Blue Phoenix

Action, Adventure, MartialArts, Mature, Original, Reincarnation, English, Romance

Author: Tinalynge

Editor: ONI_Ghost

Cover art by: Stevcelazarevsk

Release Schedule:

Seven guaranteed chapters a week.

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Alternative world, story takes place in a country very much akin to ancient China. Supernatural powers are the norm. (Prologue is in modern day China)

Rated mature due to violence and language. Murders, swearing, graphic violence will occur throughout this story

Synopsis: Sacrificing his life to protect his best friend was a decision which Hui Yue did not regret, yet who could have known that death was not the final destination, but rather the beginning of a new adventure into a world filled with demonic beasts and martial arts cultivation.

Hui Yue soon found that within this world, strength was what determined your future accomplishments and there was no space for the weak.
Embarking upon this new life, Hui Yue meets friends, experience betrayal, and starts his own journey of cultivation to overcome his limits and become strong.


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Table of Contents

Book 1: Riluo City

Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Soul Contract
Chapter 3: Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 4: His First Friend
Chapter 5: You’re A Boy?
Chapter 6: Younger Brother
Chapter 7: Three Years Later
Chapter 8: Admission Test
Chapter 9: Courtyard 1009
Chapter 10: Qi Lightning
Chapter 11: You Tricked Me?!
Chapter 12: Infamy
Chapter 13: Erased
Chapter 14: Shenyuan
Chapter 15: Pill Distribution Day
Chapter 16: Return to Riluo City
Chapter 17: The Unknown Expert
Chapter 18: Black Market Auction House
Chapter 19: The Great Sin
Chapter 20: Giving Face
Chapter 21: The Strength of a Saint Ranked Expert
Chapter 22: Watermill
Chapter 23: Soul Fusion
Chapter 24: Transforming Weapons
Chapter 25: Zhong Fai
Chapter 26: Father
Chapter 27: Secrets
Chapter 28: Confrontation
Chapter 29: Karma
Chapter 30: Dancing Qi Pillar
Chapter 31: The Tournament Begins!
Chapter 32: The First Fight
Chapter 33: Apology
Chapter 34: An Unlikely Opponent
Chapter 35: Wood Affinity
Chapter 36: Unwavering Determination
Chapter 37: Group Two
Chapter 38: Right Hand Man
Chapter 39: The Final Eight
Chapter 40: Shadowbird
Chapter 41: Despair
Chapter 42: Four High Ranked Attacks
Chapter 43: Revenge
Chapter 44: Disqualified?
Chapter 45: The Final Match
Chapter 46: First Blood
Chapter 47: Keep My Secret
Chapter 48: They Are Back
Chapter 49: Black Blood
Chapter 50: Divine Flowers
Chapter 51: A True Treasure
Chapter 52: Towards the Magic Forest
Chapter 53: Returning Home
Chapter 54: Morning Hunt
Chapter 55: Unwanted Guests
Chapter 56: Crusaders
Chapter 57: Into the Magical Forest
Chapter 58: Reinforcement
Chapter 59: The Price for Survival
Chapter 60: Stalking
Chapter 61: The Three Beast Sisters
Chapter 62: The Outside World
Chapter 63: Lady or Beast?
Chapter 64: Bathtub Trouble
Chapter 65: Cat Fight
Chapter 66: Displeasure
Chapter 67: Strange Occurrences
Chapter 68: Assassins
Chapter 69: Is it a Test?
Chapter 70: The Birthday
Chapter 71: Unknown Future
Chapter 72: I Trust Him
Chapter 73: The Green Pearl
Chapter 74: Food with Iron
Chapter 75: The Mansion
Chapter 76: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Chapter 77: Silent Raven
Chapter 78: To Trade Information
Chapter 79: Old Beardy Makes His Move
Chapter 80: Elemental Affinity
Chapter 81: Delay in the Plans
Chapter 82: Plea for Help
Chapter 83: Spiritual Arts
Chapter 84: Syncing Elemental Affinities
Chapter 85: Friends
Chapter 86: Shui Wu
Chapter 87: Asking for Assistance
Chapter 88: Fire
Chapter 89: Frozen Brigade
Chapter 90: It Begins
Chapter 91: Battlefield
Chapter 92: The Strength of a Necromancer
Chapter 93: The Secret is Out
Chapter 94: Departure
Chapter 95: The Trial

