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Chapter 993 – Only Hope

“In your memories, there are some rumors from the ancient Era of Gods. Included among them is the insider’s secret of Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor banishing a Devil Emperor as well as nine hundred devil gods under their command outside of the Primal Chaos.”

Yun Che nodded. These words were spoken to him by the Golden Crow’s Soul back then; Mo E used the Ancestral Divine Art’s fragment as bait and lured the Devil Emperor with the excuse of studying the Ancestral Divine Art together. Then, Mo E used the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword and blew open the Wall of Primal Chaos, blasting both that Devil Emperor and all the Devil Gods outside of the Primal Chaos.

Yet, outside of the Primal Chaos, was an eternity of nothingness. One would never be able to come back after falling outside. Perhaps the only result would be turning into nothingness within the nothingness.

“Then did you know, why would Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E forcefully slew that Devil Emperor?

The girl’s voice was feeble and gentle, as though soft whispers under the moon.

Yun Che pondered for a bit, “Back then, Golden Crow’s Soul told me that Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E was incomparably upright and abhored evil and thought that ones who used negative profound energy were all evil existences. Since the fragment of the Ancestral Divine Art was left behind by the Ancestral God at the beginning of Primal Chaos, it definitely couldn’t be left in the hands of the devil race. Thus, he forcibly seized it in such a way.”

“Sigh,” the girl sighed lightly, revealing the feeling of resignation from the ancient times. “Back then, it was indeed the rumor spread through both the gods and devils, the ‘truth’ known to them. However… the Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E was a god whose temperament was extremely upright and abhors evil. He naturally viewed such vulgar methods with extreme disdain and precisely because of that, the Devil Emperor calmly attended the appointment without being much on guard. Yet Mo E, with the Ancestral Divine Art as bait, schemed against that Devil Emperor.

Yun Che gaped as he was slightly shocked inside.

“The Heaven Punishing Emperor Mo E was unable to completely wield the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword. Every time he used the power of the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, he would lose large amounts of lifespan. Even though he could triumph over that Devil Emperor without the sword, there was no way he could beat the Devil Emperor and the nine hundred Devil Gods together without the help of the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword’s power. Yet, he used the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword even at the cost of losing large amounts of his lifespan.”

Yun Che, “…”

“The Devil Emperor Mo E plotted against, was named the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, one of the four great Devil Emperors, an existence equal to the god race’s creation gods. The realms of gods and devils had always been incompatible but they had never entirely become enemies. However, scheming and killing a Devil Emperor would unquestionably stir the fury of the entire devil realm. The consequences of that would very possibly cause the two realms to thoroughly meet each other with hostility, triggering fierce wars… That was be a catastrophe beyond imagination. There was also no way that Heaven Punishing Emperor Mo E, hadn’t thought of such a consequence.”

Yun Che, “…”

“To scheme despicably and lose large amounts of his life span, despite the consequences of gods and devils completely becoming hostile to each other, he still chose to kill the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor… How could the reason merely be because of the Ancestral Divine Art’s fragment that belonged to the devil race in the first place?”

“Then… what was the reason?” Yun Che’s brows sank down deeply as his heart began to race… What the girl was giving an account of, was shockingly a secret that even the Golden Crow’s Soul and the other ancient gods didn’t know about.

Though he didn’t know why the girl was telling him this, he could already faintly feel that what he was about to hear would be an ancient secret that would shock even the heavens themselves.

The girl’s voice resounded within his mind and soul, as each and every word deeply imprinted into the depths of his soul, “That banished Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was the only female Devil Emperor of the four great Devil Emperors. She also held another identity…”

“Wife of the Evil God.”

Those five words, each and every one of them shocking to the point of shaking the heavens.


“Wh…what!?!?” Yun Che froze for an entire ten breaths of time before he finally let out an involuntary screech.

Evil God… a god and at that time, he was still a creation god.

Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor… The emperor of all devils, the strongest devil of the devil race!

The god race and devil race that resided in a realm together and were against each other, two races incompatible with each other…

The most apex god and devil of these two races, were actually… husband and wife?!

How could that be possible?!

Wha.. what the heck is this?

“Not only that, they, also had a descendant… A taboo offspring from the combination of god and devil!”

“…” Yun Che’s mouth opened even wider. Only after a long time, did he finally speak, dumbfounded, “So that was… the reason why Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor was determined to kill the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor by foul means in spite of the consequences… That devil god was actually Evil God’s… Sss, no wonder why Evil God would have a fierce battle with Mo E.”

The upright, hatred abhorring Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E who never tolerated the devil race, how could he allow a god… moreover, a creation god, to fall in love with a Devil Emperor and even have an offspring! In his eyes, this must be the greatest shame of the god race. Only by making Heaven Smiting Divine Emperor vanish forever… would the shame finally be washed away.

“This taboo secret was only known by the creation gods within the god race. Back then, while I was fortunate enough to serve under the Creation God of Life, Li Suo and found out about this matter at an extremely coincidental occasion. The Creation God of Life, Li Suo made me vow to never speak even half a word about it… Thus, I became the only god who knew of such a forbidden secret other than the creation gods.”

“In the end, it also became the reason why I am unwilling to dissipate, even hanging to life in such a petty form.”

From the standpoint of the Ancient Era’s gods and devils, this was indeed a forbidden secret, a secret that definitely can’t be found out by the gods. Thus, the “truth” circulated back then, became that the Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor had plotted against the Heaven Smiting Emperor for the fragment of the Ancestral Divine Art’s fragment and the Heaven Punishing Emperor Mo E would definitely not try to clear the facts up either.

Ah right, it was also after that, that Evil God abandoned the title of creation god, bestowing the title Evil God to himself… So behind the scenes, was actually such a taboo reason.

