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Chapter 988 – Refusal!

Although they had already guessed what Yun Che was probably going to say, when he actually said it, all the elders and palace masters were still stunned. Instead, it was the Divine Hall and Ice Phoenix Palace disciples that displayed all sort of emotions. Some sneered and laughed coldly while others showed excited expressions as though they were watching some show.

Even more people had the expressions like they were looking at a fool.

Only after Yun Che suddenly broke through and attracted all the ice spirits over had the final drop of lakewater fallen within the profound formation. This was indeed something that everyone had personally witnessed. When the finally drop of lakewater fell from the, there were three thousand ice spirits around Yun Che and none around Mu Hanyi.

However, nobody would accept this result because no one could link “Yun Che” and “direct disciple” together. Before this, even Yun Che himself would not have either.

This result was a pure, unexpected and outrageous accident!

In anyone’s eyes, it was also a pure accident!

Although Yun Che had a small reputation by defeating someone in the Divine Origin Realm while being in the Sovereign Profound Realm and also due to the fact that he was personally brought along by Mu Bingyun, in front of Mu Hanyi. who was blessed by the heavens, Yun Che was worse than the mud underneath a rainbow. He had also only broken through to the Divine Origin Realm today. Other than the protection of Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan and his own excitement, the process of his breakthrough was completely ignored by the others.

One was from the lower realms that had only been in the Snow Song Realm for three months and only finally stepped into the divine way today. The other was a member of the Snow Song Royal Family who possessed esteemed status, talent that only appeared once every thousand years, and was even in the middle stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm before the age of thirty. He had even given it his all without restraint today, causing all the elders and palace masters to be greatly shocked once again.

Therefore, when Yun Che suddenly lured away all the ice spirits, though it was a great shock to everyone and though in terms of results, he had completely defeated Mu Hanyi and Mu Feixue, everyone’s first and only reaction was only the word “accident”. No matter who it was, they were unable to shift the words “direct disciple” from Mu Hanyi onto Yun Che.

First stage of the Divine Origin Realm. Simply based on profound strength, he belonged to the very bottom of Freezing Snow Hall… with regards to the term “direct disciple”, it was a concept that was worlds apart from him.

However, they did not expect for Yun Che to actually have the guts and thick skin to bring it up… he even had an attitude of confrontation. Seeing Yun Che’s confrontational attitude, their first reaction was shock and then they felt that it was… rather funny, and even a little embarrassing.

Of course, the one who found it the funniest was definitely Mu Yunzhi.

“Hahahaha,” Mu Yunzhi roared with laughter before continuing with a face of mocking, “In that case, we should announce that you have won and let you become the sect master’s direct disciple?”

“Shouldn’t that be the case?” Yun Che rebutted.

With regards to becoming the direct disciple of the sect master, Yun Che had never thought about it before and always thought that it had nothing to do with him no matter what. However, now that the opportunity had so unknowingly presented itself to him and after hearing Mu Bingyun’s sound transmission, his heart started to pump vigorously.

What he desired the most was profound strength! It was only twenty seven months away from the Profound God Convention now; two years and a little bit more of time! Although under his recklessness, he cultivated by self-mutilation and obtained frightening results, to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm before the Profound God Convention was still an unattainable dream.

However, if he could become the sect master’s direct disciple…

He would be able to receive personal guidance of the Ice Phoenix Sect Master! He would be able to obtain the Ice Phoenix divine blood and cultivate the highest form of profound arts within the Snow Song Realm… Most importantly, he would be able to enjoy the best form of resources within the Snow Song Realm and also attain convenience that far exceeded what he had now!

In that case, there might be the possibility that he would actually breakthrough to the Divine Tribulation Realm that he had been dreaming of!

Therefore, when the opportunity “to become the direct disciple” suddenly presented itself, it was like light that suddenly shone in complete darkness. It immediately turned into the strongest and deepest desire in Yun Che’s heart.

“Heh, such a ridiculous joke.” Mu Yunzhi only felt that the current Yun Che was extremely absurd, “Mu Hanyi is the most outstanding disciple in the current generation of our divine sect. Today, he has also proven that he has the ability to become the sect master’s direct disciple. As for you, what are y…”

Even before she finished speaking, she suddenly felt Mu Bingyun’s gaze and immediately stopped and changed what she was going to say, “Hmph, which part of you is even able to compare to Hanyi? For you to attract so many ice spirits, it was but an accident caused by your breakthrough. You yourself are fully aware of whether or not you had attracted them with your strength! You actually dare to jump out, are you not afraid of losing face for you and your master?”

