Chapter 726: World of Holy Grass

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Chapter 726: World of Holy Grass

Hui Yue was stunned the further into the western region they went. The world the Gate of Retribution was situated in was one of the largest in the entire western region. It was the home of all mercenaries.

But there were also other major worlds as well where the larger families or sects had become the sovereigns. These worlds were also putting up a brave fight against the Blood Demons.

These families had histories that were many millennia old. They had many geniuses and their families had grown quite large. These families had both main and branch members within the world, but what they had that the Gate of Retribution did not was an ironclad defense system.

They had guards spread out over the entire world. The entire world was controlled by one main force, and this force would have a sovereign who could use the soil underneath the feet of the Blood Demons to attack them. He could cause ravines to appear and the earth to rise high up into the sky. They could summon tidal waves or make the trees fight against the demons as they marched towards the cities.

Not only this but the entire world was all controlled by the same family, and they had been trained for years. All of them had more resources than the mercenaries, and thus their cultivation bases were higher as well. They had multiple supreme experts that served as elders, and they also happened to have very strong city defenses such as formations and inscriptions.

Although some villages did not have much protection, the Blood Demons did not achieve much by taking them over.

Although Hui Yue wished to help these worlds as well, he understood that they actually did not need his help. They were more than capable of fending off this threat at this current point in time.

Since this was the case, Hui Yue and his friends left the major worlds as they were and only visited the minor ones. These worlds were filled with constant struggles and carnage.

Skirmishes were constantly breaking out, and no one was safe. The villages and towns were deserted as all the villagers fled to the cities seeking refuge. They gathered together to deal with the demons threatening their lives.

Sometimes the battles were occurring when Hui Yue and his friends appeared, sometimes they had already fought, and sometimes they had yet to start the deadly fighting.

Hui Yue would lend a hand to everyone. He would fight in the battles with his friends by his side. They swept through the battlefields and massacred Blood Demon after Blood Demon, extinguishing life after life and dying their clothes red with blood.

If the battle had already broken out, they would hunt down the remnant demon armies, or directly break into the cities that were controlled by the demons. In these minor worlds no supreme experts were dispatched, and thus everyone was easy to deal with. Although some time was used when they scoured through the cities for Blood Demons, they encountered no danger as they were all Immortals of Creation who had comprehended at least one major dao.

Not only this, they would always be by each other’s sides, able to cover each other if a dangerous situation arose.

Exceptionally skilled cultivators had been taken prisoner on almost all the smaller worlds but they were all freed by Hui Yue and his friends. All of them decided to fly to the Gate of Retribution to join the war in the fight against the Blood Demons.

Some worlds were already devastated while some were hanging on just by a thread. Some were gearing up for the battles, and on these worlds, Hui Yue and his friends would be the vanguard that rushed the Blood Demons.

Because of their constant fighting, it took them months to travel through the Western Region.

The Blood Demons were putting up a braver and braver front, and more and more demons appeared in the worlds they visited, but the amount of supreme experts that they had met on the Blood Demon’s side could be counted on one hand.

Hui Yue could not help but frown. “Something is wrong,” he said after they slaughtered the twenty-seventh demon army.

“By now they should be aware of our strength. They should also know that we are moving further and further into the western region.”

“Although they know this, they have not sent out more supreme experts. They have not done anything except waiting for us to make our move.”

“Are they perhaps waiting for us to reach our destination? To find what we are searching for, or are they planning something else entirely?”

“It could be that they are busy,” Lan Feng commented with a shrug of his shoulders. “You told us that King Yanluo had started the main offense against the Blood Demons. He has even gone as far as to send out the Yanluo Guard.”

“The other regions have to be busy fighting the allied forces. All the sects are sending their disciples out to assist the families and worlds that have fallen victim to the Blood Demons.”

“Because of this, it’s possible that they do not have any more experts to send our way. They cannot send reinforcements to the various worlds and are keeping the supreme experts safe for when the actual war breaks out.”

Hui Yue pondered what Lan Feng said. There was some logic behind it, but there were also more unanswered questions.

“The Blood Demons are having a hard time reproducing, not to mention how hard it is to get Blood Demons with a high cultivation base.”

“Because of this every single Blood Demon soldier is valuable to them, but they are still sending them out to die. Isn’t this too shocking?”

“If they really were so pressured, would they not gather all their forces and retreat instead of pointlessly assaulting and destroying these many minor worlds?”

