ATG – Chapter 976

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Chapter 976 – Ice Sect’s Great Event

The corner of Mu Yizhou’s mouth twitched. A slight shade of dark red appeared on his face yet he couldn’t spit out a single word.

Yun Che obviously did not find this reason unacceptable either. After all, if this incident became too big, it wouldn’t do him any good either. Feng Mo would also encounter troubles afterwards as well so he gladly nodded, “Alright, I promise that I won’t tell anyone about anything related to today’s incident.”

“As expected of Junior Brother Yun Che, you don’t disappoint,” Mu Hanyi said with a nod. “Junior Brother Yizhou, since Junior Brother Yun Che has promised, what do you think?”

Since things had reached such a point, how could Mu Yizhou possible say otherwise? He sucked in a deep breath and said with a voice that was still downcast, “Alright, on behalf of Senior Brother Hanyi, I’ll forget about everything that happened today.”

Even though that was the case, it was definitely impossible for there to not be any grudge or anger… and it was even a smothered anger. However, it surprised him that when he said those words, the depths of his heart actually relaxed a bit.

The good being bullied and the ruthless being feared. Yun Che’s extremely brutal actions were definitely something Mu Yizhou rarely saw. For this kind of person, even if he was weaker than himself by several levels, it still would make anyone not want to mess with him. Now that it was “resolved,” although he looked unwilling, he had subconsciously relaxed in his mind.

As for Yun Che, he had somewhat let go of his ego because he had made a huge ruckus on his first day in the God Realm even though he was told to stay “lowkey.” In the Blue Pole Star, he had a lot of people to worry about but he was all alone here in the God Realm so he didn’t have to worry about a thing. This was why he was completely able to act according to his own temper and principles, to behave unscrupulously while relying on his huge backer, Mu Bingyun.

“That’s great!” Mu Xiaolan let out a deep breath, her adoration and gratefulness toward Mu Hanyi becoming boundless. “Senior Brother Hanyi, thank you.”

“We’re all in the same sect so there’s no need for thanks,” Mu Hanyi nodded smilingly. “Junior Brother Feng Mo is still injured so it’s not good to waste time. You guys should go get him healed as soon as possible. Oh, I’m going to have to trouble Junior Sister Xiaolan to send Palace Master Bingyun a greeting in my place.”

“Mn, I definitely will.” Mu Xiaolan quickly nodded. Then, she secretly shot a glance at Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu before tightly pulling at Yun Che’s sleeve. “Junior Brother Yun Che, Junior Brother Feng Mo, let’s go.”

“Junior Brother Yun Che, please wait a while.” Just as the trio was about to leave, Mu Hanyi suddenly thought of something and called out… and the person he called out to was surprisingly Yun Che.

Everyone was stunned in place. Even Yun Che had on a face of shock when he turned around. “Does Senior Brother Hanyi have advice for me?”

“I don’t dare to give advice,” Mu Hanyi said with extreme humbleness. “Even though I rarely leave the divine hall, I have already heard rumors about Junior Brother Yun Che. Encountering you today by chance could be considered some kind of fate. I heard that Junior Brother Yun Che came from the lower realms, so you must feel out of sorts when you came to the God Realm…”

When he said that, he suddenly tapped the air with a finger and a streak of blue light flew into Yun Che’s Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade.

“This is my ice phoenix imprint. If you encounter any troubles after today, you can send me a sound transmission. I might be able to help you.”

Mu Xiaolan’s lips became a circle as the others present were also stunned.

Mu Hanyi… Ice Phoenix Divine Hall’s most illustrious disciple, publicly recognized as the the future master of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect… had actually given his sound transmission imprint to Yun Che, whom he had met for the very first time!

It had to be known that even Mu Yizhou did not possess Mu Hanyi’s sound transmission imprint and it was obvious Mu Luoqiu didn’t either.

Yun Che’s reaction wasn’t that severe but he was still shocked. Then, following a thankful salute, he said, “Thank you for your kindness, Senior Brother Hanyi. This is my first time coming to the Snow Song Realm so I definitely will need your help in many areas in the future.”

After that, it was actually Yun Che who dragged the completely stunned Mu Xiaolan and Feng Mo away.

When the trio left, Mu Yizhou was no longer able to hold back his thoughts. “Senior Brother Hanyi, Yun Che is such an unbridled and rude person who fails to appreciate kindness and is also someone from some unknown lower realm. Why would you show him that much care? You even gave him your sound transmission imprint, this… I really don’t get that at all.”

