A Will Eternal (一念永恒) – Index


With a thought, the land becomes a vast sea.  With another thought, it transforms a field of mulberries.

With a thought, a thousand fiends are killed.  With another thought, ten thousand Immortals are slain.

Only I alone… shall be everlasting.

A Will Eternal is a xianxia webnovel by popular Chinese xianxia writer Ergen.  In Chinese, the title and author are 一念永恒 and 耳根, respectively.  This is the fourth novel written by Ergen, after his previous novels of Renegade Immortal (仙逆), Beseech the Devil (求魔), and I Shall Seal the Heavens (我欲封天).

We are aware that there is a previous version of the translation. For more information about that, please read this announcement.

Table of Contents

NOTE: The chapters in the table of contents will be updated every week or two! Be warned, chapter and book titles contain spoilers!


Chapter 1: I’m Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 2: The Ovens
Chapter 3: Six Lines of Truth
Chapter 4: Spirit Enhancement
Chapter 5: What Happens If I Lose My Poor Little Life?
Chapter 6: Drunk On Spiritual Energy
Chapter 7: Bonding the Turtle-Wok
Chapter 8: We’re Gonna Go All Out!
Chapter 9: Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enchancing Pill
Chapter 10: Elder Brother, Don’t Go!
Chapter 11: Hou Xiaomei
Chapter 12: On the Bamboo Fence
Chapter 13: You’re Coming Too!
Chapter 14: Third Elder Brother? Third Elder Sister?
Chapter 15: Undying Live Forever Technique!
Chapter 16: Meticulously Careful
Chapter 17: Little Turtle
Chapter 18: Drawing the Attention of the Crowd!
Chapter 19: The Legend of the Weasel
Chapter 20: Feathers Scattered About
Chapter 21: Big Bro Xiaochun….
Chapter 22: Don’t Worry, Elder Sister!
Chapter 23: The Chicken-Thieving Fiend
Chapter 24: Who Are You?
Chapter 25: Invincible Iron Skin!
Chapter 26: How Were the Spirit Tail Chickens?
Chapter 27: Th-that’s… Bamboo?
Chapter 28: Pressure is Power
Chapter 29: Lightness-in-Heaviness
Chapter 30: Bring It On!
Chapter 31: Humiliated!
Chapter 32: Heaven-Defying Luck
Chapter 33: Disqualify Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 34: Crushing It in Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 35: Another Encounter with Xu Baocai
Chapter 36: The Little Turtle Proclaims Superiority!
Chapter 37: Heaviness-in-Lightness
Chapter 38: Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning
Chapter 39: Crushing….
Chapter 40: Pursuing the Pinnacle
Chapter 41: The Effectiveness of Spirit Enhancement
Chapter 42: Promotion Test
Chapter 43: Slow… so slow….
Chapter 44: The Sun is Rising
Chapter 45: I Could Kill You, Easy!
Chapter 46: Mission for the Hall of Justice!
Chapter 47: Xiaochun Ventures Out of the Sect
Chapter 48: The Big Wide World
Chapter 49: Luochen Clan
Chapter 50: Strange Courtyard
Chapter 51: Elder Brother Feng, Such A Good Guy!
Chapter 52: Luochen Betrayal
Chapter 53: Bravery!
Chapter 54: Principles!


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    1. really glad u decided to translate this novel
      i love this!!!
      its one of my fav novel since i decided reading cn novels xDD.. i mean literally!

      its become the top of my reading list instantly xD \o/

    2. Hello DB, why did u decide to translate from the start? A thought through eternity has been translated in Xianxiaworld up to 155 chapters and the translation quality is very good.

      Also why did you translate it as “Will” rather than “Thought”? Even in the synopsis it is written “Thought”

      1. All of those questions have been answered already.

        1st, the quality of the other translation has been stated as the opposite of what you’re asserting.

        2nd, they changed the title after a conversation with Er Gen about the meaning of his title.

