ATG – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 – Escape (1)

“You’ve returned. And judging from your expressions, it seems as if you’ve already gotten a hold of the dragon core.” Yun Che said as he stood in front of them with a serene look on his face.

But Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao couldn’t remain calm no matter what. Xiao Tiannan said ardently: “What Senior had felt earlier was as expected not mistaken in the slightest. The Black Moon Merchant Guild really did possess a dragon core, and its quality had even reached that of the Emperor Profound! When I told them I wanted to buy a dragon core, they had entirely denied the dragon core’s existence. But when I took out the purple-gold card, their attitude completely changed; not only did they take out the dragon core themselves, they even gave us an extremely low price. However, we were required to not reveal the slightest bit of information about this dragon core.”

Right now, Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao’s admiration toward this Eccentric God Hand was like a surging river; the two of them had never even dreamed that they would be able to see an Emperor Profound core with their own eyes during their entire life, and even more so, to possess one. On the trip back, the two excitedly and carefully, rushed back in the fastest speed possible. They, who were able to cover the sky with one hand in New Moon City, even actually had a feeling of breathless anxiety.

“How much money did they receive?” Asked Yun Che.

“Six hundred thousand purple profound coins.” Xiao Tiannan hurriedly replied. He clearly understood in his heart that if he didn’t have that purple-gold card, within the Blue Wind Empire, let alone six hundred thousand purple profound coins, he wouldn’t be able to buy it anywhere even if he had six million purple profound coins. Even though this almost thoroughly emptied all the available funds that the Branch Sect had, he still felt that it was a tremendous bargain.

Yun Che’s brows uncontrollably trembled twice…. This Black Moon Merchant Guild, is so f*cking wicked! After buying it for fifty thousand from my hands, they then actually resold it for six hundred thousand…. And looking at these two’s manner, this price was so cheap that it was virtually free!

“Give me the dragon core so I can take a look at it.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che received the profound core that Xiao Tiannan handed to him, pretended to examine it for a while, and spoke while nodding: “It certainly is a Emperor Dragon Profound Core, and also a dragon core of an adult Flame Dragon that was acquired within two months at that. Very good, with this Emperor Dragon Profound Core here, to let Xiao Luocheng’s profound strength directly reach Earth Profound Realm after the recovery of his profound veins would be a breeze.”

Xiao Tiannan was overjoyed. To create a sixteen year old genius of the Earth Profound Realm with only six hundred thousand purple profound coins; that had never existed in history…. In this world, there simply wasn’t any cheaper bargain than this.

Yun Che returned this dragon core to Xiao Tiannan, and prodded: “Keep it in careful custody, don’t let anyone know of its existence. Otherwise, a man without sin, becomes sinful holding treasures; all the sects of this Blue Wind Empire with some capability would possibly come. Your Main Sect, would even more so, come to take it at the first notice.”

“Yes. We will definitely not leak this out to anyone.” Xiao Tiannan naturally knew how difficult it would be if that were to happen. After considering it for a while, he probed: “But, this Emperor Profound Dragon Core’s aura is too extraordinary. If an expert were to come across it, it would be hard to escape notice even from far away. An undue delay may bring trouble, so I wonder if it’s possible for Senior to start…. for Luocheng… err….”

Yun Che heavily stared and then nodded after a while: “An undue delay may bring trouble…. You’re right. Very well, then the matter of restoring the profound veins shall be carried on ahead of schedule and begin tomorrow. But a mere Emperor Profound Dragon Core is still insufficient when wanting to immediately make a breakthrough. This also requires a few other special materials, and these special materials are not found in your sect’s treasury. However, the Black Moon Merchant Guild ought to have some in stock. How about this. Xiao Sect Master, dispatch a person to bring me to the Black Moon Merchant Guild. This kind of method that could oppose the heavens is extremely strict in the types of materials it requires, so I must personally make the trip myself.”

Xiao Tiannan heart stirred with excitement as he promptly replied: “Alright, I will personally accompany Senior on this trip. With me here, there absolutely will not be anyone in New Moon City who would be capable of injuring a single hair on Senior’s head.”

“No, it is inappropriate for you to go.” Yun Che shook his head and lightly said: “As the master of your sect, if you personally bring me with you, then it is difficult to let others wonder about my identity. Before coming here, I travelled in all directions, so it didn’t matter if others knew of my identity. However, if I wish to stay here to cure my grandson, Luocheng’s injuries, I definitely must not let others know of me being here. Xiao Sect Master, appoint a trustworthy person who also would not raise any suspicions, to accompany me.”

“It is still Senior who has thoroughly thought this through.” Xiao Tiannan believed that Yun Che’s profound words were right. After thinking about it for a while, he continued: “Then I will tell Zaihe to accompany Senior. Although Zaihe is at that age, he has already entered the Spirit Profound Realm. Even if something unexpected were to happen, he definitely would be able to completely protect Senior.”

Soon enough, Xiao Zaihe was called over, and he took Yun Che down the mountain.


New Moon Profound Palace.

Yun Che had already disappeared for three days.

Although Yun Che had left behind a brief note upon his departure so Xia Yuanba didn’t need to worry about him, how could Xia Yuanba possibly not worry? In these past three days, he looked everywhere within this New Moon City, yet did not find even the slightest trace of his presence. There wasn’t even a single person who had seen him either. In fact, Lan Xueruo’s anxiousness was at the same level as Xia Yuanba’s; she had searched high and low throughout the entire New Moon City with him.

Up until this day, she simply could not wait any longer.