Book 2: Dungeons of the Divine

Chapter 96: The Cliff
Chapter 97: The Maze
Chapter 98: Entering Another World
Chapter 99: Children
Chapter 100: Laws
Chapter 101: Village
Chapter 102: The City Lord
Chapter 103: Being a Guest
Chapter 104: Dried Strips of Meat
Chapter 105: Understanding the Basics
Chapter 106: The Tunnels
Chapter 107: Wolf
Chapter 108: Poppies
Chapter 109: Soul Shadows
Chapter 110: Stone Chamber
Chapter 111: Refining Bone Marrow
Chapter 112: Impatience
Chapter 113: The Dragon Corps
Chapter 114: Battle in the Tunnels
Chapter 115: The Road of a Primal Law
Chapter 116: The Path I Take
Chapter 117: King of the Forest
Chapter 118: One Week Past
Chapter 119: Farewell, Oh King of the Forest!
Chapter 120: Entrance Fee
Chapter 121: Mercenary Guild
Chapter 122: The World Above
Chapter 123: Becoming Mercenaries
Chapter 124: Signing Up
Chapter 125: The Arena
Chapter 126: Let the Fight Commence
Chapter 127: Previous Lives
Chapter 128: Report
Chapter 129: To Seize the Moment
Chapter 130: Time to Duel
Chapter 131: Next, Please
Chapter 132: Alternative Fighting
Chapter 133: Unexpected Visit
Chapter 134: Join Us?
Chapter 135: Zhou Long
Chapter 136: A Three Way Battle
Chapter 137: Elemental Flame
Chapter 138: He is Sacred
Chapter 139: Parallel Mountain Range
Chapter 140: Horned Snake
Chapter 141: Chaos
Chapter 142: From the Mouth of the Beast
Chapter 143: Mission
Chapter 144: An Escort Mission
Chapter 145: Departure
Chapter 146: Unending Forest
Chapter 147: Taking Flight
Chapter 148: Needles
Chapter 149: The Blushing Sleepyhead
Chapter 150: A Warm Bath
Chapter 151: Commoner’s Marketplace
Chapter 152: Stone
Chapter 153: Alcohol
Chapter 154: Demon Dancing Family
Chapter 155: Battle in the Arena
Chapter 156: Merged Souls
Chapter 157: The Giant
Chapter 158: Wasteful Brat
Chapter 159: Meridians and Benefits
Chapter 160: Message for the Frozen General
Chapter 161: Dragon Corps’ Lord
Chapter 162: Yang Bai
Chapter 163: The First Night
Chapter 164: Scarface
Chapter 165: New Route
Chapter 166: Attack in the Tunnels
Chapter 167: Golden Lion’s Cave
Chapter 168: The Red Weasel
Chapter 169: Thousand River’s Cave
Chapter 170: Training House
Chapter 171: Comrades
Chapter 172: The Spy
Chapter 173: Explain
Chapter 174: Criminals
Chapter 175: Sailing on the Thousand Rivers
Chapter 176: Taken Prisoner
Chapter 177: Important Cargo
Chapter 178: Escape Plans
Chapter 179: Wolf
Chapter 180: Rendezvous
Chapter 181: Spar with Me
Chapter 182: Personal Insight
Chapter 183: Traveling through Dragon Avenue
Chapter 184: Esteemed Guests
Chapter 185: The Intruder
Chapter 186: Azure Dragon
Chapter 187: Setting up a Soul Contract
Chapter 188: Behind the Door
Chapter 189: Present
Chapter 190: Is he not one of you?
Chapter 191: S Ranked Experts
Chapter 192: The House of Silence
Chapter 193: The Strange Visitor
Chapter 194: A Storm Brewing
Chapter 195: I am from Riluo City!
Chapter 196: Experts Awaiting
Chapter 197: Underground Battle
Chapter 198: The Blue Sky

Book 3: Drums of War

Chapter 199: A Whole New World
Chapter 200: Lords of the Forest
Chapter 201: Back to Basics
Chapter 202: To Become Strong
Chapter 203: Lynx
Chapter 204: Through the Wilderness
Chapter 205: Golden Streaks of Light
Chapter 206: The Time for Talking has Long Since Passed
Chapter 207: Wan Qiao
Chapter 208: Training From Hell
Chapter 209: A Secret Within
Chapter 210: Previous Lives
Chapter 211: Life in Shenyuan
Chapter 212: Prowess of a Wolf
Chapter 213: The Delegation
Chapter 214: According to Plan
Chapter 215: Battle Royale
Chapter 216: Bullying
Chapter 217: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 218: Human amongst Beasts
Chapter 219: Starry Sky
Chapter 220: You are Me
Chapter 221: Li Meilin
Chapter 222: Let’s Escape
Chapter 223: Drums of War
Chapter 224: Are You Serious?
Chapter 225: The Art of War
Chapter 226: The Lords Arrive
Chapter 227: Lord Pan
Chapter 228: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Chapter 229: Battle of the Guards
Chapter 230: The Victor
Chapter 231: Li Meilin and the Maid
Chapter 232: Hatred through the Years
Chapter 233: The Messenger
Chapter 234: The Lords have Arrived
Chapter 235: Private Chamber Talk
Chapter 236: Conclave of the Lords
Chapter 237: To Wage War or Not
Chapter 238: Letting Her Go
Chapter 239: The Danger of Leaving
Chapter 240: Returning Home
Chapter 241: Balance of Energies
Chapter 242: List of the Lords
Chapter 243: Building an Army
Chapter 244: The Select Few
Chapter 245: The Imperial Palace
Chapter 246: The Army Commanders
Chapter 247: Tent Camp
Chapter 248: Meeting the Army
Chapter 249: The Blue Cloud
Chapter 250: The Monk
Chapter 251: Astonishment
Chapter 252: Skills of a Monk
Chapter 253: The Unbelievable Attack
Chapter 254: Training the Guards
Chapter 255: Preparing for War
Chapter 256: Supporting the Army
Chapter 257: Going to War
Chapter 258: Towards Siban Empire
Chapter 259: Crossing the Mountain
Chapter 260: In Enemy Territory
Chapter 261: Machines of War
Chapter 262: Scouts
Chapter 263: A Shining Star
Chapter 264: Beast Horde
Chapter 265: The Oasis
Chapter 266: Traveling Through the Siban Empire
Chapter 267: Let the War Begin
Chapter 268: Battlefield
Chapter 269: Newborn Crusader
Chapter 270: Rivers of Blood
Chapter 271: Recoil
Chapter 272: Becoming Human Once More
Chapter 273: Time to Attack
Chapter 274: The Massacre
Chapter 275: Return to Sender
Chapter 276: The Siege
Chapter 277: Wan Qiao’s Task
Chapter 278: Overwhelming Strength
Chapter 279: Real Battle
Chapter 280: Return to the Beginning
Chapter 281: Vengeance
Chapter 282: Difference in Strength
Chapter 283: Undying
Chapter 284: It Is Time
Chapter 285: The Final Clash
Chapter 286: A Strange Encounter
Chapter 287: The Hunt
Chapter 288: Ash
Chapter 289: The Pyre
Chapter 290: Golden Eyes
Chapter 291: Cai Jie
Chapter 292: Grand Marshall of the Siban Empire
Chapter 293: Who Really Killed Her?

