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Chapter 786 – Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer

The fires continued to burn but they had grown much smaller than before. The wild windstorm and the constant shaking of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest had also come to a stop. Yun Che lay limply on the ground, the muscles of his blood-drenched body spasming and twitching. Every now and then, hoarse moans could be heard from his mouth… proving not only that he was still alive but also that he still retained some semblance of consciousness.

“Yun Che, don’t even try to stand up. Immediately focus on activating the Great Way of the Buddha instead!” Jasmine quickly commanded him.

Jasmine’s voice caused the shuddering in Yun Che’s body to lessen. He no longer tried to struggle. Instead, he closed his eyes and devoted all his remaining strength to activating the Great Way of the Buddha. He could see through blurry eyes that his body was completely covered in blood, yet he did not feel the slightest bit of pain… it was as if his entire body did not belong to him anymore.

At the very end of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, more than ten paces to the right of Yun Che, several small clusters of flame still continued to burn. Astonishingly, the thing that had been set aflame was the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s devil body.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s left arm and both his legs had been severed from his body, lying strewn across the floor in scattered pieces. What remained was only his right arm which could barely be considered intact. Furthermore, his entire body had been completely shattered. It was as if he was mud that had been trampled over by an entire battalion of soldiers. And even this “mud” was still slowly being burned up and consumed by the Golden Crow flames.

“…This king… actually…”

The fingers on his right arm were trembling and a voice that sounded as rough as sandpaper came from the immobilized head of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

That voice caused Yun Che’s body to twitch. After that, he began to struggle furiously to get up. It was then that Jasmine’s low voice rang out, “Don’t worry about him, he’s already been smashed to bits and pieces by you. The reason why he can still speak is because he is using the very last bit of his devil energy. He will very soon be even deader than dead.”

“…” Yun Che’s eyelids cracked open as his expression grew more relaxed. His lips curved slightly into a faint smile before he spoke with great difficulty, “Jasmine… thank you, if not for you…”

“Hmph! If not for me, you would have died an even uglier death than him!” Jasmine said huffily. But this time, she did not scold Yun Che for forcing open the “Rumbling Heaven” gate. Because it was really the only option left to him, the only hope that he could grasp at… and in the end, fate once again stood at Yun Che’s side.

His wounds were very heavy and another practitioner would have died a hundred times over. Still, these injuries were insufficient to condemn him to death and could be recovered from in a fairly short period of time..

“Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, do you have any words to leave behind!?” Jasmine asked in a cold voice.

“Cough…” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign droned on in a voice filled with pain and despair, “Even the Evil God’s… seal… which lasted for a million years… was not able to kill this king… Yet this king… actually… died… at the hands of… a pathetic human…”

“Hmph! Even though the million year seal of the Evil God was not enough to kill you, in the end, you still die because of his power! It looks like no matter how hard you struggled, even though your struggles lasted for a million years, you were ultimately still unable to escape your fate of dying by the Evil God’s hand!”

Jasmine’s cold voice was somber. The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s impending death caused her to breathe a large sigh of relief but her heart still held a gloominess that would not be easily dispelled… If they had not entered this place for the sake of finding the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, if Yun Che’s peculiar characteristic of courting disaster had not acted up again and convinced him to stay behind, they would not have known that this place was actually hiding a devil from ancient times.

She was unable to imagine the horrific outcome that would have occurred if the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had continued to hide in this place until the day he completely recovered the strength he had during his peak.

Yun Che’s all-or-nothing gamble to kill the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was for the sake of preserving his own life and obtaining the Netherworld Udumbara Flower. But in the end, he had still killed a devil! Perhaps no one in this universe would ever know about it but he had eradicated a giant calamity that would have engulfed countless of worlds in the future.

“Evil… God…” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign mumbled before he began to laugh hoarsely, “Ha… haha… ha… Do you… really think that the… Evil God… was truly… a god…”

“What? If the Evil God wasn’t a god, then could he have been a human or a devil instead!?” Jasmine said with a cold and mocking laugh, “Even though you are at death’s door, you’re still a devil who has lived for over a million years. But the only thing you want to say before you die is this pile of hilarious rubbish?”

“Heh… hehehe…” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign continued to chuckle but his laughter sounded rather bizarre. At this moment, his remaining arm trembled in the air as it slowly lifted up off the ground. The remaining devil claws began to stretch out wide as they started to emit a weak and faint black light.

“…!” Jasmine’s heart suddenly tightened with anxiety… Could it be that he still had some strength left!?

But she immediately relaxed once more. Even though Yun Che’s wounds were extremely heavy right now and he did not possess the ability to resist, he still had the protection of the Dragon God’s bloodline and the Great Way of the Buddha. Even if the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign could release one final beam of devil energy, it would still not be enough to kill Yun Che.

At most, it would merely inflict another wound on Yun Che’s broken body.