  1. I hope this will be as good as ISSTH, though haven’t read the RI coz can’t find a complete translated version of it. All in all hoping to add this to my top of the list on ww. 😀

    1. RI is considered the most fascinating novel written by ErGen. It contains some elements that other Wuxia novels never have. In china, RI has topped the Wuxia list for more than three months. Sadly, it requires lots of hard work to translate the novel to English because six million Chinese characters make it really hard to do so.

    1. all of his works are connected. there are items and characters that hop around. nothing too major(so far), i dont read Chinese, so i wouldn’t know. but if you have read the recent ISSTH chapters, then you can check the spoiler section for some enlightenment.

  2. Great news 🙂 A new novel by my favourite author and translator combo! Looking forward to it.

    I’m tempted to start reading AWE the day you start releasing chapters, but I think I’ll be waiting until there’s at least a few hundred chapters out. This is because so often while reading ISSTH, there comes a bittersweet feeling at the end of each chapter as you REALLY want to find out what happens next… But you just have to wait. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you just crave the dopamine-inducing goodness of being at a crucial point in a story, and not having to wait to find out what happens, just being able to read on and let the story smoothly take you away 🙂

  3. OMG YES! I have been reading this Novel for a while now and it is so awesome! To be honest I have yet to find a flaw in this masterpiece 😀

    Thx Deathblade for the Christmas gift!

  4. Welcome to WW.
    I have been waiting for the chapter updates on XXW. And today saw this announcement. Yay!!!
    Re-reading 140+ chapters with Deathblade’s translation will be a nice bonus as well.
    Waiting for this to start.

  5. With a thought, the land becomes a vast sea. With another thought, it transforms a field of mulberries.

    With a thought, a thousand fiends are killed. With another thought, ten thousand Immortals are slain.

    Reminds me a little bit of Meng Hao

    think im going to like this novel aswell 😀

    High expectations r set

  6. Ergen’s novels are amazing good luck translating this great work of his because ISSTH and Renegade Imortal are some of my favorites if not ISSTH IS MY FAVORITE FOR SURE!

  7. Really liked Renegade immortal ( first ones which were translated on other sites) – and still not approve of so slow retranslating RI. Because did think that it was already good enough translated
    But as i haven’t read this one and like how death translates ISSTH. So looking forward .

  8. From my personal experience, I love ISSTH. But AWE will probably turn out to be a much better novel than ISSTH. Er gen continues to improve as he writes (what else can I say?). ISSTH is currently my favorite CN novel, but based on what I’ve seen in AWE so far (from when I was following the xianxiaworld/xianxiatales translated chapters), AWE is probably going to be far superior overall whether in its comedy, its emotional depth, its world building, its character development, or even just its overall plot when compared to ISSTH. Notably, the protagonist of AWE is probably my second favorite protagonist in any novel. He has the great quality that he’s extremely likeable and easy to identity with which tends to make for much better writing. He’s such a … LOL. Anyway, he’s definitely a very unique, original character that makes for very interesting writing that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in this genre.

    That aside, I recommend that people follow his, this gets really good, almost immediately (very much unlike what ISSTH felt like for many), and I recommend trying out at least 10 chapters in order to get a feel for the protagonist, the setting, and the other characters.

    All I know is that from all of the novels I have ever read, I don’t think I’ve ever been so consistently satisfied every time I’ve finished reading a new released chapter of a series I’m following.

  9. Thank you thank you, DB, for deciding to finally just pick this gem up! It was painful reading the translations on the other website… The quality and care going into the translation work was just lacking.
    And with that, I’ll probably wait awhile to read this! I want a stockpile so I can binge!

  10. considering the person who picked this up, im sure we will catch up to the current chapter in no time. hopefully it wont affect ISSTH that much. cant wait for a steady stream of chapters 🙂 need to reread this again, since the last translator updated it once a full moon and i lost interest towards the end.

