ATG – Chapter 745

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Chapter 745 – Counterattack Begins




Boom boom boom———

Continuous sounds of explosions reached Floating Cloud City from the far east. Even though it was extremely far away, it was still so overwhelming that it made the hearts of the people so uncomfortable that they felt as if there were going to burst. If you told the people of Floating Cloud City that this was the sound of two people fighting each other three hundred kilometers away, absolutely no one would believe it.

This incredibly overwhelming sound of explosions was not only frequent, it continued for two entire hours and did not stop at all. Many citizens of Floating Cloud City went to the east side of the city to try and find its source by looking to the east.



Two long, pitch-black fissures appeared on Yun Che’s afterimage. Each slash of Fen Juechen’s attack were accompanied by an icy dark profound energy. Yet after slashing over ten times like a fierce storm, all he had hit were Yun Che’s afterimages. When the last attack landed, the waves were slashed open harshly, but Yun Che’s figure got further away.


The waves surged. A huge, pitch-black profound energy storm caused the clouds to change color, and it charged towards Yun Che with a fearful aura. Yun Che focused his gaze, crossed his arms before his chest, and roared deeply…


The dark profound energy storm violently collided with Yun Che’s body, sending him tumbling away. A giant, three kilometer long reef was sent flying into the air from directly below Yun Che. Before it could land, it was immediately turned into a fine powder within the energy storm.

Yun Che purposely didn’t defend. His body was shot three or four kilometers away by the shock of the dark profound energy. When he stopped, he looked at his arms… the ends of his arms had been burnt black. There was no bleeding or pain… he couldn’t even feel his skin and flesh!


Phoenix flames ignited on his arms, dispersing the strange, pitch-black darkness in the blink of an eye and revealing his flesh which had previously been shrouded… The speed at which his body regenerated had already surpassed the limit of what should have been possible.

“Fen Juechen, it’s been three hours! You’ve really disappointed me! Hahahahaha…”

Yun Che laughed wildly, but not a single part of his body had relaxed. Every time there was a gap between Fen Juechen’s attacks, Yun Che would mercilessly ridicule him as if only he himself was a truly strong practitioner. He teased and humiliated his opponent as if he were a cat playing with a mouse. However, in his heart, Yun Che knew that the actual situation was not like that.

As time passed, Fen Juechen became increasingly irritated. His roars had long since become hoarse, and the dark profound energy released by his body had already become a lot weaker. Nonetheless, his attacks were still incomparably fierce. Every strike was made with no care for his own life… His entire person had become an enraged madman. The only image within his blood-red eyes was Yun Che’s figure! His mind and soul only had one thought, and that was to kill Yun Che!


A thirty meter long sword beam horizontally sliced out, savagely and ruthlessly tearing through the sky. Yun Che’s figure swayed slightly, then suddenly reappeared above the surface of the ocean a hundred and fifty meters below. A quiet sigh suddenly exited his mouth as he watched Fen Juechen roar and charge at him yet again.

Just based on profound energy, Fen Juechen indeed completely surpassed him. If he fought with him head to head, even though he would not necessary be defeated in a short amount of time, he would definitely lose.

But Fen Juechen was just too young.

And his temperament was far too extreme.

He was originally from Burning Heaven Clan. As the Burning Heaven Clan’s young master, he naturally wouldn’t have experienced a battle of life and death.

Moreover, after he acquired the powerful dark profound energy, he had yet to encounter an opponent who could match him.

As for Yun Che, not only did he have the experience from two lifetimes, he had also experienced many life and death battles. Earlier, Fen Juechen had roared that he had “gone through hell,” but all of the things that Yun Che had suffered through were things that even Fen Juechen would never be able to imagine.

Therefore, even though his strength surpassed Yun Che, it didn’t mean… that he was be able to beat Yun Che!
In the Azure Cloud Continent, there had been many with strength far beyond Yun Che’s. Yet a countless number of them had ended up falling at Yun Che’s hand anyway!!