A jet-black orb that was around the size of a dragon’s eye appeared in the middle of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s hand which was wrapped in black light. His devil claws began to tremble as he spoke in a hoarse voice filled with resentment, “Pathetic human being… who has also inherited the power of the Evil God… this king… will sacrifice his devil orb… in order to consign you to eternal… damnation!!

All of the remaining power in his broken body was gathered up in that trembling arm as he threw something forward… The jet-black devil orb flew through the darkness before coming into contact with Yun Che and directly burying itself inside of his body.

This sudden and bizarre occurence sent a jolt of alarm through Jasmine’s heart and she spoke in a low voice, “What was that!? What did you throw at him?!”

“Ha… hahahaha… HAHAHAHAHA…” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign began to laugh wildly and his hoarse laughter was laced with pain, sorrow… and a warped and twisted joy.


At this moment, a pain-filled moan suddenly came from Yun Che’s mouth as his blood-covered body was suddenly covered in a weak and hazy black light… Furthermore, the aura that this light was releasing was shockingly a dark devil energy!

“!!” Jasmine could not care less about the risk as her soul body swiftly left the Sky Poison Pearl and entered Yun Che’s body once more. Her senses remained locked onto the jet-black orb that had entered entered Yun Che’s body. To her shock, she discovered that it had actually buried itself into Yun Che’s profound veins. It released a layer of black light as it sheathed his profound veins in a faint black glow.

Jasmine stretched out a hand, intending to use her power to eradicate it… But the moment her finger stretched out, her heart and soul were shaken fiercely and her face went white with shock.

The devil aura radiating from this dark orb was not strong; it could even be said to be incredibly weak. It would not even be able to swiftly kill the current Yun Che who was in an incredibly weak state. But the level of this devil aura was terrifyingly high!

This was far beyond the scope of her knowledge and experience!

Suddenly, Jasmine remembered that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had mumbled the two words “devil orb” right before he had thrown out this black orb…

Could it be that this was actually the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s devil origin orb!?

Was this the devil origin orb that the records stated sustained an ancient devil’s life origin, soul origin and origin of darkness!?

An item on the level of the devils!!

Jasmine’s tiny hand faintly trembled… No, she could not do it!! If this was truly a devil origin orb as recorded in the annals of history, even if its power was extremely weak, it was still not something that she could destroy! Moreover, it appeared to have actually forcefully merged with Yun Che’s Evil God’s Profound Veins… Even if she was able to remove it by force, it was extremely likely that she was cause severe damage to Yun Che’s profound veins in the process!

What was going on!? These were the Evil God’s Profound Veins that we are talking about, how could a devil origin orb merge with them so easily? Could it be because the level of the devil origin orb was so high while the level of Yun Che’s profound energy was too low, causing his profound veins to be unable to resist it?

Jasmine’s expression kept changing as she struggled with her thoughts. Finally, she stretched out her hand once more as a scarlet colored profound energy surged forth. She reduced its power again and again… She repeated this process more than ten times before finally pushing it into Yun Che’s profound veins. After that, she carefully wrapped her profound energy around that jet-black orb.

Immediately, the jet-black light was completely engulfed and covered by that bloody light and the originally weak devil energy completely vanished as well… It had been thoroughly sealed away by Jasmine’s powers.

Jasmine let her arm drop as she swiftly returned to the Sky Poison Pearl… Sealing away this thing that was most likely a devil origin orb was the only option she could think of at the moment. But in order to avoid harming Yun Che’s profound veins, she did not dare to use too much power. So that seal would not last for very long. From today onwards, she would have to renew that seal from time to time.

“Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign…” Yun Che could feel the intense changes that his body and profound veins were undergoing as he hoarsely gasped through gritted teeth, “What did… you do to me!?”

“This king… has given to you… a great boon… that you would never be able to obtain… even if you wished for it… ha… haha… kuh…” A spurt of black blood sprayed from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s mouth, carrying away the greater part of his life with it.

“You…” Yun Che growled through tightly gritted teeth but he was still unable to stand up.

“Don’t worry, I have already sealed it away.” Jasmine said coldly, Even though she had told Yun Che “not to worry”, her heart was exceptionally heavy. Because now that a devil origin orb had merged with the Evil God’s Profound Veins, perhaps… it may one day cause a bizarre change that no one would be able to predict or anticipate.

Things that were on the level of the devils were things that not even Jasmine was able to control or anticipate.

“Heh…” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s body no longer moved and his voice had grown so faint that it was as soft as the buzzing of an insect, “You… pathetic… and stupid… human beings… Do all of you really think that our devil race… has been destroyed completely…?”

“That which… was… banished… will surely… one… day…”

The final traces of black light within the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s eyes completely disappeared.

This was the king of the Eternal Night Devil Clan, a devil who had escaped the calamity that had afflicted the gods and the devils during ancient times, a devil who had escaped the million year seal of the Evil God. But in the end, he had died at the hands of a human being and he would forever lie in the eternal darkness of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

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