The girl’s voice kept resounding within his mind, “You already know about the matter of Evil God and Mo E’s fierce battle, after that. However, Evil God also knew Mo E’s personality. He was just too upright, abhorred evil too much and had too strong of a view that gods and devils could not coexist. Him forcibly killing the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, was also for the name and dignity of the god race, as well as to prevent the god race’s unrest after the Evil God’s actions were exposed. If Mo E was an evil and despicable person, he definitely wouldn’t have been acknowledged by the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword.”

“Because of that, he was aware himself that he could never take revenge against Mo E… That fierce battle wasn’t entirely Evil God venting his anger. I had heard indistinctly from Creation God of Life Li Suo, that the duel would decide the fate of the offspring between Evil God and Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

“The offspring’s fate? Then who won in the end? What happened to that descendant?” Yun Che asked a little hurriedly.

The offspring of a Creation God and Devil Emperor… That was a thoroughly forbidden existence.

“I don’t know,” the girl responded slowly and lightly. “The rumors spread the most through the God Realm that time was that Evil God had won. However, other than Mo E and Evil God, there should be no one who truly knew the final result. Everyone only knew that Evil God abandoned his title as the Creation God of Elements and titled himself Evil God, becoming extraordinarily reclusive and shut-in. Very rarely did he show himself, and he no longer stuck his nose into anything relating to the god race.

“…” Yun Che slowly digested this information which would be secrets as great as the heavens even in the Ancient Era. Then, he asked, “Since these are all taboo and you also vowed to the Creation God of Life never to tell anyone… Why would you tell them to me?”

“Because, you must know.”

“I… Must know?” Yun Che pointed at himself, his face full of astonishment.

“Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E didn’t know what world-turning consequence he had caused from the decision he made for the dignity of the god race, even to the day he died. While that consequence isn’t truly over, even today… A million years ago, was the extinction of the god and devil races. Then… even the humans, may be destroyed because of it.”

“And if that day truly comes, you who shoulder the power of the Evil God… will become the only hope.”

The girl’s voice was lovable and gentle, yet it shocked Yun Che to the point of being flabbergasted, as though he heard the illusory voice of the heavens.

“Just what do you mean? What is ‘that day’ you speak of, just what day will it be?” Yun Che’s tone was very distressed and also much more tense.

She could see through his power of the Evil God. This meant that even if she wasn’t the Ice Phoenix’s original body, she was certainly a True God… then, at least her words shouldn’t be false.

“I cannot tell you right now, because you are still too weak and cannot shoulder that terrifying truth. What you need most now is to grow. Shouldering it too soon will only seriously affect your growth. You only need to know two things right now… Firstly, is to grow as fast as possible, make your Evil God’s power strong enough. Secondly, is to value your life. You must live on properly. If you die, then the final hope will be extinguished.”

Me? Final hope…

Why do I have an odd feeling… that I’ve been chosen by the heavens to become the world’s savior or something? Really?

Aside from his blank shock, Yun Che didn’t really feel excited or anything like it. Instead, he felt that it was a bit unfathomable.

Yun Che thought about it but did not pursue the matter in the end. He nodded his head. “I understand. Even though I have no idea what will happen in the future, I have, at the very least, always cherished life.

“…” The girl was silent for a long while before she said dimly, “Out of everyone I’ve seen, you are the one who cherishes life the least.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Your life is too short, your experiences are too few and your strength and soul are far too weak. If there comes a day you feel like you are already powerful enough, that your willpower and comprehension are ready to assume great waves and responsibility, come find me again. I will tell you the truth about everything…

“And give you all my power.”

“You’ll… give me all your power? Then you…” Yun Che was shocked as he stared at the girl in the cold vein. This wasn’t just an issue of a bestowal of power… the consequence it came with was undoubtedly her complete death.

The girl lightly muttered as though weeping, “I cannot become as noble and great as the Evil God but this is still the last thing I can do and also… the best ending for myself that I could think of.”

Even though he didn’t really know what the truth was, he already felt unspeakable respect for the girl inside the cold vein. He nodded seriously, “Alright! If such a day ever comes… I will come find you again.”

“I will patiently wait here for that day. I also believe that fate would not be so cruel as to allow the human race to be extinguished after the fall of the gods and devils… The successor of the Evil God, I am already exceptionally at ease after knowing of your existence. You can leave. Above, there is still someone waiting for you.”

Yun Che nodded. However he did not know that outside the heavenly lake, everyone had already left and there was only the Snow Song Realm King was waiting for him.

“Could… could you answer one of my questions?” Before he left, Yun Che hesitated and asked.

“Are you planning to ask how to achieve the Divine Tribulation Realm that you know of before the Profound God Convention?” The young girl’s words saw through his thoughts.

Yun Che nodded.

“I am unable to aid you. After all, this is already not my world or era. However, the current Snow Song Realm King being your master is indeed the best option. She possesses unbelievable strength and extremely high intelligence. Compared to your previous master, she’s much more suited to be your master in the profound way. But…”

“But?” Yun Che stared widely.

“She frequently enters the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake to cultivate. My divine senses are able to detect everything about her. Her personality is exceptionally eccentric, with two completely opposite extremes… My words are unable to express this well. From now on, when you interact with her, you’ll understand what I mean.”

Personality… Two extremes?

What the heck??

Extreme means overbearing in one aspect. Two extremes in itself was already a paradox… and it was even her personality.

Yun Che nodded slowly, “I understand. Even though I don’t know what the future will be like, I never once thought that I would be noble enough to bear the burden of some… uh, weird mission or something. However, I still hope that I won’t disappoint you then.”

When he finished speaking, Yun Che did not stay any longer. He released his profound energy and went upward, against the water.

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