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Chapter 938 – God Realm Opportunity

Yun Che calmed his mind and focused, circulating the Rage God’s power with a bit of the Sky Poison Pearl’s purification power. His palms slowly moved down from Mu Bingyun’s chest all the way down to her lower abdomen before moving back up. During the course of this process, his brows pinched even tighter.

Even though the poison in Mu Bingyun’s body was strong, it was far inferior to the poison Jasmine had been inflicted with and also not as toxic as the devil poison Hong’er had previously possessed either. However, there had only been a small trace of devil poison in Hong’er’s body back then; it had probably just recently invaded her at that time, right before she had been sealed inside the Coffin of Eternity. As a result, he had easily been able to completely cleanse her poison.

Mu Bingyun’s poison however… according to Mu Xialan, she had been infected by this poison a thousand years ago and could not cure it during that entire time. Being able to persevere for a thousand years surely meant that she relied on a massive amount of treasures to forcible preserve her life. It was easy to imagine how far the poison could’ve spread over an entire millennium.

It was hardly surprising that this poison had completely invaded her soul body and had even taken form to become a poison spirit.

Moreover, it was a high level poison spirit which he had never seen before.

Poison spirits were things he had seen many times before. Only high level toxins were able to birth poison spirits. Back when he had accompanied Yun Gu in the Azure Cloud Continent to practice medicine, he had seen tens of poison spirits. Back when he had expelled the poison from Chu Yuechan’s body, the cold poison in her body had also given birth to a poison spirit… but those were all low level poison spirits with low level consciousness.

However, the poison spirit birthed from Mu Bingyun’s poison clearly already possessed a high level consciousness, even so much that it had its own independent life force. That lifeforce was born from Mu Bingyun’s lifeline and they were completely linked. If the poison spirit died, there was no question that she would die too. On the other hand, if Mu Bingyun died, not only would the poison spirit not disappear, it would truly become its own independent entity.

As such, if he wanted to disperse the poison in her body, he had to eliminate the poison spirit. And if he wanted to eliminate the poison spirit, he had to sever the connection between Mu Bingyun’s lifeline and the poison spirit.

“Phew… how troublesome,” muttered Yun Che.

Phoenix flames ignited in his palm when he lifted his right hand. It suspended in the air above Mu Bingyun’s chest and then slowly descended. Wrapped in the Rage God’s power, it directly sank into Mu Bingyun’s body.

Yun Che went completely silent as his entire body completely stilled, aside from the beads of sweat that slowly slid down his forehead.

This posture was kept in place for one full hour. Then, Yun Che’s eyes suddenly flew open as he raised both hands.


Followed by the sound of an obscure shrill cry, a streak of fire suddenly fled from Mu Bingyun’s body and quickly warped into a sinister looking flame image.

The poison spirit!!

The poison spirit struggled with all its might while hissing, as though it wanted to get away from Mu Bingyin’s body. However, the poison spirit was still poison. Even a higher level poison spirit could be purified into residue in front of the Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying ability. Yun Che’s left hand shot out like lightning and immediately grabbed the poison spirit… The poison spirit was immediately covered by a green light before completely disappearing right after.

However, Yun Che did not let out a sigh of relief. His expression changed slightly.

Those were… Golden Crow flames!?

That poison spirit, as well as the medium that contained it… were obviously Golden Crow flames.

What was going on?

The person who had heavily injured and poisoned Mu Bingyun a thousand years ago… was someone who possessed the Golden Crow God’s power!

Yun Che already knew that there were people in the Realm of the Gods who possessed the Golden Crow flames. Jasmine had previously told him about a “Flame God Realm” which contained people who inherited the powers of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts; the Vermillion Bird, Phoenix and the Golden Crow

Could it be that the Flame God Realm and the Snow Song Realm… were enemies?

Once this thought flashed by in Yun Che’s mind, he immediately concentrated. Starting from Mu Bingyun’s life vein, he transferred the energy of heaven and earth while slowly purifying the flame poison inside.

