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Chapter 805 – Bloodstained Jasmine (1)

“Sword Master Xuanyuan, in your opinion, how should we deal with this child?” Huanji Wuyu asked in seemingly casual manner. Yun Che’s identity had been exposed by Xuanyuan Wentian, so it was natural that he decide how they would deal with him after this.

Xuanyuan Wentian gave a heavy sigh before speaking, “Yun Che has an unyielding spirit and his strength is the real deal as well. He is on a whole different level from Xiao Yun. If we want to force him to confess the schemes of the Illusory Demon Realm right here, it would not be possible. We need to capture him first and then bring him to my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. At that time, I will naturally have countless ways to pry the truth out of him!”

Huangji Wuyu nodded his head slowly. “That is fine as well. How about the both of you?”

Qu Fengyi nodded her head as well but she did not say anything. Ye Meixie gave a cold snort before speaking, “This scoundrel from the Illusory Demon Realm has wrecked the plans of my Sun Moon Divine Hall time and again. He even killed an elder of my Sun Moon Divine Hall, Ye Shi! I can barely control the urge to execute him on the spot! But since Sword Master Xuanyuan was the one who ferreted out his secrets and chose to disclose them to the public, then it’s entirely understandable that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region takes the reins of this investigation.”

Xuanyuan Wentian smiled as he nodded his head and he spoke in a calm and composed manner, “All of you needn’t worry, the moment we find out what the Illusory Demon Realm is scheming, I will inform all of you immediately, so we can deal with it together. The moment he is of no use to us, I will leave it to Brother Ye to deal with him if his anger has not abated by then.”

“Yun Che, do you still have anything you want to say right now?” Xuanyuan Wentian abruptly asked in a severe voice as he glanced at Yun Che.

“Heh.” Yun Che gave a cold laugh as he spoke in a mocking tone, “Sword Master Xuanyuan, it seems like you’ve planted quite a few eyes and ears in Demon Imperial City when you last visited more than one hundred years ago.”

“Hahahaha.” Xuanyuan Wentian roared with laughter as he made no attempt to deny Yun Che’s claims, “That’s right! If not for that, then how would I be able to expose your ambition and the identity, scoundrel from the Illusory Demon Realm! If not for that, I’m afraid that it would not be long before our entire Profound Sky Continent gets mired in your plot!”

Yun Che still continued to smile coldly, “The only reason why your spies could safely stay in Demon Imperial City for the past hundred years is because they were being protected by Duke Huai Palace. However, Duke Huai’s entire line had been completely exterminated before I left the Illusory Demon Realm. The Little Demon Empress seized back her authority and cleansed Demon Imperial City of its traitors once more… So the spies that you have left there have most likely died horrible deaths.”

“And so what if they have?” Xuanyuan Wentian asked, his face devoid of pity or anger, “The fact that they were able to stay hidden for the past hundred years allowed us to have a clear picture of what was going on in the Illusory Demon Realm and it also ferreted out the new Demon Emperor who chose to walk willingly into our clutches! You could say that they have done much credit to themselves and they have died a glorious and honorable death! My Mighty Heavenly Sword Region will definitely record their contributions for eternity!”

His tone changed once again, “Yun Che, I had wanted to give you a chance to defend yourself, but are you going to waste this opportunity to spout a bunch of nonsense?”

“It’s fine if you’ve captured me.” Yun Che said with a grave expression on his face, “But let Xiao Yun go!”

“Heh heh heh.” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a disdainful laugh, “Yun Che, do you think you’re still in any position to try to bargain with us!?”

“Guyun, seize him right now!”

“Yes!” Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Second Elder Xuanyuan Guyun replied. He strode forward a step before taking to the air and fiercely hurtling towards Yun Che. At the same time, Xuanyuan Wentian’s gaze met with Xuanyuan Guxing. Xuanyuan Guxing swiftly understood his meaning. He took a step to the right and put himself squarely in front of Xiao Yun, his palm already crackling with profound energy… in order to fend off any attempts Yun Che might make to rescue Xiao Yun using his bizarre profound movement skill.

