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Chapter 798 – Devil Sword Conference (2)

Xuanyuan Wendao took to the skies and arrived at Xuanyuan Jue’s side, “Ninth Elder, this isn’t the time to settle your personal grievances. Let’s speak of this again once the Devil Sword Conference has ended.”

He cupped his hands towards where Absolute Monarch Sanctuary was seated before saying, “The Ninth Elder loves his daughter with all of his heart. So in a fit of passion, he disturbed everyone from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, I beg for your forgiveness on his behalf… Ninth Elder, let’s return to our seats.”

He gave Yun Che a bland look before pulling Xuanyuan Jue back towards where Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was seated.

“Ninth Elder, you are being too rash! Father already gave strict orders that no one is allowed to make trouble with Yun Che before the Devil Sword Conference begins!” Xuanyuan Wendao said in his sound transmission to Xuanyuan Jue.

“Hmph! I simply can’t understand this! Our Sword Master has clearly already uncovered all of his secrets so why are we still acting so skittishly!?” Xuanyuan Jue shot back, his rage coming to full boil.

“Father is not scared of Yun Che, but there is a very important reason for our current actions and orders. If you had really killed Yun Che, that would have wrecked Father’s grand plan! At that time…” Xuanyuan Wendao gave Xuanyuan Jue a bland look, his eyes filled with warning.

Xuanyuan Jue fought back a faint shiver that ran through his body.

“That old villain! Despite being an elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he still dared to publicly attack Brother-in-law in this place!” Xia Yuanba said in a hot-tempered voice.

“Don’t bother with him. On the contrary, these are the kind of people that you don’t need to be afraid of.” Yun Che’s brows sank as he thought about the worst case scenario and simulated plans that would allow him to respond.

Because of the previous matter, the Sea God Arena was no longer calm and quiet. Instead, it began to buzz with the sound of conversation. Yun Che could guess what these people were talking about even if he could not hear them: Topics like Xia Yuanba, the grievance that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region had with him and why Xuanyuan Jue astonishingly seemed to be completely unafraid of his rumored “master”.

The air suddenly grew cold as a sharp aura that was so cold that it seemed to come from the very depths of the netherworld suddenly pervaded the air. This caused all conversation to grind to a sudden halt, as if all words had been frozen.

Yun Che suddenly raised his and head and looked in the direction of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Three pitch-black figures appeared from the sky out of nowhere like ghosts.

All three people were dressed in black, their expressions were as stiff as corpses. Their brows were as long and thin as swords and every line on their faces was so stiff that it looked like they had been carved with a blade.

Yun Che was five hundred meters distant from them but he could not feel any energy radiating from them and he could not see any vigor or life in their eyes either. Yun Che closed his eyes and he actually could not even recall the appearances of these three people. Furthermore, based on his spiritual perception alone, he was completely unable to sense that there were three people floating in space. The only thing he could sense were three keen swords with unrivalled sharpness!

“What dreadful sword intent!” Yun Che muttered to himself.

The entire atmosphere of the Sea God Arena had instantly frozen due to the arrival of these three people. Even the expressions of the gathered elders of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had faintly changed at the arrival of these three people.

“Sword Attendant Heartless, Sword Attendant Merciless, Sword Attendant Emotionless. The most terrifying existence in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! The Three Sword Attendants!” Xia Yuanba said with furrowed brows. Even though there was still quite a distance between them, he still felt as if three sharp swords were pressed against his throat. His body had completely tensed up unconsciously and even his breathing had become uneven, “Even though this is the first time I have seen them, no one else besides these three dreadful sword attendants could produce such extreme sword intent.”

Yun Che’s brows knit together… Even though the aggregate strength of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was the least of the Four Sacred Grounds, they had the most level ten Monarchs. They had four people at this level, drawing even with Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.

Besides Sword Master Xuanyuan Wentian, the other three level ten Monarchs were the “Three Sword Attendants” that Xia Yuanba had told him about a few days ago!

They were a terrifying existence whose might was second only to the Four Sacred Masters!!

“I heard from Master that these three people had purged all their worldly passions and desires from a very young age. They bent their hearts solely towards mastering the sword and their cultivation in the way of the sword has reached the highest peaks, a supreme realm of mastery where there is nothing that they cannot do. Even blades of grass and flying flowers are swords to them. With a thought, they can summon countless blades of sword energy. They are able to kill someone without leaving a single trace. It was said that if all three of them joined forces, they would be able to rival a leader of a Sacred Ground!”

Xia Yuanba’s voice was low and deep. When he had brought up the Three Sword Attendants earlier, it had only been a cursory introduction. But right now, after learning about Yun Che’s situation, his heart felt incredibly heavy when he introduced these three people yet again, .

The three men floated down from the sky and they sat down at the front of where Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was being seated. As the Young Sword Master, Xuanyuan Wendao got up from his seat at the fastest speed possible to greet them, his attitude respectful and reverential.

