Chapter 701: Wedding

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Chapter 701: Wedding

The entire sect was busy as every disciple was preparing for the wedding or tending to the guests. The entire mission board was filled with missions for the wedding while all others had been removed.

It was clear that everyone who wished to earn contribution points had to work to make the wedding amazing, and while the work could be tedious and boring, it paid a great deal of contribution points.

The disciples though did not mind. Being able to earn contribution points so easily was something they were all for, and they had a long life ahead of them. Spending a year grinding contribution points was in no way a waste.

Especially if they could make enough points now that it would last them a few years without them having to work or take missions, then they would be able to truly benefit from the work.

Even those who were against the wedding had nothing bad to say about it. The patriarch had truly made it very beneficial for everyone. Only the elders felt worried about whether or not the sect could afford to splurge such a large amount of resources for a single wedding.

They had forgotten that Hui Yue’s brides had given two amazing dowries, and even if they managed to use up one of them, they would be incapable of using up both. The wealth they had gotten was simply out of this world.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. Hui Yue had tried to avoid the wedding plans, but the last week he had been forced to participate. He had to know what was going to happen in the wedding, and he was also excited about the fact that these women would finally become his. Now that they were getting married, he no longer felt guilty about making them wait so long. He would make them into respectable women.

The women had already been considered Hui Yue’s and their home was in the same valley that belonged to Hui Yue. Because of this, Hui Yue had been sent to his father’s mountain to prepare himself for the wedding ceremony.

While he was busy preparing and having Lan Feng and his father fussing around him, helping him look as dazzling as possible, a whole group of women were grouped around Wang Ju Long, Huli, and Sha Yun preparing those three for the wedding.

It was high noon, and Hui Yue was looking dazzling in his red brocade robe. It was patterned with golden phoenixes and rising suns. The phoenix was the sign of rebirth and this wedding was the beginning to Hui Yue’s new life.

A beautiful red ribbon tightly secured his white hair on the top of his head.

Hui Yue made his way through the sect, followed by an entourage of friends. Everywhere he moved he was met with a sea of people who were silently watching Hui Yue who slowly flew towards the valley where the three women were waiting for him.

The many guests had already moved to the hall that the patriarch had built for the occasion, and every sect member who was not able to enter the wedding itself had gathered and were standing alongside the path wanting to wish Hui Yue all the best in his future life.

Usually, the trip towards his valley would not take long, but because it was a wedding ceremony he was not able to rush and he took it slowly. Although he seemed calm on the outside, he was nervous and shaking on the inside.

The only one who knew exactly how nervous Hui Yue was, was Lan Feng, and he fully understood why he was so nervous. But seeing how well he was dealing with his nervousness, Lan Feng said nothing and stayed in the entourage behind him silently supporting him.

Reaching the valley, his heart was beating so fast that he was unaware of what to do. He stopped for a brief second to calm his throbbing heart and continued forward with determination. Although he had been completely fine up until now, it was finally becoming real that he was indeed marrying the women he loved, that they would become family and companions for the rest of time!

Looking at the three women who were dressed in red dresses with matching phoenixes and suns patterned on them Hui Yue felt happy. All of them were so stunning that they took Hui Yue’s breath away for some time and only after a few minutes did he manage to return from his stupor after seeing the beautiful women.

Seeing the sudden surprise and then stunned expression on Hui Yue’s face, the three women smiled brightly. While Wang Ju Long was smiling, Huli and Sha Yun were fighting not to laugh out loud. It was truly too rare for Hui Yue to be surprised and to see him shocked was even more difficult a thing.

“Come,” Hui Yue reached out his hand, and Huli flew to his right side, Sha Yun to his left and Wang Ju Long next to Sha Yun. The three of them were smiling happily, and they truly felt blissful now that their wedding was happening. Together the four of them moved towards the massive hall that the patriarch had built.

Whereas just moments before everyone had been watching Hui Yue in silence, now the crowd burst into cheers. Flower petals were being thrown at them from everywhere, and some of the girls who had prepared the three girls joined the entourage of Hui Yue’s friends. Their task was to ensure that during the entire day, these three women looked stunningly beautiful.

