Belated Welcome to TGS and Tannhauser!

It was brought to my attention, and I was mortified to realize, that I had never given a formal Wuxiaworld welcome to Tannhauser and The Grandmaster Strategist to Wuxiaworld! This is doubly remiss of me as TGS has a very special status in Wuxiaworld right now; it’s the only pure and true WUXIA novel that’s an active translation! It is set in an alternate ancient China, and true to its name it involves strategy, martial arts, warfare, and the rise and fall of empires. Go check it out, but most importantly of all please join me in a big warm Wuxiaworld welcome to Tannhauser!

34 thoughts on “Belated Welcome to TGS and Tannhauser!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Yeah I make bookmarks on the next chapter and name them appropriately kind of annoying but I’ve been doing it so long I don’t think of it anymore. Email updates for specific chapters sounds really hard to sustain to be honest.

    2. Chances are all our problems will be fixed when the new WW website comes up.

      I highly doubt RWX will forget to give us a bookmarking feature for the new website.

  1. Better late than never… Still, Ren is really a kind hearted guy to not miss this chance to make it up.

    Welcome to the WuxiaWorld TGS Team!!

    Let me read you now… hehe… I’m a fan of strategy!

  2. Been reading this for a long time 100% recommend. Completely different feel from almost all novels on here as main character is incredibly weak but a master of strategy. There are martial artists but not on the scale of gods and demons. The translating is done so well the flow of reading and understanding such complicated plots feels natural.

  3. late welcome to WW, I am not reading this novel but still wanna show my support… wuxia is what most of us started with… the only wuxia I read and enjoyed was ASITP… I hope this novel is as good as the latter one… I will put this novel on my future reading list….

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