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Chapter 995 – Merciless Slaughter

“There are rarely records concerning the primordial gods in the lower realms so you can do as you please there but this is the God Realm! The place where the primordial gods resided! There are traces of countless gods here, as well as legacies, records, legends and even memories of gods here!

“You came to the God Realm with almost complete ignorance, yet dare to behave without restraint just to show that you are unyielding and unknowingly revealed your weak point. Whether it was in your match against Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng or in front of Mu Yizhou, you didn’t hesitate to use Star God’s Broken Shadow!

“Thankfully the only person who recognized it was Mu Bingyun, the one who would never harm you. If it were any other person and if it it triggered the worst outcome… countless of people would think up of every possible method to steal the Evil God power from your body—it is, after all, a never before seen creation god inheritance! By that time, you dying tragically would be the lightest punishment you’ll face and you would even implicate the planet you came from!”

When Yun Che fought Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng, he did indeed use Star God’s Broken Shadow many times. At that time, Mu Bingyun had always been watching in secret. Even though she felt that it was a bit familiar, she hadn’t recognized it to be Star God’s Broken Shadow then… But after Yun Che instantly snatched Liu Hang from Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu using a movement skill, that completely convinced her that it was undoubtedly Star God’s Broken Shadow.

The Snow Song Realm King had long since known that Yun Che wanted to see the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, so even if he didn’t possess Star God’s Broken Shadow, she would still be able to figure things out based on Yun Che’s abnormal elemental powers and the fact that she knew something was between them. However… this was only because she knew that there was something between Yun Che and the Heavenly Slaughter Star God. If Star God’s Broken Shadow were to be recognized by any other person, even if they wouldn’t think about the Evil God’s inheritance, the consequences would still be grave.

Thus, she had to give Yun Che the coldest, most severe awakening.

As for Yun Che, he was indeed already drenched in cold sweat.

He was unrivalled in the Blue Pole Star so he didn’t need to worry about his actions. Even though he had already stayed in the Snow Song Realm for more than three months, a large majority of that time was spent in his cultivation room. The times in which he truly made contact with others from the God Realm only amounted to a few days and there was no doubt he carried the indulgence given to him from the Blue Pole Star during those times… and it was a considerably strong indulgence.

His understanding of the God Realm was so superficial that it could be considered nonexistent.

Causing him to almost place himself in the greatest danger without knowing it.

This bucket of cold water completely cooled Yun Che’s heart.

In the past, the only ones that would dare reprimand Yun Che were Jasmine and the Little Demon Empress. Even though the Snow Song Realm King had just ruthlessly berated him, Yun Che wasn’t angry at all. Even the deeply buried resentment he felt toward her previously had directly disappeared. In his heart, he instead felt a bit of gratitude and respect.

This was because she had not just ruthlessly awakened him… but also did not have any intentions of snatching the Evil God’s inheritance from him even though she knew he possessed it. There was no need for her to waste time to explain all this to him otherwise.

Her aura was incomparably frightening, its suppression so strong that he could barely breathe. Rumor had it that she was also incredibly merciless and regarded life like grass… but she was actually not the least bit sinister. To the God Realm, an unprecedented creation god inheritance was no doubt an attraction which none was able to defy. She had discovered it while being the first and only to discover it… yet she had no intention of coveting it at all.

Yun Che willingly saluted deeply, “I thank Sect Master for the awakening… this disciple knows he was wrong.”

“Know you were wrong? Hmph!” The Snow Song Realm King icily snorted. “It’s best if you really do know you were wrong! You do not have to conceal your profound strength and elemental powers but you are absolutely not allowed to use Star God’s Broken Shadow in the God Realm!”

“Yes.” Yun Che nodded. After that harsh awakening, he wouldn’t dare to even if she allowed him to.