Even though Mu Yizhou’s innate talent and status were high, he had never been arrogant. He would always be gentle and modest and even show care for the lowest Snowfall Palace disciple… however, he simply couldn’t do that for Yun Che.

“Right, how is he worthy of Senior Brother Hanyi being so nice to him.” Mu Luoqiu also couldn’t help but voice her agreement with distinct jealousy.

“Junior Brother Yizhou, Junior Sister Luoqiu,” Mu Hanyi’s gaze was calm. He was auraless and seemed as elegant as the silent falling snow around them. “Even though Junior Brother Yun Che is from the lower realms, you two mustn’t underestimate him. Although his profound strength cultivation is low, so low that he has not reached the divine way, he was able to defeat Junior Brother Liu Hang, who is at the seventh level of the Divine Origin Realm. Even when you tried to stop him, you couldn’t do a thing.”

“Extremely high talent coupled with outstanding profound cultivation is common around here. However, being able to defeat a profound practitioner at the late stage of the Divine Origin Realm without ever treading upon the divine way is something I have never heard of or seen before. I had doubts when I heard that he had defeated a Freezing Snow Hall disciple who was at the sixth level of the Divine Origin Realm three months ago but what I saw today far surpassed the rumors, deeply surprising me. That kind of talent is rarer than someone entering the Divine Soul Realm at the age of twenty.”

“Aside from his extraordinary looks and talent, although his actions are arrogant, unrestrained and excessively tyrannical, I could faintly sense a lordly aura from him which makes it such that one can’t help but admire him. Even though his profound strength is low right now, I’ve heard that he has yet to reach the age of thirty. Being able to reach his current cultivation before the age of thirty in the lower realms is already impressive. Now that he has come to our Snow Song Realm, his progress will surely increase greatly. If we add his astonishing innate talent into the mix, then it is possible for him to be able to shine in every aspect in the future. Who knows, he might be able to reach a level where he is no weaker than Junior Brother Yizhou. If that’s the case, it is unquestionably our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s good fortune to have another one of such talent.”

When Mu Hanyi finished talking, both Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu were deeply moved. If these words were said by anyone else, they probably would’ve laughed and ignored it. However, all of this was said by Mu Hanyi. When the duo heard the words “who knows, he might be able to reach a level where he is no weaker than Junior Brother Yizhou”, they knew it was said in a way which took care in saving Mu Yizhou face.

This meant that to Mu Hanyi, with the shocking talent Yun Che displayed today, there was an extremely high chance that he might enter Ice Phoenix Divine Palace in the future!

“Junior Brother Yizhou,” Mu Hanyi said with a solemn face. “I know that you definitely still have some issues with Junior Brother Yun Che and look down on both his cultivation and background but I must tell you this one thing. Even though Yun Che came from the lower realms, he is someone personally brought here by Palace Master Bingyun. We rarely hear anything about Palace Master Bingyun in our generation, let alone her almost smoke-like prestige but back in my Master’s era, Palace Master Bingyun was a transcendent existence second only to the sect master. Now that her body has recovered from her illness and her profound energy is restored, her status in the sect is completely different from the past. In the past, we would rarely hear anything about the name Bingyun but now, even the elders in the divine hall will have to show her some respect.”

“Inside the thirty six Ice Phoenix Palaces, all the other palace masters have three thousand disciples. However, there are only two disciples under Palace Master Bingyun and she hasn’t accepted any others yet, which means that she has no intention of recruiting any more disciples. This and the fact that over a period of several thousand years the only one she has brought back from the lower realms is Yun Che, clearly signifies that he is important to her. Though Yun Che is all alone here in the God Realm, Palace Master Bingyin’s protection far exceeds the huge family behind you. Therefore, it is best to not provoke him. This is also why he shows no cowardice before you. It’s best if you just forget about today’s matters for the time being.”

Mu Yizhou listened to every word of Mu Hanyi’s advice. He deeply bowed and said, “Senior Brother Hanyi’s prediction must be right. Yizhou has been enlightened. From now on, as long as he doesn’t provoke me, I definitely won’t go out of my way to provoke him.”

“Right right right! Today’s matter is originally just a simple misunderstanding. We will definitely be like Senior Brother Hanyi from now on and show more care for our new junior brothers and sisters.” Mu Luoqiu quickly nodded yet again, her eyes overflowing with splendor. “Senior Brother Hanyi, the big day when the sect master decides her direct disciple is in seven days. That person will certainly be you! When that time comes, our generation will be lead by you… just thinking about it makes me happy.”