“Looks like we didn’t need eight hours at all,” Yun Che spoke in a low voice. He focused his mind and used all of his strength to deal with Fen Juechen who was closing the distance to him like a beast.

Floating Cloud City, Xiao Clan.

Number One Under Heaven was floating in the air, looking to the east silently. To normal citizens of Floating Cloud City, the explosive bursting and ripping sounds were just strange sounds in the distance, but he knew that, behind every sound, shocking power was hidden.

“The fight has been going on for four whole hours,” Number One Under Heaven lowered his eyebrows and said in a low voice. “Brother Yun was even able to wound Duke Huai in one strike with his sword… to think that the strength of that young Fen Juechen had actually reached such a shocking degree!”

“And he is not someone from the Sacred Grounds!”

“Four hours have passed, yet it is still so intense… so scary.” Number Seven Under Heaven’s two hands subconsciously wrapped around her stomach as she felt frightened for the baby in her womb.

“Big Brother is strong, he will definitely not lose.” Xiao Yun yelled confidently, yet his voice was trembling a little.

“Little Aunt… don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Big Brother Yun. Even if he can’t beat Fen Juechen, he can use the profound ark and come back immediately,” Feng Xue’er continuously comforted Xiao Lingxi… because Xiao Lingxi’s aura had been chaotic this entire time. Her expression had yet to relax for a moment, and her face was filled with worry, terror, and fear. Her forehead had also become covered with a fine layer of sweat.

Xiao Lingxi’s hands had been gripping Feng Xue’er’s snow robe very tightly. She begged once again, “Xue’er, please bring me over there… I am so worried, I…”

“Big Brother Yun, he… he will definitely be safe,” Feng Xue’er said, comforting her. Then she bit her lips softly. In her heart, she was not any less worried than Xiao Lingxi. On top of that, she had heard Yun Che himself say that… he was not an opponent for Fen Juechen.

“Nothing bad can happen to Little Che, the same goes for Big Brother Fen… both are them have to be safe! Fen Juechen really isn’t a bad guy. He even saved me twice! If he was killed by Little Che, I will never have any peace of mind again… I must go and stop them… They have already fought for so long, it’s enough!”

Xiao Lingxi’s voice trembled as she began to panic. The sounds coming from the east clearly described just how cruel and violent the fight of hatred had become. It was probable that the battle between Fen Juechen and Yun Che would only stop when one of them died.

If Yun Che died, she would no longer want to live. However, if Fen Juechen died, it would similarly be hard for her to accept.

“But… but I promised Big Brother Yun. I need to listen to Big Brother Yun’s words,” Feng Xue’er panicked and shook her head.

At this moment, the oppressive sounds of explosive combat from the east suddenly stopped. Even after a long time, it didn’t resume. The faint oppressive force they felt, from the battle that was hundreds of kilometers away, had even disappeared at this time.

“Ah? Is it finally… over?” Xiao Yun said in a low voice, and at the same time everyone’s expressions became serious.

Since the fight had lasted a full four hours, it was impossible for them to predict just how tragic the outcome would be.

Feng Xue’er hurriedly picked up her sound transmission jade and asked in a very nervous tone, “Brother Yun, are you okay? Did you beat him?”

Each breath after the transmission felt suffocating as they waited for a response. However, Yun Che’s voice quickly transmitted back.

“Rest assured, I am fine. After all, there’s no way anything would happen to me. You all don’t need to worry at all… I will return in another two hours at most…”
Yun Che’s voice was very relaxed and full of confidence. A faint chuckle could seemingly be heard as well.

At that instant, everyone felt relieved.


Profound Sky’s Eastern Ocean.

Yun Che slowly put away his sound transmission jade, then coldly looked at Fen Juechen in front of him. Yun Che’s hair had become completely disheveled, and there were no longer any clothes covering his body. Other than the corners of his mouth, no blood was visible on his body. However, his body was covered in black marks from where his flesh had been charred. He was breathing heavily… but he was in far better condition than Fen Juechen.