It was just that Star God’s Broken Shadow’s strong instantaneous movement was able to greatly suppress the disadvantage of using a heavy sword. If he didn’t have Star God’s Broken Shadow as a supplement, his disadvantage while using the Heaven Smiting Sword in battle would be far greater than before.

Two soul piercing eyes seemed to instantly see through Yun Che’s thoughts. She said disdainfully, “You have no need to feel that it’s a pity. My Snow Song Realm’s Moon Splitting Cascade is unrivaled in the God Realm. What is a mere Star God’s Broken Shadow compare to that? Even though no one in the entire sect is able to cultivate it aside from this king, since you have been able to successfully learn Star God’s Broken Shadow, there’s no reason why you aren’t able to cultivate Moon Splitting Cascade!”

“…” Yun Che slowly uttered, “Does this mean… Sect Master is willing to accept me as your direct disciple?”

“If that wasn’t the case, do you think you would be able to stand here alive?” the Snow Song Realm King said coldly. “But you don’t have to undergo the procedures now because you are not yet qualified! The discipleship ceremony is in seven days. In these seven days, stay in your Ice Phoenix Palace and don’t go anywhere. Use those days to properly understand your position and identity in the God Realm, as well as the reason why you have come here! Understand what kind of talent is qualified to be unyielding and have the right to talk about fairness! And think about what you have to do to survive just a bit longer!

“This king rarely accepts a disciple so if you die young due to excessive foolishness, wouldn’t that make me lose face!?”

Yun Che took another deep breath and said, “Yes… I thank Sect Master for the instructions.”

“You may go. Mu Fengshu and Mu Sushan are still outside. Tell them to come in before you leave.”

Mu Fengshu and Mu Sushan?

Yun Che didn’t question it. With a calm mental state, he slowly left on foot.

When he reached the edge of the barrier, a five foot crack automatically split apart on the barrier.

Yun Che walked out of the barrier and immediately saw the waiting Mu Fengshu and Mu Sushan with a single glance.

When she saw Yun Che, Mu Fengshu instantly looked away with a complex expression. Mu Sushan however, hurriedly came over. “Yun Che, congratulations. I knew you were extraordinary since the first day I saw you but I never expected that even Hanyi would fall short of you. For you to have descended ten thousand feet below the heavenly lake… this old one is unable to believe that even now.”

Even though Mu Sushan still acted like an elder, the expression which he used to look at Yun Che was completely different from before. Even the way he talked possessed a bit of… cautious respect?

It was because the Snow Song Realm King had personally chosen Yun Che to be her direct disciple!

An Ice Phoenix Palace disciple and the Snow Song Realm King’s direct inheriting disciple were too completely different concepts. The former was just a disciple but the latter… their position was pretty much not inferior to the elders and palace masters! If he was able to receive the favor, he may even be above the elders and palace masters.

After all, the direct disciple was the person closest to the Realm King!

Yun Che had always respected Mu Sushan so he hurriedly answered, “This disciple was only lucky. Sect Master is currently waiting for Senior Sushan and Hall Master Fengshu. Please head in.”

“Sect Master, she…” Mu Sushan lowered his voice to a mere whisper, “Did she mention anything?”

Yun Che shook his head. “No. But since she has summoned both of you at the same time, it should be related to some great matter concerning Freezing Snow Hall.”

“That ought to be the case.” Mu Sushan nodded. He felt somewhat uneasy in his heart, as though it didn’t seem to be related to Freezing Snow Hall at all but he couldn’t think of anything any other reason aside from that.

Mu Sushan and Mu Fengshu proceeded onward. The barrier immediately closed right after they had entered, completely isolating the inside.


After re-entering the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, the footsteps of the duo clearly slowed, becoming more careful. They came to the lakeside with lowered heads and simultaneously kowtowed.

“Sushan greets Sect Master.”

“Fengshu greets Sect Master.”

“I wonder what instructions Sect Master has for summoning us today,” Mu Fengshu said while bending her head.

