Chapter 702: Brilliant Moon

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Chapter 702: Brilliant Moon

Ages ago a child was born. He was born a God to a prominent family within the galaxy. He learned how to walk at an astonishingly young age and was considered a prodigy.

He was a rare talent when it came to refining Ancestral Worldpower and his ability to comprehend the dao was way above everyone else.

This young man was named Hui Yue. He came from a family called the Hui family which ruled over a world on the heavenly rankings. For a family, they were doing great.

It was also because of this that Hui Yue grew up in a loving family. He was the son of the patriarch’s brother, and he considered the young master of the Hui family to be his blood brother. He never once considered fighting over who would be the family head with this brother of his.

He was willing to become the Grand Elder of the family, the pillar of support that the patriarch of the Hui family could always rely on.

This was his dream, and together with his brother he grew up and went out and experienced the world.

The first major dao he comprehended was the dao of earth. He had managed to comprehend the full dao when he was only four hundred years old, and to the Hui family, this was the fastest anyone in their family had ever done so. The family was certain that they were moving towards a bright future with such a great figure in their sect.

Unfortunately, it turned out that having a peerless genius was not a cause for celebration. One fateful night the world that had been theirs for many millennia was filled with experts from various rival families.

There had been a balance between all the families before. Neither of the families had grown stronger than the others, but this razor-thin balance had been broken with the appearance of Hui Yue.

The families who hated one another allied together for the sake of getting rid of Hui Yue and the Hui family who was growing more powerful by the day.

They came at night and started their onslaught, and no one was spared. Cultivators in their prime, those who were nearing their limits, and even the women and children as well none were left alive. Everyone they came across was slaughtered mercilessly, but even so, none of the Hui family members cursed at Hui Yue. Instead, they hoped for him and others to survive. As long as they lived, one day they would gain vengeance for their family. One day they would avenge this injustice!

Hui Yue’s name means brilliant moon and that night he truly did shine as brightly as the moon. Everywhere he struck with his sword enemy after enemy would lose their head.

Everywhere he went, corpses were the only thing left in his wake. Hui Yue did not flee, instead, he fought his way into the Hui family’s main hall to make a final stand with his brother and father. For him, survival was not possible, and his only thought was to die while taking as many people with him as possible.

When he reached the main building, he saw that his brother was injured and his anger flared as he chopped down one enemy after another fighting his way towards his family.

“You idiot! Why did you come here?!” his brother screamed at him with sadness in his voice. “They are obviously here for you! You are our last hope! We will be wiped out tonight, that much is for certain, but will you let our family die with no one to avenge us?”

“Will you let us die with a grudge so that when we go to the Yellow Spring, we will be unable to reincarnate! Will you let this hate slowly eat away our souls?”

Hui Yue was stumped for words. He did not know what to say, but he knew that his brother was right, dying solved nothing. But the problem was he had already made his way into the very midst of their formation.

Fighting his way out would not be easy, but his eyes turned red, and he looked at his family, “We will make it out together!” he said as he started carving a road through the enemies leaving behind just carnage and blood in his wake.

They came halfway through the courtyard before the patriarch yelled, “I will hold the rear! Fight for your survival! Do not let my sacrifice be in vain!”

Tears fell from Hui Yue and his brother’s eyes as they heard their uncle, or father, call out. But no matter how sad they were, they did not give up. They kept fighting for their survival.

More and more of the family members who had followed them from the main courtyard died one after another. They perished either from blocking lethal attacks that were aimed at Hui Yue or from stalling the enemy.

“Little Yue, bring your brother and escape! As long as you are alive, our foes won’t be able to sleep well at night!”

Hui Yue felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest as he saw his father, who was determined to use his life to fight these troops that had come to attack them.

“Father and uncle have sacrificed so much for us to survive,” his brother said through gritted teeth. His arm was bleeding profoundly, and he was in severe pain, but he continued to use his other arm to fight and advance by Hui Yue’s side.

Just as they were about to escape the encirclement that had been laid down, his brother saw a sneak attack coming towards Hui Yue.

He smiled at his dear brother and blood welled up from his lips as he shook his head. “I am… Sorry,” he said as he laughed slightly.

“It seems… I cannot follow you anymore,” he coughed slightly as he saw Hui Yue’s eyes start to moisten. “Don’t… Linger!” he used all the force he had in his voice as he started to drop from the sky but Hui Yue dove after him, grabbed him in his arms and placed him on his back.

