ATG – Chapter 915

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Chapter 915 – Deal

“Big Brother Yun! Big Brother Yun… where are you?”

The anxious cries of Feng Xue’er suddenly came from up above. Yun Che’s eyes glinted and he was going to rush forward. However, when he slightly exerted his strength, his entire body felt intense pain and he caught his breath and shouted, “Xue’er, I’m here.”

“Big Brother Yun!”

Feng Xue’er’s voice became even more anxious but there was a hint of happiness now. Very quickly, a beam of fire pierced through the sea and under its shine, the seawater instantly became exceptionally blistering.

“Xue’er.” Yun Che followed the flow of water and rose naturally, gently hugging Feng Xue’er who seemed like fairy in the sea pouncing towards him.

“Big Brother Yun… you suffered numerous injuries.” Feng Xue’er hugged him with both arms, unable to bear to look at all the injuries he had suffered… especially his chest, where a bowl sized injury inflicted by a sword stood and his bloody sternum could clearly be seen.

“Just some unimportant injuries. As for Xuanyuan Wentian, not even his remains have been left behind,” Yun Che said casually.

“Mn…” Feng Xue’er softly answered. When she heard Yun Che’s voice, she had already known the results. The pride and joy that filled her could not be put into words.

“Are Yuanba and the rest okay? Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heaven Sword Region must have tried to take the chance and attacked,” Yun Che asked. He predicted that after he was knocked into the ocean by Xuanyuan Wentian, Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would definitely try and attack while the members Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace were struck with poison.

Even if all the members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace were to die, he would not care. However, Xia Yuanba was also among them. Luckily, Feng Xue’er was there too which was why he did not have to worry.

He was glad that he had brought Feng Xue’er along, at the insistence of the Little Demon Empress. Otherwise, he would not be able to handle the situation on both sides.

“Mn.” Feng Xue’er nodded, “I’ve managed to hold them off. Also… also, I accidentally burnt Ye Meixie… to death. I never expected that he would suddenly face my Phoenix flames head on.”

“Ugh?” Yun Che was stunned, before he laughed, “He wouldn’t know that my Xue’er’s flames are capable of burning ten of him now.”

Yun Che’s voice suddenly stopped and his eyes stared widely, “Xue’er, Xuanyuan Wendao he… he did not get burnt to death by you right?”

“No,” Feng Xue’er shook her head, “He was being shielded at the back. I just… stopped those people that rushed forward.”

“Phew, that’s alright then.” Yun Che secretly heaved a sigh of relief, “Xue’er, let’s go up. If we take too long, Yuanba and the others will worry.”

“Mn!” Feng Xue’er let out a slight smile as she gently brought Yun Che up towards the surface of the water. After a long while, they finally surfaced from the ocean and leapt into the air. They landed atop Supreme Ocean Palace, which seemed as though it had just suffered a frightening natural disaster.

“Xue’er!” Seeing Feng Xue’er’s return, Feng Hengkong and the others who were previously afraid came forward with expressions of joy. Following which, they looked at Yun Che who was covered in injuries beside her and their footsteps stopped.

The blue ocean had already been calm for some time and there were no longer any sounds of battle. Yun Che’s appearance meant that…

“Brother-in-law!” Seeing Yun Che, Xia Yuanba’s body quivered in pleasant surprise and Spiritual Master Ancient Blue who stood beside him also spoke with agitation, “Asgard Master Yun, Xuanyuan Wentian, that old fox, he… he…”

Yun Che gently went away from Feng Xue’er’s support, held her petite hand and said with a smile, “Since I’m still alive, of course he’s dead. Furthermore, his soul has disintegrated and not even the remains of his corpse were left behind.”

“Ahhh…” Loud cries of surprise rang in the skies of the Ocean Palace. Other than the people from Sun Moon Divine Hall and Supreme Ocean Palace, the faces of all the others revealed massive joy. Even the body of Qu Fengyi, who was in Zi Ji’s grasps and was lingering on her last breath of life, began to tremble with intensity.

Instead, the faces of the people from Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region blanched because when they saw that Yun Che had reappeared, they had already guessed the results.

