ATG – Chapter 973

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Chapter 973 – Extreme Hatred


A human figure suddenly dropped down like from the sky like a meteorite, causing the entire ground to tremble.

The tall young man was more than eight feet tall with a bulky stature and eyebrows as thick as black ink. When he came, he brought along a heavy, almost suffocating suppression. He landed beside Liu Hang, yet did not spare one glance at Yun Che and the others as he directly bent over to check Liu Hang’s injuries.

“Cousin…” Liu Hang said with a sobbing tone of voice. He stopped his previous trembling, then struggled to turn his body to point at Yun Che. “It’s him! He’s Yun Che! He’s the one who injured me this badly!”

“Mu… Mu… Mu Yizhou!” Mu Xiaolan paled. The moment she recognized Liu Hang, she was aware of the gravity of the problem. She didn’t expect that the huge trouble would come so quick, giving her no time to react.

“Ah! He… He’s…” Feng Mo was shocked in place. The First Ice Phoenix Palace’s head disciple… to all newly entered Freezing Snow Hall disciples, that was a mountainous existence.

Yun Che. “…”

This bulky male with an astonishing aura was actually Liu Hang’s cousin… head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace—Mu Yizhou!

Mu Yizhou reached out a hand and an icy cold glowing light immediately enveloped Liu Hang’s leg, easing his injury. Then, his brows sank when he looked at Liu Hang’s shoulder, he muttered, “He’s actually this ruthless, hmph.”

“That Yun Che… he’s simply a madman!” Liu Hang cried angrily, “He didn’t just injure me to such a state, he even…”

“Enough! “Mu Yizhou said in a deep voice, “Is your current state not embarrassing enough!?”

“No, cousin, you don’t understand!” Liu Hang said in fright. “He didn’t just injure me to such a state, he doesn’t… doesn’t even put us in his eyes! I told him your name and status but he still didn’t release me. Instead… he was about to cripple me just now. He even… even asked what the heck Mu Yizhou was.”

“What!?” Mu Yizhou’s expression instantly darkened. The other party knowingly injuring Liu Hang while knowing his identity was completely different than if he didn’t.

“Yes, that’s… that’s exactly what he said,” Di Kui who was still at the side also hurriedly agreed. “Senior Brother Yizhou, it’s fine if we suffer such a humiliation but he didn’t even put you in his eyes and even said such humiliating words. Senior Brother Yizhou, you can’t let him off.”

Mu Xiaolan was scared witless when she heard that. She asked Yun Che in a small, alarmed voice, “Did… you really say that?”

Yun Che held both hands at his chest and snorted, not bothering to reply. He said to Feng Mo behind him, “Feng Mo, you can leave first.”

Even though Feng Mo’s face looked terrible and he was extremely frightened, he still resolutely shook his head. It was also at this time that Mu Yizhou slowly got up, his dull gaze becoming as solid as a heavy mountain, causing the hearts of both Feng Mo and Mu Xiaolan to suddenly stop. They subconsciously took a step back.

This was the deterrence experienced when the strong looked down on the weak. Even though Mu Xiaolan was also an Ice Phoenix disciple, she entered as a concession and was on a completely different level from Mu Yizhou, who was a head disciple.

“Yun Che?” Mu Yizhou’s eyes narrowed, his dangerous gaze tinted with ridicule. “I’ve been hearing this name a lot recently, hm. I heard that on the first day you arrived in Ice Phoenix Realm, you relied on the protection of Palace Master Bingyun and were arrogant enough to dare offend Hall Master Fengshu. And now, you’re arrogant enough to dare mess with me!?”

Mu Xiaolan quickly answered, “Senior Brother Yizhou, it’s not how you think it is, it’s Junior Brother Liu Hang who…”

“I don’t care about that!” Mu Yizhou roughly interrupted Mu Xiaolan. He was naturally well aware of what kind of trash Liu Hang was. But no matter the reason, someone only at the Sovereign Profound Realm and even a lower realm profound practitioner at that, actually dared to go against his name and injure Liu Hang to such a state. Ever since he entered Ice Phoenix Palace, there had never been anyone who would dare to not respect him. How could he willingly let that go?