“It is nothing major.” The Snow Song Realm’s voice was unexpectedly ordinary. “This king just wants to ask you two about something insignificant.”

How was it possible for the Snow Song Realm King to specifically make them stay for an insignificant matter? Mu Sushan’s heart had been intense since the start. “Please instruct us, Sect Master. Sushan and the Main Hall Master will do our best to answer.”

“Very good.” The Snow Song Realm King nodded slowly, barely any pressure in her words. “This king wants to ask if you two still remember the battle that Yun Che had several months ago between two disciples—Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng—when he first came to Freezing Snow Hall.”

Mu Sushan was shocked. Mu Fengshu’s entire body trembled as she said with a frightened voice. “Li Mingcheng is Fengshu’s nephew and Ji Hanfeng is a Freezing Snow disciple. They behaved rudely toward Yun Che that day and it is Fengshu’s fault for failing to discipline them…”

It was clear that Mu Fengshu thought that the Snow Song Realm King wanted to look into what had happened that day. After all, the current Yun Che was no longer the Yun Che from before… He was now the Snow Song Realm King’s direct disciple!

“Oh, Fengshu, you have no need to be nervous.” The Snow Song Realm King’s voice was still ordinary. “This king has also heard a little about what transpired that day. If you want to say rude, it is Yun Che who was more rude. You not pursuing matters after both Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng obtained serious injuries is truly an admirable broad-mindedness, so how could you have any wrongs?”

“…” Mu Fengshu didn’t dare to speak.

“This king actually wanted to ask something else…”

The Snow Song Realm King had yet to move but her voice seemed as though it was beside their ears. “Do you two still have an impression of the the movement skill Yun Che used against Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng?”

Mu Sushan quickly raised his head. Even though he didn’t understand why the Snow Song Realm King would ask this question specifically, if they were to speak of impressions, not only did he have one, it was also very deep. He quickly replied, “Reporting to Sect Master. Three months have already passed yet Sushan still has a deep impression of it because the movement skill Yun Che used that day was incomparably exquisite and strange. Sushan was no more than three hundred meters away from him yet he still didn’t clearly see how Yun Che shifted.”

Mu Fengshu also said quickly, “Even though Fengshu did not personally see Yun Che and Mingcheng fight, the movement skill Yun Che used against Ji Hanfeng a few times was indeed as Sushan has said; extraordinarily exquisite yet strange. The sword he held in hand was obviously incomparably heavy yet he was able to instantly translocate. He used it several times against Ji Hanfeng to catch him unprepared…. Even Fengshu finds it hard to grasp.”

At this time, the duo’s minds had calmed down by quite a lot. So the sect master was only asking about Yun Che… But of course, since she selected him to be her direct disciple, she had to be completely thorough. The duo replied earnestly while also sticking in some praise for Yun Che in their answers.

“At that time, Yun Che had yet to enter the divine way yet his movement skill made you both unable to get a feel for it. This is certainly strange. It seems that his movement skill is quite unusual.” The Snow Song Realm King’s voice faintly seemed as though it had come closer. “Then have you wondered what kind of profound movement skill he used?”

“Sushan did indeed think about it many times.” In front of the Snow Song Realm King’s question, Mu Sushan seriously replied. “The movement skill Yun Che used is a bit similar to the Moon Splitting Cascade Sect Master uses but since he is from the lower realms… a movement skill from the lower realms would obviously be incomparable to Sect Master’s Moon Splitting Cascade.”

“Then, if it wasn’t from the lower realms, if it was from the God Realm and if it was from the highest level god realm? Are there any movement skills similar to the one Yun che used?” the Snow Song Realm King asked indifferently.

Highest level god realm?

Mu Sushan didn’t think for long before his eyes suddenly flashed. He blurted, “Star God’s Broken Shadow!!”

These four words also enlightened Mu Fengshu and she replied right away. “Yes! The movement skill Yun Che used is extremely similar to the Star God’s Broken Shadow shown during the previous Profound God Convention… In fact, you can say they’re exactly the same!”