“That’s great!” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue let out a huge sigh, “Asgard Master Yun, your actions have saved our entire Profound Sky Continent! The first time this old one saw you, I knew that your name would definitely shake the world. However, he did not expect you to pull such a stunt.”

“Heh… heheheheh.” The corners of Xia Yuanba’s lips were drawn back as he laughed foolishly, so agitated that he could not say a thing.

“Spiritual Master Ancient Blue is too kind. I have no interest in saving the world. I only killed someone that I had to kill.” Yun Che replied plainly, as he walked towards Xia Yuanba.

“Brother-in-law,” Looking at Yun Che, Xia Yuanba still had his silly laughter, “You defeated Xuanyuan Wentian, then… you are the… strongest person in this world!”

“Hoho, he’s not just the strongest person in this world.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue sighed heavily, “The strength of Xuanyuan Wentian could already be labelled as unprecedented. Even Ye Mufeng from back then could not come close. Now, Asgard Master Yun has defeated Xuanyuan Wentian, he can be said to be the strongest person in the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent. The current strength of Asgard Master Yun has probably attained the legendary divine way and if he wants to destroy our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, it would undoubtedly be an easy task.”

The words of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue resounded in everyone’s ears and each word sounded like he was narrating a legend. However, none of his words felt like an exaggeration. All these Sacred Grounds powerhouses, who used to stand at the top of the continent, were currently looking at the youth who was covered in blood and injuries and all of them had a sense of inferiority as though they were looking at a limitless mountain peak.

Furthermore, he was only a twenty-odd year old youth.

From now onwards, the Four Sacred Grounds were no longer the ceiling of strength for the Profound Sky Continent. Yun Che alone had already superseded the Four Sacred Grounds… Furthermore, he had overtaken them by a great margin. By his side, there was also Feng Xue’er who had exceeded the level of the Four Sacred Grounds and could exterminate a Sacred Master within a few breaths.

It was also at that moment that everyone recognised a clear fact. Within the Profound Sky Continent and even the distant Illusory Demon Realm, Yun Che was the undeniable and absolute ruler… This ruler did not come from the Sacred Grounds but at least, they were glad that this ruler was not Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Asgard Master Yun…” Seeing Yun Che walk over, the experts from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary that were being tortured by the devilish poison reached out for Yun Che as they let out cries for help. Although they were from the Sacred Ground, facing the strongest person in history, who had killed Xuanyuan Wentian, any more pathetic pleas would not be embarrassing at all.

However, Yun Che did not even give them a look and went straight to Xia Yuanba’s side and fed him four pellets that were giving off a cold aura before slapping him on the chest to help him swiftly refine the medicinal properties. At the same time, he used the strength of the Great Way of the Buddha to inject the energy of heaven and earth into his body.

In a short few breaths of time, Xia Yuanba’s originally pale face became reddish once again and the expression of pain greatly reduced. Xia Yuanba opened his mouth, lifted his arm and pushed Yun Che’s arm away, “Brother-in-law, I’m fine. Your injuries are so serious… you don’t have to worry about me.”

“It’s alright, such injuries are essentially nothing to me.” Yun Che replied with ease. If his injuries were on any other person, even if the person did not die, he would lose half his life. But for Yun Che, he did not need to do anything and he would fully recuperate in a few days.

When Yun Che’s palm left Xia Yuanba’s chest, Xia Yuanba’s breathing had also returned to normal. He who had been exceptionally weak originally, shook his arm and stood up rather steadily, causing the surrounding Sacred Grounds’ powerhouses that were watching to be awestruck.

“Asgard Master Yun…” Seeing Yun Che finally free, Zi Ji moved his body and pleaded with a lowly stance, “This old one himself knows… that the Ocean Palace and Sanctuary have consecutively let you down twice but… we already know our mistakes. Asgard Master Yun must also know that our hearts are not as hideous as Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. May… may Asgard Master Yun please be benevolent and gracious… and help us…”

Yun Che turned around and looked squarely at Zi Ji, his eyes completely unmoved, “Other than the ‘kindness’ of nearly causing my death, your Ocean Palace has no other relationship to me. If I can watch the demise of your Ocean Palace, I will be overjoyed! The hideous faces you all had when you all tried to kill me for your personal greed back then, I still remember them clearly. But you are asking me to save you all now? I, Yun Che, am not that humble!”

