The Book Eating Magician Artwork

This is a page dedicated to artwork that the author of BEM has provided. It will be updated as the characters appear in the story.



Sylvia 1:

Sylvia 2:

Red Tower Master Veronica:

Sea Dragon Aquilo:

Ellenoa: Please note that this is her female form that hasn’t appeared in the story yet, as of chapter 161.

Vince Haidel:

Randolph Clovis:

Paragranum (Girl):

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    1. If you don’t look at the picture enough it looks like its not connected between her legs (like shorts) so it looks like cut off overalls (which are a thing btw. You can see the resemblance if you google it)

      1. I looked at it it looks more like the fabric just loose between her thighs like you would assume fabric would be that and a lack of buttons make me say its a dress

  1. She is so adorable. Love that we can see how big she is I had thought she was size a little girl not the size of Thumbelina. Thank you for the chapter

    1. Same, I though she was essentially at the size of maybe a 4-8 years old girl. Yeah I know, the difference between 4 and 8 is pretty significant.

  2. Sylvia looks to be the tsundere type, seeing as how when her master suggested a friendly match, she became slightly interested but turned her nose away when Theo shamelessly refused. Though her blinding appearance but cold atmosphere could also rank her as a Kuudere type.

    IDK, Theo needs more interaction with her to find out.

    1. I disagree, I think she has likely caused trouble with her appearance and friendliness in the past, causing her to now act cold in order save herself trouble, but in her heart she is a complete chatterbox and a bit of a battle junkie. Kuudere is usually an official personality, however I believe she is faking her coldness in order to avoid the droves of men, and women, that would inevitably cause trouble for both her talent and appearance.

      1. Yeah…1 chapter with less than 3 sentences of her talking isn’t much to go on. But I do agree that there is a chance that she’s faking that persona due to past interactions with people, or her persona just developed that way due to her having the talent none of her peers could ever match and just avoided her completely.

        Anyway, I do hope Theo could chip away some of that coldness from her persona when the competition is over.

        1. The blue tower master said that she was more or less raised with old dude. She almost never interacted with people her own age because she more or less only talk magic but it’s too advanced for most of them.

  3. I expected Mitra to resemble a human but to still only have a somewhat rough shape of one.
    Like… mostly still colored like dirt and the difference between “hair” and “skin” not being all that clear, for example.

    1. That was kind of what I imagined her original form to be, but this is clearly her post “awakening” form, so I’m not particularly surprised. In any case, she is absolutely adorable! *_*

  4. Why is the elemental using clothes….?
    Did Theo put it on her?
    I doubt the elemental feels cold and was born with it….
    Well, maybe because it was Theo who gave her a form, part of his conscience added clothes naturally to her….
    Clothes X Elementals, the eternal discussion XD

    Thanks for all your hard work!

      1. Correct me if Im wrong, clothes exist due to:
        1) our need to retain the heat in our bodies. Unlike animals, we need them to survive winter in the cold regions or sometimes block the heat, like in the desert.
        2) Our need to protect our bodies. Our skin is not as thick as most animals, we get hurt fairly easy, and clothes offer an extra layer of defense against the environment.
        3) Our culture, developed based on the 2 above reasons, but now is so integrated in our own society that we spread it to other that should not have such culture (like putting clothes on your pets or in this case, elemental).

        Elemental dont have blood, they dont need to conserve heat to keep themselves alive, nor they need protection as their bodies are made from elements so they cant “get hurt”, they can only lose form and reform latter, and finally, they also have no sense of shame as its also a cultural thing.
        So I think there is no real reason for them to make or use clothes unless they are trying to mimic humans… and I see no reason for that :p
        Well, the clothes are there due to our culture, because the author cant draw a naked child XD or he will have to pay a lot of money so he doesnt go to jail and the picture will anyhow be removed later XD
        I know this, but, I defend the right of the Elements to be 100% naked! No matter what! Say no to the oppression of the liberty of expression! Freedom!! Revolution!! XD
        And of course, Im just joking here XD

          1. Gods are made by humans, they are a reflection of human culture. There is a saying that humans were made in the image of god, but actually it was the opposite, Gods were made in the image of humans, carrying our values and culture, and thats why they have human feelings and most are drawn in humanoid forms by the most different cultures in the planet, no matter if its east, west, north or south. And thats why they wear clothes, even though, for a god, I believe something like clothes would be completely useless, they would never be ashamed as they body is godly! XD
            To all religious folks: sorry if I offended you in any way, it was 100% not my aim.