“I only see the massive amount of injuries on my cousin right now. Don’t you guys have to give me an accounting?”

“Aren’t you saying this in the wrong order?” Yun Che said dully in the face of Mu Yizhou’s frightening gaze. “Your cousin Liu Hang maliciously stole the resources of the other disciples in Freezing Snow Hall. He even injured the other party and then was caught by me. As an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple, I obviously had to take action. Liu Hang’s current condition is what he justifiably deserves, there is nothing wrong with that. As Liu Hang’s older cousin, if you are ashamed that you were unable discipline him well, you should be sincerely apologizing to the junior brothers Liu Hang bullied and give them compensation. Then if you take Liu Hang away and sternly restrict him, it is even possible for me to respectfully call you senior brother. However, instead of being ashamed right now, you are even being outright aggressive and asking us for an accounting.”

Yun Che coldly laughed, “Hah, oh wait. If he didn’t have you, his cousin, as a backer, how could Liu Hang possible dare to run unbridled in Freezing Snow Hall? I guess in the end, trash is related to trash. If the First Ice Phoenix Palace’s head disciple really is this kind of rash, then that’s really tragic.”

Yun Che stunned Mu Yizhou and almost caused Mu Xiaolan’s heart to leap out of her chest. She hurriedly pulled Yun Che back and quickly said as she stood in front of him, “Senior Brother Yizhou, Yun Che is… h-h-he just came to the Ice Phoenix Realm so he doesn’t understand anything, nor does he know about your status. Besides… besides, he has brain problems so you shouldn’t lower yourself to argue with him. A-a-about today’s matter, I’ll immediately report it to Master and definitely give Senior Brother and Junior Brother Liu Hang an accounting.”

“Hmph, have I not made myself clear? Liu Hang only has himself to blame! I used so much energy to discipline him! It’s fine if he doesn’t thank me but on what basis does he have to demand an accounting from me?” Yun Che said with a cold snort.

“Y-you… why haven’t you shut up!” Mu Xiaolan really wanted to kick him flying right now. There were no profound practitioners from the lower realm who did not restrain themselves upon arriving to the God Realm. They were ever so cautious but Yun Che… outdid them all.

He was in front of the head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace! Being able to become the head disciple of an Ice Phoenix Palace in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was absolutely enough to tower over the entire Snow Song Realm. He was sure to become a hegemon that could shake the entire realm in the future. Even the reigning powers within the various domains and countries of Snow Song Realm would be respectful before him.

Could it be possible that he… really did have brain problems? Mu Xiaolan groaned inwardly.


A female’s reckless laughter sounded from above the skies as a female figure slowly landed. “A kid from the lower realms actually dares to be this arrogant in front of big brother, he really does have some brain problems. Hehehe.”

When he heard this voice, Liu Hang was pleased yet again as he shouted, “Cousin!”

“S-Senior Sister Luoqiu.” Mu Xiaolan became dumbstruck once more.

The female gently landed beside Mu Yizhou. Wearing an ice phoenix robe, she was a beautiful tall woman who looked to be around thirty. Her slightly slanted eyes carried deep arrogance and dominance.

Mu Yizhou shot her a glance, “What are you doing here?”

“I saw big brother hurriedly enter a teleportation formation so I was wondering what huge thing had happened. I just happened to have nothing to do so I followed you to check it out but I never expected that I would find such an interesting scene.”

Mu Luoqiu stooped down to examine Liu Hang’s injuries and then her brows instantly sank. “It must have been pretty brutal if his injuries are this heavy. Little Hang, don’t worry. Whoever injured you will have injuries that are at least ten times heavier than yours.”

“Cousin, you… can’t let him off,” Liu Hang loudly said with a pained face.

