Against the Gods Glossary (May Contain Spoilers)

The author often makes some strange typos so I made a Glossary.

Updated as of : 06/30/2015

Yun Che – MC’s name
Jasmine – red haired girl

The Xiao Clan
Xiao Che – MC’s name
Xiao Lie – Fifth Elder, MC’s grandfather
Xiao Lingxi – MC’s aunt who is a year younger than him
Xiao Hongcang – housekeeper, typically referred to as Hong
Xiao Ying – MC’s father (deceased)

Xiao Yulong – son of the Xiao clan’s leader
Xiao Yang – Second Elder’s grandson, Yulong’s follower
Xiao Yunhai – Yulong’s father, leader of the Xiao clan
Xiao De – master of ceremonies
Xiao Li – First Elder
Xiao Bo – Second Elder
Xiao Ze – Third Elder
Xiao Chengzhi – Third Elder’s grandson
Xiao Bieli – founder of the Xiao Clan
Xiao Gu – chief doctor

The Xia Clan
Xia Qingyue – MC’s wife, disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard
Xia Hongyi – wife’s father
Xia Yuanba – MC’s wife’s brother / his only friend
Xia Dongling – wife’s maid

New Moon Profound Palace
Lan Xueruo – cute girl, strongest girl
Murong Ye – some dude who likes Lan Xueruo, strongest guy
Qin Wuyou – new Palace Chief
Li Hao – got owned in 2 moves
Li Haoran – cousin of Li Hao, symmetry comment

Xiao Branch Sect in New Moon City
Xiao Tiannan – branch sect head, father of Luocheng
Xiao Luocheng – #1 dude in New Moon City

Dr. Seto – doctor
Sikong Han – dude from New Moon City that’s in debt to grandpa
Yin Long – leader of Silver Dragon Mercenary Group
Pu He – manager of Black Moon Merchant Guild branch in New Moon City

Azure Cloud Continent – place where Yun Che lived in his past life
Jue Yun Cliff – located on Lang Huan Mountain, place where Yun Che jumped off

Floating Cloud City – starting location
Profound Sky Continent – continent
Blue Wind Empire – empire
Cyan Forest Town – between Floating Cloud and New Moon
Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range – mountain near Cyan Forest Town
New Moon City –
South Moon Mountain – owned by Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect
Divine Phoenix Empire – best empire ever
Blue Wind Imperial City – home of Blue Wind Imperial Family

4 Major Sects in Blue Wind Empire:
Heavenly Sword Villa – strongest
Frozen Cloud Asgard – 2nd strongest
Chu Yueli – Xia Qingyue’s master, one of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies
Xiao Sect
Xiao Juetian – Sect Master
Xiao Zheng – Xiao Bieli’s father, previous law enforcer elder
Xiao Kuangyun – youngest son of the sect master
Xiao Moshan – elder that came with youngest son to Xiao Clan
Xiao Ba – servant (rip)
Xiao Jiu – servant (rip)
Burning Heaven Clan
Fen Moli – half step into Emperor Profound Realm (10th sky)

Elementary Profound Realm
Nascent Profound Realm (begin to develop)
True Profound Realm
Spirit Profound Realm
Earth Profound Realm
Sky Profound Realm
Emperor Profound Realm – Thrones
Tyrant Profound Realm – Overlords
Sovereign Profound Realm – Monarchs
Divine Profound Realm

Evil God’s Secret Arts
attribute: Berserk
1st realm: Evil Soul
2nd realm: Burning Heart
3rd realm: Purgatory
4th realm: Rumbling Heaven
5th realm: Hades

Profound Currency
1 Purple Profound Coin = 100 Cyan Profound Coins = 10000 Yellow Profound Coins.
(Profound Coin Value Reference: Profound Sky Continent’s average household’s annual income is about 30000 Yellow Profound Coin, or 3 Purple Profound Coins)

Spatial Rings (cubic meters)
– Silver – 1 m^3
– Yellow – 3-5 m^3
– Cyan – 10 m^3

Conversions we make for Readers during Translation
one 里 – .5 kilometer
one 丈 – 3 ⅓ meters
one 斤 – .5 kilogram

Example: I*
Any “I” translated with an asterisk (*) is an indication of haughty referral to oneself. This will only occur if they do it too often in da sentence and it starts to sound too repetitive. Or if OverTheRanbow is being a lazy ***. xD

All of the profound skills Yun Che currently possesses as of Chapter 232.

Profound Arts:
Evil God’s Secret Arts (Came from Jasmine)
Great Way of the Buddha (Came from Jasmine)
World Ode of the Phoenix (Forced Comprehension, Incomplete)
Prison God Sirius’ Tome (Came from Jasmine)
Frozen Cloud Arts (Came from Chu Yuechan)

Profound Skills:
Evil God Series
1st Realm – Evil Soul: Falling Moon Sinking Star
2nd Realm – Burning Heart: Sealing Cloud Locking Sun
3rd Realm – Purgatory: Destroying Sky Decimating Earth

Phoenix Series
Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing
Star Scorching Demon Lotus

Heavy Sword Series
Overlord’s Fury
Sky Wolf Slash (Heavy Sword + Sirius)
Phoenix Break (Heavy Sword + Sirius + Phoenix)

Profound Movement Skill:
Star God’s Broken Shadow (Came from Jasmine)

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    1. Would prefer this too. Also, it would great, if we can also get the original levels as well.
      Helps a lot while reading ahead using GT.