    1. Actually they called it a “stick” at first, so I thought it would be like a Jo staff (straight and notably shorter than Sylvia), but even if they decide to follow a more common paradigm of a Wizard’s staff, I would still expect it remains straight with the end result being close to a Bo staff; especially when it’s supposed to be used for eastern martial arts practiced by both Sylvia and her master.

      1. I’m just gonna say, that being an 8th Circle Mage probably does things to the body and make it less human.

        I mean, look at Theo, a 2nd Circle Mage at the beginning and he’s described as scrawny. But I do admit, him exercising probably had an impact on his body after getting his 3rd Circle. Whereas Vince was stuck at being a 5th Circle Mage, but when Gluttony provided him some insight, his transition to a 6th Circle Mage got described as renewed vigor (probably looks a decade younger)

        Another interesting note, Fire/Flame can be used to induce illusions (remember Mirages? That’s your brain being cooked in the hot sun) that or a simple Illusion Magic casted at the 8th Circle Power.


        1. It is stated in one of the earlier chapters that she is 1/4 dragon or so. So she isn’t really completely human anyways what that say to her age well it hasn’t been mentioned yet it could be older it could be younger and her dragon heritage allowed her to develop faster who knows.

          1. It was stated she’s way younger than Blue Tower Doushi (Blundel), but still no indication on the age difference between her and Vince.

    1. I think that the origin of her picture is probably chapter 58-59 rather than her first introduction. Theo’s description of her appearance matches better as she took off her robe and ‘bla bla bla bits almost popping out’

      1. I think the same. It’s her “battle suit” (under the robe). She emits a lot of heat, so she needs something like that. And it looks like she doesn’t care about most people looking at her, especially men (maybe because she is 1/4 dragon and isn’t attracted to human the same way as a normal woman?).

  5. I don’t really like Veronica’s clothes. I mean, yeah it’s sexy, but not the sort of design i expected for one of the two 8th circle tower masters. Is it even a robe? I wouldn’t call that a robe.

    1. More like a Smock or an Apron. <____< Looking closely, it probably is an Apron. *Naked Apron Alert!!!*

      Jokes aside, I'm hoping there's a reason for how little clothing she wears. Like a contracted Fire Spirit King and she needs the "ventilation" to keep herself from being overheated.

      1. Nah bro, she looks like a sl*t. Jk. Seriously tho, she should wear a long robe. For example, be like “even the long robe, covering almost her entire body couldn’t hide her sexy curves”.

        1. Skimpy clothing explained by Heat Ventilation due to having the blood of a dragon in her genes.
          And possibly the reason for her “youthful” appearance.

    2. Isn’t that how she battled Theo? I mean I’m pretty sure I remember her removing “something” before her spar
      So she usually should wear something over like the magician’s robes…

  6. Wow… My imagination of her battle outfit wasn’t too far off… I was thinking yoko from guren legan. I was thinking bikini to and short shorts.

    1. She is growing girl 😉 This or author was like “I drawn the first picture badly, people are saying that my cute Sylvia has a flat chest. I will show them how wrong they were”.

  7. I know the author likes to draw tits, but I’d really like some variety in the artwork. Like Superbia for example. He could even add tits if he has to.

    1. I would personally really like to see Edwin (the Elven sentinel) as Theo first encountered him; namely, with the 23+ different elementals surrounding him. No tits there, either, I’m afraid.

    2. No please… no tits on him…

      But he could had the other character Theo interacted with like Vince, Blue and White Tower master… The current King of Meltor… The High Elves, Eldwin…

      1. I made no mention of those characters because Vince sounds like a fairly common Red Mage, the Blue Tower master sounds like a Battle Mage, and the White Tower master sounds like the archetypical High-Wizard. Not that I wouldn’t want to see them, but the imagery is fairly cliché with those characters.

