Chapter 647: Divine Halo Formation

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Chapter 647: Divine Halo Formation

Hui Yue was surrounded by darkness, but the more he merged with the mountain, the less uncomfortable this darkness made him feel. In fact, it reminded him of the time he too had been surrounded by darkness before he had gained sentience and realized that he was a mountain.

The black sea no longer tried to break through the defenses set by the red gem; instead, it surrounded him protectively as if he were in a warm embrace and this caused something to change within Hui Yue.

He felt how suddenly he fully merged with the mountain and all the knowledge that the mountain had known flooded his brain.

Not only his knowledge but the daos he had gained insights into as well entered his mind like a flood after a broken dam. The dao of earth twisted and churned around him, giving him instantaneous enlightenment.

He was able to comprehend the dao of earth in a mere half hour. His mind was spinning as he comprehended and thought of new attacks and more effective ways to utilize the earth, and it was only then that he realized he had comprehended a major dao!

He was stunned. He had worked so hard to comprehend a major dao for what seemed like ages, but now one had been gifted to him so easily!

Just as the final minor dao appeared in his mind, he felt the major dao descended down on him. It was as if the galaxy itself bowed down to him, and he could feel a connection with everything that he had never felt before.

The black sea surrounding him instantly collapsed, and the demon captain who had been looking smug suddenly froze in place. When Hui Yue emerged from the cocoon-like black hole he had been covered in, he looked out at the galaxy, and it was as if he were seeing the universe for the first time; it was a sight he would never forget.

The stars were many times more brilliant than before, and the minute details of the galaxy could be felt. Hui Yue’s consciousness could now reach out countless times further than before, and everything was within his view.

As soon as the major dao descended on him, Hui Yue felt how all the Ancestral Worldpower in the surrounding space flooded towards him, and it seemed that he attracted much more than usual due to the presence of the blue cloud.

He felt he could consume an endless amount of energy as he swallowed up every single ounce of Ancestral Worldpower he could, and he felt his strength was constantly rising. He could feel his soul growing rapidly, and his Ancestral Worldpower pool erupted in size, and he was dumbfounded.

‘We did it!’ Lan Feng exclaimed excitedly. ‘We are becoming Immortals of Creation! I want to see who dares stand in our way now! Just think, you will soon have comprehended the major dao of the wind, I will soon have comprehended the major dao of fire, and then we will control three major daos. We will be near unstoppable!’

Lan Feng was speaking gleefully, his voice almost shaking from excitement. Even Hui Yue could feel it. His body, his soul, his everything was becoming much stronger at such a rapid pace that he could hardly believe it. It was clear that he was becoming an Immortal of Creation.

The demon captain in front of him frowned. He felt an urgent sense of crisis, and not only him, but every demon on the battlefield roared at the heavens as they started fighting in a frenzy as they realized that if they were to kill Hui Yue, they had to do so now. If they did not kill him, then they would have a seriously strong enemy in the future.

They were not aware that this cultivator who was just moments ago a Primordial Immortal would very soon have access to three major daos… Had they known this then they would have coughed up blood from shock and their brains would be in shambles.

It was practically unheard of for someone to comprehend three major daos! Only the Overlords had done so! To comprehend the major daos one needed both enormous amounts of time and an open mind.

Hui Yue was a mere younger generation descendant! Yet he had already comprehended a major dao! Everyone was absolutely shocked to see Hui Yue ascend the Primordial Immortal rank, even the captain’s mind was reeling in shock, but he felt happy to know that their new Judge of Hell was as heaven-defying as their master, Yanluo.

The demon captain that was heading for Hui Yue swiftly retreated towards the heavens above. Although he knew that retreat meant death, he also understood that since he and this King of Hell had been evenly matched before, then there really was no way for him to defeat his foe now.

But just as he was about to move, Hui Yue lifted his hand and waved a finger. Suddenly, the demon found himself unable to move and it was as if gravity was dragging him down towards Hui Yue again. Although he had controlled gravity before, it was nowhere near as powerful as this use of the dao was now.

The demon was shocked. He had expected that the dao that Hui Yue comprehended was the major dao of wind. It was clear that this was the one he was the most proficient in, so how was it that he suddenly knew the major dao of earth?

His mind trembled as he could not find an answer, but resigning himself to death was not an option for a proud demon such as himself. Thus he lifted up his machete and chopped downwards at Hui Yue, sending one sword light after another towards him without hesitation.

Hui Yue lifted his hand, and a barrier of rock appeared in front of him. His body was now many times more durable than it had been before. So durable that his body was as tough as if it had been forged from precious metals itself.

