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Chapter 813 – Returning to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest

Sky Sword Heavenly Palace, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s largest profound ark, was several kilometers long.

At this moment, this ark was flying back to Mighty Heavenly Sword region at the fastest speed possible. It was only that the atmosphere in the profound ark was unprecedentedly heavy.

“Sword Master, are your wounds okay?” A Mighty Heavenly Sword Region elder asked worriedly. The Three Sword Attendants were dead, twenty five elders had died as well—among those were seven elders ranked in the top ten positions. Today, he had gone from the fifth-ranked elder in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to the top person after the Sword Master. This was truly a sorrowful tragedy.

When they thought back on everything that had happened on Supreme Ocean Palace’s Sea God Arena, it still seemed like the most ridiculous and absurd nightmare.

“My wounds are fine. She had never planned on killing me from the start, she did not even deal me a serious blow.” Xuanyuan Wentian’s left hand pressed down on his right arm, but when he said these words, he did not rejoice at all. Because the other party had done this so Yun Che could come and kill him in the future. It was equivalent to letting off a tool that still had some utility in the future.

The word “she” caused all the remaining elders of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to shudder violently. The terror and dread that had yet to subside once again reared its head like an awakened devil in the depths of their soul, causing them to feel cold all over.

“Sword Master, that person… just who is she? In this world, how can such a terrifying person exist?” Xuanyuan Jue said in absolute shock and terror. Before the Devil Sword Conference, he had lashed out at Yun Che in fury due to the fact that he had known all of Yun Che’s “trump cards and secrets”, so he had desired to kill Yun Che in front of everybody. When he thought about his actions now, he realized that the fact that he was still alive was practically equivalent to picking up a free life.

“I don’t know.” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he shook his head, his face the colour of dead ash. His expression did not contain the slightest bit of arrogance or intimidation that it usually had, “But she definitely… isn’t a person from this world!”

“Not… a person from this world?”

“That point isn’t important.” Xuanyuan Wentian looked at Xuanyuan Wendao with sunken brows, “Wendao, after she destroyed our Northern Region at the Sea God Arena, she did not pursue the question of who killed Xiao Ying in Floating Cloud City all those years ago… because she already knew that it was you, so she saw no need to ask further.”

“Wh… wha… whaaat!?” Xuanyuan Wendao was immediately so shocked that all the color drained from his face.

“Hmph!” Xuanyuan Wentian said through gritted teeth, “After she asked that question, you were so scared that you could not even maintain your balance. Given her terrifying level of power, how could that escape her notice!?”

“The… then what do we do… what do we do…” Xuanyuan Wendao muttered, his whole body going limp in fright as his legs shivered uncontrollably.

“Hmph!” Xuanyuan Wendao said with a dark expression, “Well, who is to blame for all of this!? We can only blame your stupidity, leniency and self-inflated arrogance! When Xiao Ying was being stubborn, you merely killed him and left it at that. However, you did not perform a soul search nor did you kill his entire family as well. If you had done so, there wouldn’t be today’s Yun Che and today’s calamity would not have happened either.”

“I… I…” Xuanyuan Wendao was so shocked and terrified that he was tottering on the edge of collapse and he was unable to formulate any words.

“Sword Master, we can’t pin all the blame for what happened all those years ago on the Young Master.” Xuanyuan Jue cautiously said, “Who would have thought that a small fry from that tiny Floating Cloud City would actually be Yun Qinghong’s sworn brother? Even if it were this old one, if I heard that he had come into contact with Yun Qinghong, I would not have seriously thought that I would get any useful information from him in the first place, much less wasting my energy to do a soul search or destroy his entire family. Moreover, Young Master is still young…”

“Enough! You don’t need to make any excuses for him.” Xuanyuan Wentian’s brows were furrowed so deeply that they had practically knit together, “Wendao, after you have experienced today’s events, do you finally understand why your father has chased after power at any cost his entire life? In this world, only those who hold absolute power hold absolute authority. They can easily decide the fate of other people and our lives are held at their whim and fancy… It was because that person held absolute power, that is why even I, Xuanyuan Wentian, was only fit to be a dog that could be kicked around in front of her!”

“Father, then what should we do now… what should we do… Could it be that we can only… wait for death…” Xuanyuan Wendao was completely out of his wits. As the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s young master, he had never known the meaning of the word “danger” until today. But now, he had suddenly felt that most dreadful shadow of death descend upon him.