        Then there are the High-Elves, whom I would definitely like to see, but that are mostly females. This means that the generic request for High-Elves would merely lead to even more tits, and I didn’t want to be the one to say “I want to see Alucard next!”… xD

        Finally, to be quite honest, I’m not particularly interested in the King; he’s an important character for sure, but from the description there isn’t anything particular or outstanding about him beyond his character and temperament—and neither of those are likely to be visible in the picture.

        Now, in addition to Edwin, I would definitely like to see Myrdal and the various Elemental Rulers. =)

        1. Oh yes the Elemental Rulers… I do not know if many exist for the same element but if i remember correctly, the water one we saw against Theo and fire grimoire his a female so… Yes we also need Myrdal…

          It’s possible that the rest of the Tower master are like you say, but if they stay important in the story i think they still deserve a least one picture… even the king…

          For the High Elves you are right since i think 4 of the 6 are females. In the 4 i have included Ellenoa…

  8. WOW Aquilo is so hot😤😤😤
    She got big tail so finaly Theo will see panty less woman😉 (i think she doesnt wear one in pic to..)
    btw art is awesome ❤❤❤❤
    thanks for uploading.

  9. well they do associate dragons with lust and of having a lot of non dragon-related species that share there blood, for instance the red tower master… how do you think she got the dragon blood she has, dragons are mostly depicted lustful creatures in this genre of book.

    1. Yeah. The lustful water dragon is the best! You can see progress, that the author has made. From cute lolimental, through cute growing girl, hot dragon noona to, practically rapist, dragon lady.

      1. She an elf, not a lustful dragon… Aquilo and Veronica are more lustful than normal women… so yes the attire they wore will go with it…

        But in general she is not bad… her eyes do seen to lack the glint that the others have…

        Oh and she seem to pack a bigger set of assets (unless she has a slimmer waist making them appear bigger)…

        Now we have to wait and see Theo reaction and hope he remember what she told him, that they did not chose a gender until they found a mate… 😉

      2. She just gained her gender from not having one, so she going to take awhile to reach her female bombshell status. I figure it’s like she’s a girl who just started puberty late and needs to play catch up

  10. Ellenoa seems more… lovable, the others including Sylvia look like they could “force” Theodore to be with them, Ellenoa gives the impression of being the best wife in the world but I guess that this is something that a high-elf should have.

    Finally a picture of Ellenoa!
    Doesn’t matter if that’s not how she look’s yet since it’s how she’s gonna look!
    I figure she looks like that but less busty in the current chapters >.< heh

  12. Ellenoa make a vibes of a good wife.
    Vince looks tough like Gildarts in Fairy Tail.
    How about Theodore?
    Surely his appearance is now far different from the first cover.
    He gone through at first Gluttony insatiable appetite, his first physical training in the academy long time ago, the original books authors integration within him and his 3rd-7th circle evolution. He must be now beyond average looking, rigid muscles and taller.

    1. Randolph is probably 5-8 years older than Theo, and the picture here is most likely from the 1st time they met in Theo’s hometown.

      Above him, Vince looks about 40 years old, so you can compare the two pictures…and Randolph still comes out looking 10 years younger than Vince. Plus Rebecca is around Theo’s age and grew up under the same roof as Randolph. So the 5-8 Year gap from Theo isn’t that impossible.

  13. Yeah, cause Theo totally wouldn’t notice ‘those’ things on Elloena. Wasn’t Elloena supposed to be gender nuteral before? So why are her tits so big now?

    1. I think it was said on the forum where the author posted this is that this image of Ellenoa is from when she had decided to become female. Around the time she became the Elvenheim representative and visited Meltor with Theo guiding her.

      1. She looks FIINNEE. I can agree to that. But the way the novel describes her is no way like that. I was always picturing her looking like Shirke from Berserk.

  14. Randolph looks badass and Paragranum……. what the…. hell!?
    Dang it! Dang it!
    *Imagination running wild*
    Now that I thought about it. She looks like Chloe in Fate/Kaleid Prisma Illya.
    Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!!!

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