Chapter 693: Blissful Guard

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Chapter 693: Blissful Guard

Hui Yue walked leisurely through the marketplaces. He looked at the things that the various items and treasures for sale while joking with Huli, Sha Yun, and Wang Ju Long.

Whatever they took a fancy to, Hui Yue would buy for them. He had a lot of Worldpower Stones now at his disposal and nothing to really spend them on. Medicine was something he could make himself, and he certainly did not lack treasures.

The other Gods all had Worldpower Stones as well, but they did not have as many as Hui Yue did. Lan Feng had been given a couple million Worldpower Stones by Hui Yue, and currently, he was the richest of them all, not counting Hui Yue.

Even Pei Ziqi and Wei who had lived for a very long time did not have as much personal wealth as Lan Feng, not even Huli who had roamed the world alongside the Alchemist God had as much wealth as him.

Huli and Sha Yun were not shy. Every time they saw something they liked they would drag Hui Yue towards it and plead with him to buy it.

Huli was eager to buy certain beast cores of strong beasts while Sha Yun was more interested in jewelry and whips.

The beast cores could be used to quickly raise one’s strength for beasts, but it was hard to find cores that would do much at Huli’s level.

Fortunately, all of the beasts within the Archaic World were of ancient heritage, and their energy was purer than other beast cores.

They had lived in the most beneficial area for beasts and were able to draw in an amazing amount of Ancestral Worldpower every day, strengthening their beast core. Therefore, even someone like Huli was able to gain a substantial increase in strength by consuming the energy from their cores.

Sha Yun got a new whip which made her happy. The whip was made from the leather of a fierce ancient beast and inscribed with various offensive inscriptions.

Wang Ju Long was the only one who asked for nothing. She just smiled and followed along, looking at everything around her with great curiosity.

She did not have any prior experience in the world of Gods, and now that she saw it, she did not really have any interest in the wares on display, but instead, she was interested in the many experts that surrounded her. People’s interactions and behavior were many times more interesting, and while Hui Yue, Huli, and Sha Yun never really noticed this, Wang Ju Long noticed every small detail.

It was also her who started frowning after they had walked through three marketplaces.

“Yue,” she said as she dragged Hui Yue’s sleeve with an uncertain look on her face. “I don’t know if this is of use to you, but we have been followed for quite some time.”

“I did not notice them at first, but three faces are constantly following behind us. They look casual, and I would not have noticed if I was not constantly watching our surroundings.”

Having heard this, Hui Yue suddenly felt a bit of indignation and anger in his soul, but he was not the one feeling this emotion, instead, it was Lan Feng.

The anger rose rapidly and shortly after Hui Yue felt how Lan Feng drew upon the dao of earth, the dao of fire, and the dao of wind.

To make use of all three daos, it was clear that he had stumbled across a rather unfortunate situation, but it seemed he was not the only one. The moment he felt that Lan Feng engaged in combat, he also felt that the ones who had been following them stepped forward and shot towards them.

They were only three experts, and none of them were as strong as Hui Yue.

“I’ll leave the trash to you!” Hui Yue called out, and Pei Ziqi and Wei instantly stepped up. Dealing with these three should not prove to be problematic.

All over the city, similar things seemed to happen. Small groups of experts started attacking Hui Yue’s friends, but Hui Yue’s friends were not weak. They had gone through hell and back by Hui Yue’s side, and they had benefitted greatly during their travels. They had grown to be familiar with their new powers and bodies.

Even the groups where Hui Yue’s friends were the weaker ones, they were disadvantaged because their bodies alone were strong enough to withstand most of the attacks that were thrown their way.

Hui Yue held Sha Yun in one arm and Wang Ju Long in the other. Huli flew right behind him, and together the four of them rushed towards the closest location where disorder had erupted.

As they arrived, Hui Yue saw that Lao, Jo, and Lei were standing in a triangle. Their backs faced one another as they fought three experts that were trying to take them down.

This group of experts seemed increasingly hurried and worried about the fact that even now they had not managed to succeed in taking down the group they were attacking, and when Hui Yue joined them, he lifted his hand gesturing for the others to retreat.

“Think you can come and go as you please?” Hui Yue sneered as he used a spacelock on each of them. This was followed by an increase in gravity, and then he was able to easily go up to them and hit their neck making them lose consciousness.

“The others have most likely also been attacked,” Hui Yue said solemnly and instantly spread out his soulforce to cover as much of the Blissful realm as he could.

It was impossible for him to sense anything in the main keep of the city, but he had not expected to be able to sense anything from there anyway. He soon felt the closest battle, and his face turned serious.

This was a group of the beast Gods together, five experts, but they had six opponents, and their opponents were a little better than the ones he had just defeated.

