AWE – Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: The Power Of The Incarnation!

The ninth formation from Mount Daoseed had been specially put together by the sect leader just for Bai Xiaochun. Because he was a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment cultivator, he was the only one who could unleash the true battle prowess of the formation. That was also why, moments ago, the formation had seemed so weak.

When fully powered up, it could unleash might similar to the Gold Core stage!

Before Bai Xiaochun had appeared on the scene, the ninth formation had only been able to approach somewhat close to the Gold Core stage. But now, the enormous giant’s energy was soaring, and it was completely different from before.

In the very instant that the black puppet uttered Bai Xiaochun’s name, the spell formation giant took a step forward, causing everything to shake as a domineering aura shot out in all directions.

Unexpectedly, the giant incarnation was using the Mountain Shaking Bash!

A string of sonic booms echoed out as the giant blurred into motion. An instant later, it was right in front of the black puppet. No matter how much the puppet had been prepared for an incoming attack, it simply couldn’t dodge.

A massive boom echoed out in all directions.

The bashing power Bai Xiaochun unleashed on the black puppet was enough to shatter the heavens. Trembling, the puppet flew backward through the air amidst loud cracking sounds. Although the expression on the face of the puppet never changed, the faces of the Profound Stream Sect cultivators inside of it completely fell as their cultivation bases were thrown into chaos. Their qi and blood instantly destabilized, and blood sprayed out of their mouths.

“Can’t stand up to a single blow!” Bai Xiaochun said, his voice as cold as ice. He took another step forward, yet again utilizing incredible speed to appear right above the black puppet, where he stamped his foot down viciously.

The resulting boom seemed capable of shattering the air. The black puppet couldn’t fight back in the least, and was sent plummeting down toward the ground.

Before it could land, Bai Xiaochun flickered into motion and appeared next to it, grabbing it by the arm and swinging it around violently.

The puppet was thrown back upward, only to meet Bai Xiaochun again, who unleashed one punch into it after another, after another!

The black puppet attempted to dodge and evade, but was completely incapable. Battered by one terrifying fist strike after another, its external shields were distorted to the point of shattering.

“Despicable!” howled the black puppet. “How dare you attack in such a devious fashion!!” The Profound Stream Sect cultivators inside the puppet could never have imagined that the giant would be so powerful after being re-formed by Bai Xiaochun. After failing to seize the initiative, they were completely suppressed, left totally incapable of defending themselves.

As the shield twisted on the verge of breaking, the black puppet howled again. Black light surged from its surface, a destructive power that sped toward Bai Xiaochun even as the shield shattered.

When the black light appeared, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flickered, and he backed up. However, simultaneously, he spun his left foot around in an arc to smash into the black puppet’s waist. Cracking sounds rang out, and rifts snaked out across the surface of the puppet as it hurtled down toward the ground.

The destructive black light sailed right past Bai Xiaochun, who now hovered there looking down coldly at the black puppet. Snorting, he said, “That’s all you’ve got? You don’t even qualify to experience the full power of Mount Daoseed’s ninth spell formation.”

The defiant roars of the Profound Stream Sect echoed out from inside the black puppet. In the moment before it was about to slam into the ground, it twisted, slamming its right hand down to change its momentum. After barely forcing itself under control, the puppet immediately performed an incantation gesture with its left hand, converging all of the power of everyone in the puppet to summon a shadowy clone with a long sword. Without even the slightest hesitation, the clone slashed its sword at Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun threw his head back and roared, causing golden light to spread out from his body. In turn, that light caused the giant incarnation to also begin to shine like gold!

Shockingly, it was the power of the Undying Gold Skin. The image of a heavenly demon appeared in the same position as the giant incarnation, almost as if the two were one.

Everyone in the area suddenly felt as if they weren’t looking at the spell formation giant, but instead, a heavenly demon howling up into the heavens!

Bai Xiaochun’s heavenly demon incarnation clenched its fist and punched out toward the incoming shadowy clone.

