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Chapter 796 – The Young Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region

“Oh? So it is Senior Ancient.”

Just as the four of them had taken to the air, they heard a clear and bright voice ring out from their right.

A young-looking man who was dressed in green appeared. He was of average build and his looks were ordinary, it could be said that this man did not possess a single distinctive feature. His profound strength aura placed him at the latter stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm, but even in this Supreme Ocean Palace that was filled with strong individuals, his countenance was still filled with an unrestrained pride and haughtiness.

He unhurriedly took to the air and flew towards them. He arrived in front of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue as he cupped his hands and greeted him, “This junior greets you.”

“Ah, so it was the Young Sword Master.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue gave an imperceptible nod of his head as he replied in an admiring voice, “I haven’t seen you in just slightly over a decade but the cultivation of the Young Sword Master has actually improved to this extent. Your esteemed father must definitely be satisfied with your progress.”

The three words “Young Sword Master” caused Yun Che and Xia Yuanba’s brows to twitch.

The young master of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… Xuanyuan Wendao!

“Hahahaha.” The young man only gave a great laugh before he replied, “The praise of Senior Ancient Blue causes this junior to feel extremely ashamed. Compared to your disciple Junior Brother Xia, junior’s cultivation is like the weak glow of a firefly against the light of the luminous moon. It’s not even worth mentioning.”

Even though his words were modest and self-deprecating, his tone was still filled with a haughty arrogance. His eyes swept across Yun Che, Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue’er and his smile deepened even further, “Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Xia Yuanba, Divine Phoenix Sect’s Princess Snow and Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Yun Che. Your names have shaken the Profound Sky Continent and you are publicly acknowledged as the three strongest people of the young generation. This humble Xuanyuan Wendao of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region has long been fascinated by the three of you and I never thought that I would be able to see all of you at the same time today. It has truly been my lucky day.”

Xia Yuanba shuffled forward and he was about to exchange pleasantries with Xuanyuan Wendao, but it was as if Xuanyuan Wendao had not seen his actions. His eyes remained fixed on Feng Xue’er as he said in a self-serving manner, “I have especially heard that Princess Snow not only has startling talent but that her beauty is also capable of bringing about the downfall of countries, possessing the title of the ‘number one beauty in the Profound Sky Continent’. For your heavenly features to be concealed by a mere gauze, for a piece of cloth to hold back such brilliance, it is truly a regrettable thing. Is it possible for you to do me the honor of allowing me to witness the beautiful face of the number one beauty in the Profound Sky Continent?”

When it came to profound strength cultivation, any one of Yun Che’s three companions were far stronger than Xuanyuan Wendao. However, Xuanyuan Wendao was not the least bit respectful towards any of them. Astonishingly, he behaved as if his behavior was merely natural and nothing out of the ordinary.

Because he was Xuanyuan Wentian’s son, the Young Sword Master of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, the future master of a Sacred Ground!

If he was simply being haughty and proud, it could still be overlooked because of his exalted status. But his attitude and the manner in which he spoke to Feng Xue’er was plainly rude!

And his attitude even seemed to be colored by contempt and provocation.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s brows twitched as he turned to the side but he did not speak. Besides his Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, the other three Sacred Grounds, Supreme Ocean Palace, Sun Moon Divine Hall, and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, all had their own young masters. Among these three young masters, Xuanyuan Wendao possessed the most shrewdness and was also the hardest to pin down… Just like his father, Xuanyuan Wentian.

However, he was convinced that given Yun Che’s capability, he would be able to easily deal with the provocations of Xuanyuan Wendao.

Xia Yuanba’s brows jumped and it seemed as if his rage had been triggered. If it was any other person who was accompanying him, he would scarcely be bothered to even notice this Xuanyuan Wendao. But since he also seemed to be targeting Yun Che and Feng Xue’er, his rage practically shot through the roof in a mere instant… he did not care if this Xuanyuan Wendao was a Young Sword Master or whatever.
Feng Xue’er replied in a calm and gentle voice, “Xue’er’s visage is fleeting and transient, it would not please you to look upon it. It will greatly disappoint the Young Sword Master.”

“Of course my Xue’er has a face that can bring about the downfall of nations.” Just as Feng Xue’er had stopped speaking, Yun Che had begun to speak in a calm and clear manner. He crossed both hands across his chest and even though he was speaking to Xuanyuan Wendao, Yun Che’s eyes were fixed on the ground as he refused to even look at him, “It’s just that if you really want to take a look, then this humble one only has one word for you.”

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wendao asked in an intrigued tone, “What advice does Asgard Master Yun have for me?”

