Blue Phoenix Book 7 Published

Hello all

It is with great joy that I announce that Blue Phoenix book 7 has been released on Amazon for sale.

If you have not yet read the book, head over to the Original Novel section and give it a go, or on Amazon and try it out from book one.

The series is about Hui Yue, a young man who loses his life and ends up in a world where only the strongest prevail. It is a world where he experiences hardships and sets out on a journey to cultivation together with the soul of a phoenix that somehow is stuck within him. What is the reason for this phoenix to suddenly appear within his body, and what future lies ahead for this young man who has to start life anew in a dog eat dog world?

Blue Phoenix is my very first work, a book which I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into making. It is many hours of hard work that has turned into seven books, and the series will end with the next book, the eight book.

Join me, and Hui Yue, in the last few months of hair-raising adventures before the story comes to a close.

For those who already read Blue Phoenix, thank you so much for your continued support. It really means a lot to me to have you enjoying what I write!

If you have a few dollars, please don’t hesitate to support me by buying the book, if you do not have any money, but still wish to support me, please leave a fair review at Amazon

I look forward to continuing book 8 – Bridge of Dreams soon.

Kind regards

22 thoughts on “Blue Phoenix Book 7 Published” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Honestly I’m amazed. This novel is really good (there are still some room for improvements, but for a first one it’s great). The characters are very engaging, just like the story (although I have to admit that I was annoyed about the Sha Yun part until he noticed that he loved her. So frustrating!^^). I did find the cultivation levels and powers a bit confusing though.
    I bought one of your books (I had read it already but if that can help). Keep writing, you’re awesome and your work is great!

  2. Tinalynge can you get it published in paperback too i’ll be grateful if you you could do that.
    and yeah CONGRATS we hope that you would continue like that.

    1. I am afraid that it is not possible for me to publish Blue Phoenix as a paperback as the books are simply too long and the file too massive to be able to be made into a paperback book 🙁

  3. Congratulations! I started Blue Phoenix a couple of weeks ago and must say it does feel good reading it, albeit the slow pace.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Can’t believe it’s finally out.There is no better feeling than realising an incredible series has released another book.This is probably one of my favourite series up there with the blood legacy and zectas keep up the amazing work.

  4. This author needs to stop kidding himself. His novel was somewhat unique in the first grand arc, but after the God arc starts it literally becomes a carbon copy of Desolate Era.

  5. Don’t rush the ending pls you can make 2-3 more books…Its really a good novel so far and i like the story alot. So dont ruin the novel with a rush ending that will be to bad for such a great novel..The Great Ruler was a great novel to but it was ruin with a rush ending so I hope you will not make the same mistake…

  6. Just picked this novel up when i saw this post and i have to say im very impressed with the quality. I was totally hooked after the first 5 chapters. You definately deserve all the praise and success, congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Tina!
    Blue Phoenix deserves all the praises thrown its way. It’s such a good read! I enjoyed binge-reading every book. (I’m sorry I couldn’t buy the book since I’m still a student though…)

    I’m looking forward to Book 8!
    May you be more blessed than you already are. Your talent makes people happy 😊
    Thank you for your hardwork!!!

  8. Please keep working hard as your book is simply amazing and is basically a fantasy book I would find at Barnes and nobles with the Chinese fantasy elements which is in my opinion a complement as lots of these web novels have lots of elements missing from them such as character Development besides the mc

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