Xuanyuan Guyun was Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Second Elder and he was one of the two level nine Monarchs in the entire Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

Even if Yun Che was at the peak of his powers, he would definitely not be able to go up against a level nine Monarch. So what chance did he have now when he was still heavily wounded and his profound strength had been greatly reduced?

Yun Che was heavily wounded and his profound energy was weak and shallow. This was something that all the Monarchs present could see clearly. But in order to prevent any incidents from occurring, Xuanyuan Guyun still used most of his profound strength and he used his extremely heavy aura and might to lock onto Yun Che’s position and suppress him. Even if Yun Che wanted to move right now, he would find it exceptionally difficult to do so.


Just as Xuanyuan Guyun took the skies and before he had even drawn close to Yun Che, a furious roar rang out from behind Yun Che.

Xia Yuanba!

Yun Che’s words had forced him to endure this entire farce, endure it till it felt like his scalp was about to explode. He also understood that it would be extremely unwise for him to take action right now, he also knew that it would be completely useless.

But the moment he saw Xuanyuan Guyun make a move against Yun Che, the fires of rage that he had been suppressing deep in his soul suddenly sprang to life. He rushed towards Xuanyuan Guyun crazily as his right arm exploded forth with all of his might and he sent his fist smashing towards Xuanyuan Guyun’s face.

“Yuanba, stop!!” At the same time, several cries rang in the air. Yun Che was one of the people who shouted for him to stop and the rest of the cries had originated from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary but it was far too late to stop him now.


Two energy waves collided with each other in midair as a huge profound energy vortex roiled and tossed before it ruptured with a fierce explosion. The Sea God Arena below them instantly cracked open and the crack stretched from one end of the Sea God Arena to the other. It was as if the Sea God Arena was about to split in two.

Even though he knew that Xia Yuanba was no ordinary man, he had still used a good portion of his strength, so Xuanyuan Guyun’s heart was filled with fury and shock as his blow was forcefully blocked by Xia Yuanba. He flipped both of his hands and the profound energy around his body exploded outwards. Xia Yuanba immediately gave a dull moan as he flew outwards like a kite whose string got cut.

“Hmph!” Xuanyuan Guyun gave a cold snort as he moved to grab Yun Che once more. But he saw Xia Yuanba forcefully stop his tumble through the air as he sprang forward with a roar. Xia Yuanba’s eyes gleamed with a violent light as his arms smashed towards Xuanyuan Guyun’s head like a thunderclap.

“You seek death!!”

Xuanyuan Guyun’s face grew dark as the profound energy surrounding his body sharpened into hundreds of peerlessly sharp blades and he instantly shattered the energy wave Xia Yuanba had shot towards him. Then, he made a gesture with his hand as a murderous look flashed through his eyes. More than ten incorporeal blades formed in the air and shot towards Xia Yuanba.

Just now, he was only trying to blast Xia Yuanba aside but right now, Xuanyuan Guyun’s attack contained a hidden viciousness… After he personally tasted Xia Yuanba’s might, he now firmly understood that if Xia Yuanba was allowed to continue growing, no one within his Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would be able to stand against him! Furthermore, this was something that Xuanyuan Wentian himself had said on more than one occasion.

Moreover, they normally would have neither the opportunity nor the reason to attack Xia Yuanba.

But right now, a golden opportunity had presented itself to him!

Even though those ten odd blades of energy had been hastily formed by him, he had poured all of his power into them as his murderous intent and vicious heart overtook him. It was definitely not an attack that Xia Yuanba could block! At that time, even if Xia Yuanba had not been struck dead, he would definitely be heavily injured and it was extremely likely that he would cripple his innate potential as well.


A low and heavy roar of fury rang out the moment these incorporeal blades were formed, sending a shudder through Xuanyuan Guyun’s body. As his vision swam, he suddenly saw a pale white figure appear in front of him. As he was a level nine Monarch, he had enough strength to look down on all under heaven, yet he completely could not see how that figure materialized in front of him. It was as if it suddenly flashed into existence out of thin air.