“I must make a trip to Xiao Sect! After asking around for so many days, not a single person in New Moon City has seen him; this is too strange. I suspect that he must’ve been quietly seized by Xiao Sect. This is basically the only possibly that could have happened.” Lan Xueruo claimed as her face trembled.

Qin Wuyou sighed: “Aye, I also believe that this is the case. But, first of all, we have no proof. Second of all, it has already been three to four days; since he had crippled Xiao Luocheng, Xian Tiannan would hate him to the bone. If he had fell into his hands, at the moment, he ought to have already….”

Lan Xueoruo bit her lip and answered with a resolute determination: “If dead, I must see the corpse! If alive, I must see the person! If he’s still alive, I must think up of any way possible to bring him back.”

Qin Wuyou stared blankly for a while, and then asked: “You Highness, why do you go so far as to care so much this Yun Che? Not to mention that you and him only had a day’s worth of contact, even if his aptitude is above average, Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Fen Juechen and his age are similar, yet he has surpassed him by almost two huge realms. Aside from Fen Juechen, one’s who surpass Yun Che in Blue Wind Profound Palace are far too many to count. Why are you so attached to him?”

Lan Xueruo slightly closed her eyes and quietly answered: “I originally did consider Fen Juechen, but…. although he had defected from Burning Heaven Clan, in the end, he is still a person born from the Burning Heaven Clan, and is even the Clan Master’s biological son. Even if he becomes a member of my imperial household, he would still be criticized by others. Furthermore, even you, clearly understand his temperament; he is uncommunicative and emotionless, with a wolf’s arrogance and conceit. It is because of that haughtiness, that caused him to defect from Burning Heaven Clan. How can he possibly, and willingly, vow his loyalty and devotion to the Imperial Family? In this world, there simply exists not a single person who can genuinely handle him.”

“As for Yun Che…. Palace Chief Qin, have you ever heard of someone who has crippled an opponent whose level is almost a great realm from theirs? I have cultivated my Monarch Heart Secret Arts since childhood and excel in seeing through the heart; even Fen Juechen could not escape my eye. Yet when facing Yun Che, I actually was incapable of seeing through him one bit. I believe that when Palace Chief Qin confronts him, you too, will certainly feel the same way. I rarely meet such a person throughout my entire life. The most frightening part about it, is that he is only sixteen years of age.”

Qin Wuyou answered: “What Your Highness has said is correct. His shrewdness is deep and unmeasurable; from his gaze, I can only see what he wishes for me to see. Whatever he doesn’t want me to see, I could not see it one bit. It’s just that…. this kind of person is bound to be multiplicatively more difficult to manage than Fen Juechen.”

“No, this is different.” Lan Xueruo shook her head: “What I need is not a manageable person; I simply wish that he would help me by representing the Imperial Family when the time comes, and nothing more. On that day of the banquet when Xia Yuanba had been wounded, the violent rage he expressed on that scene, and his heavy-handedly injuring of the one who caused Xia Yuanba’s injuries under the eyes of everyone present without hesitation, is proof of how important he regards friendship. As long as we are sincere towards him, he in turn, will also be sincere. Also, he currently is unattached like duckweed, and has nowhere to go. When he follows me to Blue Wind Profound Palace, everything will be right again. And right now, is the best opportunity. If he truly is in Xiao Sect’s hands, and still alive, rescuing him will ensure that he remember this favor in his heart. At that time, it surely impossible that he would decline.”

Even though he had repeatedly heard Lan Xueruo’s various justifications already, from beginning to the end, Qin Wuyou was completely incapable of understanding exactly where, the care and confidence she had towards Yun Che came from. After all, even though Yun Che’s performance was extremely astonishing, his starting point was just too low. A sixteen year old at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm could be regarded as above average in New Moon City, but in that arena…. was simply not even worth mentioning.

Furthermore, the distance from that time to now, was already extremely close. How could he possibly achieve the desired height within such a short amount of time.

Perhaps, her “Monarch Heart Secret Arts” had sensed something.

“Since this is Your Highness’ decision, I naturally would not oppose it. If Your Highness insists on doing this, then I too, will go with Your Highness to the branch sect.” Qin Wuyou said somewhat grudgingly; because he knew that if Yun Che had fallen into Xiao Sect’s hands, everything would surely point towards disaster.

“No need. It’s best if this matter does not involve New Moon Profound Palace in anyway. It will be fine if I just go myself. When necessary, I will publicly reveal my identity.”

Qin Wuyou hesitated for a while, and then nodded his head.


Yun Che and Xiao Zaihe had already walked for half an hour and it could be said that they had already left the sect. Xiao Tiannan continuously clasped the sparkling red Emperor Profound Dragon Core in his hand and did not dare to release it for even a second. At this time, he suddenly thought of something and then slapped his forehead to say: “Baicai, quickly go to the treasury and bring out that Snowy Mountain Cold Jade case that had just been completely here!”

Xiao Baicai complied and went…. It wasn’t until long that he ran back so frantically that he had almost stumbled. His complexion was panicky pale, as he had just seen the devil in broad daylight. All of a sudden, he fell down in front of Xiao Tiannan and spoke in a trembling voice: “S…. Sect Master! Tre…. Treasury…. Empty…. EMPTY!!”

“Empty? What’s empty?” Xiao Tiannan’s heart thumped and he didn’t fully react for a short period of time.

Xiao Baicao fiercely choked down a mouthful of saliva as he answered with difficulty: “Everything’s gone…. Inside the treasury…. Everything’s gone…. EVERYTHING’S GONE!!”

“Wha… What!?” Xiao Tiannan turned pale in fright. He stupidly stared for a while, before wildly charging towards the direction of the treasury.

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