Book 4: Grave of the Unknown

Chapter 294: On the Road
Chapter 295: Reunion
Chapter 296: Together Once More
Chapter 297: Dinner Appointment
Chapter 298: The Upper Class
Chapter 299: Sorry
Chapter 300: Enemies
Chapter 301: The Black Lion
Chapter 302: Searching
Chapter 303: Starting a Faction
Chapter 304: Precious Stone
Chapter 305: Settling in Muchuan City
Chapter 306: House Hunting
Chapter 307: Mixed Blood
Chapter 308: Crusaders in Town
Chapter 309: Who is He?
Chapter 310: Necromancy
Chapter 311: First Step Towards the Future
Chapter 312: Welcome to the Banquet
Chapter 313: The Royal Family
Chapter 314: Night Time Discussions
Chapter 315: Jesting
Chapter 316: To the Castle
Chapter 317: The Third Prince
Chapter 318: What is she Doing?
Chapter 319: Mute
Chapter 320: Treasury
Chapter 321: Sword of the Icy Tempest
Chapter 322: Spiritual Blacksmith
Chapter 323: Sacred Solarflare
Chapter 324: Nine Heaven’s Blood Forging
Chapter 325: Nine Heaven’s Devouring Blood Metal
Chapter 326: Restoration
Chapter 327: Beast Blood Forging
Chapter 328: Let Us Try It Out
Chapter 329: Young Master of the Jing Family
Chapter 330: Compensation
Chapter 331: Support
Chapter 332: The Return of Sha Yun
Chapter 333: Investment
Chapter 334: Investigation
Chapter 335: Mysterious Silence
Chapter 336: The Secrets
Chapter 337: Grave of the Unknown
Chapter 338: The Gift
Chapter 339: City in Turmoil
Chapter 340: Pest Control
Chapter 341: Return of the Jing Family
Chapter 342: Setting Out
Chapter 343: Robbery
Chapter 344: To Stand One’s Ground
Chapter 345: Arriving at the Grave
Chapter 346: Blood Essence Inscription
Chapter 347: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 348: Treasure Huts
Chapter 349: Teleportation
Chapter 350: Treasures
Chapter 351: To Be Brave
Chapter 352: Heaven’s Door
Chapter 353: Brute Force
Chapter 354: Alliances
Chapter 355: Medicinal Pills From Another World
Chapter 356: Shield of the Taiyang Kingdom
Chapter 357: Saints Arriving
Chapter 358: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothings
Chapter 359: No Need to Rush
Chapter 360: Trash Gets Left Behind
Chapter 361: Bodyguard
Chapter 362: Monsters in the Tunnel
Chapter 363: The Might of the Divine Dragon, Qing Long
Chapter 364: Is That Truly an Emperor?
Chapter 365: Wu Wei Warrior
Chapter 366: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 367: Playing Catch Up
Chapter 368: Consecutive Breakthroughs
Chapter 369: Ambush
Chapter 370: Pitch Black Darkness
Chapter 371: Leftovers From the Saints
Chapter 372: A Shadow in the Darkness
Chapter 373: Tombstone
Chapter 374: Successor
Chapter 375: Music Box
Chapter 376: Gathering the Treasures
Chapter 377: Unknown Phenomena
Chapter 378: Snowstorm Prison
Chapter 379: Gathering
Chapter 380: Let’s Talk
Chapter 381: Prisoner
Chapter 382: Let Us Return
Chapter 383: Mother
Chapter 384: Lifeforce
Chapter 385: Box of the Universe
Chapter 386: A Sentient Treasure
Chapter 387: Sharing the Treasure
Chapter 388: Jade Water Pavilion
Chapter 389: Direhound’s Immortal Strike
Chapter 390: Protective Charms
Chapter 391: The Royal Academy
Chapter 392: Han Wu
Chapter 393: Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar
Chapter 394: Splitting One’s Soul
Chapter 395: Preparations
Chapter 396: Gone Without a Trace
Chapter 397: Banquet
Chapter 398: Alien
Chapter 399: To the Palace
Chapter 400: The Third Prince’s Secret
Chapter 401: The Superior One

