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Chapter 969 – Desperately Cultivating

Relying on the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet, Yun Che’s profound strength increased greatly in a short amount of time. The profound energy in his body was in a restless turmoil but this was an inevitable side effect.

Yun Che summoned his Heaven Smiting Sword and grabbed onto the handle of the sword with both of his hands, but the blade still fell abruptly, heavily smashing to the ground.

Even though his profound strength had increased, it was still difficult to control the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword which reached almost five million kilograms in its normal state.

Yun Che focused his eyes, opened “Purgatory,” and his profound energy wildly surged. He wielded the Heaven Smiting Sword fiercely and under the terrifying force of the sword, the airflow in the space in front was instantly eliminated. Yun Che roared loudly and then his whole body ignited the Golden Crow Divine Flames. He wielded the Heaven Smiting Sword with all of his power and everywhere he pointed with the blade burst into a disastrous sea of flames.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom…

The temperature in the cultivation room increased drastically. When the ice mist dispersed, the ice spirits quickly disappeared in panic. Following the last flame burst, Yun Che fell on his knees and his Heaven Smiting Sword fell heavily onto the ground, almost falling out of his hands.

Sixty-seventh strike!

The promotion of three small realms allowed him to strike his Heaven Smiting Sword sixty-seven times in his “Purgatory” state and his Golden Crow flames. This was already an extremely great improvement. If he faced Ji Hanfeng now, even if he did not forcefully open Rumbling Heaven, he was confident enough to defeat him.

But this kind of improvement was still far, far too miniscule in the light of his far-fetched goal.

“If… I can wield and control the Heaven Smiting Sword as I wish in my normal state…” Yun Che said to himself in a low voice as he tried to catch his breath.

Normal state…

He lifted his head and he suddenly remembered the spatial storm under the Primordial Profound Ark back then… and the leaping change in the strength of his body and profound strength in the spatial storm.

Later on he found out that the original spatial storm came from the Primordial Profound Ark traveling through space and the spatial storm that kept on becoming stronger was an intentional interference by Jasmine… the purpose of it was to tear his limit over and over again.

Every one of his “rebirth” after tearing his limits was yet another breakthrough.

Tear… limits…

A strange light suddenly flashed deep inside Yun Che’s eyes.

He stood up and took out a piece of stone that was flickering like a star in the shape of a square from the Sky Poison Pearl—the Starpicker Stone given to him by Mu Sushan.

Yun Che leaped softly up onto the Starpicker Stone. He slowly sat down and a refreshing flow of air suddenly came out of the Starpicker Stone and covered his whole body. It made him feel more energized and he felt a little less tired than before.

This kind of air flow might be unfamiliar and mysterious to other people but Yun Che knew very well what it was… because it was clearly worldly energy!

Its function was actually to gather the energy of heaven and earth!

The descriptions that Yun Che heard earlier about the Starpicker Stone made him think that its function was to accelerate the circulation of profound energy. He didn’t expect it to be able to gather the energy of heaven and earth… It was indeed a magical stone that was formed by bathing in starlight!

This discovery made Yun Che extremely excited. He immediately became focused and started channeling the Great Way of the Buddha.

The worldly spiritual energy in the God Realm was already many times purer and thicker than in the lower realms. Adding the Starpicker Stone’s magical ability to gather power to that, the energy of heaven and earth that was flowing into Yun Che’s body was like a flood, quickly recovering his emptied profound energy.

After thirty minutes, Yun Che opened his eyes.

His emptied profound energy was completely recovered in a short thirty minutes!

This kind of speed was so shocking that it could almost be capable of shaking both the heavens and the earth and was enough to stun a strong practitioner like Mu Sushan.

Leaping off the Starpicker Stone, Yun Che grabbed onto his Heaven Smiting Sword once again and the expression in his eyes suddenly became fierce and decisive.

“Rumbling Heaven!!”


The exploding sound of profound energy was so loud, as if mountains had collapsed and the overloading power stirred the air flow in the entire cultivation room into chaos. It was as if Yun Che turned into a beast in fury. He wildly swung his Heaven Smiting Sword, creating a destructive nightmare-like stormwind.

There was a shockingly loud sound and the floor of the cultivation room suddenly exploded with shattered rocks flying everywhere. By the second strike, the floor was directly lifted up. By the third strike, the shattered rocks that were in the air just now were all reduced to tiny powder.

Even though it was merely three strikes, wounds were already appearing on Yun Che’s arms and blood was seeping out. However, Yun Che had no intention of stopping at all, the expression in his eyes was still as fierce as a direwolf. By the fourth strike, scarlet-red flames lit up on the Heaven Smiting Sword. When it was swung out, the few kilometers of area in front of it was instantly transformed into a deadly sea of flames.

Boom! Boom!! Boom——

Every strike was struck with all of his power; every strike was as if he was facing his arch enemy.

After a whole seven strikes, Yun Che finally groaned, his profound energy completely drained. The Heaven Smiting Sword flew out of his hand and he kneeled heavily on the ground. His entire body was shaking non-stop, a few hundred traces of blood were coming out of different parts of his body and quickly spread everywhere.

“Rumbling Heaven” was absolutely not something he could control right now. From the seven strikes that he did using all of his power in the state of “Rumbling Heaven,” the burden that he had to endure was expected. Yun Che’s body at the moment was in excruciating pain, all of the bones in his body were as if they were all broken, all of his muscles were twitching violently and close to thirty percent of his meridians were all broken.

