Baby Deathblade turns 1 today!

Almost exactly a year ago today, I posted chapter 251 and announced that Baby Deathblade had entered the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year! What a whirlwind. That’s 807 chapters in a year, an average of 2.2 per day! Madam Deathblade has made some plans for today like family photos and such, so I don’t think I’ll be able to post another chapter like I usually do in 12 hours. The next chapter will likely be in about 24 hours. There were quite a few requests for a video of BDB humming, so I’m putting that after the jump. Thank you everyone for always being supportive when it comes to family matters, and thank you to all BDB’s fans. Who knows, maybe he’ll be posting translations here on WW one of these days!

I tried to capture a better version than this, but wasn’t able to. This is from a week or so ago when he first started humming.

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  1. Awww.. BDB is so cute… Can’t believe he’s already 1 yo. Happy Birthday little Patriarch, may you have a happy life and success on cultivation path ????????????

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I wonder (question for everyone), if you could choose to have someone you know go through the 7-Year-Tribulation in exchange for a large chance for him to gain infinite power, would you?

    My answer is probably that I’d probably be too scared to have anything to do with it. Dao-heart too weak ;P.

  3. The moment I saw the video, I felt something jiggle within my heart (and no, it’s not built-up cholesterol)

    I felt like all daoists in the sect became uncles and aunties for the little Patriarch :’)

    May the Dao become your stepping stones as you soar in the heavens, breaking the shackles restraining cultivators, and becoming a rising sun as you grow

    Boundless treasures and Heavenly luck shall pour upon you as you rise and become dragon amongst dragons.

    Long live the Sect! Long live the little Patriarch and the Deathblade clan 😀

  4. Happy birthday to our Little Patriarch! May his days be long, and his hardships few!
    A tiger father will not beget a dog son. We all expect from BDB to seize the heavens!
    Long live the Little Patriarch!

  5. Happy birthday Little patriach.
    May your IQ be as high as Mt.Tai.
    May your teeth be as strong as steel.
    May you have beautiful girls take second glances, while saying “that’s the cutest baby ever!!”

    Blessings for logetivity, productivity and growth.
    Long live Baby deathblade!!

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