Hui Yue was not convinced by Lan Feng, but the phoenix just shrugged his shoulders not really caring too much.

“I don’t know what they are thinking,” he admitted readily. “But I do know that them not having any supreme experts is a beneficial thing for us.”

“The fewer experts they have, the better it will be for our side when the main war erupts.”

“Because of this, I want to kill as many demons as possible. I do not care about their plans, nor do I want to worry about it right now; all I want to do is kill, kill, and kill some more.”

Hui Yue was torn. Although it was impossible for him to know exactly what the upper echelons of the Blood Demons were scheming, he could not help but worry about it; however, after thinking about it, Lan Feng was right. No matter what the Blood Demons were planning it would be beneficial for the human alliance to kill as many demons as possible.

Sighing, Hui Yue decided to put his worries to the back of his mind and focus on killing the Blood Demons in front of them. Traveling from world to world they could not eradicate every single Blood Demon stronghold, as some of them were hidden quite well, but every demon stronghold known by man or beast was raided and destroyed.

By now everyone in Hui Yue’s group had amassed enough wealth to rank them as some of the wealthiest in the entire galaxy. This was from the vast amount of treasure they obtained from the many demons they slew.

Everything they found in the strongholds, they would give back to the humans, beasts, spirits, ghosts, or whatever race had lived there before.

Their travels were slow and bloody. Everywhere they went they left a bloody trail behind them that cut through the entire western region. They caused the worlds controlled by Blood Demons to tremble in fear, while the worlds that were under siege to have hope that these liberators would appear next in their own world. The cultivators of the western sects and families wanted Hui Yue and his friends to sweep through the oppression of Blood Demons and slaughter them all.

Finally, they reached the World of Holy Grass. This world was one of the worlds controlled by the massive Cai family. Luckily, the Ling family had a branch family here, and it was here that the Western Tiger was waiting at the branch family’s main mansion.

Hui Yue saw that this world had been touched by the flames of war. The Blood Demons had set up a few strongholds and were fighting against the residents of Holy Grass.

Small skirmishes had broken out everywhere, but the villages that were not protected by ancient arrays or formations had long since been evacuated.

Seeing these skirmishes, Hui Yue and his friends brandished their weapons and ended every fight on their way, killing all Blood Demons in sight.

The Ling Family was in control of one of the major cities within Holy Grass, something that was only accepted by the Cai family because of the Ling family’s sheer size and influence in the Western Region.

The Ling family also had to offer up tribute to the Cai family every year, paying for the permission to have the city that they controlled. Under situations such as their current one where they were facing trouble, the Ling family’s guards and younger ones were obligated to follow the orders of the Cai family, and their city had to provide shelter for the citizens of the surrounding villages.

As they arrived, the rumors about the liberators having entered the world had already spread through the entire world, and for this reason, everyone was looking at them with curiosity. Were they here just to kill the demons or did they have some other purpose?

Normally they would not enter a world as big as Holy Grass, but today they had done so. Although it was said they always slayed all the Blood Demons in their path, they had not been searching for Blood Demons. Instead, they had headed straight for Ling City.

Reaching Ling City, what exactly could be their purpose? Everyone was curious. But then they remembered the rumors which had run through the galaxy months before. The Ling Family had called to arms against two families who had sold out to the Blood Demons.

Could it be that these liberators had something to do with the Ling family? Everyone started gossiping about it, and when they saw Hui Yue and his friends enter the gates of Ling City, they all broke out into an uproar.

The liberators had come all the way to their world for the sake of chatting with the Ling family? What exactly could this branch family have that the other Ling branches did not?

What could the Ling family offer these extremely fierce experts that other factions within the western region could not offer?

Hui Yue completely ignored everyone as he followed a map he had been given by Old Man Ling, and he headed straight for the main building of this Ling family branch.

The family leader of this branch had long since been told about Hui Yue’s arrival, and he was waiting with excitement. He truly felt that they were giving him a lot of face as the saviors of countless worlds were coming to see his small branch family personally.

“Young master,” the Ling family leader himself came out to welcome Hui Yue and his friends. “I am aware that you are in a hurry,” he continued with a fawning expression on his face, clearly trying to suck up to Hui Yue. But Hui Yue completely ignored him and smiled as if he had seen an old friend. They needed something from him, so showing him friendliness would be the right way to proceed.

“Where is the Western Tiger?” Lan Feng did not have the time to wait and instantly stepped forward asking the head of the family straight away. He wished to be reunited with his dear brother as soon as possible.


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