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Chapter 974 – Hanyi Amidst Fluttering Snow

The profound energy that erupted from Yun Che’s body was tyrannical and totally surpassed the boundaries of the Sovereign Profound Realm, shocking both Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu. However, to them, who were in the late stage of the Divine Soul Realm, this kind of strength wasn’t worth mentioning.

“You’re seeking death!”

In front of the “death seeking” Yun Che, Mu Yizhou didn’t even bother to move. He put his right hand behind him and casually made a clawing motion with his left. A current of cold energy then instantly enveloped Yun Che.

Even though this was only a wave of a hand from Mu Yizhou, it was still cold energy at the Divine Soul Realm. Even if someone at the tenth level of the Divine Origin Realm were to make contact with it, they would still get instantly frozen.

Beneath the frost energy, the airflow of the surrounding space completely halted. However, Yun Che, who was up ahead, directly charged through the cold energy. Forget about getting sealed by the cold energy, there wasn’t even an instant of pause in his dash.


Whether it be Mu Yizhou, Mu Luoqiu or Mu Xiaolan this scene surprised them greatly. How could Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu possibly bother focusing when dealing with Yun Che, a weakling who was inferior to them by several levels? As Yun Che suddenly closed in, Mu Yizhou suddenly acted after his instant of shock and directly grabbed at Yun Che. Mu Luoqiu also subconsciously pushed out with her palm, releasing a frontal blast of ice cold energy.

Yun Che, who was already fast in the first place, became even faster by several fold when he was fifteen meters away from the couple. The visions of the two siblings became a blur as Yun Che instantly split into five exact copies.

Boom boom!!

Two loud explosions rang as snow shot up to a height of three hundred meters. The astonishing current of air pushed the distant Mu Xiaolan and Feng Mo even further away. Amidst the airwave, five Yun Ches disintegrated, disappearing without a trace.

Mu Yizhou stood stunned at the same exact spot for half a breath before he fiercely turned around. Yun Che stood undamaged, not even sixty meters behind him with a faint sneer, grabbing onto the head of a certain person.

And the person he held was shockingly Liu Hang, the person behind them that they had been protecting!

Mu Luoqiu also turned around lightning quick at this time. The two stood stunned in place at the same time as their faces turned incomparably unsightly.

Mu Xiaolan and Feng Mo was also completely stupefied.

Yun Che had snatched Liu Hang from two Ice Phoenix Palace disciples of the highest level that were absolute late stage Divine Soul Realm experts, right before their very eyes… and he had done it openly at that!

“Ah… ah… ah…” Liu Hang, whose head was being grabbed onto by Yun Che, widened his eyes, simply unable to regain his senses.

“You both said that I was Ice Phoenix Palace’s joke and disgrace. If that’s the case, what are you guys, who got a person instantly stolen right before their eyes by this joke and disgrace?” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth curled as he made a scathing remark, “Unbearably stinky dog shit?”

“Yun Che, you are destroying the last vestige of mercy I have for you!” Outside of his shock, Mu Yizhou was also thoroughly enraged due to the humiliation. He took a step forward, his eyes fixed firmly on Yun Che as he fiercely stated, “So what if you took him? If you touch him one more…”



The sound of bone cracking sounded and then was followed by Liu Hang’s extremely frightful shriek. The crisp sound of his skull breaking beneath Yun Che’s fingers could be heard as several spurts of blood gushed from his head.

“Ahhh… ahhh… AHHHH!!” Being distinctly aware that one’s own skull was being crushed was a terror similar to instantly falling into hell. As though he had been scared stiff by a devil, Liu Hang desperately howled. His body jerked beneath the extreme terror, as though it was boneless.

“Little Hang!!” Mu Luoqiu paled in shock and even Mu Yizhou’s footsteps had faltered. Never in his dreams would he imagine that Yun Che would actually make a move… and it was a vicious skull crushing move. The other party was still an official disciple of Freezing Snow Hall—and he had done it in front of them.

“I touched him, what are you going to do?” Blood flowed from the cracks between Yun Che’s fingertips. Since the skull had already fractured, as long as he exerted some force, it was enough to shatter Liu Hang’s entire brain.

Yun Che was actually smiling as he did such a vicious thing. That sinister smile made their hearts turn cold.

“Yun Che… You.. You dare!!” Mu Yizhou’s voice trembled and even his body was slightly shivering. He had never encountered such ruthlessness and lack of hesitation during all the years he had been in Ice Phoenix Palace or even his entire life.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Yun Che still smiled, “Besides, I’ve already completely offended you and you even said that you wouldn’t let me off. Since that’s the case, I should just kill him to gain something from it.”

“Cousin… don’t… don’t… don’t come over…” Liu Hang’s soul had already flown out of his body. “He… He’ll do it… he’s a madman… don’t come over… don’t come over…”

“Yun Che… no, no. Senior Brother Yun… let me go… let me go… I won’t dare to do it anymore… I promise… I promise that my cousins won’t come after you… I promise!!! Cousins, save me… save me…”

“Big brother, what do we do? He… he…” Mu Luoqiu was also at a complete loss.

Mu Yizhou gritted his teeth but still did not advance or retreat. They could sense Yun Che’s terrifying expression and non-negotiable methods. If they made the slightest of actions without thought, he really might kill Liu Hang.