Book 5: Formation of Life

Chapter 402: The Kingdom Changes
Chapter 403: Grandmaster Spiritual Blacksmith
Chapter 404: Flying Swords
Chapter 405: Alchemist Guild
Chapter 406: Huli
Chapter 407: A Celestial Being
Chapter 408: Examination Begins
Chapter 409: Natural Talent
Chapter 410: Perfect Pills
Chapter 411: Sha Yun’s Whereabouts
Chapter 412: Silvermoon’s Pill
Chapter 413: Building up Strength
Chapter 414: Uncle Feng
Chapter 415: Dumbfounded
Chapter 416: Strength
Chapter 417: Candy Apple
Chapter 418: Father
Chapter 419: Pill Auction
Chapter 420: Butterfly’s Pill
Chapter 421: Jo’s Dream
Chapter 422: Young Master Shao
Chapter 423: The Hidden Danger
Chapter 424: Monkey’s Strength Pill
Chapter 425: The Contest
Chapter 426: The Second Test
Chapter 427: The Best Background
Chapter 428: Winner
Chapter 429: With Pleasure
Chapter 430: Arriving in Muchuan City
Chapter 431: Formation of Life
Chapter 432: Zhong Fai’s Plan
Chapter 433: To Choose
Chapter 434: Interruption
Chapter 435: Plummeting to the Ground
Chapter 436: Chaper 436 – Extermination
Chapter 437: Reached!
Chapter 438: Retribution
Chapter 439: Getting Ready
Chapter 440: A Favor
Chapter 441: Goodbye
Chapter 442: Wait For Me
Chapter 443: Sunset Mountains
Chapter 444: Poison Master
Chapter 445: Entering the Sunset Mountains
Chapter 446: Central Palace
Chapter 447: Trial of Fire
Chapter 448: Trial of Strength
Chapter 449: Wang Ju Long’s Might
Chapter 450: Trial of Perception
Chapter 451: The True Phoenix Descent
Chapter 452: Trial of Teamwork
Chapter 453: Black Mist
Chapter 454: Trial of Determination
Chapter 455: The Stone Mansion
Chapter 456: Death
Chapter 457: Half a Year
Chapter 458: A Broken World
Chapter 459: Scorpion-Tailed Tiger
Chapter 460: Longevity Blood
Chapter 461: Bloodline
Chapter 462: Second Generation
Chapter 463: Legacy
Chapter 464: Demon
Chapter 465: Bai Hu’s Arrival
Chapter 466: Nine Tribulations
Chapter 467: Demon Lord
Chapter 468: Crowned Sovereign
Chapter 469: The Trial Ends
Chapter 470: Towards the Formation
Chapter 471: Overwhelming Energy
Chapter 472: Universe Box
Chapter 473: Master
Chapter 474: Sovereign
Chapter 475: Returning Home
Chapter 476: Heartache
Chapter 477: Secrets
Chapter 478: Miracle
Chapter 479: Rescue Mission
Chapter 480: Goddess Nuwa
Chapter 481: Hope
Chapter 482: Riluo City
Chapter 483: Prosperity
Chapter 484: Revenue
Chapter 485: Little Brother
Chapter 486: Heavenly Beauty
Chapter 487: Damnable Beauty
Chapter 488: Banquet
Chapter 489: Nighttime Visitor
Chapter 490: Refining Pills
Chapter 491: Old Snake
Chapter 492: Snow Dragon Mountains
Chapter 493: An He
Chapter 494: Breaking Up
Chapter 495: Snow Glacier Mountains
Chapter 496: Zhong Fai’s Life
Chapter 497: The General
Chapter 498: Reactions
Chapter 499: Loss
Chapter 500: My World!
Chapter 501: Storytime
Chapter 502: Together

