Chapter 675: Battlefield

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Chapter 675: Battlefield

Hui Yue heaved a heavy sigh of relief as they left the world behind. So far they had been in many worlds, and he understood things that would have never occurred to him before.

He understood that these worlds that he had viewed as just big lumps of soil were actually sentient creatures, and that there were things he had to look out for if he wished to continue visiting these worlds.

Not only did he have to ensure that they did not insult the world, but if the world was truly sentient then who knew what kind of personality it would have? There might be some worlds that would want to kill any outsiders that came to it, or in some way make it troublesome for people to visit them.

“Well, the next world it is!” Hui Yue said even though he had some bad premonitions and was worried about what could be hiding within the new world they were headed for.

They had been through various worlds and visited so many different places and experienced so many things, but so far they had mostly stayed out of danger. They had seen many ancient beasts and had to use various means to break formations to leave many worlds.

But no matter how many things they had been through none of them had been in any serious danger before; none of them had been severely injured or fought for their lives.

As they descended through the protective barrier of this new world, they arrived at a large plane. This plane was as vast as the eye could see, but it was not empty. Everywhere they looked blood was being spilled; a war was ongoing, and it was utter carnage beneath them.

Ancient beasts were fighting against spirits of various kinds. Nymphs, sylphs, sprites, ghosts, almost any kind of spirit was visible on the battlefield. All of them wielded Ancestral Worldpower and were fighting for their lives.

Against the spirits was a massive beast horde. This beast horde contained every kind of beast imaginable. There were big mammoth-like creatures, small rabbits with sharp teeth whose speed was as fast as the wind.

There were lions, tigers, boars, and bears. Beasts were everywhere, and they were all fighting against the spirits for their lives.

Hui Yue had stopped in his tracks, and everyone else had stopped as well. They looked at each other in shock as they observed the deadly fighting beneath them, unsure of what they should do.

“This is shocking,” Deng Wu finally said while shaking his head. His eyes were round and filled with disbelief. The intense conflict continued for as far as the eye could see and it raged back and forth with no side taking the lead.

Hui Yue frowned. “Well this is not the world we are looking for, that much is certain,” he said with hesitation. Was he supposed to support one side or the other in this fight?

‘Don’t mind it. This is not our fight. Let’s leave before we are dragged into it,’ Lan Feng agreed. Neither of them were interested in being forced into this conflict whose origin they did not know.

“Retreat!” Hui Yue called, but the moment they tried, they felt how the world once more made it impossible for them to leave. It was as if a barrier had been placed over the heavens making it impossible to ascend and leave the world.

“Dammit!” Huli could not help but swear when she noticed that the heavens had been sealed off. Now it was impossible to leave the world as things were.

“Well, it seems that for now, our only choice is to either leave this battlefield and hope to find another way out of this world or to participate in this fight.”

“Fight!” Pei Ziqi laughed. “Look at this battlefield below us! It’s drenched in blood! Right now spirits and beasts are dying all around, but if we join the fray then we will be able to tip the scale!”

“Fighting will help us gain enlightenment in our battle techniques!”

“Fighting will make our blood boil, and we will have lots of fun at the same time!”

Pei Ziqi’s eyes blazed with excitement. It was clear what she wanted to do, and when the others heard this, they started laughing.

“Well, to be honest, I would also prefer fighting,” Shen Wei, the jackal, said with a wry smile on his face. “I think that if I have to choose between leaving this place and fighting in the battle beneath us, then fighting would be better. At least we know what to do in that case.”

The others nodded their heads. Their blood was boiling just looking at this battle; their killing intent was starting to roar within them as the scent of blood permeated in the air.

The battle intent was constantly rising, and Hui Yue hesitated only for a brief moment. “We are going to help the spirits!” he declared before he waved his hand and the Sword of the Icy Tempest appeared.

Everyone grinned as they looked at one another before they dove head first into their own part of the battlefield.

No one stood close to one another, they all relied on themselves in this battle. Their eyes locked onto a beast in front of them, and their Ancestral Worldpower roared through their bodies.

Hui Yue sent his Ancestral Worldpower into the Sword of the Icy Tempest, and suddenly the air surrounding them chilled. Snowflakes started falling from the sky, and every beast’s movements turned slightly sluggish.

Slashing down with the Sword of the Icy Tempest, Hui Yue cleaved three beasts in half without giving them any chance to retaliate.

The spirits in the surrounding area were stunned when they saw the sudden reinforcements that arrived, and although they did not understand who they were, all of them were thrilled.

Hui Yue did not hesitate after cleaving three beasts into two parts; he continued to advance, swinging his sword in a graceful way that was as fluid as water and as elegant as a dance.