The element of Earth had become second nature to him now, and everywhere around him, he could feel the earth. Even in this vast and empty void that they were traveling through the dao of earth surrounded him, allowing for him to create a rock wall out of nothing.

The sword light from the machete collided with the solid rock wall, but not even a scratch was left behind on the wall while the sword light shattered into a thousand pieces. The difference between a minor dao and a major one was simply too vast!

Hui Yue could feel the energy bursting throughout his body. He finally understood the difference between an Immortal of Creation and a Primordial Immortal. Although he had been able to fight above his rank, if he had run into someone who had comprehended a major dao, he would have been as easy to trample as the demon in front of him.

Without wasting any time, Hui Yue instantly made a grabbing motion with his hand and the rock wall that had protected him instantly shifted from a rock wall to a hand which grabbed the demon captain in mid-air.

A crunching sound could be heard as every bone within his body broke. His body was turned into a meaty pulp before the rock hand that had grasped him vanished as quickly as it had appeared and the meaty pulp fell to the deck of the ship.

Silence descended over the battlefield. Previously, the demons had held the upper hand as it seemed like they were winning. This was especially the case when Hui Yue had been enveloped by the demon captain’s black hole technique, but now all the fights stilled. The demons stared dumbfoundedly at Hui Yue, and so did the Yanluo’s Guards.

Only Hui Yue’s friends were used to Hui Yue doing such astonishing things, and so they abused the moment of silence to slit the throats, rip out the hearts, and in other ways execute the demons they were up against who momentarily were shocked at the sight.

The sudden movements from Hui Yue’s friends and their lack of care for what was happening startled the other demons into retreat.

“He never told us that we were up against a monster!” the demon commander said with gritted teeth as he did his very best to lose the captain he had been fighting moments earlier, but no matter what, Yanluo’s Guards did not let up in their hunt of the demons. Soon after, Hui Yue’s friends followed suit, continuing to hunt down the demons and kill them. Now that they were trying to retreat, killing them was not too difficult.

The pursuit continued for ten minutes before the captain finally called off their hunt as the rest of the demons escaped their grasp. More than half of the elite demons had been killed, and the rest had been wounded in several places.

The only one who had not participated was Hui Yue. He had stayed on the ship and looked at it with a strange expression on his face.

He had killed so many demons in this battle that he had long since lost count, but he could not help but feel that something was wrong. Were they really after him just because he was a member of the Ten Courts of Hell, or was there something else to this plot?

No matter how he looked at it on the surface it seemed as if they had just been after him because he was the new Judge of the Second Court of Hell, but even so, deep inside, he had a feeling that there was some other reason behind their attack.

‘We won’t know,’ Lan Feng sighed. He too felt that something was strange. ‘None of them were left alive, but even if they were, I highly doubt that they would talk. Of course, there are methods we could use, but you know as well as I do that the ones behind would never let these weaklings know what is actually happening.’

Lan Feng sighed, and so did Hui Yue.

But while he was feeling uncomfortable, all the other Gods, Yanluo’s Guards, and his friends alike were busy cleaning up the ship. They tossed all the corpses from the ship and used magical items to clean it swiftly.

The captain even had four stones which contained stationary formations.

Stationary formations were very strange. If someone wished for the formation to stay in place, then they had to give up ownership of the seals used for the formation. This was why Formation Masters were very unlikely to create stationary formations, but there were some Formation Masters who lived off selling their seals to others.

The fact that the captain had brought so many formations showed just how important Yanluo and Diyu viewed Hui Yue. Just one such formation was worth a fortune, and two of these formations had already been broken, one Thousand Layer formation and one Divine Halo formation.

Only the experts of the Celestial Sword Sect knew how to lay down a Thousand Layer formation, so there was no way for them to get a second one of those unless Hui Yue wanted to sacrifice a hundred of his seals. But of course he was not willing to do so, and thus the only formation that surrounded their ship was the Divine Halo formation.

The Divine Halo formation was stronger than one layer of the Thousand Layer formation alone, but the Thousand Layer formation had such a name because it depended on thousands of layers of stationary formations merged to create an impenetrable shield.

It was impossible for the Divine Halo to stack, and even more so to merge, but while it was weaker than the Thousand Layers Formation of the Celestial Sword Sect, it was without a doubt the finest formation one could buy with Worldpower Stones.

Hui Yue could not help but feel warm at heart knowing that Yanluo had spared no expense to get him safely to Diyu. But as for what exactly was the cause of this sudden summon, Hui Yue really had no idea.



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