Mu Yunzhi’s words caused all the disciples present to laugh in secret while majority of the elders and palace masters also shook their heads with laughter. Mu Huanzhi frowned and did not speak. However, Mu Sushan suddenly spoke, “Although that is the case, based on the results, Yun Che did indeed win. Since that is the case, we do indeed owe Yun Che an explanation.”

Expectedly, Mu Sushan’s words caused Mu Yunzhi to instantly become enraged, “Explanation? What explanation? Let me repeat, for him to attract those ice spirits, it was only because it coincided with his breakthrough! Not blaming him more for nearly disrupting the results is already being kind to him. What kind of explanation do we still owe him? You can’t possibly still adhere by the so-called results and allow him to overtake Hanyi and become the direct disciple?

“Wouldn’t that be the shame of our entire sect!”

Hearing Mu Yunzhi’s words and thinking about Yun Che’s birth and profound strength, everyone had the same sentiments… If Yun Che were to really become the sect master’s direct disciple, it would undoubtedly become the biggest joke in the entire history of the Snow Song Realm.

Of course, such matters would definitely not occur. Yun Che’s current “struggle” was already a joke.

“There’s no need to argue anymore.” Great Elder, Mu Huanzhi seemed to have made his decision. “The rules were personally set by the sect master and the person we’re choosing is the sect master’s direct disciple. As such, it is obviously up to the sect master to personally decided how to settle this matter.

Mu Yunzhi immediately reacted. She hastily bowed down and respectfully said, “Yunzhi was too agitated previously and spoke too much. All such matters follow Sect Master’s decision.”

She was very certain… For Sect Master to give up on Mu Hanyi and get a ridiculous person like Yun Che as her direct disciple? She would never believe it even if she was beaten to death.

“Huanzhi,” The Snow Song Realm King who overlooked the heavenly lake finally spoke. As her voice rang, the entire heavenly lake fell silent, “Regarding how to settle this, you must have a plan, just say it.”

The Snow Song Realm King’s gaze seemed as though it could look through a person’s heart and soul. This was something Mu Huanzhi had already gotten used to as he quickly paid his respects and said, “Yes, Sect Master.”

“Even though an accident had occurred, Sushan isn’t wrong. Based on the results, it’s indeed Yun Che who won and it is also logical for him to demand an explanation. However, what Yunzhi said isn’t wrong either. When Sect Master used the ice spirits to decide who the direct disciple was, it was so that the test would test their talent, constitution, and control over the laws of ice. However, when Yun Che attracted the ice spirits over, it was completely unrelated to all of these and it was probably indeed due to his coincidental breakthrough.

“Therefore, Huanzhi has a humble opinion.” Mu Huanzhi looked up slightly, “and that is for Hanyi and Yun Che to have another match.”

“…” Everyone instantly looked at each other.

“What kind of additional match?” the Snow Song Realm King asked.

Mu Huanzhi replied sternly, “Although this will be an additional test, it concerns Sect Master’s direct disciple. Naturally, it would have to be a test that covers talent, constitution, and laws of ice. Most disciples have already spent a great amount of time in the heavenly lake so the additional test should not take up too much time. Therefore, Huanzhi suggest for Hanyi and Yun Che to dive into the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and the winner will be decided based on the depths of their dive!”

Once Mu Huanzhi’s suggestion was heard, everyone’s eyes lit up. The deeper within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake one went, the stronger the cold energy. Furthermore, the extent of increase of cold energy was exceptionally overbearing. Even for a divine hall disciple, their limit was around six hundred to seven hundred feet. Furthermore, they didn’t dare to stay even a bit longer in such depths for fear of eternally perishing within the Heavenly Lake.

In the entire history of the Snow Song Realm, the person who dove the deepest was the current Snow Song Realm King. It was said that she had once reached a depth of Twenty thousand feet before… The severity of the cold energy there was something unimaginable even to the God Realm powerhouses. Perhaps, even the rumored Netherworld Frost Hell was merely comparable. However, that still wasn’t the bottom of the lake!