The Snow Song Realm King slowly clapped three times, praising. “Very good. As expected of the experienced and knowledgeable Fengshu and Sushan. This king has only given a little hint yet you both have accurately guessed it. Even if this king did not give a hint, you two would have realized it soon enough.”

“If news of an Ice Phoenix disciple knowing how to use the twelve star god’s movement skill were to be leaked and the Star God Realm was to investigate this, it is extremely probable for the disciple I have just accepted to die young.”

It was as though the atmosphere had instantly congealed as a soul-piercing icy intent instantly pervaded through the bodies of Mu Sushan and Mu Fengshu like a terrifying epidemic. As though they had finally realized something, they quickly bent down again, their bodies acutely trembling from the fright.

“Sect Master. Sushan… Sushan swears that he will never leak even half a word out… if I go against this, may the heavens destroy me, may I die a violent death…”

“Fengshu… has never heard of Star God’s Broken Shadow… never… never heard…”

“Fengshu, Sushan,” The Snow Song Realm King’s voice was ice-cold and indifferent. “Both of you have lived long enough to know this saying: Only the dead can truly keep a secret.”

“Sect Master!” Mu Fengshu said while trembling, “Fengshu… has always been loyal and devoted to Sect Master all these years and the contributions we have given to the sect…”

“You two have indeed always been loyal and your lives have also been extremely important to the sect. You two dying would truly be unfortunate.” The Snow Song Realm King slowly said without mercy, “But since Yun Che has become this king’s disciple, his life is far more important than yours.”

The figure behind the icy mist reached out one hand. “Choose. Do you want to take your own lives or shall this king have to do it personally!?”

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          1. How the hell did she endanger him? Can you like sit down and think with that tiny brain of yours for once. Do you know what kind of opportunity she’s giving just by letting him become her disciple.

            He saved her sister and he wanted her to take him to the convention so he could meet Jasmine, but she doesn’t even need to do that because he doesn’t qualify at all, she could just say sorry and give him some other resources as compensation. But she’s not doing that, she’s trying in her own way to make him stronger, get him to qualify so he can achieve what he came for, instead of turning him away. And yet you keep saying she should do this, she should do that, and she should’ve done this earlier. Again I repeat, SHE DOESN’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING. She could be just as shameless and underhanded as Xuanyian Weitian, and try to kill him for everything he’s worth. I don’t why it’s hard for you to get it through that dumb ass head of yours, SHE’S THE SECT MASTER, THE TOP DOG, THE KING OF THIS ENTIRE REALM. IF SHE REALLY DID DECIDE TO BE SHAMELESS AND KILL YC, WHO’S GONNA COMPLAIN, HUH? Bingyue might be upset, but that’s about it. She might hold a grudge for a thousand years or whatever but that’s about it, it’s not like she’s going hate her sister forever if she decided to kill YC. I don’t understand where you got the pretentious idea that everyone should be subservient and fair towards YC and be nice to him, and take care of him, but get it out of your head. Than maybe you’ll understand that what she’s doing for YC is already above and beyond what she needs to do for YC.

            “What absolute bull. She’s the sect matter so everyone in the sect will have good intentions that perfectly align with hers? Very convenient for you to forget how Bingyun got poisoned, isn’t it?” I don’t even get what you’re trying to say here since it’s been proven that since she is the sect master, whatever her orders everyone will have to follow, meaning everyone’s thoughts and ideas do align with what she believes in just because she’s the sect master. Also you brought up me forgetting Bingyue getting poisoned, but I didn’t forget, but that has nothing to do with the first half of your statement, so idk why you brought it up. Are you trying to say someone from the sect poisoned her, to go against the RK, cuz they didn’t.