Cyclonic ripples spread out as the fist slammed into its target. The clone instantly exploded like a shattered mirror.

“The Profound Stream Sect’s magical puppets are famous everywhere under heaven,” Bai Xiaochun said calmly. “Especially the gold-tinged black versions. How disappointing to see it in action today.” His words were almost exactly the same as the words uttered earlier by the cultivator in the black puppet.

The arrogant cultivator who had spoken those words let out an angry roar and sent the puppet flying toward Bai Xiaochun, its hands flashing in an incantation gesture as it unleashed a magical technique.

However, before the magical technique could even fully form, an enormous 3,000-meter-tall violet cauldron appeared over the head of the black puppet and smashed down onto it, interrupting it.

“Game over!” Bai Xiaochun said, his eyes flickering. At the same time, the heavenly demon strode forward and reached out toward the puppet.

The puppet’s eyes flashed, and it opened its mouth, spitting out a stream of seven-colored toxic gas. Simultaneously, the puppet’s body decayed significantly. As for the toxic gas, even the air was destroyed as it shot toward Bai Xiaochun.

“Time to die!!” the puppet said, laughing with anticipation. The group of Profound Stream Sect cultivators inside of the puppet had been waiting for just this opportunity to spit out the toxic gas. At the same time, the puppet’s hands flashed in an incantation gesture, causing countless greatswords to materialize up above. More than 50 of them could be seen, and buzzing sounds emanated out as they gathered into a sword formation. Then, dazzling, lightning-like beams of light shot from it toward Bai Xiaochun.

The sword formation and the toxic gas together were a deadly combination!

“Child’s play!” Bai Xiaochun said coolly. His Heavenspan Dharma Eye snapped open, causing exactly the same thing to happen with the Heavenly Demon Body! A third eye appeared on the forehead of the 300-meter-tall heavenly demon!

Instantly, the heavens began to tremble as the eye focused, not on the toxic gas, but on the enormous sword formation.

The more than fifty greatswords suddenly ground to a halt in midair!

Although the pause only lasted for a moment, that was all the time Bai Xiaochun needed. Without the slightest hesitation, he pierced through the toxic gas to appear right in front of the black puppet.

“Impossible!!” Numerous cries of shock and disbelief echoed out from within the puppet. The toxic gas was one of the puppet’s trump cards, something that could shake even a powerful Gold Core cultivator. The Profound Stream Sect cultivators had been completely and utterly confident that it would destroy the giant incarnation!

However, what they were truly dealing with was not so much a spell formation giant, but rather, Bai Xiaochun’s heavenly demon! To it, a toxic gas like this counted for almost nothing!

In the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, Bai Xiaochun grabbed the black puppet’s shoulder and ripped its arm completely off of its body. Four shocked Profound Stream Sect cultivators flew out from the shattered stump, and before they could even begin to flee, they were set upon by the nearby cultivators of the Blood and Spirit Stream Sects.

Even as their agonized shrieks rang out, Bai Xiaochun’s right thumb and forefinger snapped together as he unleashed the Throat Crushing Grasp onto the black puppet’s throat.

A vicious cracking sound could be heard as the puppet’s entire neck shattered, and its head flew up into the air. More Profound Stream Sect cultivators were ejected out. Despite losing an arm and a head, the black puppet wasn’t completely destroyed, and the cultivators inside of it instantly sent it backward in retreat, their hearts pounding in fear because of Bai Xiaochun.

But how could Bai Xiaochun let the puppet escape? He took a deep breath, causing a vortex to spring up around him. A gale-force wind appeared, and his eyes flickered as his Heavenly Demon Body once again unleashed the Mountain Shaking Bash!


It moved so quickly it was hard to track with the naked eye. Only a blur of afterimages could be seen as it blasted completely through the black puppet….

The puppet literally exploded into pieces, critically injuring the dozens of Profound Stream Sect cultivators inside of it, and sending some to their deaths instantly. Those who survived were still coughing up blood as the cultivators of the Blood Stream Sect and the Spirit Stream Sect closed in on them for the kill.

