ATG – Snow Phoenix’s nickname given by Princess Snow

I’ve gotten some feedback on some people’s feelings about my changing of Little White in Chapter 416 to Little Baibai in Chapter 417. Now is the chance for readers to decide which name sounds less weird, and is cuter than Little Chan.

Vote in poll here:

No, I will not be revealing what reader #1 and reader #2 wants.

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      1. Just for clarification, we were arguing about about Little Chan’s (Snow Phoenix) name, cause some people don’t seem to think it’s the Princess.

      1. Too much BTTH and 13 year old Qinq Lin (gotta catch up already ffs)

        Still, she’s a child, she has literally no contact with the outside world. That means she’s emotionally 7 years old. Why? Because emotional side grows by interaction with other people. Although if she is 16 she is kept in a cage by her father who’s afraid her brothers will xoxo her so she’s lonely and childish, as depicted in last 2 chaps. Sooooo, yeah, Little Whitey or Little Baibai.

  1. Since you started with little White I think you should have kept it. But little baibai came out of no where. Perhaps I didn’t read a notice…LOL

    Well any is fine, as long as it’s not stupid. Like cracker, cuz that’s like associate to white ppl slur. Whitey is okay…because you like it, I guess? I didn’t vote for that tho.

    You might as well have named it porcelain, fine china, dinner?

    Haha ok this was a useless comment. Thanks for reading >,>

  2. why not go with something like “snowie”, Little Snow, Snowy (woof~ lol), etc. something that goes with her title as the Snow Princess of some country (sorry haven’t caught up to date with MGA :P)

  3. Has to be Little White, whitey reminds me of something that happens when you smoke too much weed. 😛

    Although as others have said, she is a child. Perhaps Snowy but then that wouldn’t be true to the original name, it’s a difficult one.

  4. I think Baibai sounds super cute, and it lends to the immature and innocent image of the girl too. It is also different from the other choices which sound way too familiar already. And “xiao” is such a common term in xianxia that I’ve grown to dislike it. It is used for everything from atoms to planets.

  5. May I propose another name? Xiao Bai would be a good name. As you know xiao is little in Chinese, and baibai is weird so make it Xiao Bai. Also, I like how it would be the same name as the dog in the anime, Crayon Shin-chan, for the Chinese version.

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