The figure was thin and frail-looking. It was astonishingly the Saint Emperor himself, Huangji Wuyu. But this time, his expressionless face had become dark and grim as a sickly, pale white palm flashed through the air.

Immediately, the sword energy that Xuanyuan Guyun had formed was completely dispersed as a gentle wind brushed past Xuanyuan Guyun’s body… However, when this gentle wind pressed against his body, it felt like he had been hit by an extremely heavy mallet. He fiercely flew towards the ground as he was forced back over ten steps, each step being punctuated by an explosion. Every single step he took left a deep imprint on the Sea God Arena as they caused the Sea God Arena to totter on the verge of collapse.

Xuanyuan Wentian extended a hand, his palm lightly touching Xuanyuan Guyun’s lower back. He noiselessly dispersed the energy that was forcing Xuanyuan Guyun back, allowing him to finally come to a stop. It was just that his face had gone as white as a sheet and it was clear that he had sustained internal injuries.

Xuanyuan Guyun was at the ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm while Huangji Wuyu stood at the summit of the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. Even though the two people were only separated by one small level, this exchange had clearly shown that the gap between their strengths were as wide as the ocean.

“Brother Huangji, what is the meaning of this?” Xuanyuan Wentian asked with a slightly darkened expression, “Could it be that your Absolute Monarch Sanctuary wants to protect this scoundrel from the Illusory Demon Realm?”

“Protect? Hmph!” Huangji Wuyu growled as he stared back coldly at him, “Do what you want with Yun Che! It has nothing to do with me! What I am protecting is a disciple of my Absolute Monarch Sanctuary! I actually want to ask the second elder of your Mighty Heavenly Sword Region one thing! He clearly knows that Xia Yuanba is a disciple of my Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, yet he still dared to try to viciously deal him a fatal blow. What evil intention is he harboring by doing such a thing!?”

Xuanyuan Wentian pushed Xuanyuan Guyun towards the back before giving a glib response, “You witnessed this with your own two eyes. It was clearly Xia Yuanba who struck first as he attempted to obstruct my Second Elder. To think that a disciple of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary would actually try to risk his own life to protect a villain from the Illusory Demon Realm! This is simply preposterous! Elder Guyun was obstructed multiple times so he struck out in anger in order to discipline this junior who had committed a grave sin! What is wrong with that!?”

Huangji Wuyu’s voice grew even deeper as he rumbled out a response, “It was indeed Yuanba’s fault for protecting a demon of the Illusory Demon Realm. But the two of them are related by marriage and Yun Che has saved Yuanba’s life before as well. So even though his actions were wrong, his feelings and emotions were right, so it is completely understandable and forgivable! Furthermore, Xia Yuanba is a disciple of my Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, even if he has committed the gravest of sins, it should still be left to my Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s jurisdiction! An elder of your Mighty Heavenly Sword Region has no right to do so!”

“Besides, he tried to kill Yuanba in front of this saint emperor…. Do you think that I am blind!?”

Huangji Wuyu was a man who very rarely showed emotion, so his current state clearly demonstrated that he had truly been moved to anger.

If it were another disciple of his Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, he might have been displeased but he would not have become this angry. But Xia Yuanba was a different case altogether. Because Xia Yuanba was an entirely different kind of existence within Absolute Monarch Sanctuary!

The atmosphere around the Sea God Arena immediately grew cold and stifling. Two Sacred Masters were clashing head on and the might they displayed was hardly insignificant. Besides the other two Sacred Masters, no one else had the qualifications or the courage to attempt to intervene between the two.

Before this atmosphere lingered for too long, Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura abruptly grew weaker.

He glanced at Xia Yuanba and pulled Xuanyuan Guyun over as he said, “Guyun, you were truly a bit reckless in this matter. Hurry up and apologise to the Saint Emperor.”

