Chapter 727: Da Hu

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Chapter 727: Da Hu

“The Western Tiger is in her room cultivating,” the branch leader said humbly as he looked at Lan Feng. Although he had only heard about Hui Yue, and knew that he was to follow any order that Hui Yue might give. Therefore, just knowing the person in front of him was an acquaintance of Hui Yue, he was filled with reverence when he faced Lan Feng.

When he looked at Lan Feng, although he too was an Immortal of Creation and had comprehended an astonishing two daos, the family leader felt suppressed. He could not help but think that he had at least comprehended four major daos, and one should know that the more major daos one comprehended, the harder it became.

“Young master, please follow me,” he said as he turned and entered the branch’s main building. He was unaware of how old Lan Feng and the other friends of Hui Yue were, but he knew that Hui Yue was still a part of the younger generation. Thus he decided to refer to all the friends as young masters and misses.

Lan Feng felt good. He used to be a young master, and he enjoyed the feeling of being regarded as one once more.

But inside he was nervous. He was truly worried about his sworn brother and worried that he might have been suffering throughout the years much as he himself had been.

The building they entered was not large compared to many of the other buildings that Hui Yue had seen in this galaxy, but it was in no way small either.

They walked through a few corridors before they reached the best living quarters in the entire branch family, and it was here that the Western Tiger was currently residing.

The branch family head knocked on the door, and a melodious voice from inside sounded out, “Come in.” She said, and the door slowly opened up allowing for Hui Yue and the others to look inside the room.

The room was rather spacious, and it was definitely considered large within this world. It was split into three separate rooms: a bedroom, living room, and a bathroom.

The room they looked into was the living room, and this living room was spacious with furniture placed throughout. Inside there were bookshelves filled with books and ancient scriptures were displayed all over the walls.

In one of these chairs, a woman was sitting quietly. She held a book in one hand and rested her head in the palm of the other hand.

She had lifted her head and looked at Hui Yue with polite curiosity, but when her eyes landed on Lan Feng who was right behind him, her eyes widened, and she jumped to her feet.

“Lan Feng?!” she exclaimed, and smiles erupted on all the faces of Hui Yue’s group.

“Wait… Not just you, but Little Dragon, old woman Wan Qiao, and all those guardians of Lord Father and the other old men?!”

Although the woman was speaking, Hui Yue could sense some fluctuations in the energy levels of this young woman, and he knew that the tiger had taken over her body the moment he noticed Lan Feng.

“You got your own bodies? Please tell me how! I love this woman, but I wish to be able to have my own body and give her the love she deserves!” the tiger said filled with excitement, but Hui Yue was stunned. The reason he wanted a new body was not because he was tired of sharing a body with a woman, but because he felt that he needed to show her his love properly.

“I can help you with that,” Hui Yue said casually, and the Western Tiger finally glanced his way. He frowned saying with hesitation, “You smell like Lan Feng.” Lan Feng nodded his head, “We have a merged soul, it would be weird if he did not smell like me.”

“A merged soul?” The tiger was quiet for some time and then shook his head, “Even though I am sharing a body with this girl, we do not have a merged soul. Something must have really gone wrong for you guys to have merged your soul. If one of you die, the other will survive, but you will be severely injured. That is too risky.”

“On the other hand, I guess you are benefitting greatly from each other’s cultivation. I can sense you have comprehended at least two or three major daos,” he sighed. Currently, he only had control over one major dao, and the same with the woman he shared a body with. They could simply not sense the depth of Hui Yue’s and Lan Feng’s strength.

“I will excuse myself,” The Branch Family’s head bowed deeply to Hui Yue before he turned around and left, ensuring that there was simply no other experts around to disturb them.

“Well, let me introduce myself,” Hui Yue said with a slight bow towards the tiger and the woman. “I am Hui Yue, also known as Pei Yue. I am a member of the Celestial Sword Sect, Diyu, and also the Crowned Sovereign of the Divine Beast world.”

“I have been approved by the Vermilion Bird, and I have gotten the blessing of all four divine beasts.”

“I made a soul contract with Lan Feng and swore that I would kill An He. I will not rest before An He has died by my or Lan Feng’s hand.”

“An He is currently a prince amongst the Blood Demons. As a member of Diyu, and the human race, my fight with An He has evolved to include the extermination of the Blood Demons as well.”

“I am searching for you and the Black Turtle’s son,” Hui Yue continued. “Lan Feng is my brother, and his brothers are also my brothers. I wish to help you regain your own bodies and then be free.”