Book 6: Ten Courts of Hell

Chapter 503: Abyss
Chapter 504: Dao
Chapter 505: Treasure Mountain
Chapter 506: Pill of Clarity
Chapter 507: Picture Perfect
Chapter 508: Meditation
Chapter 509: Not Alone
Chapter 510: Going Back
Chapter 511: Dao of the Inferno
Chapter 512: Restaurant
Chapter 513: Start of the Auction
Chapter 514: Auction
Chapter 515: Chaos Cauldron
Chapter 516: Refining a Soul
Chapter 517: The Elder In Space
Chapter 518: Why Did You Choose Me?
Chapter 519: Tremor
Chapter 520: Dragon
Chapter 521: Major Dao of Wind
Chapter 522: Dao of Space
Chapter 523: Back to the Inn
Chapter 524: Banquet Hall
Chapter 525: Celestial Sword Sect
Chapter 526: Swordlight
Chapter 527: Dao of the Sword
Chapter 528: Cheat
Chapter 529: Soulforce
Chapter 530: The Second Banquet
Chapter 531: Maps
Chapter 532: Youdu
Chapter 533: To be Tailed
Chapter 534: The Fu Brothers
Chapter 535: Catching Up
Chapter 536: A Plea For Help
Chapter 537: The God’s Stronghold
Chapter 538: Staircase
Chapter 539: Concealment
Chapter 540: Red Dog
Chapter 541: Finishing off the Tower Master
Chapter 542: Reaching Youdu
Chapter 543: Pei Chen
Chapter 544: Spacelock
Chapter 545: Dragon Amongst Men
Chapter 546: Madame Rou
Chapter 547: Sparring Field
Chapter 548: Two Heirs
Chapter 549: Ancestral Worldpower Skills
Chapter 550: Dining Hall
Chapter 551: Second Life
Chapter 552: Vanished World
Chapter 553: Uncle
Chapter 554: Invitation to a Banquet
Chapter 555: Yanluo
Chapter 556: Blue Cloud
Chapter 557: She Can Be Saved
Chapter 558: Ten Courts of Hell
Chapter 559: The Second Court of Hell
Chapter 560: The Trial Continues
Chapter 561: Trial of the Mind
Chapter 562: We Are Staying
Chapter 563: Dao of Gravity
Chapter 564: Request
Chapter 565: The Life of Hui Yue
Chapter 566: Hierarchy
Chapter 567: Towards the First Court of Hell
Chapter 568: King Qinguang
Chapter 569: Cellar
Chapter 570: Black Market
Chapter 571: Souls
Chapter 572: Bloodline
Chapter 573: Sins
Chapter 574: Unmeasurable Talent
Chapter 575: Filial Son
Chapter 576: The Late King’s Family
Chapter 577: Give Something, Gain Something
Chapter 578: A Helping Hand
Chapter 579: Spar with Wei
Chapter 580: Fifty
Chapter 581: Unnatural Emotions
Chapter 582: It Is Time
Chapter 583: Personal Strength
Chapter 584: Darkness
Chapter 585: The Final Two
Chapter 586: World of Darkness
Chapter 587: Nine Tribulation Lightning
Chapter 588: Phoenix Descent
Chapter 589: Second Judge of Hell
Chapter 590: Friendship
Chapter 591: The Body of a God
Chapter 592: Coronation
Chapter 593: Master
Chapter 594: Yama

Book 7: Archaic World

Chapter 595: Holy Mountains
Chapter 596: Arriving at the Celestial Sword Sect
Chapter 597: Welcoming Banquet
Chapter 598: Alchemist Palace
Chapter 599: Tour of the Sect
Chapter 600: Bloodline Pressure
Chapter 601: Formations
Chapter 602: Formation Masters
Chapter 603: Time
Chapter 604: Restoring a Soul
Chapter 605: Snake Babies
Chapter 606: First Mission
Chapter 607: Challenge Accepted
Chapter 608: Sacrificial Rites
Chapter 609: Lament
Chapter 610: City of Endless Clouds
Chapter 611: Arrival of the Gods
Chapter 612: Deng Wu’s Assignment
Chapter 613: Routine
Chapter 614: Formation Master Debate
Chapter 615: Pei Bai
Chapter 616: Formations and Daos
Chapter 617: Huli’s Rampage
Chapter 618: Shadow Attack
Chapter 619: Audience
Chapter 620: Dowry
Chapter 621: Killing the Assassin
Chapter 622: Pei Yan’s Jealousy
Chapter 623: Sworn Brother
Chapter 624: Heavenly Dragon Gate’s World
Chapter 625: Dragon’s Peak
Chapter 626: Arrival at the Debate
Chapter 627: Formation Debate Begins
Chapter 628: First Debate for Hui Yue
Chapter 629: The Final Clash Begins
Chapter 630: Flight of the Valkyrie
Chapter 631: Ten Suns
Chapter 632: The Older Generation
Chapter 633: True Battle
Chapter 634: Pill of Clarity Returns
Chapter 635: Flame of Life
Chapter 636: Chen Family’s Patriarch
Chapter 637: Returning Home
Chapter 638: Time
Chapter 639: Daos
Chapter 640: Delegation from Diyu
Chapter 641: Beast Gods
Chapter 642: The Final Introductions
Chapter 643: Black Mist
Chapter 644: Demons
Chapter 645: Demon Captain
Chapter 646: Mountain
Chapter 647: Divine Halo Formation
Chapter 648: Arriving in Youdu
Chapter 649: The Small Maid
Chapter 650: Black Phoenix
Chapter 651: King Chujiang
Chapter 652: Rong Xing
Chapter 653: Resurrection
Chapter 654: Archaic World
Chapter 655: Friendly Support
Chapter 656: Information Dealer
Chapter 657: Getting Ready
Chapter 658: Good Fortune
Chapter 659: Bandits
Chapter 660: Blissful Realm
Chapter 661: Bazaar
Chapter 662: Blissful Pavilion
Chapter 663: Arriving at the Archaic World
Chapter 664: Tidal Wave
Chapter 665: Hellhound
Chapter 666: Heart of the Formation
Chapter 667: Ancient Ruins
Chapter 668: Group Battle
Chapter 669: Fame Through Battles
Chapter 670: Herb Field
Chapter 671: Sylph
Chapter 672: New Companion
Chapter 673: Serfdom
Chapter 674: The World
Chapter 675: Battlefield
Chapter 676: The Spirit War
Chapter 677: Stories
Chapter 678: Ghost
Chapter 679: Vast Expanse
Chapter 680: Alchemist God
Chapter 681: Xiao Hui
Chapter 682: Nurturing a Soul
Chapter 683: Refining a Body
Chapter 684: First Body
Chapter 685: Hui Yue Refines a Body
Chapter 686: Success or Failure?
Chapter 687: Perfect Body
Chapter 688: Fighting Huli
Chapter 689: Bullied
Chapter 690: Pei Ziqi
Chapter 691: Goodbye
Chapter 692: Leaving the Archaic World
Chapter 693: Blissful Guard
Chapter 694: Soul-Searching Technique
Chapter 695: Elders of the Pavilion
Chapter 696: Selling Treasures
Chapter 697: Home
Chapter 698: Wedding Preparations
Chapter 699: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 700: The Fleeing Hui
Chapter 701: Wedding
Chapter 702: Brilliant Moon
Chapter 703: Wedding Vows
Chapter 704: Honeymoon