With his friend on his back, he fought even more ferociously than he had done before.

“We will make it!” he said desperately to his brother. “Don’t give up! We will find some medicine soon, just make sure to hang on!”

Hui Yue was desperate. Everything he had lived for was vanishing on this night. But with his friend on his back, he managed to escape.

Hui Yue did not linger in the world. He was aware that his uncle, who was the Crowned Sovereign, would be replaced shortly, and when a new person became the Crowned Sovereign, he would be able to instantly find him.

Luckily there were many small worlds located around their large world. There were more than a few small realms and worlds that had not reached the heavenly ranking, and a few of them only contained mortals and no Gods.

It was in one of these worlds that Hui Yue found shelter. He gently placed his brother from his shoulders down to the ground, yet when he looked at his lifeless eyes a howl of agony escaped his lips.

His brother, his most important friend, had a smile on his lips, but he was no longer alive. There was no soul left in his body as it had long since left for the Yellow Spring.

Feeling the pain of his brother’s death, Hui Yue decided to bury his good brother in this mortal world. He made a fantastic monument deep in the mountains where no mortals could enter, and buried his friend in the serene and peaceful environment.

As long as this world existed, his brother’s mausoleum would stand as a testament to the proud and kind man who had sacrificed his own life for his brother.

Hui Yue carved a cave in a mountainside next to the mausoleum and entered into a meditative stance. After the loss of everything he had ever know, he completely focused on comprehending the major daos. After constantly reliving that fateful night and seeing his beloved family dying one after another, he slowly started to gain enlightenments into the dao of darkness.

He found that darkness was a very vague concept. He knew that darkness was the absence of light, but he also understood that there could be darkness in one’s life.

Under the dao of darkness, Hui Yue found that the hardest dao to comprehend was the dao of space. Although he had comprehended all the other daos, he had not been able to sense the dao of space at all.

Finally, he decided that it was time for him to leave this mortal world he had been cultivating on this whole time. Although he had not comprehended the dao of space, and thus the major dao of darkness, he had managed to comprehend other daos as well, and now he was now proficient in the dao of earth, wind, and fire.

Ages had passed by, and Hui Yue was unaware of how the outside world had changed, but he knew for sure that it would be impossible for the families that had attacked his family to have this world under constant surveillance.

Hui Yue entered the world and started gathering information. He had nothing except himself to rely on. But he was able to make do because of his outstanding strength.

Hui Yue took on an alias, and no one seemed to guess that he was the man who had caused such a massive change in the heavenly world nearby a few thousand years before.

Although thousands of years had gone past, not a lot had changed for the families that had destroyed everything he had ever cared about, and Hui Yue gathered a lot of information about these families before he started moving.

The world which used to belong to the Hui family had been given to the main family behind the assault, and Hui Yue was in no mood to let them off.

At night he alone charged into their mansion in the capital and annihilated everyone. Much like they had done back with the Hui family, not even chickens and dogs were allowed to live.

The ease with which he killed everyone was shocking. Hui Yue had comprehended a great many daos, and his strength had soared to the heavens. The major sects would be able to stop him, but these families could do nothing but watch him relentlessly slaughter them.

Hui Yue continued to move from world to world, killing one family’s mansion after another. The families had many mansions, and Hui Yue visited them all.

At the start they had ignored this threat, thinking that it had nothing to do with them or that it was an act of bandits. It was not before they noticed that many people had died and that these people were all from the families that had attacked the Hui family so long ago that people started to realize what was happening.

The families got worried. They had always thought that Hui Yue had just decided to let the past go, but now it seemed as if he had come back with a vengeance.

Hui Yue continued to hunt the families, and the families, in turn, started to answer by setting bounties on his head. They almost made themselves bankrupt to invite some of the strongest headhunters in the galaxy.

They also started to rely on the major sects, considering that they were worlds beneath their protection, but Hui Yue did not care where the opposition came from. If someone tried to stop him, he would kill them no matter if they were a disciple of a major sect or not!

Unfortunately, this made even more, experts come hunt him, and soon he was the most wanted person in the entire galaxy.

Everywhere he went, he would be hunted. He fought for survival as more and more people tried to take his life. As he fled with the purpose of getting revenge, Hui Yue finally started to understand the dao of space, and because of the dao of space, he was becoming an incredibly hard person to find.

Still, the more he fought, the more worn out he became. He was exhausted and wounded; he was chased far and wide before he ended in another world where he met a small, black nine-tailed fox.


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