            As for his treasures, she may or may not be able to take the sky poison pearl, but she can 100% take the mirror of samsara if she kills him and take his EG veins. And you say I’ve said nothing about her except for her being a harem candidate, but that just proves you can’t read because literally I’ve been saying all the stuff she’s doing for YC qualifies her to be a good character, considering that she doesn’t need to do anything at all for him.

            Seriously, if you can’t understand her value as a character than you seriously need to stfu, cuz you’re getting annoying yelling hypocrisy, hypocrisy. Maybe you need look up the work hypocrisy to understand its definition, because I don’t see anything hypocritical here.

          2. @MasterProdigy2

            “He saved her sister and he wanted her to take him to the convention so he could meet Jasmine, but she doesn’t even need to do that because he doesn’t qualify at all, she could just say sorry and give him some other resources as compensation. But she’s not doing that, she’s trying in her own way to make him stronger, get him to qualify so he can achieve what he came for, instead of turning him away. And yet you keep saying she should do this, she should do that, and she should’ve done this earlier. Again I repeat, SHE DOESN’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING. She could be just as shameless and underhanded as Xuanyian Weitian, and try to kill him for everything he’s worth. I don’t why it’s hard for you to get it through that dumb ass head of yours, SHE’S THE SECT MASTER, THE TOP DOG, THE KING OF THIS ENTIRE REALM. IF SHE REALLY DID DECIDE TO BE SHAMELESS AND KILL YC, WHO’S GONNA COMPLAIN, HUH? Bingyue might be upset, but that’s about it. She might hold a grudge for a thousand years or whatever but that’s about it, it’s not like she’s going hate her sister forever if she decided to kill YC. I don’t understand where you got the pretentious idea that everyone should be subservient and fair towards YC and be nice to him, and take care of him, but get it out of your head. Than maybe you’ll understand that what she’s doing for YC is already above and beyond what she needs to do for YC.”

            Lol what? Ok let’s take a step back – exactly how is she helping him “get to qualify?” Talk about being deluded. She never did anything of the sort. Yun Che happened to break through right there because plot, she had absolutely nothing to do it with apart from making those rules. And you know what? No one is the top dog in this story other Yun Che because, Hello-o? None of them are the mc except him. So you can stop fapping over the fact that she’s the Great Realm King. Even now YC could kill her with poison if it suited him.

            I brought it up because of your incessant assumption that everything is in the palm of her hands because she’s the Great Realm King. She couldn’t do sh*t to stop Bingyun being poisoned or cure it, so there’s no need to go on and on like she’s the holy grail.

            And no, I brought up the harem candidate thing because you ignored 50% of my post because you got triggered by my criticism of her. Doesn’t mean you’re tripping and being an absolute fanboy to the point where you can’t get what I’m saying, but it strongly suggests it. The fact that you cannot make a single reply without hurling pointless insults here and there further cements this.

            GRK as ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE as a character as at present, she’s a side character who serves to tutor the mc, stop overrating her – she could be replaced with a dog as long as Mars wishes it, and the story would progress just fine. Value? What a joke.

            And since you don’t understand, let me explain – the essence of hypocrisy is self-contradiction, with fits perfectly well with my first post. Whatever you think GRK is or is not obligated to do, you fail to convince me that my first post is erroneous. She’s a hypocrite and she endangered him. Currently speaking, her only redeeming trait is that her heart is in the right place. As a 10,000-year-old cultivator, her behavior compromises reader immersion as it doesn’t fit her age. In short, she’s a fool.

          3. Knowing what she knows about YC, don’t you think she could deny him the right to even a retest because he basically cheated to win and then threw a hissy fit in front of her when she asked him to take the test again. Knowing how he has the EG powers, if she didn’t want to take him on as a disciple; because whatever rest they thought of aside from actual combat, he’d come out on top , she could just say that he doesn’t qualify to try to be her disciple and try to compensate him like how Bingyue had told him; bringing him back after the ceremony and let him soak in the lake. If she would’ve done that then YC would have no hope for the convention. So by her doing all of this, just by taking him in as her disciple, is already putting him in the right path and helping him tremendously.

