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Chapter 972 – Mu Yizhou

“Se… Se… Senior Brother Yun Che…” Watching Yun Che actually stepping on Liu Hang’s leg and breaking it, Feng Mo, who was just about to stand up, fell back down onto his knees. He was so shocked that his eyeballs almost popped out of his eye sockets, he couldn’t even stop stuttering when he was talking.

Yun Che’s words made Liu Hang’s pupils instantly shrink to the size of a needle. The devilish cold laughter, the extreme pain in his leg and the sound of his bones breaking made him realize clearly that the Yun Che in front of him was the one who crippled the Main Hall Master’s nephew and Ji Hanfeng, right in front of the Main Hall Master.

It wasn’t defeat or serious injuries… Whether it was Li Mingcheng or Ji Hanfeng, both had been directly crippled and were rumored to have no chance of recovery. His actions were so vicious they could make one’s hair stand on end.

And the extremely vicious person who did that was stepping on him!

It was at this moment that he finally realized an incredibly scary fact… Someone who would dare to cripple the Main Hall Master’s nephew, why would he not dare to cripple him for real!?

True terror wildly grew within his heart as the trembling of his body under the acute pain transformed into fearful shudders. He reached out a hand, touched the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade on his shoulder and hissed in fear, “Cousin… save me… someone wants to kill me… save me… save me!! Ahh!!

Yun Che stomped his palms into the snow and said coldly, “I will say it again, give us all of the Snowsilk Seeds you have or else…”

“I’ll give it… I’ll give it to you…”

Liu Hang was afraid, truly afraid. While enduring the pain in his leg, not even daring to circulate profound energy to suppress it, he touched his Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade, took out four Snowsilk Seeds, then held them out before Yun Che with a face full of terror.

Yun Che did not reach out to take it. He coldly laughed, “Liu Hang, it seems like your ears don’t work very well. I said all of the Snowsilk Seeds you have on you but you only take out these few in order to dismiss me. If you are not obedient, the consequences will be quite severe, you know.”

“No… no.” Liu Hang shook his head in fright. “I only had so few in the first place. I really have only this much on me…”

“Senior Brother Yun Che,” Feng Mo also hurriedly answered. “We disciples of Freezing Snow Hall only receive one Snowsilk Seed every three months and we usually use them the instant we get them. Four of them is an entire year’s worth so it’s already a lot…”


Feng Mo had yet to finish his sentence when a miserable shriek suddenly resounded. Yun Che’s foot fiercely stepped on Liu Hang’s leg, ruthlessly breaking his leg bone.

“Now do you want to hand over all the Snowsilk Seeds on you?” Yun Che slowly asked as he looked down at Liu Hang’s face which was twisted in pain.

“I… I really… only… have this much… Even if you kill me… I won’t have… any more…” Each of Liu Hang’s words were accompanied by deep pain as his entire body spasmed.

“Heh,” Yun Che smirked. “It looks like you won’t cry until you see your coffin, huh.”

Yun Che reached out and a broken sword piece flew over from the snowy ground into his hand. Pinched between his fingers, the sharp broken blade was then slowly lowered to the space right in front of his lower abdomen before Liu Hang’s instantly enlarged eyes. “Let me help you properly remember this one last time. Do you have any other Snowsilk Seeds on you or not? If you remember correctly, then that’s good. But if you don’t… you’ll have to live as a cripple in this lifetime.”

Looking at the broken blade that was only half an inch away from his own stomach, Liu Hang’s face instantly lost all of its color and became pale. He did not fear other people’s threats, because at the Freezing Snow Hall, no one had the guts to really cripple an official disciple of the Freezing Snow Hall. But the person in front of him… was the one who even dared to cripple the Main Hall Master’s nephew in front of everyone!

Yun Che was a lunatic that didn’t even hesitate to break his legs when he mentioned the reputable name of “Mu Yizhou!”

“No… no no… don’t… I remember, I remember!!” Liu Hang was frightened out of his wits. He reached towards the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade and took out twenty-nine Snowsilk Seeds altogether. His hands were already trembling like crazy, as soon as he took out the Snowsilk Seeds, he had spilled them all over the ground.

Along with the four from before, there were a total of thirty-three Snowsilk Seeds.

Feng Mo’s mouth was wide open and he was completely speechless.

“This… is all of them… it’s really all of them…” After turning over those Snowsilk Seeds, it was as if the strength in his entire body was sucked dry. He was limp on the floor and could only make trembling begging sounds.

Some of these Snowsilk Seeds were for himself to use and the others were all to curry favor with the Vice Hall Master, discipline deacon, and so on… It was like this every year.

“Heh, looks like you’ve done plenty of shady deals.” Yun Che swept his hand out and grabbed all of the Snowsilk Seeds. The finger that was pinching the broken blade flicked, a cold light flashed, and the broken blade violently stabbed into Liu Hang’s left arm, piercing a hole in his bone.

A blood-curdling scream like a pig was being butchered sounded. By then, Yun Che had already turned around without even bothering to give Liu Hang another look and walked towards Di Kui.

Yun Che’s viciousness and Liu Hang’s miserable condition made Di Kui so scared that his guts were about to rupture, when he suddenly saw Yun Che turned toward himself, Di Kui’s soul almost flew out in an instant. He fell on the ground and took out all of the Snowsilk Seeds with his fastest speed from his Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade and yelled, “These are all of my Snowsilk Seeds… I really only have this much, please let me go… let me go, I will never dare to do something like this again.”

If even Liu Hang was in such a miserable condition, how would Di Kui dare to take any chances?

Yun Che took the six Snowsilk Seeds that Di Kui turned over and then stepped on his left arm.