Book 8: Bridge of Dreams

Chapter 705: War on the Horizon
Chapter 706: Rounding Up Friends
Chapter 707: Celestial Sword
Chapter 708: Worthy?
Chapter 709: Western Tiger
Chapter 710: Yanluo’s Invitation
Chapter 711: Gate of Retribution
Chapter 712: After-War Zone
Chapter 713: The Old Man
Chapter 714: Ling Family
Chapter 715: Missing
Chapter 716: The Families of Hu and Sun
Chapter 717: Massacre
Chapter 718: Rumors
Chapter 719: Black Palace
Chapter 720: Tale of War
Chapter 721: Battle Begins
Chapter 722: Pei Ziqi’s Frenzy
Chapter 723: Crushing Defeat
Chapter 724: Blood Demons
Chapter 725: Kidnapped
Chapter 726: World of Holy Grass
Chapter 727: Da Hu
Chapter 728: Change in the War
Chapter 729: An Army
Chapter 730: Superimposing the Dao
Chapter 731: World Ending Bead
Chapter 732: Shockwave
Chapter 733: Space Maze
Chapter 734: Blinded by Greed
Chapter 735: Great-Grandson
Chapter 736: Enlightened
Chapter 737: Three Trials
Chapter 738: First Trial
Chapter 739: Nightmare
Chapter 740: The Ten Great Demons
Chapter 741: Here They Are
Chapter 742: Blood Prince
Chapter 743: Frightening Opponent
Chapter 744: Cocooned
Chapter 745: Ling Bing’er
Chapter 746: Mission
Chapter 747: Manor Lord
Chapter 748: Talented Youngster
Chapter 749: Spiraling Coral
Chapter 750: Potential
Chapter 751: Rong Ming
Chapter 752: Heavenly Dao
Chapter 753: Dragon of Blood
Chapter 754: Rong Ming’s Story
Chapter 755: The Scroll of the Demons
Chapter 756: Auction


57 thoughts on “Blue Phoenix” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Blue pheonixes are very rare, I remember almost catching one in North Africa with my ultra balls. It got away last blink and scorched me blue, i almost didn’t survive but i was lucky and poke balled myself succesfully putting out the fire, i then procceded to throw myself in to the ocean with my poke self and i floated to the surface in a shore in spain and got b*** fu**** in the a** by an old man needless to say it felt pretty shit

  2. The title is good, the synopsis is good, but the book cover make me feel weird
    But still i already finished book one and the story is great, i’ll try my best to catch up
    Welcome to WW :*

    1. Sometime last year I read all the way to the most recent chapter and decided to stop, it wasn’t bad exactly–in fact, sometimes it was pretty good.

      So why did I drop it?
      I did not like how nonsensical many parts were, with brief explanations at best and the reader just expected not to bother with how unlikely things were.

      Things often lack clear drive, or feel somewhat uninspired. An example of this is the cultivation system having some clear limits early, then promptly dropping them in favor of generic all purpose strength which is pretty much just limited by quantity and your imagination (not very fun when it gets down to it)

      Some things just end up kind of skipped or moved away from instead of being integral parts of the story.