            Also It’s ridiculously funny how you think YC could kill her right now if he wanted to. Mars could kill her off if he wanted to, but if he did it through YC than that would’ve been a load of bull.

            As for everything being under her control, did I ever say she reigns supreme outside of her home. I’m constantly saying that in her own realm, everything is under her control. No will dare to do anything that will cause the RK to look their way(which makes your comment about her endangering him sound pretty stupid). So idk why you think bringing up Bingyue getting poisoned outside of the sect is a good point.

            Also I didn’t get triggered by your comment, which still doesn’t make sense btw. As a person, I usually get too invested in the stuff I’m watching or reading(it’s a bad habit) and in a story like this, where literally majority of the stuff is predictable, who’s going to end up in the harem and how was like the only interesting thing left. And due to your comments calling her a fool constantly, with no proper statements to back it up(I have yet to see a legitimate fact from you about why you keep calling her a fool aside from your biased opinions about what she should be doing, and what she should have done, and shouldn’t have done) I was kinda upset. So Ill say it right here for insulting you, I’m sorry.

            As for her being a hypocrite and endangering him, I’m trying really hard to understand where you’re coming from with that, but I just can’t. I don’t understand how she’s being a hypocrite and how she’s endangering him. If anyone is endangering him, it’s YC himself. YC, usually being smart and having proper judgment, acted pretty stupid upon arriving in the RTG. He knows all of his powers originate from the RTG, so however small the possibility of them being recognized due to their rarity, there is still a chance to being recognized, he shouldn’t have been all gung ho about everything. But instead of pointing out YC’s character flaw, you blamed the RK for her not stopping him from doing what he did, that’s really funny. Look at it this way, if I was the RK and you were YC, I wouldn’t stop you from whatever the hell you decided to do. Because you saved my sister, I’d stop you from dying if someone else was going to kill you, but I have no obligation to stop you from acting foolish. And considering I’m a human and I feel this way, you can imagine how she feels, having been a Divine master RK for 10k Year’s. So if you can’t show proper facts about why you think she’s a hypocrite and why she’s a fool, then don’t do it.

          4. @MasterProdigy2 I’d just like to point out that Mars could have YC kill the GRK and it not be bull. His right hand contains the part of the Sky Poison Pearl that produces the deadliest poison. Or, did you forget when YC went to Azure Cloud Continent and saw the Medical Saint with the Sky Poison Pearl? Remember the big sects chasing the Medical Sect? After Yun Che got the Sky Poison Pearl from the Medical Saint, it merged with his right hand. Now, YC has both parts of the Sky Poison Pearl, one merged with each hand. Mars just hasn’t made YC use it even though he could.

          5. @MasterProdigy2

            For the record, I was generally in favor of Yun Che’s “hissy fit” as you put it because it would save him from his elemental abilities being in the spotlight. I do realize that this did not occur to Yun Che at the time though… While we’re on this subject, Yun Che didn’t cheat to win. Although Mars Gravity went on and on about the breakthrough having pure energy and whatnot, Yun Che had the elemental superiority necessary to beat his competitors without relying on breakthrough energy, although the gap would doubtless not have been as extreme. Finally, my irritation with GRK has little to do with her accepting him as a disciple – that is just the current story plot plans to make YC stronger. But since it’s related… just as she didn’t have to make him a disciple, she could just have easily have passed on an indirect silent message to Yun Che through Mu Bingyun. Drama removed, no?

            Actually, if there’s one thing Yun Che has the most experience is, it’s poisoning people who are far stronger than him. That was his major specialization in his past life, and up till now, he’s still killed more people with poison than otherwise, so it’s a definite possibility if he truly wanted to do it…

            Bingyun may have been poisoned outside the sect, but the lady who orchestrated and oversaw Yun Che’s exam at the start of the God Realm saga had a hand in it (a member of GRK’s sect). Which is why Mu Xiaolan hated her… Even if she didn’t, nothing is ever completely under the control of anyone no matter how powerful, especially where other human beings are concerned. The only exception I know of is if you can control people’s thoughts. She can’t.