Di Kui held onto his arm and rolled around in the snow in pain. Yun Che turned around and said with his eyes slanted, “Liu Hang, you should learn from your sidekick. If you had obeyed earlier, you wouldn’t have to suffer as much.”

Liu Hang was on the ground with his whole body twitching. He didn’t even dare to talk back, he just hoped that this nightmare would end soon.

Yun Che walked back to Feng Mo, who was still in shock, and stuffed all thirty-nine Snowsilk Seed into his hands. “This is what they gave you as a compensation. If you think it’s not enough, then just go up there and break some of their arms and legs.”

Thirty-nine Snowsilk Seeds… This was no doubt an enormous amount of resources for the disciple of Freezing Snow Hall.

He was obviously satisfied with the consequence Liu Hang and Di Kui received but other than feeling pleased, he was more terrified, because Yun Che was far too bold and vicious. He began to pity Liu Hang and Di Kui.

“No, I can’t…” Holding the bunch of Snowsilk Seeds, Feng Mo didn’t know what to do.

“I said it already, this is what they gave you as compensation. This is what you deserve, it does not affect me. Also, I probably won’t have any use for it,” Yun Che said with a smile.

Feng Mo shook his head and said quickly, “The Snowsilk Seed is just a small matter but… Senior Brother Yun Che, not only did you save me, you avenged me and with this many Snowsilk Seeds it’s even… but, but if it’s true that Liu Hang’s cousin is the head disciple of an Ice Phoenix Palace, then… then things will take a turn for the worse! Hurry and leave here now, it is very possible that Liu Hang has already send a sound transmission to his cousin, just now.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Yun Che said unconcernedly, “I am after all an official disciple of an Ice Phoenix Palace too and my palace master is especially caring to me. As a disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace, it’s impossible for them to do anything to me. Moreover, they are the ones who were in the wrong first, they deserve their punishment.”


“Little Junior Brother, what are you doing here!”

Just as Feng Mo was about to say something, a young girl’s voice that sounded like she was in a hurry came from behind.

Mu Xiaolan landed from the sky and suddenly saw the two people in the snow, one covered in blood and one rolling around screaming and she was stunned.

“Senior Sister,” Feng Mo immediately greeted.

“Isn’t this Xiaolan… cough, I mean Senior Sister. How did you know that I was here, you are not just conveniently passing by here right?” Yun Che said in confusion.

Mu Xiaolan said in an annoyed tone, “Don’t you feel embarrassed asking? Since you’ve entered Ice Phoenix Palace, you have not collected your monthly allocation for three months in a row. Master ordered me to collect it for you and even asked me to deliver it to you, but I found that you were not in the cultivation room, so I followed the aura of your Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade here. What exactly happened here? What’s the matter with these two?”

Followed the aura of my Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade? There was this kind of function for the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade?

“Senior Sister Xiaolan,” Feng Mo remembered Mu Xiaolan’s name and immediately explained for Yun Che, “The two of them are in the same hall as me and they tried to rob the Snowsilk Seed that I had just collected. I refused to give it to them and so they attacked me and even broke my arm. Fortunately Senior Brother Yun Che came here just in time and punished them for me.”

As he explained, Feng Mo showed her the injuries on his body.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. What repulsive people those two are. Still, Junior Brother Yun Che, you have gone overboard. You should’ve just chased them away and reported this to Freezing Snow Hall’s discipline deacon. Your excessive actions may very well bring you trouble,” Mu Xiaolan scolded Yun Che out of habit.

“…” Yun Che curled his lips and didn’t bother to respond. Feng Mo shrugged a little, he wanted to say something but he bit his tongue.

“You!” Yun Che’s careless attitude triggered Mu Xiaolan as she puffed out her cheeks. She turned her face looking towards Liu Hang who was covered in blood and said worriedly, “Did you cripple someone again like three months ago… AH!?”

Mu Xiaolan’s voice suddenly stopped and her pretty eyes widened instantly, “Liu… Liu Hang!?”

“Oh? You know this person?” Yun Che said with his eyes slanted.

“He… he… he…” Mu Xiaolan’s expression completely changed and she was even stuttering when she spoke, “He is Liu Hang… his cousin, is… is Mu Yizhou of the First Ice Phoenix Palace and his other cousin, is Mu Luoqiu of the Thirteenth Ice Phoenix Palace. He… you…”

“Oh… so what?” Yun Che snorted softly.

“Y-y-you… you big idiot!” Mu Xiaolan was so anxious that her heart was feeling numb. She stomped her foot and wished she could yell at Yun Che. “Did you know that his cousin Mu Yizhou is the head disciple of the first palace!? That’s the strongest disciple in the first palace! He is now at the tenth level of the Divine Soul Realm! The kind that can kill you using just a single finger! He could probably even qualify to participate in the Profound God Convention in three years. His other cousin Mu Luoqiu in the thirteenth palace is also someone who can be in the top hundred. They are both from one big family and have a lot of power in the west of the Snow Song Realm and they are in a mutual relationship with the Ice Phoenix Realm, I can’t believe you actually… you actually…”

Mu Xiaolan hurriedly grabbed onto Yun Che’s sleeves. “Anyway, let’s first leave here quickly and go find master! Or else, if Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu finds out, then…”

“Heh, isn’t it a little late to leave now?”

A voice that was deep and malicious suddenly came from above. Hearing this voice, Mu Xiaolan who was in a panic was suddenly stunned in place with her small face pale.

Liu Hang, who was paralyzed on the ground, reacted as though he had heard the calls of a deity. He struggled and screamed, “Cousin, I’m here… Cousin!”

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