      This is more of a pet peeve than a story deficit but there ends up being a lot of typos for no discernable reason (I think it’s written in English too?), so I have trouble being engaged.

      All told, not a bad story at all, but if you don’t mind these things that I mentioned then it’s actually even pretty good. Trying not to spoil things too much or I’d go into more detail with these things.

      1. He’s ranking upgrades are certainly consistent, but what’s not is the difference between levels, It absolutely makes no sense, I mean is the difference between realms really so small??.
        When he pretended to be a saint realm expert, the black clothed men sure as hell didn’t seem to be worried about his cultivation, not assuming that they knew it was fake because they just escaped after one attack from him even though it missed, and they knew (or at least thought) he was stronger individually, so he was a saint and they were what?… Emperors, what are they now cabbages???, EITHER experts are far too common in this world, A saint realm expert isn’t really much (accounted for by the fact that Lan Feng was gladly SUPRISED by how much respect a saint afforded in his own world!!!)
        AND a bunch of hoodlums of a lower rank can gang up and defeat a supposedly much higher ranked warrior (even if it isnt the said case, the author has made no attempts at clearing up anything related to the difference between realms.), OR something is very much F***ED UP with this cultivation system they have.

        Since it’s obviously one of the most fundamental facts in any wuxia, xianxai or Chinese novels, that the higher up you go in cultivation the greater the difference is between ranks in upper realms, (the difference between heaven and earth), if again that in one such possibility that this does not follow the universal law for such world settings then why has nothing been mentioned about it?

        Why can a lot of characters beat some one much higher than them and still act like it’s a F***ing normal thing??? Is everyone an MC now??… And don’t give me that pure Qi bullshit, what else do you have?

        How can your body handle a saint ranks full attack even if only once? That’s still a difference of eight full realms… I’d have a hard time believing you can do the same for a master realm attack.

        This is all pointing to the conclusion that this shit ain’t got no logic, there are a ton more of plot holes in this novel but it would take far too long to ever mention them all.

        P.s. no offense meant to those who like the novel, ignoring some plot holes does allow for this novel to stay readable to some degree.

        1. First of all, I’d like to say that I like this novel and your comment really didn’t offend me, but, I couldn’t see the logic of your criticism in the cultivation system, given that I think it was directed to the story itself and I want to explain why.

          From what you said, you get angry with this novel because the cultivation system doesn’t follow the pattern of other novels. I say it because all “holes” you quoted was nothing more than the shape that the author idealized for this world. It’s important to make clear that your comment doesn’t quote “story holes”, but rather, your disappointment for the novel not following the pattern you wanted.

          For example, you mentioned that it is “an obvious fact that in Wuxia when bigger the cultivation rank, bigger is the diference between realms”. I don’t think it is a law just because the majority of authors live exploring it, I simply can’t understand why people want Novels to always follow the same pattern, just because they had some genre.

          Personaly, I love the attempt to get away from the cliche a little and so make a novel different from ordinary. I know that many guys don’t get sick of it, but I’m, for example, many times reading a really awesome novel and I have to take some breaks because I can’t stand the lack of new things, compared to other novels.

          1. Uhh.. don’t you generally cultivate to get stronger?
            Maybe there’s a weakening period to get used to after ascending realms, but going up in cultivation normally mean having improvements on something..
            Who would want to spend a long time cultivating just to get weaker?

            It shouldn’t be that much to ask to follow some general settings.
            Then again if everyone is capable of fighting levels above them.. why are those above them losing..? Is there some kind of force at hand that makes cultivators lose easily against weaker opponents?

  3. Hee Tina,
    Followed you to WW! Was too sad about you leaving since i’ve been following BP for 2 years now..

    For everyone wondering if Blue Phoenix is worth it, the answer is YES. This is the one novel that i’ve been looking forward to read every day and it never disappoints me. Got enough action and ruthlessness and the MC doesn’t care much about currying favor wich I love!

    Have a fun time on WW Tina 🙂
    x Skye

    1. Ive also been following this series for a few years now and it broke my heart for a while when it disappeared from gravitytales but now ive found it and i have something to look forward to everyday once again

  4. Tina, my brother turned me on to these books on Amazon. I absolutely love them!!!!
    I’ve bought all of them currently released and plan to buy all future ones. You’re an amazing author. I just wanted you to know that you have made a fan in me and that I’m not the only one. Please, keep up your good work!!
    I look forward to reading more of your books in the future.

  5. Hi Tina, welcome to ww. I am on chapter 10 right now and it looks very promising.

    Anyone knows if there is harem in this story (i hate harem lol).

    1. No harem from what I know, mc loved a girl in his first life from what I remember, not sure but he wants to meet her again. It might be harem but it’s hard to know .

    2. Hello! So sorry for the slow response. There is harem in this story. If you would like to read another story without harem then give Overthrowing Fate a try, that one has only one romantic relationship 🙂

    3. In a way it is kinda a harem but not in a way that is like traditional harems i know its kinda vague but you’ll find out………in about 200 chapers……..