Outside the Snow Congealing Hall, the sky had unwittingly darkened. For a full six hours, not the least bit of sound could be heard from within the Snow Congealing Hall. It was not known how many times Mu Xialan had paced back and forth outside; as time continued to pass, the greater she burned with anxiety. She had perhaps not even relaxed for a single instant. She was worried about whether or not Yun Che could truly save Mu Bingyun… and was even more worried about whether or not this lowly, despicable and especially loathsome person would seize this opportunity to do devious things to her master.

Murong Qianxue and the others also waited outside the hall. Not a single person went elsewhere and all of them were filled with apprehension. If all of this was true, then the person who lay within the Snow Congealing Hall… was their ancestor!

How could this be a small matter?

Within the Snow Congealing Hall, Yun Che finally moved away from Mu Bingyun’s body. With a forehead marred with steaming sweat, he exhaled heavily. His entire body was filled with ice crystals formed by his very own perspiration.

It was absolutely impossible to disperse all the poison in her body in just six hours. However, more than half of the poison in her life vein had been cleansed and the poison would no longer spread for the time being. Moreover, under the dense, pure energy of heaven and earth, her entire body was now able to recover its own vitality.

Yun Che scattered the ice crystals on his body, then sat on the ice chair behind him. He had not used much of his physical energy in those six hours but the mental burden was still quite heavy. After he took several large gasps, he suddenly started talking to himself, “So even fairies from the God Realm are this lazy, to not ever bother to get up after having already woken up.”

“…” As soon as his voice fell, the white clothed female on the ice bed slowly opened her eyes. Two rays of light that were even more colder and purer than snow jade instantly emerged within the hall created by congealed ice.

She sat up and raised her jade arms to inspect the back of her hand. Then, her eyes landed on Yun Che. She said softly, “Who exactly are you?”

Her voice was as soft as floating snow, yet it was also as mild as a clear spring. There was no surprise, no joy and no excitement. Even though it was a question, it was so flat that it sounded like a statement.

“I should be asking you that first.” Yun Che was especially amazed at Mu Bingyun’s reaction. Someone who bore a flame poison for a thousand years, a person who had hovered between the borders of life and death, should be pleasantly surprised after waking up to find out that the flame poison on their body had weakened and their vitality recovered. However, she was actually this calm and indifferent, as though her emotions had been sealed in ice.

Her type of indifference was also several miles beyond the cold detachment Chu Yuechan used to ward off others. Even though her eyes were not warm, they were not cold; though her voice was emotionless, it was as gentle as the clean spring wind yet still unapproachable, lest one sully it when closing in.

“Are you really Mu Bingyun, the person who founded Frozen Cloud Asgard a thousand years ago?” Yun Che asked straightforwardly.

Mu Bingyun rose from the ice bed. The instant her white clothes drooped down, a streak of light flitted past her snowy face. She turned her gaze to the outside of the hall and said softly, “It seems like Xiaolan has already told you many things.”

This answer of hers was undoubtedly a silent affirmation.

“When I left a thousand years ago, I was already determined to cut off all ties with this world. I never expected that I actually couldn’t let go of it and returned here. As a result, I have even gained the hope of surviving. Or perhaps this is also fate destined by the heavens.”

“You…” Yun Che had never seen such an apathetic person before… and it was even an extreme beauty. He asked probingly, “You were about to die earlier but I saved you just now, why do you not seem to feel happy or excited?”

Mu Bingyun shifted her gaze and calmly looked at him. “During these past years, I have always been awaiting death. I have already grown indifferent to whether or not I live or die. Now that there is hope of me surviving, I am actually somewhat at a loss.”

Yun Che. “…”

“Though it is true that being able to live is a good thing,” Mu Bingyun said mildly as the light in her eyes finally exhibited some slight movement.

“I have already answered your question but you have yet to tell me who you are.” Mu Bingyun inquiring eyes looked straight at Yun Che. “Because I had been grievously injured back then, I had lost all my profound strength and was unable to disperse the toxin in my body. This lead to it invading my life vein and soul, dooming me. It was simply impossible to cure even in my Snow Song Realm.”