Everywhere they moved, cheers followed them, and they made it through the entire sect before they finally reached the outskirts of the sect where the hall had been built.

The guests inside the hall had been eating and drinking while waiting for Hui Yue and his brides to appear. The cheer that they heard made all the guests smile to one another. They knew that the closer this cheering came, the closer Hui Yue and his brides were.

As they reached the hall, Hui Yue led the three women inside to the cheering and yelling of everyone present as they called out felicitations and well wishes.

Hui Yue was beaming with happiness. He could not control the smile that spread across his entire face, and the nervousness he had felt earlier had somewhat subsided after seeing the women.

He felt that he had to protect them. He had to be the one who took care of them, and he had to look after them. To do all of this he had to be steady and calm.

“Thank you, everyone, for welcoming us,” Hui Yue’s voice cut through all the voices, and as soon as he started speaking, everyone turned silent.

“It is our honor that so many people have graced us with their presence at our wedding. We will now continue to make our vows to each other in front of heaven and earth.”

Everyone was silent as they opened up a path in the crowded hall. Taking one step after another, Hui Yue, Wang Ju Long, Huli, and Sha Yun moved forward towards an elevated ceremonial platform that had been erected at the end of the hall. It was on this platform that they would say their vows in front of everyone present.

The closer they came to the platform the more Hui Yue felt his heartbeat. He suddenly felt the black figure within his core start moving.

Previously it had only shown interest whenever it had to do with Huli, and now that Hui Yue was getting closer and closer towards the platform he could feel that for once the black figure was reaching out to him.

Everything stopped. Nothing was moving; everyone seemed to have frozen in space. Even the girls had stopped in their tracks; only Hui Yue was able to move.

He understood that this was done by the black figure within him, but he was shocked. So far it had only been the dao of space that he had sensed from this figure, but could it be that he had other daos that were just as strong as the dao of space?

Reaching into himself, Hui Yue touched the black figure, and suddenly a young man appeared inside his core.

This young man looked exactly like Hui Yue, except his hair was black and his eyes were brown, everything else though was the exact the same.

It was no wonder that Huli had noticed Hui Yue right away, and seeing the resemblance Hui Yue was stumped for words. This was the last time he thought the black figure would take action, but it seemed that it was finally accepting Hui Yue.

The young man was glaring at Hui Yue with eyes that had a trace of hostility but mainly jealousy.

“I know you are me,” he said with a sigh. “But even so, I am not happy to know that Huli belongs to someone else. Even if that someone is my own reincarnation. We are the same person, but the things I wished to do and was unable to do will finally become real.”

“I want to be part of this day; I want to be part of you when you marry Huli. I want you to love her with all your soul, and when you have my memories, all the feelings you have for her will transform.”

“I love Huli. For her, I am willing to give away everything, even my pride.”

“I was not willing to merge with you; I was not eager to become one with you, but seeing that you treat Huli with such care, seeing the love on her face and her happiness, even I can bite the sour apple and accept you.”

Hui Yue was shocked. It was clear that this memory of his did not consider Hui Yue as himself but rather a competitor, but for Huli’s happiness he would give up himself to become one with Hui Yue; he would let go of the last bit of individuality he had.

“I respect you,” Hui Yue blurted out. “To be able to give up everything for the woman you love, I hope I can live up to your expectations.”

The young Hui Yue nodded his head and gave a stern glare at Hui Yue. “If you let Huli down I will kill you. Even if that means killing myself. That is something I would not hesitate to do!”

The solemn oath shook Hui Yue’s core, but after a second he felt that it was appropriate. “I accept,” he nodded his head. “For Huli, I will do anything to ensure that she will always be happy.”

Only then did the young-looking Hui Yue seem satisfied, and he nodded his head. He reached out his hand and touched Hui Yue’s finger, and the moment they came into contact with one another, the young-looking Hui Yue vanished into thin air. Hui Yue was thrown into a dream-like world as usual, and he experienced the life he had once lived.


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