Xuanyuan Guyun was struck dumb before he spoke in a mystified voice, “Lord Sword Master, I…”

But the moment his eyes crossed Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes, his entire body stiffened and he swallowed the words that he was about to say. Instead, he strode forward and gave a slight bow as he said, “Lord Saint Emperor, this old man was just…”

“I have no need for your apology.” Huangji Wuyu raised his hand and stopped Xuanyuan Guyun from speaking further. Instead, he gave Xuanyuan Wentian a penetrating stare… He was not the least bit surprised that Xuanyuan Wentian would give in. Because this was just the kind of person he was.

The most terrifying kind of person.

“Yuanba, when you took action just now, you already did the best that you could.” Huangji Wuyu said with furrowed brows, “But no matter what happens next, you are not allowed to take any further action. Yun Che’s true identity is far too dangerous, no one on this Profound Sky Continent can welcome him any longer! Right now, even if you give your life for him, you still won’t be able to save him. On the contrary, you will only be throwing away your reputation and your future!”

“I… No!” Xia Yuanba stubbornly and resolutely shook his head—Even if the person he was speaking to was Huangji Wuyu, he would not back down, “My Brother-in-law isn’t an evil person! I know this better than anyone else. Whether the Illusory Demon Realm that you keep talking about is really an evil place… you people should know that far better than I!”

“Today if the lot of you want to move against my Brother-in-law… you will have to step over my dead body first!”

Now that things had come to this, Xia Yuanba had decided not to hold back anymore. He howled like a wild beast as his hand slowly moved towards the left side of his chest.

His actions caused Huangji Wuyu and Spiritual Master Ancient Blue to go ashen-faced at the same time. Huangji Wuyu immediately yelled in a hoarse voice, “Seal his movements!”

Spiritual Master Bitter Agony and Spiritual Master Detached Heart rushed out from where the members Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had gathered… Two great level ten Monarchs appeared beside Xia Yuanba with lightning speed, as two vast and limitless beams of profound energy engulfed Xia Yuanba completely, surging into his body and sealing off all of the profound energy within.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Wentian gave the command yet again, “Guyun, swiftly seize that scoundrel from the Illusory Demon Realm!”

Xuanyuan Guyun swallowed his resentment as he rushed towards Yun Che in anger, grabbing him swiftly, “Scoundrel! I’ll see who will dare to stop me this time!!”

Just as his furious roar rang out into the sky, he suddenly felt the air around him growing unbearably hot as a bright and clear phoenix cry tore through the air. This phoenix cry contained a peerless might that caused all of the profound energy in his body to freeze in that instant.


A cluster of scarlet red flames exploded in front of him as a curtain of fire soared into the sky. The heat of the flames caused his expression to grow sick as his movements were forcefully stopped. After that, he molded his profound energy to swords, intending to slice apart this curtain of flames. But the curtain of fire abruptly shattered by itself, as it morphed into tens of phoenix-shaped flames that exploded towards him with clear and piercing cries.

Boom boom boom boom boom…

Amidst the consecutive explosions, Xuanyuan Guyun’s arms had grown weak and he swiftly retreated. It was only after he retreated tens of steps that he managed to successfully extinguish all the flames. The power of the profound energy sword in his hand had nearly run empty and his hands were assailed by a piercing burning sensation. The sleeves of his sword robe had even been scorched an astonishing black.

Even though only the edges of his sleeve had been scorched black, for the famed Second Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, this was considered a humiliation and defeat that he had not experienced for several hundred years now!

Within the Profound Sky Continent, the only profound flame that possessed such power was the flames of the Phoenix and within the Divine Phoenix Sect, there was only one person that could embarrass him like this when he did not have enough time to defend himself…

Feng Zukui!!

Xuanyuan Guyun’s eyes widened into round saucers as his fury soared. He was just about to begin his furious rebuke when the fire light finally died down. What stood before him was astonishingly a young girl dressed all in white! Her face was covered by a white veil and the aura radiating from her body was extraordinary!

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