  11. Im all for adding in new stuff.
    My concern is ISSTH being slowed down.
    I LOVE ISSTH and really want to read the rest of it soon.
    BDB needs a daddy, which he wont get much of if DB goes full bore on both.

  12. Im left bit confused whats going on with the two translations of this, as ive understood it the unwritten rules were you dont pick up a serie without waiting a very long time for the earlier translation to pick up again.
    Dont see any clear signs at the XiaXiaworld thats the earlier translation is dead

    And ergen is cursed when it comes to translators redoing translations from start, im unsure if his books are hard to translate it does seem occasionally his prose gets complicated.

    Either way its better to have two translations of this then none its a great story, id have liked some more clarity on exactly what was happening in regard to the two translations.

  13. Thanks DB for this “new” novel.

    I have to say you’re a god level translator ! I didn’t post my thought before for ISSTH chapter because I want for a binge but your hard work really is impressive :
    – the quality of your translation never fail author’s work
    – always constant
    – massive work for notes that enable readers to always keep track of characters previous apparence, etc.

    I’m found of ErGen works but I really admir your hard work to !

    In conclusion, I will wait for this novel to have several chapter before starting it but surely, I wil real it with upmost pleasure.

    ps: for those who ask question about existing translation at XXW, every thing is explained in the announcement post ! There also is a direct link to this announcement at the end of the index’s description

  14. Hi all.
    I am so interested in chinese fantasy novel。And i will be very glad to do the translate job for fans.Where should i start?Thanks!
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  15. this is a great novel and it has its new way to be strong,and you can have a lot fun with Bai Xiaochun and his life in the world of A Will Eternal.
    I am a Chinese student who love novels. Is there anybody who can help me to improve my English?
    I think if you like this novel,maybe I can give you some help with the newest chapter.
    Oh , my Gmail is [email protected] welcome to email me

  16. Will start reading this after ISSTH finished.
    In terms of timeline, is this novel happen “after” ISSTH?
    If i’m not mistaken, AWE shares the same universe as ISSTH right?

  17. i am a Chinese, i like read Er gen’s novels, i come here just to see that you read Chinese novels, which is very interesting. I know that my English is very bad. but, if we can talk about novels, I think we will have fun, and I improve my English, and may be I can translate some novels like A Will Eternal(its Chinese pronunciation is yi nian yong heng).

    1. Chinese?me too.i read ergen’s every book finishing
      we meet?
      my email:[email protected]
      i want to meet Foreign friends,i Can tell you about xianxia or wuxia novels,i have read ten years…
      sorry.my English just soso

      1. i read ergen’s every book finishing
        we meet?
        my email:[email protected]
        i want to meet Foreign friends,i Can tell you about xianxia or wuxia novels,i have read ten years…
        sorry.my English just soso

    1. Readers in the loop will recognize this name as having been started elsewhere under the name ‘A Thought Through Eternity’, with the current translator being ‘Sean’ (we chose to rename it ‘A Will Eternal‘ based on a private conversation we had with Ergen). Our original plan was to bring the finished chapters over to Wuxiaworld and cooperate on it, but Sean explained to us that ‘ATTE’ had gone through multiple different translators, some of which he believed to have been Google/machine-translators. As with most MTL projects, this created many inaccuracies and had actually made it hard to understand previous chapters and keep continuity as a translator, which was one of the reasons he slowed down and quasi-stopped his ATTE translation ~2 months ago. It was Sean’s opinion (with my concurrence) that it wasn’t worth keeping the previous chapters.

  18. I found out that it has been translated in xianxianworld til chapter 154. So I have a suggestion for the translator, rather than translate it from the begining, why dont you continue xianxianworld’s translation. Oh yeah, in xian2world, the title is “a thought through eternity”

  19. This my most anticipated novel ever since, this is very hilarious and not boring novel…101% liked this..
    I will wait ISSTH to finish so daoist DB would have a full time to translate this one…XD

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