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Chapter 940 – Two Promises

“Big Brother Yun,” Feng Xue’er said softly, “If you can never see her ever again, will you really… be unhappy for the rest of your life?”

Yun Che shook his head, looked at Feng Xue’er and said, “With you all by my side, how could I be unhappy? But there would be a gap in my soul that could never be filled. Back then, it was my hesitation that made me lose the Little Fairy forever… I don’t want to suffer the same thing a second time.”

“Little Demon Empress Sis, Sister Xue’er, let him go,” Su Ling’er said quietly. She was the only one who hadn’t spoken out in objection this whole time.

“What use would our objections be?” The Little Demon Empress said faintly. “For the things that he is determined to do, when has there ever been anyone who could really stop him.”


Just as Yun Che was about to say something, the Little Demon Empress suddenly interrupted him. “Yun Che, I know I cannot stop you. You must know better than all of us what kind of place the God Realm is. If you are still determined to go, that means to you, there is a reason why you absolutely have to go. As your woman, how can I stop you?”

Yun Che’s eyes moved slightly. He never thought that the Little Demon Empress, with her strong temperament, would agree this easily. His heart felt warm but at the same time, he felt guilty.

“But… you must promise me two things!” The Little Demon Empress’ voice suddenly became cold. Every word was filled with an irresistible force. “If you promise to do these two things, I will agree to the healing method that you and Ling’er have proposed and you can head to the God Realm without having to worry about me. Or else…”

Before she could even say the words after “or else,” Yun Che had already hugged her tender body from behind. “Caiyi, I know, you always tolerate me… I will give you my word now, this will be the last time of me being selfish. No matter what you want me to do this time, I will promise you.”

Tolerate? You really think… I want to tolerate? The Little Demon Empress said softly in her mind… If your soul is incomplete, you wouldn’t be the only one broken…

“Okay… remember what you’ve said.” The Little Demon Empress closed her eyes and tried her best to make her own words colder and more determined than before. “The first thing I want you to promise me is—you absolutely can’t die!!”

“…” Yun Che nodded his head slowly and said in a soft voice, “Caiyi, Xue’er, Ling’er, don’t worry. I am not going to the God Realm to seek the divine way and I’m not going to seek revenge on someone. I just want to see my master again, there won’t be any danger. Since I saved Mu Bingyun’s life and have a relationship with Frozen Cloud Asgard, after she takes me to God Realm, she will definitely protect me and help me. I think it would be difficult to get into danger even if I want to. So, you don’t have to worry too much… Alright, alright alright, I’ll give my word first. After I have arrived in the God Realm, I definitely, definitely, definitely will not go near anything dangerous. After seeing my master, I will come back without losing a single hair.”

“Back then, when you were returning from the Illusory Demon Realm to the Profound Sky Continent, you said something similar to that,” the Little Demon Empress said coldly. “But when I saw you again, you were already half dead.”

“…” Yun Che was speechless for a while and then finally said embarrassingly, “Then I’ll promise again, okay?”

“With your personality, what use is there even if you promise ten million times?” the Little Demon Empress said coldly. “I only wish that when you are about to do something dangerous, you will think about what I said today, think about your parents, your grandfather, your Cangyue, your Xue’er, your Ling’er, your Lingxi… and me. Think about if you died in the God Realm, how many people would be miserable for all their lives because of you! And these are all the people who care and worry about you the most.”

“I know,” Yun Che’s arms hugged even tighter at this moment. These words of hers touched him from the bottom of his heart. “Over the past years, I made you all worry so much. But, this time it’s different than the times from before. Whether it’s the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, there are too many things that I must protect with all my power… including you all. This time going to the God Realm however, I only want to see one person. After fulfilling that wish, I will come back immediately. I promise to you all, during this period of time, I will definitely not do anything dangerous. Even if there is any possibility of danger, I will definitely not get close, okay?”

“Big Brother Yun, you must… must remember your promise.” Thinking about the coming farewell, Feng Xue’er was trying hard to hold back her tears since the very beginning, but her eyes still reddened by the moment.

“The second thing.” The Little Demon Empress took a small breath, her sizable breasts gently rose and fell, “You said earlier the Golden Crow Divine God told you that you have to see her within five years or else there would be no possibility of ever seeing her again. Then… at most five years. Within five years, whether you see her or not, you have to come back! Not even one day more!”

“Okay,” Yun Che agreed without hesitation, “I promise you all, within five years, whether I have found her or not, I will definitely come back!”

After leaving Demon Imperial Palace, the sky had already completely darkened. Going to the God Realm was something too significant; he might be gone for many years. After notifying the Little Demon Empress and the others, he still needed to go inform his parents, Blue Wind Imperial City’s Cangyue, Floating Cloud City’s grandfather and Lingxi, and Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Xia Yuanba.

Su Ling’er accompanied him by his side.

“Ling’er, about this matter, am I too selfish and over the line?” Yun Che sighed and asked. He felt that his decision would mess up the moods and lives of everyone around him.

Su Ling’er smiled and shook her head, “Half a year ago, didn’t you do something similar to this? And that time, it was for me. You forcefully headed to the Azure Cloud Continent and hid it from everyone else so that they wouldn’t worry. Compared to this time, that seemed more ‘selfish.’ But, if it weren’t for your ‘selfishness,’ I might not have been able to meet you again in my life.”