Bai Xiaochun hovered in midair, breathing heavily. Although he had put on a powerful show, he was actually trembling. And yet, despite how he didn’t truly wish to fight in such a way, in critical moments like this, he had no other choice.

Sighing, he was just about to proceed to another location when suddenly, a tremor ran through him as his gaze fell upon a location a few thousand meters away.

Standing right there was Xuemei, complete with her mask!

She seemed to be in bad condition, weak, with blood dripping out from underneath her mask as she fell back over and over again across the battlefield….

Surrounding her were four late Foundation Establishment cultivators from the Profound Stream Sect, all of whom surged with killing intent!

Translator: Deathblade. Chinese language consultant: ASI a.k.a. Beerblade. Editor: GNE. Memes: Logan. Meme archives: Tocsin. Transcendent Patrons: Daoist Elder N, BLE, ttre208. AWE Glossary. Xianxia-inspired T-shirts.

Hey everyone, a milestone 300 here. I don’t plan to do something special on every 100 chapter milestone. I’ll probably do a contest or something else special for chapter 500….

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  1. Tbh the current war seems awkward. Sounds like intense fights are going on everywhere, even though it’s going on for months. Real gold core and even nascent soul cultivators are watching the show from somewhere comfy I guess? It makes sense for profound stream top experts to stay safe, behind the formations, but if lower cultivators get out they should just get cleaned up. This kind of fight would only make sense if each power division is fighting with each other, but there’s no way profound stream core and nascent cultivators can fight the equivalent from SSS & BSS head on, and that’s why they are supposedly behind their formations.
    So we return to the first point, that the current situation sounds awkward.

    1. Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated, I’m going to guess that the Profound-Pill people have been setting up problems as they retreat that require higher ranking forces to stay behind and keep it under control if the gains are to be stabilized. The current situation is probably more because of a very aggressive and barely sustainable war effort as Spirit-Blood makes an attempt to finish things as quickly as possible.

      To me at least, that actually makes it somewhat convincing as a war that’s not a clear cut steamroller loss for either side, and that concern about how evenly matched and catastrophic the war would be is how it’s been billed from the beginning.

    2. So, reading the preview, the case is supposedly the one where the power divisions are entangled with each other.
      This fight though is questionable itself, as the expecting power difference should be at least 2:1 in favor of the alliance. It would still be fine after the war breakout, but this is supposedly a final deadlock.
      Well w.e, end of rant, this little fault isn’t on the main storyline, so it’s ok

      1. Remember that a tiny army held the much, MUCH greater Persian army (we’re talking at least an order of magnitude, though closer to four orders according to Herodotus in his ‘The Histories VII’; arguments against veracity don’t have much weight, either citing skepticism in Herodotus’ word (he’s widely renowned as the most accurate historical record-keeper of his era) or guesses based upon archaeology finds and suppositions about logistics capabilities) at Thermopylae for some time. Now, imagine if they all had mystical powers on top of that all, so they are much greater force multipliers than any individual mundane soldier was. A defensive last stand in a heavily defensible area is going to slow down the advance of any army.

      2. There are quite a few situations this can happen, most likely case would be the Blood Stream and Spirit Stream high rankers are besieging the main formation, trying to crack it while the lower rankers are forming roving patrols to catch any spoiling attacks on the siege formations.

        On the Profound Stream side, they’re most likely using their main formation as a safe area (also where their high rankers are) and sending out sorties of ‘spoiling attacks’ of lower ranking members to disrupt the enemy formations by ‘local area superiority’ since they can mass enough force to hit a small area of the enemy then run back. This is also probably why the Blood Stream/Spirit Stream lower rankers are needed to patrol, not only to intercept these spoiling attacks but also to delay them until more powerful forces come to reinforce them.