“I am a disciple of the Alchemist God, and I can refine bodies. The strongest body in the galaxy, actually. Although it does not make you invincible, it will make you stronger than you were before, and it will ensure that you will have quite nice defenses. It will give you a body as tough as a treasure.”

Having finished his introduction, he looked at the tiger-woman who nodded her head.

“I will introduce us,” he said with a smile on his face. “I am Da Hu. That is my name, while the woman whose body I reside within is called Ma Bing, but she rarely uses her name, always calling herself the Western Tiger.”

“When I was sealed within a small tiger figurine, I was sent to a world here in the western region. It was a world of immortals though, and I was instantly found by a family. They gave me to a baby girl who had just been born.”

“No one knew that I was hiding within this figurine, they just thought it was somehow special. The girl made my figurine into a pendant, and even to this day, she wears it around her neck,” he explained.

“Every day I watched this young girl grow up. She became increasingly important to me, and as time went by, I started to reach out to her with my mental strength.”

“I was a mere Saint, and it was impossible for me to absorb the Ancestral Worldpower to break through to become a God, but I could use my mental strength to contact her, and in this way, we started talking.”

“We became the best of friends. She was a God, and I was a Saint, but I had more experiences than her in life, and we helped one another.”

“One day she was severely wounded by a beast. She managed to kill it but she collapsed right after. Her blood entered my pendant and my soul was called out and entered her body. I managed to take control of it and drag her home to her family where she was looked after. When she woke up, we shared a body, and we have been sharing this body ever since.”

“At first, it was awkward and rather embarrassing, but as the thousands of years have gone by we have gotten used to it. We love one another. Our souls need one another, but we can never be together since we share the same body.”

A sigh escaped the lips of the tiger, but Hui Yue sat down on the floor. He flipped his hand, and a massive pile of materials suddenly covered the floor.

These materials were the ones he needed to create a new body, and he instantly began the refinement.

Hui Yue was entirely focused on refining. All the Ancestral Worldpower in the entire area was being drawn into the body, and even the ones in the rest of the mansion felt the Ancestral Worldpower in the area was stirring. Thus, they noticed that something was happening.

Da Hu was silent. He had returned the body to Ma Bing to control, but she had nothing to say either. She had been greatly shocked by the fact that Lan Feng, Little Dragon, and all the other familiar faces had appeared in front of them.

Although she did not know them, she had heard stories about them time and time again from Da Hu, and now that she met them, she was astonished. Not only by their sudden appearance but also by their sheer strength. None of them were weak.

Time went by slowly as everyone held their breath as they observed the refinement of the most power body in the galaxy.

The many medicinal herbs and precious materials were being melted together; they were combined before Hui Yue began the molding of the energy. Soon a body started to take shape in front of them. After a while Hui Yue finished his refinement, he handed it over to Ma Bing as his forehead was filled with small beads of sweat.

“Send his soul into this body. The sooner, the better,” Hui Yue advised, and Ma Bing did not hesitate. She instantly searched within herself, found the soul of Da Hu, the soul floated out of her body and entered the refined one.

The moment the soul exited Ma Bing’s body, her body began to shake uncontrollably, and the soul started to dissipate. Everyone’s eyes widened in horror, and their mouths went dry.

“Continue!” Hui Yue yelled out, and the hesitating soul did not wait for even a moment more before it entered into the refined body.

The moment it came into contact with the body, Da Hu’s soul stopped dissipating, and it gradually grew stronger and stronger again. The trembling of the woman also stopped the instant the soul entered into the new body.

Ma Bing had big wide eyes, filled with confusion. She shook her head in disbelief. Before it had felt as if she was dying, yet not she was completely fine, albeit her soul was weaker than before. As for why this was the case, she had no idea, but it seemed as if Hui Yue understood what was going on.

“Here, eat this pill,” Hui Yue said as he handed a pill to Ma Bing which she instantly took. She felt how it melted on her tongue and her soul, which was still feeling slightly weak, suddenly became much more invigorated.

This was definitely a miracle medicine that she would never be able to afford, but then she remembered that Hui Yue said he was the disciple of the Alchemist God. He also said that he was from the Celestial Sword Sect. He had to be in possession of quite a few treasures, and she felt okay about having accepted such a top-grade pill.

While Ma Bing was recuperating, the body of Da Hu was constantly transforming, and by the time the entire medicinal pill had been absorbed by her body and soul, he had already finished adjusting to the body.

Hui Yue took out another pill and passed it over to the big tiger.

“Eat this,” he said, and Da Hu, without hesitation, put it in his mouth and swallowed. It was another soul nurturing pill which would help heal his soul which had dissipated before.


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