracks were, and because of this, the prince could not flee.

Finally, the shrill shrieks started to die out as the other demons started to realize that something was wrong, and they fought with a ferociousness that Hui Yue had never seen before.

Fortunately, they were a lot fewer than the ones on Hui Yue’s side, and it was impossible for them to break free anytime soon.

Since they realized that they could not assist their prince, their eyes turned bloodshot, and they fought with their lives on the lines causing Hui Yue’s friends to take the fighting much more serious. At the same time, a smile erupted on their faces as it meant that Hui Yue was holding the upper hand.

Hui Yue did not stop his relentless attacks, and finally, the shrill shrieks died out completely. No more sounds erupted from within the cocoon that was now more or less shattered, and blood was flowing like a steady stream out from it.

Hui Yue used his soulforce to sense for life, but he found no traces within the cocoon, and only then did he dare to stop burning his lifeforce.

As he did, he doubled over and coughed out another mouthful of blood, but he also rushed towards the cocoon and swallowed the lifeforce of the now dead prince.

Although this lifeforce was not enough to make up for what he had used, Hui Yue was able to gain quite a bit from absorbing it, and he started to feel better. Since the energy was there for him to absorb then there was no question that the prince had truly died.

Hui Yue turned around to look at the battle that was raging in the void in front of him, and although he wished to help his friends, he felt incomparably weak at the moment. Therefore, he just waved his hand and summoned the shuttle that they had been traveling on earlier.

He sat down on the deck with crossed legs and started to absorb Ancestral Worldpower from the surrounding world to nurture and fill up his reserves again. While he was recovering, he also kept an eye on the ongoing battles. As soon as a Blood Demon was killed, Hui Yue was to absorb their lifeforce.

“I was supposed to kill them all,” Hui Yue muttered to himself with a complicated expression in his eyes, but when he looked at the others, he knew that he was currently not capable of dealing the killing blow to all of them; he was far too weak right now.

“Well I am sure the elder will not make things too difficult for me,” he sighed, and then his eyes turned hard. “And if he does then I can always argue with him. He never said that I could not get assistance from my friends.”

Unknown to the young man, the elder was already present nearby hiding in space. His face was filled with incredulity, and he was even shaking his head from side to side in disbelief.

“He has the Celestial Sword!” he muttered to himself in sheer shock. “But not only that, he is so ruthless towards himself. To burn his lifeforce for victory and severely injure himself is truly a ruthless way of fighting and even caused his longevity to take a serious hit. This is something you do not see often.”

“Although, I kinda envy that Celestial Sword, I know it will never have its full power in my hands, and it is an item I can keep, even if I were to seize it now. I better leave it in the hands of this youngster,” he finally said to himself. But he did feel a little feverish as he looked at the young man who possessed such a treasure.

The fight between the other demons and his friends lasted for another hour where the nine Blood Demons died one after another. After one was slain, then they killed the others much faster, and finally, they had all died.

Hui Yue had greedily absorbed all the lifeforce from these demons, but even then he had not restored the amount of lifeforce that he had used up in this fight.

He couldn’t help but be startled at how much lifeforce he needed to absorb to be able to fully heal himself, but he also knew that if he waited a bit longer, then he would no longer feel as frail as he currently felt.

“Let’s return,” Hui Yue said with a sigh. “We will finish the third trial that this elder has for us, and after that, I think it is time for us to leave the western region,”

Everyone looked at Hui Yue with eyes filled with surprise. They had been in the western region for a few years already, but it was true that they had gained what they came for.

“We need to find some news about Rong Ming and Rong Liang,” he sighed. “I promised to bring Rong Ming back to Rong Xing, and I cannot go back on my promise.”

As Hui Yue said this, Rong Xing nodded her head in the back, and the others nodded in agreement. They understood that this truly mattered to Hui Yue.

“Apart from Rong Ming, we also need to find the son of the Black Turtle.”

“He will prove to be even more difficult to find as we have no information about him at all. We don’t know if he is hidden within some sort of treasure, or if he is already merged with another expert.”

“We don’t even know if he is in one of the hundreds of thousands of mortal worlds, or if he is in one of the immortal worlds instead.”

Hui Yue sighed as he shook his head. This was something that was not easy for him to solve, but he knew that as the final battle drew closer, he too had to enhance the strength of his friends. He had to gather all his allies, and he had to take care of any unfinished business he had. Only then would he be able to unleash an avalanche of power, stunning the entire galaxy.


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