Fen Juechen had stopped attacking, but his eyes were still wolflike. His chest intensely heaved up and down as if it could explode at any time. The aura surrounding his body was much weaker than it was at the beginning, but the despair, violence, coldness, and killing intent still remained.

“You… are… purposely… consuming my… strength!” A bloody light flashed through Fen Juechen’s pitch-black pupils.

Fen Juechen was proud and self confident. Furthermore, he held extreme hatred and murderous intent for Yun Che. Thus, it had been very easy for Yun Che to enrage him and cause him to attack in a wild rage. As he attacked and failed, it had only made him even more angry… These four hours, he had madly attacked Yun Che constantly, and the profound energy surrounding his body had decreased by more than sixty percent!

As for Yun Che… his profound energy had decreased by less than thirty percent!

The sword strike just now had churned up huge waves in a three kilometer radius. When the cold seawater descended, it had drenched Fen Juechen’s entire body, shocking him as the chill assaulted his mind. However, this had also cleared up his mind, causing him to suddenly realize Yun Che’s true intention.

Yun Che remained calm as he said with smile, “Right. In the end, you managed to see through it after all. However, it took you a full four hours of battle to realize this, you truly cannot be considered intelligent.”

Fen Juechen scoffed, and the pitch-black sword in his hands made terrifying sounds, “The current you is just garbage that must die! No matter what mind games you use today, you can stop thinking about leaving here alive!”

“My, my, looks like even saying you are not intelligent is flattering you.” Yun Che’s expression was a relaxing, slight smile, “I only defended without attacking during these four hours of your continuous attacks, but I am not dead and they didn’t cause a serious injury. Even an idiot should understand by now that, with my movement skill and speed, you wanting to kill me now… is simply foolish nonsense!”

Earlier, when Fen Juechen had gone entirely the offensive, his strength and momentum had both been frightening, but Yun Che now had Fen Juechen completely figured out. Fen Juechen’s movement skills and speed were undeniably at least level below him!

Long before this battle, Yun Che had decided to use this method to deal with Fen Juechen. He believed in his superior movement skills and speed and hoped that they would give him an advantage… Currently, it seemed that not only did this advantage exist, it was also greater than he had expected.

Now that Fen Juechen had noticed it, he naturally couldn’t continue doing so. Yun Che also had never any intention of remaining on the defense without any sort of retaliation either.


Red light flickered, and the Heaven Smiting Sword was in Yun Che’s hands once again. At that instant, under the incomparably tyrannical aura of the sword, the ocean’s waves and howling wind died down, as if they had been frozen still. An indifferent smile emerged on Yun Che’s face as he coldly sneered and said in a low voice, “Not only that, today, the one who will not be leaving here alive… is you!!”

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    1. Just for his aunt saying that she wants to go and stop a fight that would never have happened if she kept her innocent mouth up. It might just be her personality but it her character just makes me want her to go and stop the fight and get killed by a stray attack.

      Would it solve anything, nope but I just had to rant….. wanting to have neither die, her life has been way too damn easy

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      2. Actually i think yun che will still spare him, out of his own will.

        He’s dangerous but ‘honorable’ and has a huge ego.

        He might come after yun che but he will not use his family against him or backstab him, if anything he’s the type to go for an equal even duel. It’s actually good for yun che if he can manage not dying. Guessing after this battle he’ll have another breakthrough, maybe get some skill level ups too.

        1. I predict that Jasmine will find out he is part of the Eternal Night Family and then Yun Che will tell him about the upcoming sword conference and the fact that they have a common enemy. After all, it was kinda already in the name of the technique he used.

  1. Arthur really needs to stop the two lifetimes excuse. In his last life he didn’t start massacring people till after his Master died and even if we add the years his been in the new life with the old life’s memory added together his experience with death battles,= and scheming doesn’t even hit 20 years

    1. Yeah well, compared with Fen dude it was a lot more. Pretty sure the author didn’t use the the double lifetime excuse when fighting against old foxes (or did he?).

