Blue Phoenix Announcement


As you, my readers, most likely noticed, I did not release a chapter last night. Unfortunately, my computer has broken down and I delivered it for repair Friday. They gave me a temporary laptop to use, but it keeps crashing and it is very very slow, one chapter takes me around seven hours to write on this craptop.

What I am trying to say is that your chapters will be released, and I will not be behind on chapters at the end of the week, but I will release on rather strange times, and sometimes it will be double releases on some days instead of one a day, depending on when I can borrow my sister’s laptop. I promise that by the end of the week there will be the guaranteed chapters released, which brings me to the fact that today I will release 2 chapters, one from yesterday and one for today.

So sorry that this happened just after my break, I wish my computer would forever be without problems. Thank you for your patience


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  1. I had a computer issue a few months ago(rip old drive, you will be missed). Hope your computer will be fixed 🙂 I’m willing to wait for good stories 🙂 and it’s even better with an update instead of being ninja’d 🙂

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