From this act alone, one could see just how exalted their status were in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

Yun Che’s gaze swept across the venue before his eyes landed on where Supreme Ocean Palace was being seated. The most eye-catching sight was those seven old people who sat at the very front. They were all sitting side by side and they were dressed in the exact same clothes, but each of their outfits were of a different color.

The gathered elders of Supreme Ocean Palace were garbed in light blue, but these seven people were dressed in red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple! The way they were dressed seemed to represent all the colors of the rainbow!

Xia Yuanba followed Yun Che’s gaze before speaking, “Those seven people are the Seven Venerable Ones of Supreme Ocean Palace! Venerable Purple and Venerable Blue who are seated in the middle are both level ten Monarchs who are able to rival the Three Sword Attendants!”

Yun Che’s gaze went from the Seven Venerable Ones of Supreme Ocean Palace to Zi Ji.

Zi Ji’s seat was astonishingly in front of even the Seven Venerable Ones!

It was as if Zi Ji had felt Yun Che’s gaze because he turned to look at him at the same time. He gave a small nod of his head and a faint smile.

To the right of Supreme Ocean Palace was the area Sun Moon Divine Hall was being seated. All of the people seated there wore clothes that were emblazoned with a sun and a moon. The five people who were seated in the very front looked ancient but the sun and moon emblazoned on their clothes glowed with a luminosity that almost seemed real. These five ancients sat together and the aura they released was dense and primal. It was as if their auras had mingled to create an independent and small world, one which others would have no hope of stepping into.

“Those five people are Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Sun Moon Divine Envoys! They are Divine Envoy Heavens Equal, Divine Envoy Blazing Sun, Divine Envoy Moon Punisher, Divine Envoy Star Banisher and Divine Envoy Earth Turner respectively. Among these five, Divine Envoy Heavens Equal and Divine Envoy Blazing Sun are both level ten Monarchs. Divine Envoy Heavens Equal is especially strong, he is the mightiest of the Five Divine Envoys. His title ‘Heavens Equal’ basically indicates that he is of equal status and position as the Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie. The other three Divine Envoys are all level nine Monarchs!”

Xia Yuanba explained to Yun Che.

Divine Envoys? So they chose to use the name of the gods in their titles?

Yun Che gave a quiet and cold chuckle before shooting a glance towards Ye Xinghan who sat behind the five Sun Moon Divine Envoys.

The young divine hall master of Sun Moon Divine Hall would definitely not be absent from this Devil Sword Conference. Furthermore, he stared straight at Yun Che as well, his gaze full of venom and hate. When his eyes met with Yun Che’s eyes, his pupils immediately contracted and he quickly averted his gaze but the muscles on his face continued to twitch and writhe.

Besides the Four Great Sacred Grounds, all the other powers from the Profound Sky Continent that were gathered here were all sitting ramrod straight, none of them moving a single muscle. Their expressions were nervous and tense, their breathing was moderate and shallow and even their whispering was done in the most cautious and discreet manners. All of these powers were naturally aware that the Four Great Sacred Grounds were the paramount existences within the Profound Sky Continent, but they had definitely never imagined that the true power of the Sacred Grounds was actually this terrible.

Monarchs, the legends that existed in their hearts and minds, an existence that they might encounter once every thousand years. Hundreds of them had appeared in this place! It was an event that was so shocking that it was highly plausible that they would remain dazed for many days.

The entire Sea God Arena was shrouded in a gigantic curtain of light. Even Yun Che’s eyes were unable to penetrate that veil of light and see what lay within. But anyone would be able to guess that the eponymous devil sword of this Devil Sword Conference lay behind this curtain of light.

Time was flowing slowly but at this moment, the light in the sky suddenly dimmed by a fraction.

This small decrease in brightness was something that a normal person would definitely not be able to detect. But all those who were seated here were the most powerful individuals in the Profound Sky Continent. Their spiritual perceptions were all extremely keen and many of them had raised their heads to the sky the moment the light had dimmed.

“Brother-in-law, quickly look!” Xia Yuanba said as he raised his head to the sky.

The blazing sun hung in the east but it slowly crept towards the center. However, an extremely short and slim black scar had appeared at the border of the eastern sky!
“The fabled Thirteen Star Alignment… Is it really going to appear now?” Xia Yuanba muttered to himself. At the same time, the entire Sea God Arena began rumbling with noise.

In the eastern part of the Sea God Arena, a beam of sword energy pierced the heavens. It was as if a blazing meteor had descended from the sky, the light it gave off was so piercing that everyone was blinded for a moment. Under that light, a green figure slowly appeared within the space that had been slashed open by that sword beam. He was all dressed in green and his sword might was boundless. Once he appeared, it was as if an emperor was arriving in all of his pomp and glory, causing the hearts and souls of all who were gathered to tremble with fear.