  1. For the levels of the profound realm, can you add the Chinese terms next to it? Also, there are ranks for spacial rings: Low->High, Silver/White->Yellow->Green->Blue
    There might be a rank higher than blue but it hasn’t been mentioned yet, at least not to my bootleg Chinese knowledge. A lot of Chinese xianxa’s usually has red or purple as the highest level in terms of colors so those colors will probably be mentioned eventually.

    Edit: Yup, highest tier ring is purple, mentioned in chapter 97.
    Of course, all this could probably just be bogus since my Chinese is elementary level. T.T

  2. What is the Chinese word/s that you translate to “heavy sword”?
    I’m not really familiar with the sword translations beyond jian -> sword and dao -> blade, so it would really help my visualisation.

      1. I missed the note. Sorry. I’m too excited to read the battle, 😛
        And perhaps, can you add some information regarding the buddha art? How much kg for each realm. I remember the weight of his sword but keep forgetting about the buddha’s weight. xD
        Thanks for the update.

  3. When it states that someone coughs up (or vomits up) blood, or they talk about a numb scalp, or swallowing their spit/saliva.. what do these terms effectively mean? I get that there is a large emotional underlying cause, but these types of reactions to situations aren’t commonly understood in the western world. Care to expand on how they are used/meant?


    1. Regarding the ‘cough up blood’ part I guess I means they are so shocked or outraged by the other party’s actions that they suffer mild internal bleeding. I think they use this exaggerated way to describe their responses to the actions of the other person. As for the ‘swallowing saliva’ part, even though I get what it means on context its harder to explain.

  4. Tidying up Yun Che’s current attributes a little:

    Physique: Evil God’s Profound Veins (Matchless Profound Veins), Dragon God’s Bloodline (Powerful physique), Dragon God Marrow (Immense recovery abilities, thicken dragon’s blood), Phoenix Bloodline (able to burn phoenix flames and cultivate World Ode of the Phoenix), Evil God’s Fire Seed (Fire invulnerability + complete understanding of fire laws), Evil God’s Water Seed (Water invulnerability + complete understanding of water laws)

    Profound arts: (s>a>b>c>d>e>f,〇= none.)

    1: Evil God Arts: Type: Growth. Characteristics: Berserk profound energy. Stage: Third stage, with difficulty.

    Profound Skills:【Falling Moon Sinking Star (Evil Soul) – Power: a, Range:f, Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Sealing Cloud Locking Sun (Burning Heart) – Power:〇,Range:f,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Destroying Sky Decimating Earth (Purgatory) – Power:s+,Range:a,Energy Consumption:Immense】, 【Moon Star Restoration (Rumbling Heaven) – Power:〇,Range:〇,Energy Consumption:Small】.

    2:Great Way of the Buddha:Type:Sacred Body. Characteristics:Primordial body. Stage:Third stage.

    3:World Ode of the Phoenix:Type:Flame. Characteristics:World burning flames. Stage:Sixth stage.

    Profound Skills:【Phoenix Flaming Lotus:Power:d+,Range:e,Energy Consumption:Very Small】,【Phoenix Arrow:Power:c+,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Small】, 【Burning Field:Power:b,Range:c,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens:Power:a-,Range:b,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing (Complete):Power:s,Range:c,Energy Consumption:Enormously huge】, 【Star Scorching Demon Lotus (Complete):Power:s,Range:d——s,Energy Consumption:Medium – Immense】.

    4:Prison God Sirius’ Tome:Type:Dominating art. Characteristics:Strongest heavy sword. Stage:First stage.

    Profound Skills:【Sky Wolf Slash:Power:s,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Enormously Huge】

    5:Frozen End Divine Arts:Type:Freezing. Characteristics:Absolute zero. Stage:Fourth stage.

    6 (Hidden):Star God Arts:Type:Exterminate. Characteristics:Compression of profound strength,Stage:〇.

    Profound Skills:【One Route Heaven:Power: s,Range:f,Energy Consumption:Small】, 【Star God’s Brilliant Annihilating Slash:Power: ss+,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Medium】

    Others:【Overlord’s Fury:Power:c,Range:e,Energy:Small】, 【Phoenix Break:Power:a,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Dragon Soul Domain:Power:ss,Range: e——c,Energy Consumption:Immense】

  5. it’s chapter 643 already and no one troubled himself to update this? The 4 first stages of the phoenix profound arts, the golden crown arts, the profond handle, the yun family’s lightning profound art, the ice flame, hung’er, the elemental evil god seed – lightning etc..

  6. Ok, so I do this thing where I wait a few months and get back to reading some wuxia novels. That way I have a good amount of reading to lose myself in. It drives me insane having to check all the time for new chapter. I’m sure this is common among your readers.

    What drives me insane is how flawed this glossary is. I’m sorry, but as an avid fan of this novel, can I please request that you step up your game and give us a better name glossary than this?

    I can’t even find the Feng clan in here, or the pervy spoiled brat who tried to kill the MC in the profound arc. I’m not Chinese, these names are SO FRIGGIN HARD TO REMEMBER! Please, please please. Put all the names here so I don’t have to spend hours reminding myself who these characters are.


    1. You do realize that takes a lot of time on the translators hands when they’re already translating? If you’re willing to help the translators with the index then go ahead. But honestly bitching about it and doing nothing about it doesn’t help you either. Hell you could just open up the notepad on your compute and type in all the important sects/characters/skills/power ups etc.

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