            I say she endangered him because she asked him to go into that lake in public, where numerous eyes will undoubtedly notice that not only is he not using any profound energy to protect himself, he’s going into that lake in that state (and thriving). In a case where they are not focused on him, there’s still a chance where this wouldn’t be apparent, but once they are, Mars Gravity would have to dumb down the entire populace for them to not find it odd. Realizing that Yun Che is immune to the chill is dangerous to Yun Che as at present because it’s a link to an inheritance, which people stronger than him will want. So yeah she put him in danger of exposure by insisting on that test while criticizing him for putting himself in danger (self-contradiction; hypocrisy).

            I didn’t point out Yun Che’s survival-based character flaw because the short term danger of him protesting about the unfairness of the second exam is still safer than the long-term danger of people realizing he has an inheritance on him.

            If I were GRK and you saved my sister’s life, I would most definitely watch out for you. Not to the point of interfering with your daily life or preventing you from being foolish, but if I knew for sure you were exposing yourself to certain death, I would most definitely inform you about it and make sure you understood the danger you were in. And I definitely would not do this in an arrogant and tyrannical fashion.

            Why do I say she’s a fool? Unfortunately, this post is already too long so I won’t be going deep into it. It ultimately boils down to a 10,000-year-old warrior king having the emotional intelligence of a 17-year-old.

          6. @Tenzai, he cannot use the Sky Poison Pearl to kill GRK. In the very same chapter, it’s already been mentioned that the Sky Poison Pearl is still recovering and is only 10% of how powerful it was.

          7. @sasukeface

            Are you saying Mu Fengshu had something to do with Bingyue being poisoned, because she didn’t. No where does it in the story say anything that hints to what you just said. Matter of fact, her hate for Bingyue didn’t even start until she got poisoned and the RK stole one of her resources for Bingyue, she even respected Bingyue be4 highly, she said that herself.

            As for your comment about RK endangering YC, in that same chapter she literally said to bingyue how that she’s surprised that even after the scolding that she gave YC, he was still acting up and showing off. How was she supposed to know that he’d start showing off again right after he got put in his place. That’s him putting himself in danger, has nothing to do with her. She even destroyed the screen and kicked everyone out to make sure no one actually found out how deep he went down. If she really wanted to put him in danger than she could’ve judt let everyone keep watching and let everyone take a guess at his secret. And this chapter also proved it, she let YC do whatever he wanted becaude everything is under her control. If she wants something to happen then it’ll happen. So I repeat, as the RK, she has her realm under her control.

          8. @MasterProdigy2

            Go check out Mu Xiaolan’s explanation of Bingyun’s poisoning. Also note that at least one person (person officiating the test) noticed he didn’t use profound strength when entering the lake. That’s at least one person noticing it.

            Her first and second scolding was directed at forcing him to take the test (amongst other things). So my points there are valid.

      2. I would say that with Yun Che’s pride and arrogance, the humiliation and wake up call that he deserved was essential for him as a person to get his head out of his ass. If GRK just said “Dude I know everything”, it wouldn’t do anything to impact his already over large ego, he’d just be “Ah, cool, thanks baby. Wanna screw?” and be done with it.
        Although I don’t expect any such “deep meaning” from this action (since Mars gravity) , GRK humiliating him would not damage his pride too much because of her sky high cultivation and it being right for her to scold him (because she’d know that he can win) and after becoming her disciple, all of this humiliation will be in smoke because after all, it was just the Master scolding her already picked disciple. The Star God’s broken shadow being a fairly uncommon technique would not arouse too much suspicion to these plebs, but the Ice Phoenix Canon, if he had displayed it, would have been spilling the beans, which he didn’t do so. And so is the Ice lake dive, it only causes suspicion, not enough to form a conclusion without knowing of Yun Che’s relationship with the Star God.