“But you, someone who is obviously from a lower realm, was able to heal me to such a degree in a few hours. If this did not happen to my own body, I would never believe it. Yun Che, you are truly an extraordinary person.”

Yun Che leaned forward and said in shock, “How do you know my name?”

“In the past couple of years, because I knew that I did not have long to live, this place was always on my mind. I have already visited Frozen Cloud Asgard three times. The first time was when Frozen Cloud Asgard just happened to encounter its calamity. The second time we came, you had already been appointed the new Asgard Master. At that time, I sensed that you had actually successfully learned the Frozen End Divine Arts by force and even combined it with its contrary attribute’s Golden Crow flames. That was when I felt that you were extraordinary. Today was our third visit and you amazed me yet again because your profound strength had risen from the Emperor Profound Realm to the Sovereign Profound Realm in a mere two years.”

“…” Yun Che was slightly dumbstruck. Mu Bingyun had actually came here twice already and had even noticed him!

“In Snow Song Realm, this kind of growth is nothing out of the ordinary but in this Blue Pole Star which possesses low level laws and thin turbid energy, it could be said to be beyond remarkable. Moreover…” Mu Bingyun’s eyes flashed with the luster of ice crystals. “You are even the master of the Sky Poison Pearl, an ancient divine treasure.”

Yun Che slowly got up from the ice chair. However, he immediately understood in his mind, yet it was already too late to cover up or find an excuse. He could only speak helplessly. “Alright… You win.”

The hell! Just from looking at her eyes, he was actually thrown off-guard a little!

This woman, why did she have to possess such beautiful eyes!? Infuriating! This is too infuriating!

“It seems, that is truly the Sky Poison Pearl.” Within Mu Bingyun’s snowy eyes that could even have the stars in the sky lose their colour, a hint of true shock finally flashed.   

“Do not worry, I will not tell anyone about this matter. Since you saved my life, how could I possibly do something that could harm you?” Without needing Yun Che’s warning or request, Mu Bingyun had already taken the initiative to bring up this issue. Closing her eyes, in an instant, it felt as if the entire Snow Congealing Hall had dimmed a little. “Since it’s the Sky Poison Pearl, it seems my lifespan can indeed be extended from this moment on.”

Though he long had prepared himself mentally, when Mu Bingyun instantly discerned… or to be more exact, when he was “tricked” into exposing the Sky Poison Pearl, he still felt a little dejected. He could not help but ask. “Fair… Fairy Mu, you shouldn’t have seen the Sky Poison Pearl before, right? Furthermore, according to my knowledge, even in your God Realm, the Sky Poison Pearl is merely a rumour and it has never been seen by anyone. How were you so sure that I am using the Sky Poison Pearl to expel the poison in your body?”

Mu Bingyun gently said, “It was just a guess that suddenly flashed past my mind. The poison in my body has already existed for a thousand years and I am more aware than anyone of its terrifying strength. Even my elder sister can do nothing about it. But, you were actually able to achieve such progress in a short hour. It was impossible for me not to think of the legend that originated from the Primordial Era.”

“…” The corners of Yun Che’s lips twitched. It seemed like it was best to be more cautious when tending to the injuries of others in the future. He had to slow down the pace as much as possible. Poison that could be purified in ten breaths, had to be dragged from ten days to half a month! However, the poison in Mu Bingyun’s body was too intense and her life was in peril, so he could not possibly spare any effort at all.

Facing only her back view, Yun Che’s emotions could finally ease a little. The colors in his eyes slightly changed and he finally could not hold it back any longer. “Fairy Mu, I am absolutely confident that I will be able to purify all of the poison in your body in one month. After that, your damaged essence and profound energy should be able to recover rapidly as well. However, I did not save you without a cost… I have a condition.”

“Please speak.” Mu Bingyun’s voice was still really light and gentle, as if it was snow fluttering in the wind.

Yun Che raised his head and spoke while suppressing his excitement, “I want you… to take me to the God Realm!”

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