    2. i dont remember the “time” exactly, but after his master was killed, and he kill himself, even if was not 10 years, probably was at least 3 or 4, because remember even when he was running and killing he still have time to spend with that girl, and what are you thinking about those years of killing?, he had been hunted and be in life or death situations, much more times than in this current life by a lot.

      1. i don’t understand your question…. isn’t all these things something that is already written in this 745 chapters? instead, saying that he never have a hellish life in azure continent, isn’t against what the author is already wrote?

        1. It was a thinly veiled insult on my part, he’s basically claiming that he knows a character better than the author himself who created the character.

          The author is god, his word is law. If the author says that’s what happened in Yun Che’s life, then that is what happened. Some random guy comes along and tries to claim he knows more about details that the author hasn’t fully released yet, than the author himself does? Don’t make me laugh.

          1. The author should be consistent, you have a shitty argument, the author can’t just change key elements of the story 700+ chapters in.
            “Don’t make me laugh”.

      2. We don’t have many exact numbers. He was 15(16?) when he was poisoned in his life as a cripple. He was 26(27?) when he died in the life with the legendary healer. We also know he killed over 7 million people during that time using poison (possibly in 1 night). He killed lots more while on the run. He also had that relationship with his first love, whom he treated badly the first go round and who always patched him up when he came home torn and bloody. It did say though that he didn’t start killing until his master was killed because his master was not that kind of person. His life as a cripple didn’t give him any useful combat experience.

        So, sometime soon his current life is going to pass the accumulated combat experience of both those other two lives.

        1. we are not talking about this life as a cripple.

          When his master died, probably he take some time to decide to kill, but as you said, probably the millions he killed, was in the shortest time, but then after that, he was hunted by all the continent powers, but even while he was fleeing, the author explain, that he always return to the side ot that girl a lot of times, and then, obvious when his injuries are healed, he go outside and start again the killing, trying to avenge his master, kill, hunted and heal… kill, hunted and heal… again and again, with the way the author wrote all this, is saying that his venguence was by no means just some days, or months.

          how much time in his previous life he need to heal his body? when go and kill some sect, is just some few days? after that, people trying to catch him, and him losing them. how much days he need to losing them, when people much more powerful than you are hunting you?

          he have enough battle experience to justified that he is toying with juechen.

          1. So, I want to put some of this argument to rest. Yun Che jumped off the cliff 7 years after his master died, this detail is in the prologue. There are different points in the whole story where the years are slightly less, but with such a big piece of work, it doesn’t surprise me if a few mistakes with timing are made. He died at the age of around 27, so indeed he was pretty young. In terms of battle experience though, he likely has more than a middle aged person, or even possibly one who is 100 years old, because he likely had to fight VERY often.

            Not to mention being hunted for the sky poison pearl, he was likely fighting under a varying range of odds. This to me gives his fighting experience a heavier quality than someone who is 100 but has had only 20 or 30 close-call life or death battles. That may even be a lot. I’m basically saying, don’t use his age to gauge how much battle experience he has because he probably had to grow up very quickly from the time that he was 20.

            Regarding his recovery time with the girl was probably quick as well because he was pretty single minded and likely would want to rush out asap, and probably not want to stay long so as not to get found with her and have her killed (which happened anyway).

          2. GKDorian
            He gained a lot of stealth, evasion and poisoning experience, but not real combat experience in those 7 years. Remember, in his new life had ZERO cultivation skills. He has had to learn all of his cultivation skills from scratch. Have you ever heard him make any reference to a skill he had from before other than his medical skills? If you have, one of us is remembering wrongly. The bulk of his real combat experience has been in this life (his third).

          3. Rubble, actually he had more battle experience and cultivation power in his second life than you think. I’ve been rereading this, I’m on chapter 51 now and in his Azure cloud life he has described himself as one of the overlords a couple of times. At this point they use overlord here not in the sense of the cultivation level but as in being a powerhouse. And also he is somewhat surprised and resigned to the fact that his veins are crippled as It is only in his Profound sky continent life that he wasn’t able to cultivate. Though, to be honest with you, the first time I read this story I got the impression that it was in both lives that his veins were crippled.