“Cough… cough cough…” Yun Che held himself up with his hand on the floor and coughed up some blood.

If someone else were to take this kind of damage, they would have been half dead already.

Furthermore, it would also be an unrecoverable injury to their profound veins.

Yun Che was paralyzed on the floor for a while, then he finally moved his body, with difficulty, towards the Starpicker Stone. As he moved, blood trailed behind his body.

Even though his body was spasming in extreme pain, his eyes revealed an almost twisted excitement. When his hand touched the Starpicker Stone, he didn’t have any more strength to move at all. Even his breath became extremely weak.

Just like this…

Just like this… tearing my limits… the feeling of being near death!

Yun Che actually started laughing. He was paralyzed there for a while, suddenly he gritted his teeth and roared deeply as rolled himself onto the Starpicker Stone. He sat still with difficulty, in a twisted posture and started channeling the Great Way of the Buddha. Under the magical power of the Starpicker Stone, the energy of heaven and earth quickly gathered and flowed towards Yun Che, recovering his body and profound veins.

This time it was completely different than before. He had just exhausted his profound energy earlier but this time his body was injured severely and his profound energy was seriously overdrafted.

Back when he was facing the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign at the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, the consequence of forcefully opening Rumbling Heaven was that he had to use an entire week to make a complete recovery.

He was probably the only person in the whole world who could recover completely from such a state and not leave any residual effects. If it was someone else, not to mention recovering, it would be a miracle just to survive. Even if one could survive, they would end up having their body and profound veins crippled.

And this time…

After two hours, Yun Che’s cheeks were no longer pale and were slowly turning back to red.

After four hours, his breaths became extremely stable.

After eight hours… Yun Che slowly opened his eyes, a light that didn’t show any signs of weakness flashing in them.

In a short period of eight hours, his wounds and profound energy were completely recovered!


Yun Che leaped down from the Starpicker Stone and when he landed, he was already holding the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hands once again and berzerk air waves were once again released from his body.

Having recovered from the nightmare consequences of “Rumbling Heaven” from earlier, he opened “Rumbling Heaven” once again.

His strength instantly became incredible, the five million kilogram Heaven Smiting Sword was especially light in his hands but at the same time. The cells in his body were all trembling under the heavy pressure, as if they would burst at any moment.

The expression in Yun Che’s eyes was fierce. Having condensed all of his willpower on the Heaven Smiting Sword, he slashed forward with all his might… Every time he opened Rumbling Heaven, he would push himself near death. With every strike he put all of his strength in, it brought him a step closer to the abyss of death.

He was risking his life; forcefully taking the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet was risking his life and he was still risking his life now. The reason he was trying so hard was only for a chance to see Jasmine again.

Because it was Jasmine, it was worth everything he had. Even if all of it was just for a mere chance to see her.


The Heaven Smiting Sword flew out far away and Yun Che fell on the floor once again. His body trembled from the pain and a pool of blood spread from under his body.

This time, it was still seven strikes but the last strike was with the support of flames, it was “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” that consumed the most energy and it collapsed almost all of the blood veins and meridians in both of his arms, especially his right arm, from which blood was shooting out like a fountain.

His eyesight became blurry, his entire body was in pain and he couldn’t stop himself from quickly becoming unconscious. He bit his tongue and tried to not let himself pass out. Then he dragged the body that no longer felt like his own towards the Starpicker Stone.

“Hah… I can… keep going… I know… I can…”

Barely hanging onto his final breath, Yun Che climbed back onto the Starpicker Stone and entered the recovery state once again.

If the same thing happened to some other profound practitioners, even if it didn’t cripple their body and profound veins entirely, most of it would be crippled after having done it just one time.

With the body of the Dragon God, the recovery ability of the Rage God and the profound veins of the Evil God… Yun Che was the only person in the world who could risk his life training like this.

After an hour, Yun Che recovered once again. The first instant he left the Starpicker Stone, he opened Rumbling Heaven once again…

In the state of Rumbling Heaven, his profound energy would be completely emptied in a very short period of time and he would be heavily wounded, on the brink of death. If he wasn’t careful or if his will collapsed and couldn’t recover in time, there was an extreme possibility that he would die on the spot.

Back then, on the Primordial Profound Ark, he experienced more pressure on his body and a smaller pressure on his profound energy.

This time however, the pressure on both of his body and his profound veins was immense.

The cultivation room was transformed into a scene of devastation. Under the destructive power left by the Heaven Smiting Sword, even its self-repairing speed seemed to have become a bit slow. Yun Che continued to forcefully open Rumbling Heaven, release power until he was near death and relied on the Starpicker Stone and the power of Rage God to recover, then he would open Rumbling Heaven again only to recover… again…

Again and again, one day after another, one month after another, in an endless cycle.

An enormous pain, desperation and the terrifying risk of dying hung over him all this time. He seemed as if he didn’t care about anything else and suddenly became a madman who had been possessed and cultivated like crazy with an inhumane and cruel method.

He didn’t know what kind of consequences there would be with the way he was cultivating. But, to be able to reach his far-fetched goal, he had to forcefully tear though his limit… This was what Jasmine taught him and this was the only solution he could think of.


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