Chapter 704: Honeymoon

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Chapter 704: Honeymoon

Everyone was in a great mood as the celebration continued. The platform had been transformed to a stage where the disciples of the various sects displayed their abilities in sparring matches against one another, and many within the audience watching the display of strength from the younger experts.

While some were enjoying the display of strength others were busy conversing with others they had business deals with or wished to begin dealing with. This party was perfect for mingling with potential future partners.

“Pei Yue, I challenge you to a duel!” a voice suddenly sounded from the stage, but Hui Yue, who was surprised to hear such a bold challenge, just smiled as he recognized the young man from the Nightcrawler’s Sect.

“I am sorry,” he said with a slight bow. “I have to decline today. It’s my wedding and not my place to accept challenges right now. If you stay in the sect for a short while, I will, however, not mind sparring against you.”

Although it was impossible for Hui Yue to take to the stage in the middle of his own wedding, he understood that if he did not agree to a spar with this young man soon, he would never give up.

This young man lived solely for the sake of his martial arts, and he had never been beaten by someone from the younger generation. Although he was fully convinced about his loss, he was not willing to admit that he would forever be beneath Hui Yue.

Since he was determined to beat Hui Yue, he had trained hard since the trials to become the Second Judge of Hell. Now that he was on the verge to no longer belonging to the younger generation, he wished to prove that he still had what it took to be the number one cultivator in the younger generation.

Unfortunately, he had not expected that not only had Hui Yue improved; he had improved by leaps and bounds. He had even gone so far as to comprehend a major dao at his wedding! This fact alone stunned everyone present.

A major dao was no simple thing. Even if he had just comprehended one, that was still one major dao comprehended as a member of the younger generation! Such a feat was simply unheard of before.

Many new connections were forged at this wedding, and no one made better, nor more, relationships than the Celestial Sword Sect.

The ones they deemed the most important to gain a good relationship with was Diyu, and together they started a few business deals.

The Celestial Sword Sect specialized in many things. They sold inscriptions, formations, materials, and other things which helped them to be self-sustainable.

Now, most of their things were being sold directly to Diyu who paid market price for the items. They also welcomed every expert, with enough strength, from the sect to come to Diyu and experience life as a part of the Yanluo Guard.

On the other hand, the experts from Diyu were welcome to come and train in the Celestial Sword Sect as exchange students. They would be treated as normal disciples but would stay only for fifty to hundred years per visit.

Everyone wished to get relationships with the Celestial Sword Sect, and they managed to secure deals where they paid even less than market value for things they would need to sustain their sect with, and all in all, everyone was happy.

Many smaller worlds which were controlled by different families and had been neutral in the past had also shown interest in joining the Celestial Sword Sect and becoming a vassal force of the sect. To do so, they would pay a specific tax every year, but in return, they would be protected by the sect and the other guardian sects.

All in all, the whole idea of the wedding had been a success. The patriarch had really hyped the wedding and made it clear to everyone that this wedding was important, but it had also made many more people show interest in their great sect. Many, who had already been very curious about their sect, finally found an excuse to take action.

The wedding celebration lasted a long time. The guests stayed in the sect for a full month, and although the celebration itself only lasted a week, everyone was staying for the chance of having more time to forge connections.

Hui Yue and his three wives were all happy, and their lives were blissful. The first many days were spent in seclusion, and just they and their family got to see them in their own valley after the week of celebration.

When they finally emerged, everyone was eager to have them open the presents so that they could know what Hui Yue thought of their gifts. So with everyone pressuring him, Hui Yue smiled as he went towards the rooms where all his gifts were stored.

There were many presents. So many that multiple rooms had been filled to the brim with them, but as Hui Yue opened them one after another he placed the items in his Universe Box so that they vanished one after another.

Many guests had come to see him open the presents, and he remembered to thank each and every one for the presents he received.

They gained everything from herbs to jewelry, ornaments for their homes to books on theories concerning various subjects and they even received many Ancestral Worldpower skills.

They gained herbs and pills; they even gained pills that would increase the chance of having children, something that made even the carefree Huli blush slightly as she thought back to their wedding night.

Gifts were opened one after another; there were real treasures and some smaller things. Not all who had participated in the wedding or who had sent a present were rich, and therefore many of the presents were rather humble, but Hui Yue was grateful for every single person who had decided to give them a gift.