Following the arrival of this person, every single member of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, from the lowest disciple to the mightiest sword attendant, rose from their seats and bowed in greeting:

“The absolute sword of heaven’s might is peerless and unmatched in this world! We welcome the Sword Master!”

The Sword Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region—Xuanyuan Wentian!


Wild laughter rang out from the western section of the Sea God Arena which was directly opposite Xuanyuan Wentian. Amidst this wild laughter, the empty air above that area suddenly shone with a glaring profound light, it was as if a burning sun was being born. On the other side, a luminous waning moon also appeared floating in the air. One sun and one moon instantly suppressed all the light in this area and even the real sun that hung in the eastern sky seemed dimmer under the light of this sun and moon.

A tall and upright figure slowly walked out between the light that was emitted from this sun and moon. He was garbed in white and his eyes twinkled like cold stars as a mighty aura that rivalled Xuanyuan Wentian’s descended from above. This caused all of the profound practitioners who were sitting in the western section of the Sea God Arena to shiver fiercely as they could barely resist the urge to kneel on the floor and prostrate themselves in worship.

“Of the blazing sun and punishing moon, the Heavenly Monarch equals the heavens! We greet the Heavenly Monarch!”

This time, all of the profound practitioners of Sun Moon Divine Hall had gotten to their feet before they kneeled down in obeisance.

“The Holy Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, the one who possesses the title of ‘Heavenly Monarch’, Ye Meixie!?” Yun Che muttered to himself. Ye Meixie appeared to be a middle-aged man, he looked far younger than Yun Che had expected.

In the southern part of the Sea God Arena, a faint yellow light descended from the skies right in front of where Absolute Monarch Sanctuary was seated. Within that yellow light, a frail and thin figure dressed in white clothes appeared.

The moment that weak and frail figure appeared, all of the spiritual masters, elders and disciples of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary… Xia Yuanba included, all swiftly stood to their feet as they clasped their hands and shouted a greeting:

“Absolute Monarch Saint Emperor, ruler of the myriad boundaries! We welcome the Saint Emperor!”

More than one hundred Monarchs and four hundred Sovereigns shouted that greeting at the same time, the profound energy that shook the air was mighty indeed. Yun Che was extremely close by and he was still heavily injured, so he did not react in time to shield himself. He was so shaken by the profound energy that his chest felt heavy and his vision swam, his wounds nearly opening up again due to the impact.

The frail and thin man slowly turned around as he gave an extremely calm and placid smile to the gathered members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and made a gesture for them to return to their seats. The moment he turned around, Yun Che clearly saw his features as well and his heart was filled with shock and astonishment.

Huangji Wuyu, the Saint Emperor of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, the leader of the Four Sacred Grounds! The man who was publically acknowledged as the most powerful person in the Profound Sky Continent! As one of the supreme powers whose existence was legendary, everyone thought that he would definitely possess a matchless and majestic figure and that his aura would shake the heavens.

But what appeared in Yun Che’s eyes was a frail and thin young man… who did not look to be more than sixteen years of age!

But his gaze was that of an ancient man, his eyes looked like they had seen the rise and fall of a hundred ages.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura was incomparably sharp, it was as if ten thousand swords had descended from the sky. Ye Meixie’s aura was boundless and majestic and it seemed as if it could collapse the sky. Huangji Wuyu, on the other hand, projected an aura that was not tyrannical in the slightest, there was no attacking intent in it… Actually, Yun Che could not even sense the presence of any profound energy from his body. It was as if he was mere commoner who did not even practice the profound way.

Huangji Wuyu’s gaze touched Yun Che and it lingered there for a second. After that, he turned towards the Sea God Arena and quietly stared at the curtain of light that shrouded it.

In the west, a gentle aura that surged with hidden power descended from the sky, enveloping the hearts and souls of everyone present. At that moment, the picture of a vast and boundless ocean appeared in everyone’s hearts. This ocean was raging and frothing as huge waves soared to the heavens.

Before a figure had even appeared, the entire Supreme Ocean Palace had all risen to their feet in greeting:

“The supreme Sovereign of the Seas, she who has no limits!”

Supreme Ocean Palace—Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi had arrived! She was still garbed in those blue skirts that Yun Che had seen her wearing but her expression was dignified and her aura was incomparably noble and grand.

In the east: Mighty Heavenly Sword Region—Sword Master Xuanyuan Wentian.

In the west: Sun Moon Divine Hall—Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie.

In the south: Absolute Monarch Sanctuary—Saint Emperor Huangji Wuyu.

In the north: Supreme Ocean Palace—Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi.

The masters of the Profound Sky’s Four Great Sacred Grounds, the current four true rulers of the Profound Sky Continent were all gathered in this Sea God Arena!

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