Blue Phoenix Chapter 708

Chapter 708: Worthy?

Written by Tinalynge
Edited by ONI_Ghost
Betaread by Soultorrent and Ben
Proofread by Tue




I am very sorry that the break took as long as it did, I really wished to finish off Overthrowing Fate before I begun to release Blue Phoenix again.

Now Overthrowing Fate is done and I am able to put my entire focus into writing Blue Phoenix.

This is the beginning of the final book in the series, the book is called Bridge of Dreams and I am very excited about writing it, I hope you too will be very excited about reading it.

On another note, I would like to share something exciting with you all! I love all my patrons dearly and their pledges mean a whole lot to me. Especially the ones who pay $50 a month makes me incredibly happy. To prove to these people that I am very happy to have them I have decided to send out merchandise to these patrons.

The merchandise I have made is mugs with chibi figures of Hui Yue, Sha Yun, Blue Phoenix, Huli, Lan Feng and Wang Ju Long. Anyone who signs up for $50 patron will be given these mugs. Half of them arrived home the other day, and I am excited to show them off to you all. The first mug will be sent out in November.

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