“Waiting for death? Why should we wait for death?” Fresh blood flowed freely from between Xuanyuan Wentian’s fingers as he spoke in a fierce tone, “Wendao, have you forgotten all the lessons I have imparted to you from your childhood till now!? You are my son, the son of Xuanyuan Wentian, you must continue living on! Forget your integrity and forget your pride! In the face of survival, all of those things are absolute dogshit! Even if your suffer the most abject humiliation, even if you sacrifice all of your dignity and honor, even if that means you have to be on your knees begging for your life, you must live on… Because it is only when you are still alive that possibilities will open up to you!”

Xuanyuan Wendao was completely stunned by those words for a while before he spoke in a shaky voice, “Father, you mean…”

Xuanyuan Wentian sucked in a deep breath before speaking, “Nineteen days from now, Princess Snow and Yun Che will be engaged… At that time, we, as father and son, must personally attend and prepare the biggest present we possibly find, along with all of our dignity… As for the matter of you killing Xiao Ying all those years ago, even if you have to discard all dignity and drop to your knees to beg… and even if you have to kowtow tens of thousand of times… Even if you have to let the people from the Xiao Family who want to take vengeance on you trample on you and abuse you like a defeated dog… As long as Yun Che doesn’t kill you, there is nothing you will not do! Nothing you will not endure!”

“The strength of a man is not measured by how many resources he has at his disposal. It is measured by how much humiliation and indignity he is able to suffer! If you can do these things, then when the time comes, I, your father, will be able to immediately hand Mighty Heavenly Sword Region into your hands without a single worry in the world.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s word caused Xuanyuan Wendao to tremble even more violently. He nodded with a blank expression on his face, “Father, I… I understand now…”

“…Jiuding, dispatch some men to keep a constant look out for any movements made by Fen Juechen.”

“Yes, Sword Master.” Xuanyuan Jiuding replied in a gloomy and dispirited voice.

Supreme Ocean Palace.

Once they had returned to the Venerable Cloud Palace, Yun Che gingerly placed Xiao Yun on the bed. After that, he placed his right palm over his forehead and he transferred the energy of heaven and earth that was gathered by the Great Way of the Buddha into Xiao Yun’s body at an extremely slow pace. Even though Xiao Yun’s soul had not been damaged, it had been greatly exhausted. If Yun Che did not aid his recovery, he would remain unconscious for a very long period of time. He wanted Xiao Yun to wake up sooner so he could bring him back to Floating Cloud City.

Jasmine glanced at him before turning her face away and facing her back towards him. At the same time, she faced her back towards the extremely nervous Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue’er who had both just entered the room.

Xia Yuanba’s hand kept tensing up and he opened his mouth several times before closing it again as he simply did not know how to address Jasmine. After being tormented by doubt for a good period of time, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration… Even though Yun Che had said that she was even younger than he was, in the end, she was still Yun Che’s master. So that naturally meant that she was Yun Che’s senior, no matter what age she was. And if she was Yun Che’s senior, that also meant that she was his senior.

Xia Yuanba resolved himself immediately and opened his mouth to speak, but his voice was still fraught with nervousness, “Sen… Senior, Junior Xia…”

“Both of you get out!” Jasmine did not even turn her head to look at them as she issued a command in that icy voice of hers.

“…” Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue’er instantly froze in place as they shot miserable and pitiful looks at Yun Che that begged him for help.

“Xue’er, you should return to your royal father’s abode first. He must definitely have a lot of things to say to you. Yuanba, go and say thank you to Senior Ancient Blue on my behalf… Cough, my master is not really used to seeing people other than me. Furthermore, it is very likely she has some very special things to discuss with me right now.” Yun Che said as he felt a headache coming on. Even though Jasmine’s personality had been subtly changing over the last few years, the one thing that remained absolutely the same was her haughtiness. There was nothing in the Profound Sky Continent that was worthy of entering her vision… Forget about people, she had even spoken to the Dragon God Spirit and the Golden Crow Spirit in a clearly disdainful manner.

“Ah… alright, alright.” Xia Yuanba nodded his head vigorously in panic, “Little Sister Xue’er, let’s be off then.”