“Wait here and tell the guards that someone is attacking us when they arrive. Tie up the attackers and offer them to the guards. I need to run.”

Having said that, Hui Yue turned into a beam of light and shot towards the next battle where he arrived within moments. The fight was heated, but no one had been injured, however, all the beast Gods were exhausted. Their clothes were disheveled and their expressions somber.

Wan Qiao, who was one of the weakest in the group, was also the fiercest in attacking their opponents, but her clothes were drenched in sweat. Although she was ferocious, she had paid a heavy price by overdrafting her energy.

Hui Yue did the same as before. He used a spacelock, gravity, and then knocked them unconscious. Afterwards, he gave the same order he had given before.

Only then did he rush to the next battle and the battle afterward. He managed to stop all the attacks until he reached the last group, which was Lan Feng and Xiao She.

The two had wanted a bit of time alone together to talk about their emotions and hopefully get on the same page, but who would have thought they would end up in a fight.

Both Xiao She and Lan Feng had been truly angered, and they ended up killing the three experts that had attacked them.

The moment they saw Hui Yue, they understood that it was not only them who had been attacked and their faces turned serious.

“We should not have killed them,” Lan Feng lamented. “Having them alive would have been much better. We could have gotten some information out of them and maybe learn why they were attacking us.”

“Don’t worry,” Hui Yue consoled him. “We have plenty of prisoners. I am going to hand them over to the guards. I believe the guards will not make trouble for us.”

Having said this, they took the corpses of the three experts and headed towards the other Gods. On the way, all of them ended up gathering at the main marketplace in front of the Blissful Pavilion, but even then no guards showed up to see what was happening.

Frowning, Hui Yue looked around, but even this location which should have been bustling with guards it was completely deserted, and only civilians could be seen.

“Something is wrong,” Hui Yue said with a foreboding feeling. Could it be that it was the Blissful Pavilion that was against them? If that was the case then why send such weak assassins?

“I beseech the aid of the Blissful Guard,” Hui Yue called out, his voice infused with Ancestral Worldpower and was carried throughout the entire Blissful realm.

Many of the eyewitnesses from the attacks earlier had followed Hui Yue and his friends to see what was going to happen, and all of them were whispering to one another.

“This does not look good… Why would the Blissful Guard suddenly vanish?”

“Do you think they are so corrupt that they can be bribed and would leave something like this alone?”

“To think I always thought that the Blissful realm was impartial, today I really have been enlightened.”

Many people discussed what was happening amongst themselves, but all of them had concluded that something shady was going on.

Hui Yue, who had called out frowned. Not because of all the people who were chatting amongst themselves but because no one had shown up even after he had called out.

“I Pei Yue demand justice!” Hui Yue called out once more with his Ancestral Worldpower infused voice. “If the Blissful Guard does not appear with an explanation about their absence during today’s assassination attempt, don’t blame this young master for seeking an answer at the main keep!”

Hui Yue intentionally used the name Pei Yue because he knew that the Pei last name was famous throughout the entire galaxy as the name belonging to the Celestial Sword sect.

He also referred to himself as this young master because he wished to seem arrogant. If they were going to be unreasonable, then don’t blame him for being even more unreasonable.

Hui Yue waited another few minutes, but only silence met him. Shaking his head, he looked at the group of assassins.

“Well then, let us get some information from them. Elder Ziqi, why don’t you do the honors?”

Hui Yue was in no rush to demand an answer as he knew that his side had lost nothing in the confrontation, but he wanted to know exactly who was behind this assassination attempt.

Pei Ziqi sent a smile towards the group of assassins, and they all felt as if they had fallen into a sea of ice.

Pei Ziqi slowly advanced and pointed at one of the assassins, “You, tell me, what was the point of your attempted assassination and who sent you?”

The assassin said nothing, he just looked at Pei Ziqi with disdain, yet the more he looked at her, the more uncomfortable he felt.

“Right, be stubborn! Being stubborn is indeed fun,” she laughed, her voice cold cutting through everything. Her voice even affected the observing crowd as they could feel her ice-cold killing intent rising.

“Good. Good. Let this old lady have her fun!” Pei Ziqi said with a resplendent smile on her face as she reached out her hand and placed it on the head of the assassin.

The moment she did it was as if all the Ancestral Worldpower in the surrounding area focused on her hand.

As her hand made contact with his head, a wailing cry escaped the assassin’s mouth, and his eyes went limp. Pei Ziqi had her eyes closed and was frowning slightly.

White strips of energy escaped through the mouth of the assassin and entered Pei Ziqi’s forehead as more and more information appeared in her mind while she used her soul-searching technique.


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