Seeing him constantly move forward with his white hair and robes fluttering around him, the spirits all felt that a celestial being had descended from the heavens above to help them.

Soon they heard explosions from different places on the battlefield and saw that there were more than just one expert who had appeared, and their morale was boosted immensely.

All of these reinforcements were extremely powerful, and their battle intent was in no way less than the most powerful of the spirits.

The weaker experts that had yet to reach the Immortal of Creation rank were grouped in smaller groups while the Immortals of Creation were fighting on their own.

“Kill!” Pei Ziqi’s voice could be heard over the entire battlefield, and her voice was filled with so much killing intent that anyone who heard it shuddered, friends and enemies alike.

Some of the beasts were half-humanoid half-beasts, and their intelligence was many times more developed than the average beast. It was these humanoid beasts that were leading the beast horde to battle, and at the start, they had stayed away from the actual battles and just sent more and more beasts towards Hui Yue and his friends.

“Despicable humans!” a snake woman sneered when she saw that the beasts she had sent were dying one after another, but her eyes were filled with hostility whenever they landed on the beast Gods.

“You are all inferior beasts, and you dare bare your fangs in front of us experts who have the ancient’s blood running through our veins?!”

Hearing her enraged words, Hui Yue snorted. His snort made the snake woman look at him with a venomous gleam in her eyes.

“What does a little human child like you have to say?!” she sneered at him, but Hui Yue just ignored her as he continued slaughtering the many beasts in front of him.

All of these beasts had the strength of a normal Immortal of Creation cultivator. Although they were strong, they were not so strong that they could not be killed. Though while killing them all, Hui Yue had sustained a few injuries from the many beasts that threw themselves at him.

Hui Yue used the dao of space to the utmost of his abilities without having fully merged with the black figure. He controlled the space around himself, and every advancing beast felt how their bodies became slow and sluggish. Their limbs did not follow their orders, but before they had the time to do anything about it, their bodies were cut to pieces.

The humanoid beasts were all growling and feeling depressed. They were not losing before these human cultivators appeared out of nowhere, yet now they were being pushed into a corner.

“Traitors! You should support the beasts, feel the wrath of the heavens!” Only the opposing snake-woman could be so overbearing, and she was filled with anger as she started releasing Ancestral Worldpower as the dao of darkness rotated around her.

It was clear that she was an Immortal of Creation that had already comprehended one major dao, but for Hui Yue, one major dao was nothing special. He had already comprehended three, and thus he felt no pressure.

“Leave that loud-mouthed snake-woman to me,” Hui Yue yelled as he merged with the dao of the wind and flew towards her like a gentle breeze.

Although this breeze was gentle, it was also powerful. It zig-zagged through the many beasts and as it flew past a light shone as the Sword of the Icy Tempest continued to flicker and extinguish one life of the fierce beasts after another.

Just as Hui Yue reached the snake woman, she retreated backward, and some stronger, fierce beasts advanced and blocked Hui Yue.

Although he could kill them, it would take quite some time, but he was not going just to give up.

The dao of space erupted as he used a spacelock which stunned everyone around him, and this made it possible for Hui Yue to nimbly avoid them and continue his pursuit of the snake-woman.

“Dao of space!” she exclaimed as her pupils constricted. She had not expected that this young man controlled such a heaven-defying dao!

But even so, the snake woman continued to withdraw and the further she withdrew the more alert Hui Yue became. He was heading head first into the enemy lines, and he knew that although he was strong, he was not capable of dealing with this entire army on his own.

“Don’t worry!” a voice suddenly came from behind him, “We have your back! Leave all the small fries to us, we might not be as strong as you, but we are not weak either!”

The speaker was a very alluring nymph. She was wearing a very beautiful dress that had been torn apart, but she showed absolutely no signs of embarrassment or wanting to create some new clothes from Ancestral Worldpower.

Seeing her, Hui Yue was stunned for a moment, only a brief moment, before he regained his wits and smiled at her, “In that case, I will trouble you all to help me!” he exclaimed before diving head first into the enemy’s lines. His sword was filled with a heavenly light as it cut through one beast after another. Blood sprayed everywhere, and beasts were being suppressed all over the battlefield.

It was not only Hui Yue who was heading deeper into the enemy lines in an attempt to hunt down the humanoid beasts, but everyone of his friends were doing the same. Everywhere they went they ended up being supported by the spirits of this world.

These spirits were relieved by the help they had received. Although they did not believe that they would lose, they were certain that the fight would have been many times more difficult without Hui Yue and his friends. He had brought the winds of change with their arrival into this world.


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