“Big Brother Yun Che, there are a lot of people in your heart but you are very serious and persistent towards each and every person. This is also why all of them are willing to tie their hearts onto you. You are the same towards your master and I believe she is absolutely not as heartless towards you as she appeared to be when she left… Big Brother Yun Che, good luck in the God Realm. Find your master Jasmine soon and then come back early. Each and every one of us will wait for you day and night.”

There was a smile on Su Ling’er’s lovely face but tears were hidden behind her beautiful eyes. They were separated for a lifetime and under the wheel of destiny, they finally met again. But after only a short half a year, they faced separation again… She was more unwilling and worried than anyone else.

“Ling’er, thank you,” Yun Che felt extremely warm in his heart.

“Between us, words of gratitude are unnecessary,” Su Ling’er leaned her body on Yun Che’s chest and said softly.

“Ling’er, I still need you… to do one thing for me.” Yun Che looked forward and his gaze became distant. “In at most two or three years of time, Xue’er’s profound strength will break through the Sovereign Profound and enter the true Divine Profound Realm. And by that time, if I’m still not back, she might go to the God Realm to look for me… When that time comes, you must help me stop her.”

“Big Brother Yun Che, don’t worry. Even without me, Little Demon Empress Sis would stop her and Sister Xue’er wouldn’t be that impulsive. Or else, they would’ve insisted on going with you to the God Realm… Even though Fairy Mu and her disciple can only take one more person, you could bring them all along using the Primordial Profound Ark, did you really think they wouldn’t have thought of that?” answered Su Ling’er softly.

“…” Yun Che suddenly became speechless.

“Heh,” Su Ling’er suddenly chuckled. “Little Demon Empress Sis and Sister Xue’er aren’t unaware of their own beauty. One is the number one beauty of the Illusory Demon Realm, the other is the number one beauty of the Profound Sky Continent. Even I, a girl, often get enchanted just by looking at them. The men in the God Realm would go mad if they saw them. If they accompanied you to the God Realm, they would bring you endless trouble. It is actually much safer for you to go alone. Hmm… I’m suddenly wondering if you will bring along a few of the goddesses from the sky the day you come back.”

“Hahaha, how would that be possible,” Yun Che started laughing.

“That’s very possible.” Su Ling’er looked at him, her simmering eyes transparent with seriousness. “After all, my Big Brother Yun Che is the best man in the entire world. Even the goddesses of the sky must not have seen a perfect man like my Big Brother Yun Che. Maybe they would all be captivated by you. I think it would be better for father, mother, me and the other sisters to be prepared early.”

“Hahahaha,” Yun Che hugged Su Ling’er tight and started laughing loudly, his mood instantly a lot better.

Yun Che solemnly told everyone around about his decision to go to the God Realm. There was still a month before his departure with Mu Bingyun and her disciple. During this month, he stopped training and spent every day with his family and beauties. At the same time, he would take four hours every day to expel the poison for Mu Bingyun.

Under the strong purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl, the thousand year toxin in Mu Bingyun’s body became weaker every day and there were no longer signs of it spreading again. Starting from the fifth day, Yun Che stopped needing the support of the power of Rage God. With Mu Bingyun’s own profound energy slowly recovering, her body quickly derived an increasingly rich and boundless vitality.

This day, after expelling the poison for Mu Bingyun once again, Yun Che retrieved his palms. A flash of Golden Crow flames lit up on his body and dried up all the condensed ice crystals formed from his sweat.

Mu Bingyun sat up from the ice bed, her eyes focused on Yun Che. For a moment, she spoke slowly, “Even without the blood and soul of the Ice Phoenix as base, you were still able to forcefully cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon. This is already extremely abnormal and you actually own the Golden Crow God’s power at the same time. Water and fire conflict with each other. Not only did you fuse them both in your body, you can control it with such freedom… it is really unbelievable.”

“…” Yun Che’s mind turned quickly, trying to come up with an explanation.

“To be able to achieve these two things, perhaps the legendary ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ that appears once in several million years that can escape the nature’s laws and limits can do it. But the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ only appears in women…” Mu Bingyun’s eyes slightly condensed as she looked at Yun Che, “Could you have… dual cultivated with a woman who has ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’?”

“Uh… possibly.” Yun Che casually prevaricated but he moaned in his heart. “Qingyue my wife does indeed have the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body.’ I would like to… but she never let me touch her!


Yun Che suddenly lifted his head and asked, “Fairy Mu, where would the teleportation formation that you left in the Frozen End Divine Hall back then send people to?”

Mu Bingyun heard the question but she shook her head slightly. “I don’t know. A thousand years ago, because of the ‘Thousand Year Calamity’ prophecy that the Heaven’s Fate Clan made for Frozen Cloud Asgard, I was afraid that the prophecy might become true. I left a thread of hope for the Frozen Cloud Asgard in calamity by releasing the power of the dimensional stone and forging that simple dimensional teleportation formation. However, its target location was specified so I have no way of knowing where it would teleport someone. But I know that the power of dimensional stone can send someone extremely far away… Even reaching the God Realm is not an impossibility.”

“I see.” Even though he already knew that this was most likely the answer, Yun Che was still very disappointed.

Before I knew it, it had been over five years since we last saw each other. Qingyue, where are you now?

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      My comment is in the process of transitioning …huuusssssh🤐 lest someone might see it!
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