        But I agree, although all his fame could very well have gone to his head and made him slip up much more, Mars gravity basically changed Yun Che down from his fundamentals of being a shrewd and calculating schemer in unfavorable situations, to a quasi air headed SJW MC. Big character fail here.

        1. That’s a good point. Yun Che’s skull has always been pretty thick, in the past or present.
          With regards to those suspicions, I think it depends on the deductive abilities of the person witnessing it. Mu Hanyi appears to be dangerous enough to form deadly theories, if not outright realizing it. We’ll have to wait and see.

          1. My Hanyi won’t be able to theorize anything. He doesn’t even know anything about YC’s movement skill or that he’s looking for Jasmine.

          2. @MasterProdigy2: I don’t think it matters if Hanyi is able to puzzle out what YC’s skills really are. As long as he realizes that YC’s power comes from some special legacy or whatever then that’s enough for him to start plotting against YC and potentially try to take his power for himself.

    2. To be fair, for a long time, he was alone without having family to worry about. Then, he had Jasmine as a personal body guard and then he had enough personal power to be safe.

      And in the mortal world, a lot of his skills were so mysterious that even showing them off was hiding them…

      But in the God realm where he doesn’t know anything, other people can actually recognize his skills.

      It’s like a little boy in a village with a cassette player listens to the Beatles and only he knows the name of the band in the village, but in the big city, everyone knows the Beatles, but because he was in the village, he uses the common sense from the village and doesn’t know everyone knows who the Beatles are..

  5. Im confident little fairy n Qing yu will appear in near future
    How about old man duotian? Is he already killed the first moment he arrived to realm of god in the past? Hahaa maybe mars had fogotten about him

    1. Probably forgotten about like that one doctor that YC posed as. They hyped him up and made it seem like we’d meet him once YC got to the Divine Phoenix Empire but nope. We never about him again.

      1. Technically, the entire point of Old Man Duotian was the comedic relief that such a guy actually existed and even transcended. Not to mention, he’s from the lower realm, his achievements should be low enough to keep him as a character mentioned in passing.

  6. What if little aunt is the reincarnation of the evil gods wife??? She turned into a shadow??? Black lightning????
    What if her mom was used as a vessel to rebirth her??? She understands the language???
    It would be a great twist if someone as gentle as her turned into a monsterous power house.

    Also what god are we speculating are the two siblings parents?????

  7. I have to say isnt the “king” being too arrogant? I’m pretty sure jasmine could kick her ass, and shes just treating her has if shes not scared of her… also wouldn’t jasmine kill the person who kills MC? Also this so called “Moon Splitting Cascade” how could that compare to jasmines move? That is one of the most powerful people in the whole god realm? Shes like in the top 13?

    1. Remember “Realm King” is just a title, it just means she’s the ruler in this little territory of hers. Cultivation wise she’s the same level as Jasmine I believe. But of course “same cultivation level” doesn’t mean much. Jasmine’s skills may just be a lot deadlier. There’s also the issue that she’s the super power in her little corner of the world but she’s also the only superpower, while in Jasmine’s case she’s just part of the powerbase there (albeit close to the top if dialog is to go by).

  8. I couldn’t care less if Mu Fengshu dies. She was a b*tch and hated the GRK’s sister so the GRK killing her is fine by me. As for Mu Sushan, I kinda hope he doesn’t die. He at least tried to stand up for YC during the tests and gave him the Star Picker Stone. I’m hoping the GRK kills Fengshu and then is like, “This is what will happen to you Sushan if you tell people about YC using Star God’s Broken Shadow.”

  9. Well this twist is interesting and we’ll actually wonder if the characters in danger will die (unlike “Oh not, this bad guy looks like he’s about to kill the MC”)

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