But Mu Hanyi smiled while shaking his head. “Junior Sister Feixue far surpasses me in every aspect. With her there, I don’t have much confidence.”

“No way,” Mu Luoqiu quickly denied. “I heard that when the sect master starts selecting her direct disciples, the most important thing she cares about is innate talent and the comprehensive mastery of the laws of ice. Cultivation level is only secondary. If it weren’t for the fact that Senior Sister Feixue has the advantage in bloodline, she definitely wouldn’t win against you!”

Mu Hanyi chuckled, “Being able to become the sect master’s personal disciple is the greatest wish of my life. If I am fortunate enough to have my wish fulfilled, I will definitely thank the heavens. But if I lose against Junior Sister Feixue, I would also gladly accept that. In any case, I must thank Junior Sister Luoqiu for your blessing. When the time comes, I will certainly try my best. Oh, right, in seven days, it is not only disciples of the divine hall who will enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. All thirty six Ice Phoenix Palaces are allowed to bring one hundred of their best disciples to the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. I believe that we will meet again in seven days.”

“Ah?” Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu were both happily shocked and were somewhat disbelieving, “Really?”

“You two ought to receive the news sometime today. The reason why I came to the Freezing Snow Hall is also to inform Senior Sushan of this matter. I asked him to notify all the seniors within Freezing Snow Hall to also enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake when the time comes. The two of you must strive to focus on gathering energy, especially you, Junior Brother Yizhou. Entering the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake this time is a rare chance for you to break through to the Divine Tribulation Realm.”

“Yes, yes!” Mu Yizhou nodded continuously as his face flushed with excitement.


alyschu was here

Seven Divine Profound Realms: Divine Origin Realm → Divine Soul Realm → Divine Tribulation Realm → Divine Spirit Realm → Divine King Realm → Divine Sovereign Realm → Divine Master Realm → ???

Character Settings of Strange People (used to make a deeper impression): ↓

Yun Che: Male protagonist, the only human in the Primal Chaos world who possesses a Creation God rank inheritance (Evil God). Also the only freak to hold multiple divine powers, bloodlines and souls in his body. Came to the Realm of the Gods to find Jasmine. Currently only filled with thoughts about boosting his profound strength in the shortest amount of time possible so he can qualify to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm.

Feng Mo: New disciple of Freezing Snow Hall, also a profound practitioner from the lower realms like Yun Che. Premium soy sauce used to lure out Mu Hanyi.

Mu Xuanyin: Sect master of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, Realm King of the Snow Song Realm. Even though she was born in a middle star realm, her natural aptitude was extremely impressive, shocking the entire God Realm during Divine Tribulation Realm as she flawlessly went through four rounds of tribulation lightning. In the end, she became the only person to achieve the Divine Master Realm in all nine hundred thousand years of the Snow Song Realm’s history. Having succeeded as the Snow Song Realm King for over ten thousand years, she was immovable. She has a headstrong and heartless temperament, often destroying a dynasty with just one sentence. However, she also indulges and protects people she fancies without any bottom line to speak of. Furthermore… it is suspected that she has a little disassociative personality disorder.

Mu Bingyun: Younger sister of the Snow Song Realm King, Mu Xuanyin. Cultivating to become divine with all her heart, a pure mind without a speck of dust. She views everything with extreme indifference. After enduring the flame poison for a thousand years, life or death also stopped fazing her. Within those snow-like eyes that almost never change expressions, hides wisdom far surpassing ordinary people. She was also the first person who held a firm belief that Yun Che was destined to be extraordinary even after coming to the God Realm.

Mu Feixue: Youngest disciple of Ice Phoenix Divine Hall, granddaughter of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s great elder, direct inheritor of the Ice Phoenix bloodline. Publicly acknowledged as one of the two with the highest chances to become the Realm King’s direct inheriting disciple.

Mu Hanyi: The publicly acknowledged most outstanding male disciple. He was a great nation’s imperial prince located in the northern Snow Song Realm. Even though his cultivation is not as high as Mu Feixue, most believe that his aptitude is even above hers. Publicly acknowledged as one of the two with the highest chances to become the Realm King’s direct inheriting disciple.

Yun Che, “??? Why am I the only one not surnamed Mu?”

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