Yun Che’s eyes were still fixed to the ground as his mouth curved into a smile that was not a smile. His voice was as cold and clear as water:


That one word caused the horsetail whisk in Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s hand to tremble slightly while both Feng Xue’er and Xia Yuanba had nearly jumped in shock. “Hahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wendao was stunned for a moment but he did not grow angry instead he started laughing loudly, “I have long heard that Asgard Master Yun was a person whose arrogance reached the heavens and who feared nothing under them. Even my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is of no significance to him. Now that I have met you in person, I see that all the rumors were indeed true. No wonder two of the elders of my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region were pathetically flipped upside down by Asgard Master Yun. I even heard that the beloved daughter of our Ninth Elder nearly died at your hands.”

“Heh.” Yun Che gave a cold and low laugh before replying, “Since you know all of this, then why haven’t you taken a hike yet!? There are no guarantees that I won’t bury you right here and now!”

Xuanyuan Wendao’s expression finally underwent a small change.

He could faintly feel that Yun Che’s words were not pure intimidation or bravado, but they truly indicated that there was a possibility that he would kill him right here and now!

Given Yun Che’s power, killing him would be as easy as squashing an ant!

Even though Xuanyuan Wentian had warned him to not come into contact with Yun Che before the Devil Sword Conference began and to not give him any reason to feel suspicious, the moment he saw Yun Che, he could not resist the urge to show off his might and prestige as the Young Sword Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Half of it was because he pitied the Yun Che who was about to become their plaything and the other half was so he could look upon the true features of Feng Xue’er, the person who was said to be the “number one beauty in the Profound Sky Continent”.

But Xuanyuan Wendao had forgotten one important thing from all the rumors that described Yun Che, because what all the rumors mentioned about him was that he was “a lunatic who was capable of doing anything”!

Killing the young master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… This was something that no one would dare to do and it was even something that no one would dare to talk or even think about.

But Yun Che was definitely an exception to this rule!

He was even capable of taking on the entire Divine Phoenix Sect all by himself! For him to suddenly kill the young master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region within Supreme Ocean Palace… He was definitely capable of doing that!

As his heart began to shake with fear and terror, Xuanyuan Wendao’s aura swiftly grew much weaker. His insulting haughtiness had been completely punctured by Yun Che’s words. His face was fixed in a frozen smile as he replied, “Since Asgard Master Yun is not being welcoming towards this humble one, then it’s fine! Farewell!”

It was clear that Xuanyuan Wendao had been terrified, because when he faced Yun Che’s words and his faint killing intent, Xuanyuan Wendao, who was normally not even afraid of the Four Holy Masters, did not even dare to say anything nasty before he left. He was afraid of provoking a “lunatic” like Yun Che who did not follow any of the rules of common sense.

Xuanyuan Wendao had flown a good distance away before he turned around and said in a bland voice, “Asgard Master Yun, I also forgot to congratulate you on making it out of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest alive. Because it would truly be a pity if you missed this Devil Sword Conference as a result. I believe this Devil Sword Conference will be one of the most unforgettable events of your life.”

Xuanyuan Wendao’s expression instantly turned sinister the moment he turned his face away. He viciously muttered to himself, “This young master has lived for so many years but I have yet to see a fellow as arrogant as he is!”

“Yun Che… This young master originally held some pity in his heart towards you. But since you are actively courting death, this young master will be generous enough to personally bestow upon you the fate you so richly deserve!”

Xuanyuan Wendao pathetically left the scene after that. Xia Yuanba asked Yun Che in a shocked voice, “Brother-in-law, is there some grievance between him and you?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue also turned his face towards them.

“…” Yun Che gave a deep sigh before slowly shaking his head, “Let’s make our way to the Sea God Arena first, you will very soon… understand exactly what is going on.”

“Ah!” Xia Yuanba nodded his head before exclaiming, “Brother-in-law, that person is the young master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, a future master of a Sacred Ground. I reckon that Brother-in-law is the only person on this earth who would dare speak to him in such a way… Moreover, I could sense that Brother-in-law truly wanted to take action and kill him just now.”

“Let’s be off.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue said, “From the aura that is radiating from our destination, I can sense that most of the heroes of the realm have already gathered in that place. So even if we arrived now, we would still be rather late.”

The Platform, otherwise knows as the “ Island”. It was named in such a way because it floated in the heart of Supreme Ocean Palace, it was a floating island which was hovered higher than all the other floating islands. This place was normally a testing ground where the disciples of Supreme Ocean Palace would compete against one another but because it had been chosen as the place where the Devil Sword Conference would be held, they had started preparing this place months in advance.