            He did become super skilled in evasion and poison because he relied on those two things the most to survive and kill. You cant be fighting every waking second. But those two things aren’t good enough to give you battle experience, which he clearly has, and which they have repetitively said. There is no need to try and poke holes in that. And given his desire to pay people back heavily, poisoning cant be the only way he killed people. If you think about it.

            Furthermore he has a very good understanding of the way of cultivation, whenever they mention this they throw in that two lives comment as well, but that is mainly because of his 27 years in azure cloud and his medical know-how. I haven’t gotten far enough yet but I vaguely remember reading the first time around that he was in the sky profound realm before he jumped off the cliff, I remember this particularly because after reading that I wondered why he didn’t fly out of the bottomless pit, but that is one plot hole I will not defend. Except if you think that he was out of profound energy so he couldnt fly, but then the people chasing him could have flown in and caught his body. Meh, what ever! Nonetheless, don’t get confused lol. He didn’t need to learn “cultivation skills” from scratch, he just need to “cultivate” from scratch, there is a difference, and he has to do that because of the evil god veins that came entirely empty.

            Technically Xiao Che did study cultivation in the Profound sky before being poisoned, it takes about 4-6 months to get from level 0 to level 1 of the elementary profound realm. Plus it’s not hard to imagine that Xiao Che probably tried to cultivate anyway in vain despite his veins being crippled (pun). Yun Che however did that initial step in less that a week, using life or death extreme waterfall conquering tactics (not sure if I can call this a cheat code because he could have easily died doing it).

            Actually, to cement this point even further ( again I just read these chapters the other day) when Yun Che asks Jasmine to teach him some cultivation skills and accuses her of being a bad master for not teaching him anything, she says that she didn’t have to teach him how to cultivate because he already knew how to, and she didn’t have anything to teach him yet because his level was too low. It’s only after he gets the fire seed that she teaches him the Star God’s broken shadow profound movement skill.

            Sorry it’s such a long reply, but there is so much evidence to draw from, especially in the offhand information that is given in the first 50 chapters.

    3. I agree, this is something that has been bugging me too. By saying “two lifetimes”, it sounds like he’s lived for a total of at least over one hundred years; if we consider the age certain people reach in this world, even thousands of years. Instead it’s something like less than half a century. There would be so many better ways to say he’s experienced more that Juechen ever will. But the author likes to repeat his stuff, we all know that by now.

      1. i agree with that too, he is by no means an old man with a lot of experience, but this how the author is trying to justified the super powerful, always winner, and wise, this mc is…. maybe in battle experience can i acept that, but i have a lot of problems when always is solving situations, as wise as a 100yo old fox man… shame, but this is how it is.

        1. Just think about how much he might have had to experience and endure in the 7 years after his master died, being hunted by a whole continent and slaughtering them back in turn. Then try to imagine whether someone with a full lifetime would have had so many experiences, regardless of the duration in which they might have happened. I think this is the logic the author is using. Though it was a short life, he experienced more than most.

    1. Meh, in this kind of novel, MC tend to be the bad guy if you see him from various different perspectives. Even if the trouble stemmed from Mc’s mistakes/arrogances, he’d kill the other person either way for “offending” him, as if the other person couldn’t use the same reason to deal with MC. So yeah, as mentioned bazillion times in this kind of novel, strength is everything. Even if you had raped all the virgin fairies in the whole world, if you had enough strength to rule on everything, nobody could do anything anyway.

          1. Exactly. The difference is, in our world, the “power” is money and influence; in these fantasy worlds, the power people have is “real”.

          2. Well, in our world, those kind of people can still get killed through a bullet after some thorough planning (though you may get caught in the end and killed), but I’d say it’d be harder to kill such kind of people in martial world, lol.

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    And oh my goodness i almost started drooling when i saw the amazing teaser, it made up for the long rambling nothing that the author did for the chapter

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      God damn people like her and shiro just rub me the wrong way, to some it’s an endearing quality, to me it’s stupidity

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