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Chapter 711 – Born Arrogant

Today was the fourth day since Yun Che came to the Divine Phoenix City.

In the span of four days, not only had he thrown Divine Phoenix City in disarray, he had also caused news of this incident to spread to every corner of Sky Profound Continent. In the first place, the news of Yun Che returning alive was enough to stir the entire continent, but the things he had done in Divine Phoenix City in these past few days… especially the incident of him killing two princes and five Phoenix Elders yesterday, swept towards the seven nations of the continent like a storm in merely a single night.

Whether it was Divine Phoenix Empire or the other six nations, to all of them, this was the most shocking incident since the founding of their own nations. The first response when anyone heard the news, was that they could not believe it no matter what.

This was the first time in history that the dignity of the unrivalled Divine Phoenix Empire was being stepped on… and it was even being stepped on to such an extent. Furthermore, their opponent, was merely a single person.

Even the Four Sacred Grounds themselves had long known about this matter, and were also paying great attention to it.

The night passed, and when Yun Che opened his eyes, the sky was already bright. However, he did not choose what time he wanted to wake up. Rather, he was awakened by the activity of his voice transmission jade.

As soon as he took out the voice transmission jade, the voice of a calm middle-aged man sounded from within, “There are two additional Monarch auras in the Divine Phoenix Sect this morning. One of them is at late-stage Second Level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, while the other is at middle-stage Third Level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. Do take care.”

The one who sent the voice transmission was actually Zi Ji of the Black Moon Merchant Guild.

“Not only did he take the initiative to inform you, the old man had even personally sent the voice transmission himself. Hmph, it seems like he really cares about you a lot, huh.” Jasmine coldly said.

“Care?” Yun Che curled his lips, “That’s because I have a ‘teacher’ behind my back who is strong to the point of being unprecedented and catastrophic; a ‘teacher’ who should definitely not be offended. That is what made him feel that it’s best to display his goodwill. If this layer of illusion is broken, with his shrewdness, there’s a huge possibility… no, he will definitely want me dead more than anyone else. In regards to a large power that had been established and had dominated an entire continent for ten thousand years, something that could possibly become a threatening force, definitely cannot be allowed to exist… With my irregular talent and speed of growth that had already been exposed right in their eyes, I’m naturally one of those people that can possibly put them in a threatened position.”

“It’s good that you know.” Jasmine arrogantly said.

“Divine Phoenix Sect is the same as well.” Yun Che flew into the air and looked in the direction of Divine Phoenix City, “In just five thousand years, the Divine Phoenix Sect had already approached the degree of strength possessed by the Sacred Grounds by simply borrowing the Phoenix bloodline. In another five thousand years, with the advantage of borrowing a divine spirit’s bloodline, there’s a huge possibility that they would surpass the Four Sacred Grounds. The reason why the Divine Phoenix Sect had been stable and peaceful these five thousand years was due to the existence of the Divine Phoenix. If the illusion of the Divine Phoenix still being alive is destroyed, even the dumbest of person can predict what would happen to the Divine Phoenix Sect.”

Speaking up to this point, Yun Che’s brows slightly moved… Could the absurd actions Divine Phoenix Empire had done to the Blue Wind Empire be preparation for the crisis that might happen in the future? After all, there would also be a time where wind could even seep through the thickest of walls.

Even if that was the case… No matter what the reason was, considering the sins Divine Phoenix Empire committed against Blue Wind Nation, they would have to suffer ten times the costs no matter what!


Feng Hengkong had not slept a wink for four days. In the first place, he had not suffered any severe injuries, and as of this moment, even the injury on his arm was no longer serious. However, the impact his inner heart suffered had no possibility to subside in such a short span of time… In just three short days, four of his sons had died, and all of them died in right in front of his eyes. Furthermore, every single one of them was completely burnt away; forget about having a corpse, even a trace of ash was not left behind. A heavy impact like this was something any regular person wouldn’t be able to take, let alone he, the Divine Phoenix Sect Master, as well as the Emperor of Divine Phoenix Empire.

Within the half-destroyed and messy Phoenix Main Hall, all of the various Phoenix Elders and princes were lined up. However, their faces carried not anxiety nor hatred, but instead joy and excitement. At the very end of the hall, there were two others sitting on both sides of Feng Hengkong… their seats were actually positioned at the same level as Feng Hengkong’s.

These two were elders with heavy vicissitudes imprinted on their faces. Their beards were snow-white, yet their hair had a rich dark crimson color. Around their bodies, fire spirits occasionally danced about, and an incomparably heavy pressure was being released from their bodies. Currently, their slightly sunken brows and eyes, which were emitting out cold lights, had greatly caused everyone to hold their breaths.

“Four princes of our Divine Phoenix Sect have actually been consecutively killed… Outrageous!” The voice of the elder on the right was as heavy as a gong, and due to his anger, the temperature of the entire hall suddenly rose.

“Why did you not mention this matter to the Grand Sect Master?” The elder on the left said.

“Royal Father’s personality is as violent as flames. We were momentarily timid, and did not dare to clearly speak of it. We wanted to inform Royal Father after we took down that bastard Yun Che.” Feng Hengkong closed his eyes, his constantly twitching face and neck highlighted the unsuppressable hatred and pain in his heart.

“All of us are incapable. To actually have to involve two Grand Elders to personally come out of seclusion, we are truly ashamed.” Great Elder Feng Feilie uttered shamefully.

“With two Grand Elders here, if Yun Che still dares to come, then today will be his funeral!” Feng Ximing gritted his teeth and said.

For the two elders sitting next to Feng Hengkong, their ages both exceeded five hundred years respectively. Not only were they from the generation of Grand Elders in the Divine Phoenix Sect, they were also two out of the nine Grand Elders who had broken through the Sovereign Profound Realm.