Regarding how deep the heavenly lake was and what hid at the bottom of the lake, in the nine hundred thousand year history of the Snow Song Realm, no one had figured it out yet.

To dive deeper, one’s profound strength was one aspect but one’s body’s compatibility with cold energy and the ability to control the natural laws of ice was equally important. With such a method of additional testing, the result would be determined swiftly.

Everyone could see that this test was only because they were helpless against Yun Che’s objection… because based on the result, it was a completely logical objection. This concerned the laws of ice. How could Yun Che be able to compare with Mu Hanyi? Regarding this additional test, even if they used their toes to think, they knew that Mu Hanyi would definitely be victorious.

As for Yun Che, entering… or even touching the heavenly lake’s water was enough to choke him. After all, for the past six hours, he had been staying at the bank of the lake not daring to enter it.

After all… they could not let Yun Che be the sect master’s direct disciple no matter what!

“Great Elder’s suggestion is excellent!” Mu Yunzhi hastily added before nodding strongly, “Not only is this additional test fair, it also gives Yun Che a sufficient explanation. If he’s able to defeat my disciple in the aspect of the laws, heh, then I naturally would not have anything to say.”

“Sect Master, what do you think of Huanzhi’s suggestion?” Mu Huanzhi carefully asked.

“Very good.”  Behind the mist, the Snow Song Realm King nodded slightly and replied concisely, “Let’s do that.”

Upon obtaining the sect master’s approval, Mu Huanzhi heaved a hidden sigh of relief before turning to Mu Hanyi. “Hanyi, you had already used up your strength to attract the ice spirits for six hours. You must be tired, do you need some rest first?”

Even a fool could hear that Mu Huanzhi’s words were purely “customary”. Mu Huanyi bowed and replied, “I thank Great Elder for the concern, this disciple is in great condition now. Everything will follow the arrangement of Sect Master and Great Elder… however, I have some objections.”

“Oh?” Mu Huanzhi’s face revealed a slight smile, “What objection?”

Mu Hanyi replied, “Although one’s constitution and the comprehension of the laws are important when diving into the heavenly lake’s water, profound strength is equally important. However, Sect Master choosing a direct disciple does not emphasize on profound cultivation but more on one’s constitution and comprehension of the laws. In terms of profound strength alone, this disciple is far superior to Junior Yun Che. Therefore, this competition is unfair to Junior Yun Che.”

Mu Huanzhi was not surprised and smiled, “Then, how should it be done for it to be fair?”

“This disciple has a bold suggestion. Junior Yun Che only has to achieve twenty percent of what this disciple achieves to be victorious. This disciple would also lose without complaints or arguments if that was the case.”

Mu Hanyi’s words were extremely sincere and calm.

“Hahahaha,” Mu Huanzhi laughed loudly, “It could not be better that you said these words.”

All the various elders and palaces masters nodded strongly, revealing expressions of praise. All the surrounding disciples also looked at Mu Hanyi with gazes of respect and admiration. Mu Yunzhi also laughed, “Such magnanimity, you’re indeed my, Mu Yunzhi’s, excellent disciple! Alright, then let’s follow Hanyi’s idea. Yun Che, did you hear? You only have to achieve twenty percent of what my disciple Hanyi attains in order to gain victory. Furthermore, this was personally suggested by Hanyi. Do you still have anything to say?”

Regardless whether it was twenty percent, ten percent, or five percent, Mu Yunzhi would not feel worried. Instead, she was slightly worried for Yun Che. With his cultivation level, what if he didn’t even dare enter… That would be too boring. He should at least struggle a little so it’s a bit more fun.

Mu Bingyun did not speak but continued staring at Yun Che.

“Since that’s the case… Yun Che, what else do you have to say? If there’s nothing else, we can begin,” Mu Hanzhi said laughingly.

Yun Che’s feet had yet to move and his expression was as still as before. He stared at Mu Huanzhi and coldly uttered out two words, “I. REFUSE!”

He was obviously first in Freezing Snow Hall’s exam but he was forced to prove himself.

Today’s result had been his complete victory over Mu Hanyi… but he still had to be tested again!

Based on what!?

Based on what did he have to repeatedly encounter such extreme bias and unfair treatment in the Snow Song Realm!?


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