The Sea God Arena was surrounded by tens of thousands of seats. These seats were not truly erected and fixed to the ground, instead they were floating in place. Even though they hovered in the empty air, they were supported by some invisible force, and they were stable and unmoving. In fact, even if a strong profound practitioner wanted to destroy them, they would not find it an easy task.

The closer they drew to the Sea God Arena, the more astonishing the aura that came from those powerhouses became. Whether it was Yun Che, Xia Yuanba or Feng Xue’er… or anyone who had come to participate in the Devil Sword Conference, this was the first time in their lives that they had witnessed so many experts gathered in one place.

“What an alarming atmosphere!” Yun Che exclaimed.

“That’s only natural.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s expression was also colored with surprise. Even though he had lived for more than a thousand years, this was also the first time he had witnessed such an astonishing spectacle, “Five hundred Monarchs and six thousand Overlords of the Profound Sky Continent have been gathered for this Devil Sword Conference. This event is so grand that it is completely unprecedented.”

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er let out a startled gasp, “Five hundred Monarchs… six thousand Overlords…”

Yun Che also sucked in a breath of cold air before speaking in a low voice, “So all of the Monarchs and powerful Overlords in the Profound Sky Continent must be gathered in this place.”

Before he had reached the level of Monarch, he had definitely never imagined and would never have believed that there were actually five hundred Monarchs in the Profound Sky Continent, individuals who represented the very peak of power within the land.

“That is right.” Xia Yuanba nodded his head, “Almost all of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Monarchs and Overlords who are at the sixth level and above have gathered here today. There are only three lower ranking elders who stayed behind to guard our Sacred Ground. The other Sacred Grounds have more or less made the same arrangements. The Divine Phoenix Sect should also have mobilized all of their Monarchs… even Little Sister Xue’er’s great grandfather has come to this place.”

“Great grandfather?” Yun Che’s face was shocked, “Xue’er, is this the person that you told me about before? Senior… Feng Zukui?”

“Mn!” Feng Xue’er lightly nodded her head, “Great Grandfather is normally meditating at a hidden location and he very rarely makes an appearance. So I didn’t think that I’d see even Great Grandfather here this time.”

“Heh heh.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue gave a tepid laugh before speaking, “For profound practitioners who have reached the level of Monarch, the words “secrets of the Divine Profound” is an enticement that none of them can resist… Even if they know that it is extremely likely that it is a lie.”

The Platform was already right before their eyes and they could see thousands of people seated on those floating seats. Even the most unimpressive individual in this group was someone who was able to shake the heavens and the earth if they were among the Seven Nations.

“Little friend Yun, the seats of the Devil Sword Conference are organized according to the powers and groups who are gathered here. You have come here on representing Frozen Cloud Asgard but you have come here by yourself and to sit by yourself would simply be too cold and cheerless. So would you like to sit with our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary?” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue said with a faint laugh.

Yun Che thought about it for a split second before nodding his head appreciatively, “Then this junior gladly accepts your invitation.”

“Xue’er, I’ll be sitting with Yuanba over where the people of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary are seated later. You should return to your royal father’s side for now.” Yun Che turned towards Feng Xue’er as he spoke, his words causing both Xia Yuanba and Spiritual Master Ancient Blue to wear shocked looks on their faces.

“Ah? But I want to be with Big Brother Yun.” Feng Xue’er said in a mystified voice.

“I know.” Yun Che replied with a faint smile, “But you are still a member of the Divine Phoenix Sect after all and you are even the Divine Phoenix Sect’s most important Princess Snow. The Devil Sword Conference has gathered all of the strongest profound practitioners and powers within the Profound Sky Continent. If you are seen sitting with another power by all of these people, it will definitely cause the Divine Phoenix Sect to lose face and the mood of your royal father and all your clansmen will definitely be affected. So…”

Yun Che’s words sounded perfectly reasonable so Feng Xue’er was momentarily left at a loss, but after that she cheerfully smiled and said, “I’ll listen to Big Brother Yun. Big Brother Yun isn’t only good to Xue’er but he also thinks of Xue’er’s sect as well. If Royal Father and the others hear about this, they will definitely be very moved as well.”

The four of them quickly flew to the Sea God Arena. Feng Xue’er detected and followed the Phoenix auras that were radiating from the seats and she very quickly found the Divine Phoenix Sect. She descended to them and sat at Feng Hengkong’s side.

Under the direction of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, Yun Che was seated among the people of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. He sat with Xia Yuanba in the very last row.

As expected, the three of them had instantly drawn the attention of all the strong individuals that were gathered there… the one who drew the most attention of all was Yun Che. Under the riveted gazes of all who were present, the entire gathering instantly fell silent.

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