  6. Man (or lady, lol), your chapters are are thick and rich.. like a delicious meal or good wine! So far i’m at chapter 19 and loving it! I’miss pleasantly surprised by how big the chapters are, and considering you’re currently over 600 chappies i”m sure to enjoy this series for quite a good while. Thank you Tinalynge, and everyone else working on this, to bring us all yet another truly fine work of art!

    1. Agreed, chapters are massive. It almost feels like they’re double the length of most other LN’s. For example. I went from chapters one, to five hundred and sixty one in just three days (for Renegade Immortal). I have a feeling going from start to finish on this series is going to take me at least a week. So gewd!!!!

  7. *Cracks Knuckles* Time to bury my head into this Novel. :3 Did the Cover change? I think it did, and I prefer this one over the goblin like old cover (If I’m not mistaken).

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your comment, I hope you will enjoy the novel 🙂
      I did indeed change the cover, all covers were changed just before I joined Wuxiaworld and thus I also changed the cover here on the index page. I am glad to hear that you like this cover more 🙂
      Kind regards

    2. Ok, anyone reading this comment. If you’re on the fence on starting this Novel or not. Shove that feeling down and start reading right this second. Calling it now, this is a hidden gem. This is way better than I ever imagined and the chapters are quite simply, MASSIVE. So. . . GEWD!!!!

  8. Are there any hardcover and soft-covers of these books? (Other than Kindle Editions)- I have a feeling, but I think your early-early published hardcover/softcover books are going to be worth a megaton worth for collectors purpose. . . (If there are any out there already).

  9. Pretty good so far ! The characters are quite deep, and I don’t mean only the MC’s friends. The bad guys aren’t your usual arrogant assholes, most of them can change, and that’s really refreshing for a wuxia.
    The first three books are simply amazing (until after the war), but after that, unfortunately, I find it more and more cliché : more and more shortcuts, his friends’ cultivation improves way too fast, the female characters progressively lose their depths and just become “the MC’s women” (because yes, it’s a harem T_T)… I know those points are actually very common in wuxias, but given the first three books, I had greater expectations.

    So to sum it up, for me, the first three books are really amazing, but after that it’s your usual average/good wuxia. Still worth trying though !

    1. I just made it to chappy 638 and decided I wanted to give my general feel. And from chapter 300ish to chapter 450ish I completely agree. Except I assumed Tina did this because of some major event coming up. So was anticipating like 10 different worse case scenarios.

      However around chapter 450ish+ it became. Er-May-Zing! I would say this is better than Desolate Era and vaguely reminds me of Warlock of The Magus World (as in it has dark as heck moments- Anti-Heroish – And I love Anti-Heros to the core).

      All in all I give this a 7.8/10 in my books. :3 And I give Desolate Era 7.2/10 and Warlock of the Magus World 8.3/10. So if that tells you anything, SHABOOM!

  10. Oni need’s to step up his/her game for the editing on the early chapters… actually, quite a few chapters, but otherwise, this story is pretty good. and the sheer amount of chapters makes me feel good.

  11. I think theres still too much stuff to stop it with just 1 and a half books time, I personally like this novel the most and would like it to keep going. I want to comment the stuff that I think is being left out that could keep this going for at least 3 more books judging by the pace,but doing so contains spoilers which is not allowed…

    1. You are more than welcome to send me an email on [email protected] with the things you feel that needs to be in the next books. That way you will not have to spoil others, and I would love to hear which things you feel is left to resolve.

      As things are now, Blue Phoenix has been planned to end at eight books and I think that I will be able to add everything in this book that is left 🙂

  12. I just start reading this novel, and my opinion is this story not interesting as i expected, to many unneeded words, the reason is not strong enough (u will understanding), cultivation rank and skill somehow no need to put rank/level.

    I think i will drop out from this novel. I have to search another novel while waiting chapter for TDG,TGR,DE,WDQK,&ATG.

    Anyway. Thanks.

    1. Just got to say if you still read TDG you shouldn’t say to much… And both TGR and WDQK are filled with holes (especially WDQK). And they are both eat pill to win novels where the mc also happens to have some great spirit adviser.

      But you are still right about this novel.

  13. Ok I think this is Tinas first book but don’t know.(but hope) The base story is really good but the writing starts of very shallow. Skipping meaningful conversations and things like that. Huge timeskips while almost skipping entire realms. In the first 76 chapters there are allot of inconsistencies/holes and forced plots.

    It feel a bit like it is a mixture of a much of novels I have read before. some elements are made better but some are way worse. Sadly(according to me) I also feel there is allot of influence from Heavenly Silkworm Potato who usually gives the story an interesting start but then it just turns into grime in my opinion.

    Trying to keep reading since I need things to fill my day but it is hard at this point. But if you like WDQK you should love this novel.

    Still at ch 76 so might update this comment later. Still hope that the holes will stop apearing so this can be a great story and not follow the line of the potato.

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