        In these kind of siege operations, it can drag on for years, much less weeks or months, with both sides making small gains here and there but with the overall situation bogged down for long periods of time. IIRC the longest siege in recorded history was 26 years -Ceuta while the next longest was Candia at 21 years. We don’t see these kind of thing in the present day because our offensive weapons are too OPed and can’t be stopped without excessive expenditure. When someone comes up with an area force shield, I suspect we’ll go back to the old paradigm.

    3. your argument is like “why don’t 2 countries fire nukes/or their trump cards directly at the starting of a war ” … territorial wars are not supposed to be fought like that… if both sides go mad then everyone dies…no one wins… that’s why unless its a war for ultimate survival or revenge … both sides tend to leave a route for retreat… its basic…

      1. for e.g., ppl won’t detonate themselves when they loose …like in issth alien invasion war…that was a war for survival of race while this has relatively less stakes…that’s why such wars go for long…coz its more about conquering and not annhilation

        1. Actually I disagree with this, to them it IS a war of annihilation. The main reason why it’s been dragged on for so long is because of the defensive ‘force field’ formation. The trump cards ARE being tossed out, it’s just that the relative power of these trump cards is not that overpowering, hence being bogged down into a siege where the attackers try to chip away at the shielding formation with their attack formations while the defenders try to harass and disrupt the attacking formations which the attackers set out lower ranking members to patrol and disrupt any spoiling attacks etc etc.

          These days, rocketry, ballistics and mechanized weaponry makes it near impossible to hold a static position for long, but in the past, sieges used to take years due to the toughness of defenses. I suspect if someone came up with a forcefield that could protect a city, we’ll end up back in the old days of long sieges.

          1. Also these days there is technology to sheild …not literally…but by negating the incoming missiles…just that its owned by top countries only and they are never on defensive side…thats why attack by individuals is the approach being used by terrorists (infiltration)…it is most deadly in our age… ideas of warfare have been same always…just their faces change with time and technology

          2. Just to point out.
            1-The ABM system has never really been tested out.
            2-The current system might be more accurate (maybe) but is less effective than the older systems like the Nike Hercules or Nike Zeus missiles since the Nikes used a nuclear warhead to intercept.
            3-The SALT treaties specifically ban ABMs except for capitals.
            4-The increasing complexity of ICBM decoys, jammers and countermeasures actually meant the usefulness of ABMs was dropping fast, which was why both the US and USSR were willing to give it up. They really gave up nothing in reality.

            It’s not the ABM that makes terrorist attacks more attractive than a missile program, it’s that the cost of a nuclear program is out of reach of paramilitary organizations. I personally have severe doubts on the effectiveness of an ABM system since you can always crack it with enough warheads mixed with enough decoys and ECM.

  2. Thanks for the chapter and congratulations on 300 chapters.

    I kind of wish Ergen had added a few sentences of context, like saying that there was currently some kind of complex operation going on which resulted in a change in the battlefield dynamic, to explain why suddenly all these major people/formation were in critical danger just before Bai Xiaochun showed up to rescue them. I know that’s just how cultivation novels work, but usually Ergen justifies it a little. Maybe I just skimmed the explanation.

    1. From the sound of it, it was only the giant that he was supposed to be the core of that was in danger, and that was because he wasn’t there. Tearing out the heart of a spell formation disrupts the flow, plus the loss of what is effectively the nerve center of the entire thing, is going to gimp it hard. Remember, the Mount Daoseed Formation cultivators were chosen specifically to support Little Bai, not for their own individual ability, specifically.

  3. Thanks for the chapter Deathblade, ASI a.k.a. Beerblade, GNE, Logan, Tocsin, Daoist Elder N, BLE, and ttre208! Bullying Xuemei in front of Bai Xiaochun? They must think their lives are too long.

  4. “Shockingly, it was the power of the Undying Gold Skin. The image of a heavenly demon appeared in the same position as the giant incarnation, almost as if the two were one.”
    Isn’t it with the Undying Heavenly King that he can summon the Heavenly Demon??

    Thnaks DB! Congrats for the milestone 🙂

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