Blue Phoenix Chapter 644

Thank you all for your warm welcome of both me and my two novels, Blue Phoenix and Overthrowing Fate, it truly meant a lot to me to have such an amazing community welcoming me with open arms!

A little bit about my two novels.

Blue Phoenix is a novel I have been writing for almost two years. As of now there are 644 chapters released and I release another chapter every day. My other novel is Overthrowing Fate. Overthrowing Fate has been on a hiatus, but it has now ended and it will return with 3 chapters a week, released on random days, the first chapter of this week will be released tomorrow.

Blue Phoenix is a novel which I have poured my very soul into creating. It is my very first attempt at writing anything and thus while reading it, you will be able to sense my ability as an author developing throughout the story. English is not my native language and thus there will be some grammar issues, although it has been edited by an editor.

My team consists of me, my editor ONI_Ghost, my betareaders Soultorrent and Ben and my proofreader Tue.

Anyhow, if you have not yet tried Blue Phoenix or Overthrowing Fate but is looking for something to read, then I would definitely suggest you to try them out! They are worth the time spent reading them.


Chapter 644: Demons

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by a temporary editor

Betaread by Soultorrent and Ben


24 thoughts on “Blue Phoenix Chapter 644” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I dropped this novel a long time ago because after the initial beast world arc, the author just basically copies Desolate Era. It isn’t written very well and falls under the cliche trope of story progression. This is a sub par novel and you are better off spending your time on a different novel.

    1. Were you in such a rush to complain that you did not even read the announcement?

      “It is my very first attempt at writing anything and thus while reading it, you will be able to sense my ability as an author developing throughout the story.”

      I personally enjoyed the story, and have enjoyed it more and more as it progressed!

      1. I didn’t say the whole novel is bad. I was actually pretty interested in the first part of the story, but like I said, once the beast world arc ends it literally is just a copy of Desolate Era. I mean down to practically the same characters showing up. It was quite an original story before that happened.

    2. does it matter?
      not at all

      besides it’s not exactly the same
      beast world arc in any novel is more or less “SAME”
      there’s beast, lv up and treasures

      it’s also the same with BTTH, CD or any novel with beast forest
      and that includes other arc/story (HAREM hue hue hue)
      why? because it’s xianxia that’s why LOL (and i read other novel too, 30 or more,sigh…)

    3. Good day

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you consider Blue Phoenix to be a sub par novel.

      I cannot argue about the writing style, if you find it appalling then who am I to say you are incorrect?

      However! I do not find my story to be a copy of Desolate Era.

      Yes, my characters move on to use the Dao to form attacks. These daos are split into minor, major and heavenly daos and I can understand that this feels as a copy of DE, however, if you were to actually read how it worked, you would find plenty of differences.

      Secondly, the characters in Desolate Era appears in Blue Phoenix? Well, yes, some of the same figures makes an appearance, but that has nothing to do with Desolate Era but to do with Chinese culture and myths. If we take someone like Pangu, he was the founder of the all in some of their myths and thus he holds an important place in many stories, not just mine or Desolate Era. Desolate Era definitely did not come up with many of the characters they use, they took them from the myths just like I do. Because of this it is natural for their characters to be used multiple times.

      By saying that I am copying Desolate Era, you could also say that I am copying Coiling Dragon because I use the four symbols of China rather heavily in my story.

      Finally, the plot of my story is very different from Desolate Era.

      This is just my opinion and I am not trying to convert you to agree with me. I just want to be clear that Blue Phoenix is not a copy of Desolate Era.

      Kind regards

  2. Welcome to Wuxiaworld! I have not read your novels yet, but I will get right on that.
    I am only asking this because of your name, but are you Danish by any chance?

  3. Hey. I think I supported you through patreon for a few months. But money issues got me afterwards.
    Anyway, welcome to the community that is wuxiaworld.
    Poor Ren. He will have to deal with another novel that might get pirated from ww.

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