BEM Chapter 36


I will be turning off sponsored chapters for BEM and PTO for now while I catch up with Patreon chapters. I am also going on a trip to New Zealand for 5 days at the end of July, so need to stack up chapters for that.

Chapter 36

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Current schedule:  Another Patreon goal has been reached!! Thank you for the support. There will now be 13 chapters a week. Check out updated posting days here.

I have also updated my Patreon to reflect my new novels. Every tier has early access to a certain number of unedited chapters and the chapters will be updated after I release a chapter.

3 thoughts on “BEM Chapter 36” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. *with a deep kowtow*
    Junior greets Patriarch Deathblade!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great work translating my favorite web novel. This novel made me want to learn to read Chinese to actually look for and read the raws. Meng Hao with his bashful smile, Xu Qing and her pill, Fatty Wu, Ke Yunhai and Jiusi… these are characters I’ve grown to love and I thank you for bringing them to life in English.

    *another resounding kowtow*
    Junior greets sect Ancestor Er Gen. Two words: Thank you.

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