“Mu Yizhou,” Yun Che walked toward the siblings with his grip still on Liu Hang’s head. “When I disciplined this trash who bullied members of the same sect in your place, you should’ve thanked me and then I was going to call you senior brother. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful? Yet you insist acting like you’re all that. You say that I’m seeking death? Hah, Mu Yizhou, I definitely have the guts to kill Liu Hang but do you have the guts to kill me?”

“You…” Mu Yizhou almost shattered his teeth from gritting them too hard. He had been rendered speechless by a “lower realm trash” he didn’t even bother putting in his eyes.

This was because he really didn’t have the guts to kill Yun Che—even if Yun Che really did kill Liu Hang.

Although Yun Che’s profound strength was low and he was from the lower realms, the entire sect knew that he had been personally brought over from the lower realms by Mu Bingyun. This was also the first time Mu Bingyun had ever brought someone back from the lower realms. She had even personally come to Freezing Snow Hall three months ago to protect Yun Che and didn’t hesitate to denounce Mu Fengshu. It was clear that she viewed him as important.

And what kind of person was Mu Bingyun? She was the Great Realm King’s biological sister. One thousand years ago, she was a peerless expert at the middle stage of the Divine Sovereign Realm and the strongest out of all thirty six palace masters. Whether it be her prestige, status or strength, there was no equal. It could be said that in the entire Snow Song Realm she was number two, right below the Great Realm King.

Ever since the depression a thousand years ago, Mu Bingyun rarely appeared in public since she could’ve died any time due to the toxin. However, everyone in the sect now knew that she had somehow miraculously recovered. It wouldn’t be long until she recovered back to the Palace Master Bingyun of a thousand years ago, whose might towered over the entire Snow Song Realm. The disciples under her were only Mu Xiaolan and Yun Che… Toward Yun Che, who was taken under her wing, although Mu Yizhou dared to lecture him, even if he had ten times the courage, he wouldn’t dare to actually deal a murderous blow.

Yun Che’s hand tightly gripped onto Liu Hang’s skull like an iron hook. From the sneer on his face, anyone was able to tell that it resembled a demon’s evil grin.

In the eyes of all his enemies, Yun Che had always been a ruthless person. Whether it be Liu Hang or Mu Yizhou he bore either deep grudge or hatred for either yet he was this unreasonably tyrannical and acted this cruel and merciless…This was because he “knew he had backing” and also wanted to vent a little.

He had followed Mu Bingyun to the Snow Song Realm in order to follow the Snow Song Realm King into the Eternal Heaven Realm so he could get the chance to see Jasmine once more. However, the Voice of Eternal Heaven had ruthlessly shattered his hopes. To him, the three words “Divine Tribulation Realm” was an incomparably cruel joke. Three months ago, he had forcibly consumed the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet and desperately cultivated soon after. Throughout all that, he had been holding back an extremely heavy resentment.

And Liu Hang just happened to be unfortunate enough to become the target of his venting.

And the person who had been forced to go back on their word was the Snow Song Realm’s Realm King!

He had saved the life of the Snow Song Realm King’s sister, yet she was unable to hold to the promise of bringing him to the Eternal Heaven Realm. He was incredibly dejected and there was no reason why he shouldn’t take advantage of this backing!

“Why is there so much noise, in this corner that is usually so quiet, that even the falling snow takes care as it descends? But how could being able to meet here by chance not be a wonderful surprise?”

Right when the situation had completely gone out of control, an inconceivably warm voice that resembled the spring wind melting snow, lightly fluttered over. At this moment, even the falling snow couldn’t help but slow their descent. The originally tense, suffocating atmosphere also seemed to have been brushed away by an invisible force that resemble a light breeze and silently eased.

“This voice… ah!” Mu Xiaolan quietly mumbled, then cried out in shock as she covered her mouth with her hand.

A tall figure slowly walked over from within the sky filled with fluttering snow. Donned in a white robe that surpassed the snow itself, he had a perfectly handsome jade face. His walk was light and unhurried, as though he was treading on clouds. Wherever he went, the fluttering snow would quietly fly away, as though it was unwilling to disturb him.

It seemed as though he had walked out from a painting. His smile was lighthearted but its beauty made the sky, filled with fluttering snow, lose color. Even those of the same gender would become absent-minded.

Even Yun Che’s gaze had uncontrollably stalled on him for a short period of time—he was beautiful to the point of making a man jealous (almost second to himself). He had the grace of flying snow and his formless natural aura completely exceeded the scope of ordinary people. It was as though he had been born above the clouds so all living creatures could look up at him.

“Ah! Senior Brother Hanyi… it really is Senior Brother Hanyi! Ahh!!”

Mu Luoqiu, who was tense and filled with hatred, let out an exaggerated cry. Both her hands covered her face in excitement as her eyes that overflowed with pleasant surprise nearly emitted light… It was as though she was a mortal girl seeing the prince of her dreams. Even the situation before her, even Liu Hang’s little life that was still in Yun Che’s hands, had been completely tossed out of her mind.

Senior Brother Hanyi?

Mu Hanyi!?

Mu Hanyi, the person Mu Xiaolan practically worshiped, the person she stated to be the most outstanding disciple of Ice Phoenix Divine Hall, the one who was most likely to become one of the Realm King’s direct disciples!?

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