The one seated on the left was named Feng Tianyu, while the one seated on the right was named Feng Tianqing. They both belonged to the same vein as the Grand Sect Master of Divine Phoenix Sect, carrying the first name “Tian”. Currently, they had already become the cornerstone-like existences of Divine Phoenix Sect.

“The sin of this person, cannot simply be repaid with ‘death’!” Feng Tianyu furiously said.

“Other than the four princes, how many people from within the sect have died because of that Yun Che?” Compared to Feng Tianyu, Feng Tianqing was much calmer, however, he similarly had pupils which had completely turned crimson red, highlighting that the astonishment and anger in his heart was definitely not any weaker than Feng Tianyu’s. Because within Divine Phoenix Sect’s five thousand years of history, they had never received such humiliation before.

Feng Ximing respectfully said, “On the first day, only Fourteenth Little Brother died under his hands. On the second day, Thirteenth Little Brother and nine guardian disciples, a total of ten, died. Yesterday, two Royal Little Brothers and five elders died under his hands… And ninety-three others were burnt to ashes. There’s also three hundred or so people who had suffered injuries of different degrees. In order to save royal father, twenty-first elder has suffered severe injuries, and until now, he has yet to wake from his coma.”

“One hundred and eleven people… Heh. It seems that he must suffer one hundred and eleven times of pain worse than death, before he can fully repay his debt.” Feng Tianyu’s expression turned cold and sinister.

At this moment, an uproar suddenly echoed from outside. Following after, an evidently panicky voice rang, “Yun Che… Yun Che is here!!”


All of the people present in the entire Phoenix Main Hall, other than the two Grand Elders, suddenly stood up at exactly the same instant. And a single moment like this showed that Yun Che had already planted a terrifying shadow in their hearts.

“Yun Che…” Feng Hengkong tightly clenched both of his fists; with a low voice, he chanted the name of whom he hated the most in his entire life, “It’s time for you… to repay your debt!!”


Flames erupted, and Feng Hengkong instantly charged towards the skies, once again forming another humongous hole in the roof of the hall, which was already dilapidated in the first place. The crowd of Phoenix Elders loudly shouted “Sect Master”, before quickly flying into the air, and followed him closely from behind.

In the direction of the gate to Divine Phoenix City, Yun Che was still floating in the same position as yesterday. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, and his face carried a cold smile… His actions and expression were exactly the same as yesterday.

Compared to Yun Che, however, the reactions of the people from Divine Phoenix Sect were greatly different from yesterday. Their expressions looked especially assured, and their gazes on Yun Che were as though they were looking at a dead man. Some of their faces even revealed a joyful, cold smile… as though they could already see the scene of Yun Che falling in their hands, allowing them to wantonly vent out their hatred and frustration.

“Feng Hengkong, you sure came here to welcome me rather quickly today.” Yun Che’s gaze still locked onto Feng Hengkong alone, and his tone was even more scornful than the day before. “Today, have you thought it through and prepared to obediently listen to me, or… are you going to continue watching your sons and disciples suffer miserable deaths one after another in front of your eyes, hmm?

“Oh, of course. I still have to very kindly remind you that it’s best that you listen to me obediently, otherwise, if all of your sons were to die off, your Sect Master and emperor’s seat, will no longer have a single successor.”

“Yun Che, your death is already imminent, yet you’re still being arrogant.” Feng Feilie said with a cold smile, “Do you think you can still leave this place alive today!?”

“Oh?” Yun Che slightly narrowed his eyes, “My death is imminent? In these few days, I seemed to have heard these four words from you people more than ten times. Unfortunately, even now, not a single strand of my hair has been damaged. As for your Divine Phoenix Sect… Heh. So pitiful, sad, and laughable.”

“Heheheheh… He really is as arrogant as the rumors say.”

Responding to Yun Che was an old and mighty voice. Following this voice, two crimson red figures slowly floated into the air from the Phoenix Main Hall, carrying peerless pressure that was as heavy as a mountain, enveloping the entire Divine Phoenix Sect. They coldly watched Yun Che; the intense aura and pressure they carried had even brought the surrounding winds of several dozen kilometers into stillness.

It was as though in this space, they were the dictators between heaven and earth.

Yun Che put down his arms from his chest and unhurriedly shifted them behind his back. He gave the two elders a glance and said with a light, cold smile. “Looking at how the confidence of you people had inflated several hundred times, I was wondering which deity had been invited over. However, you people have only called out two old undead farts. You people should at least call out Feng Tianwei as well. Merely Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing… Are you telling me that among the generation of Grand Elders of Divine Phoenix Sect, only a bunch of trash remained?”

Feng Huwei’s soul carried memories about the generation of Grand Elders, so when Yun Che saw Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqiang, it was only natural that he could fluently call out their names.

Feng Tianyu’s and Feng Tianqing’s expression changed at the same time… They had appeared carrying a majestic aura, and they had even locked their Phoenix Spiritual Pressure on Yun Che the first opportunity they had. Initially, they had thought that with just their spiritual pressure, it would be sufficient to make Yun Che quiver in fear, and even cause his mind collapse.

However, the scene before them was totally out of their expectations. After their appearance, not only did Yun Che not reveal any fear or anxiety, there wasn’t even a single change to his expression. The aura from his body did not stir in the slightest either; his calmness looked as though he was looking at two ants jumping out from the ground.

Not only was he not suppressed by their aura, he had even fluently called out their names… And then, not only was he not afraid of their names, his every word, and every expression, was all filled with scorn and disdain.

He was actually scorning and mocking the Grand Elders of Divine Phoenix Sect… Two figures who had achieved the Sovereign Profound Realm, who had become the gods among people who practice the profound cultivation, and two figures who could truly look down on the entire world!!

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