Mu Luoqiu stood up, her sweeping gaze instantly turning into two streaks of ice cold light when she turned to face Mu Xiaolan and Yun Che. “Not only did you guys act viciously toward a member of our Liu Family, you even dare to speak nonsense before my big brother. You guys from the thirty sixth palace sure are promising, huh.”

“Thirty sixth palace?” Mu Yizhou sneered, “For several hundred years now, there have only been thirty five palaces. Our Ice Phoenix Palace isn’t something any random person can enter! The so-called thirty sixth palace… heh. It looks like it’s only a humiliating joke!”

“H-How can you say that!?” Those words were not only targeting Yun Che but also the entire thirty sixth palace, which meant that it involved Mu Bingyun. Mu Xiaolan instantly flushed red from anger.

“Am I wrong?” Mu Yizhou’s smile became even more disdainful. Your so-called thirty sixth palace originally only had you as the sole disciple and that’s fine but now it has an additional person from the lower realms. Not only is his cultivation level a joke, he is also a lowly moron who is unable to appreciate favors and enjoys seeking death. If it’s not our Ice Phoenix Palace’s disgrace, then what is it?”

“Big brother can’t say it like that,” Mu Luoqiu said with a laugh. “Even though this Yun brat truly does have cultivation at the Sovereign Profound Realm like what the rumors say, him being able to injure Little Hang to such a state means that he has some skill. Oh? I remember the rumors say that he was at the middle stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm… it looks like they were mistaken.”

“Hmph!” To them, there was no difference between the Sovereign Profound Realm’s middle stage and the late stage. Mu Yizhou lifted his gaze and slowly said with a terrifying gloom in his voice, “Mu Xiaolan, today’s matter has nothing to do with you, so you’d better leave quick. As for Yun Che… heh, don’t worry. He’s still a disciple Palace Master Bingyun personally accepted. On behalf of Palace Master Bingyun, I’ll leave him with half a breath left.”

“No!” Mu Xiaolan blocked Yun Che’s front and pleaded, “Senior Brother Yizhou, Yun Che has only just arrived here so he really doesn’t know anything. You are a senior brother with high standing in Ice Phoenix Palace, so… be as magnanimous as your station and don’t lower yourself to his level. I’ll… I’ll immediately make him apologize to you and Junior Brother Liu Hang.”

“Hah, too late!” Mu Yizhou sneered, his palm also slowly tightening into a fist. “Just based on what he said to me earlier, he shouldn’t even think about leaving!”

“W-Wait!” Feng Mo held his arm and staggered up. “Senior brother and sister, this all happened because of me. Senior Brother Yun Che accidentally injured Senior Brother Liu Hang because of me too. If you want to vent, just vent on me. This has nothing to do with Se…”

“The hell are you?” Mu Luoqiu’s gaze slanted to the side. “Since when did you get to talk?”

Feng Mo was instantly stunned and lost his voice.

“Move.” Yun Che actually pushed Mu Xiaolan aside and directly faced Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu. “You want to leave me with half a breath left? I’m afraid you don’t have what it takes!”

“Yun Che! You big dummy!” Mu Xiaolan was near tears. “Senior Brother Yizhou is at the tenth level of the Divine Soul Realm while Senior Sister Luoqiu is at the eighth. Them dealing with you is simply as eas.. eas… What should we do, what should we do!?”

“Hah, he really is a complete moron.” Mu Yizhou found it beneath him to even laugh. He tilted his head. “Luoqiu, I’ll leave him to you. A lower realm moron at the Sovereign Profound Realm… will dirty my hands.”

“Oh big brother, you.” Mu Luoqiu turned around and said unhurriedly, “We females are even more afraid of dirtying our hands. Can’t you be considerate.”

“Tsk, I don’t have so many worries like you guys. My hands aren’t afraid of getting dirty at all.” Yun Che actually let out a strange cold laugh. The profound energy in his entire body then erupted instantly, releasing a scarlet profound light. His entire person had become a streak of a swift and violent flowing light as he charged at Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu.

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