Huli, Wang Ju Long, and Sha Yun were also incredibly grateful, and they made sure that every single person who had sent them a present was noted down and they prepared to send a thank you message to every one of them. At least the ones that they could locate.

Finally, Hui Yue reached Yanluo’s present. His gift filled a whole room on its own and contained everything from herbs, shuttles, inscription patterns, and formation formulas.

But deep down within all of it was a document. Hui Yue narrowed his eyes as he read what it said, “I hereby declare that Pei Yue, member of Diyu and the former King Chujiang, disciple of the Celestial Sword Sect and heir to Pei Tian, from now on has the right to have his own personal guard. I, Yanluo, King of Hell, transfer Wei of the Yanluo Guard to work for the Pei Yue Guard indefinitely.”

Hui Yue felt very happy when he read this note out loud. Wei had been with him for a very long time, but so far he had just been there as a guest. One day he would have to return to the Yanluo Guard, and when Hui Yue thought about this he could not help but feel a little sad and depressed about it.

But now he no longer had to feel bad about it. As long as Wei was willing, he could now follow Hui Yue in his endeavors across the galaxy. He would be the first and currently the only member of the Pei Yue Guard.

Wei was present when Hui Yue was opening the presents and when he heard the words that Hui Yue spoke out loud his heart started beating rapidly. His time by Hui Yue’s side had enlightened him. He had become many times stronger than he was before, he had gained an understanding of the world outside, and he had seen that not everything was black and white.

Although it was more prestigious to be a part of the Yanluo Guard, Wei did not hesitate to decide that he would stay with Hui Yue for the rest of his life. He had gained so much by following Hui Yue, and he knew it was just the beginning of their journey together. Together with Hui Yue, the sky was not the limit, together with Hui Yue, they would see the whole galaxy!

The present from the owner of the Blissful Realm left Hui Yue stunned. He had been given a statue, but this statue was familiar to him. It was actually one he had sold to them when he was there after leaving the Archaic World.

This item was the most expensive item that he had sold back in the Blissful Realm. It was considered a great treasure, a magnificent piece of art, but Hui Yue had no use for it; hence he had sold it. He did not know whether he should laugh or cry, so in the end, he just thanked the owner of the Blissful Realm and chuckled slightly.

The rest of the presents were opened and all the items stored in the Universe Box.

Even though the presents had been opened and the celebration had finished, many experts decided to stay around in the Celestial Sword Sect.

Hui Yue, Sha Yue, Huli, and Wang Ju Long were patiently waiting for the guests to leave. They had planned their honeymoon long ago. They planned to visit the Divine Beast World where they would meet up with all of Hui Yue’s dear ones, their friends, and the ones left behind in the world.

They were all looking forward to this, and having a small ceremony of their own together with Hui Yue’s parents, but they were incapable of leaving before the guests had left the Celestial Sword Sect.

Finally, most people started to leave. Everyone had had a good time, everyone had gotten something out of this wedding, and everyone was feeling greatly satisfied with attending the wedding.

Yanluo soon understood that the guests were not willing to be the first person to leave as they feared they might miss out of something, and since this was the case, Yanluo decided to do Hui Yue a favor and was the first group to depart.

By now the guests had been there for a couple of months, some had arrived a few months earlier than the wedding and stayed a few months after the ceremony finished.

As soon as Yanluo left, others followed suit. It was as if a dam broke and everyone started to flow out of the sect. Everyone promised to return later on and that they would look for each other for further business plans in the future.

As the guests left the sect, they took with them rumors about the grand wedding. Everywhere they went they would talk about just how great the wedding had been, how grand the presents that had been given were, and how Hui Yue had been incredibly magnanimous towards everyone.

In the end, the only ones who had not left were the ones from the Nightcrawler Sect. The youth wanted to fight Hui Yue again and again.

“Give up already,” Hui Yue laughed already as he looked at the youth who had been beaten into the ground. Slowly he rose up for the seventh time after having been easily slapped into the ground and only after then did he grit his teeth and nod his head.

“I guess you are correct,” the youth said with a sigh. “I am not your match yet. Don’t you worry, I will return to the sect, and then I will come back to challenge you again!”

The unyielding personality of the youth was the same as always, and Hui Yue just nodded his head. He very much approved of this young man’s spirit.

Now, it was finally time for Hui Yue and his wives to enter the Divine Beast World for their honeymoon.


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