“Mnnn…” Feng Xue’er obediently responded… She had long ago been severely frightened by Jasmine’s aura and vicious ways when they were still at the Sea God Arena. She had been so afraid that her beautiful face constantly blanched in terror at Jasmine’s deeds.

Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue’er left with anxiety and nervousness filling their hearts. Yun Che spoke to Jasmine with a forlorn and reproachful expression on his face, “Jasmine, can’t you be just a little bit gentler? If it’s just Yuanba, that would be fine. But what if you scare my Xue’er silly?”

“Hmph, what do their lives or deaths have to do with me?” Jasmine said disdainfully.

Yun Che shrugged his shoulders before looking Jasmine up and down. His eyes lit up as he said, “Jasmine, your reconstituted body is really exactly the same as your old one, there are practically no changes at all. Yes… that’s right, why don’t you let me touch your body to check if it feels the same as before?”

“Get lost!” Jasmine slapped Yun Che’s arm away before nervously retreating two steps. After that her delicate eyebrows arched and her expression became as wooden as plank, “Because of your lifeline’s abnormality, the perfection of my new body does indeed exceed my expectations and it will also last far longer than I had initially predicted. There won’t be a problem for at least another thirty years. As long as we are able to find a perfect Netherworld Udumbara Flower in the next thirty years, then there won’t be any issues after that.”

“Jasmine, there is something that I’d like to ask you again, your strength… just what level is it at?” Yun Che said in a very sincere voice. As he remembered her world-shocking actions at the Sea God Arena, his eyes unconsciously widened by a few degrees as he continued, “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is at least thirty five to forty thousand kilometers away from here, but you were actually… you were actually able to…”

“That is because the space in this place is too weak.” Jasmine said disdainfully.

“The space… is too weak?” Yun Che asked in a puzzled voice.

“The laws of space on this planet are extremely low-grade and inferior, so I would be able to instantly traverse five hundred thousand kilometers with a snap of my fingers, much less shifting something over a mere thirty five thousand kilometers of space.” Jasmine’s voice did not change at all, it was as if she was talking about the most common thing in the world, “If it were on the world that I was born on, given my present strength, it would not be possible for me to replicate that feat.”

Jasmine turned around before continuing, “Let’s change our tack here. Given your present strength, you are able to collapse a large swathe of space with a swing of your sword, even when you aren’t using your full strength. If you were on a world where the laws of space were much more superior and higher-grade—for example, the world that I was born in, even if your profound strength was ten times stronger than it is at present, you would not even be able to cause the space there to distort a little, even if you were to attack at your full strength, much less cause it to collapse.”

“…” Yun Che’s mouth gaped open, his heart was filled with shock. At the same time, he noticed that Jasmine had said “given her current strength…”

“Then you… right now, what percentage of power do you currently possess compared to your peak?”

Jasmine looked at her own hand, which was as snowy white as fine jade, before lightly balling it into a fist, “Not even ten percent.”

“!@#¥%……” Yun Che silently sucked in a breath of cold air. This was not even ten percent of her power and it was already so terrifying. Then just how powerful would a Jasmine with all of her strength actually be? Could it be that there were a bunch of monsters just like her in the world that she had come from?

“However, once my body has been reconstituted, my strength will also quickly recover. Given the present state of my body, I will only need a year or so to recover my full strength.” Jasmine said this in an extremely casual voice, her diamond-hard pupils did not reflect the least bit of joy.


After he spoke that one word, Yun Che found that the rest of those words were jammed in his throat and he was unable to utter them. He wanted to ask Jasmine just one question. Now that her body had been reconstituted and she no longer needed to rely on his life to survive, what did she intend to do from now on? Would she return to the home she left seven years ago, or would she…

He did not dare to ask this question.

Because he was afraid that he would hear the answer that he dreaded the most.

“Then… why did you say you wanted to stay in Supreme Ocean Palace for one more day?” Yun Che asked a completely different question but his voice had become exceptionally unnatural.

Jasmine’s eyes slowly turned as she faced towards the south, her crescent brows faintly tightening, “I want to pay the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest another visit.”

“Now that my body has been reconstituted and I am no longer a spirit body, the devil energy in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest will not affect me in any way. So I need to go and take a look and find out exactly what has been releasing such a high-grade darkness energy.”

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