“…” Zi Ji’s face contorted in pain. However, all those who were poisoned were the core figures of the Ocean Palace. If they were all to die, it would not just be their lives that were lost but the ten thousand year history of the Ocean Palace. He could only continue pleading pathetically, “Asgard Master Yun, between you and me, there is some slight relationship, could you see …”

“Relationship?” Yun Che’s expression fell and he retorted with anger, “Since we have some slight relationship, then during the Devil Sword Conference, when I was forced to my death, why didn’t you put in any word for me?!”

“…” Zi Ji opened his mouth but was completely dumbstruck.

“Among the Four Sacred Grounds, the only one who spoke for me was Spiritual Master Ancient Blue!” Yun Che deeply said, “I remember my grudges and remember the kindness shown to me even more clearly. Furthermore, what relationship do we have? It was always trade of an equivalent value! The things I bought from your Black Moon Merchant Guild, I have never once owed payment. Entering the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, I also paid with terms that you were satisfied with. Even when you additionally told me the news about Chu Yuechan, it was only to make use of me against Mighty Heaven Sword Region!”

The three words “Chu Yuechan” violently triggered the couple Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyuan Yufeng who were hiding far away. They, who had completely lost their backing were trembling in fear while Xuanyuan Jue, who was blocking their front, was also covered in sweat, not daring to breathe too heavily.

“…” Zi Ji could not reply. His body that was constantly twisting in pain had nearly sweated out all his sweat. However, there was only him remaining that could talk to Yun Che. In order to protect Supreme Ocean Palace, he had to do whatever it took and could not back down.

“Since it’s a relationship built on deals… then with the vast amounts of transactions Asgard Master Yun has made with this old one, Asgard Master Yun must know that this old one does not go back on his world. As long… as long as Asgard Master Yun were to cure my Supreme Ocean Palace, my Supreme Ocean Palace… is willing to be at the beck and call of Asgard Master Yun. We would never disobey any orders given by Asgard Master Yun.”

Zi Ji’s words made the experts of Supreme Ocean Palace behind him look up suddenly, but their heads gradually tilted downward again. Actually, considering Yun Che’s current strength, he couldn’t possibly need them for anything.

“Heh,” Yun Che laughed coldly, “Before this, you all were so unwilling to bend and would not serve Xuanyuan Wentian even in death. But you’re now willingly bowing down to me?”

“No… how can Xuanyuan Wentian be placed on the same terms as Asgard Master Yun?” Zi Ji asked with utmost sincerity. “What this old one says, is completely true. As long…”

“You don’t need to say anymore.” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Speaking of deals, Mister Zi has instead reminded me. Indeed, living people are after all more useful than the dead. I have no interest in your Supreme Ocean Palace but towards your Black Moon Merchant Guild, I do have some interest.

“Alright, then let me make a deal with you.” Yun Che folded his arm across his chest, “I can cure the poison for all of you but from this year onwards, Black Moon Merchant Guild has to submit thirty percent of its profits to the Blue Wind Imperial Family!”

“Ahhh…” Zi Ji raised his head in an instant and said in shock, “Thir… thirty percent?!”

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  1. Mars Gravity isn’t perfect, but he writes scenes like these quite well. I can’t help but admire chapters like these, sometimes even more than I enjoy the battles. In this area, he is unmatched in this genre. At times like these, he reminds me of Eiichiro Oda-sensei.

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      2. Hi XD
        Just passing by, and noticed what you said. I myself actually waited half a year for chapters….

  3. Thanks for the chapter, this chapter is rather satisfying in my opinion, it gave sense to the existence that is Fen Juechen and also gave Yun Che some character growth that might be significant in future chapters. From a mass murdering person that will remain calm even killing innocent people to a person that can own up to his responsibilities for killing innocent people is quite a growth.

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