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Chapter 705 – Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation?

To the south of Divine Phoenix City, Yun Che was meditating in a cave located in some remote mountain. Both his eyes were closed shut as all the profound energy in his body faintly vibrated. A hazy small pagoda slowly rotated above his head while letting out intermittent flashes of dull golden light.

When he opened his eyes, the sky had already grown bright. Yun Che stood up, feeling completely clear-headed and invigorated; the profound energy within his profound veins were extremely abundant as well. Now that the Great Way of the Buddha had reached this stage, he did not need to sleep anymore. Whenever he concentrated on cultivating the Great Way of the Buddha, spending a few minutes in absorbing the nourishment provided by the energy of heaven and earth would be equivalent to several hours of sleep for a normal profound practitioner.

Or perhaps one could put it this way instead, he no longer needed to intentionally cultivate the Great Way of Buddha, for even normal sleep counted as cultivation for him.

“To think that this night went by so peacefully, it looks like the Divine Phoenix Sect has already given up on trying to find me?” Yun Che muttered to himself as he looked in the direction of Divine Phoenix City, “So that is to say that… those old freaks who are in the Sovereign Profound Realm have finally decided to make an appearance.”

“Do not underestimate the Divine Phoenix Sect just because you have gained the upperhand in the past few exchanges.” Jasmine warned him in a cold voice, “I have already sensed the aura of someone who is in the late stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm… and there is more than one of them!”

“Don’t worry, if I was the kind of person who routinely underestimated his enemies, I would have already died a thousand times over.”

“Hmph, haven’t you ‘died’ enough times already!?”


“Are you still going to try to infiltrate the city today?” Jasmine asked.

“There’s no need.” Yun Che floated into the air, before taking off in the direction of the Divine Phoenix Sect, “When it comes to things like surprises, once is enough. If you do it again, it loses its flavor.”

At this moment, an extremely cold and sinister smile lit up on Yun Che’s face, “I have already given several chances to the Divine Phoenix Sect. The benevolence I have shown them the past two days could be counted as me repaying the favor to Xue’er… from today onwards, I will let them understand… what a true nightmare is!”

Yun Che was flying at such an extreme speed that he left a howling gale blustering in his wake. Soon, the silhouette of Divine Phoenix City quickly grew clearer and clearer. What he planned to do today was going to be the same as yesterday. Bright and early in the morning, he would directly go knock on the doors of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

Yun Che approached boldly as he swept across the skies above Divine Phoenix City and rushed towards Phoenix City itself. As Yun Che was using Extreme Mirage Lightning ability, all the people in the area could only hear an incomparably sharp cry above their heads, and when they raised their heads to look for the origin of the noise, they could only barely make out a black dot that was swiftly disappearing from their vision.

When Yun Che had slowed down, Divine Phoenix City was already right in front of him.

“Divine Phoenix City sure is peaceful today. It seems that all the Divine Phoenix disciples who were looking for me have ceased all their activities and have been ordered to return. It looks like today, I will be going up against several old freaks who are in the Sovereign Profound Realm.” Even though he said this, Yun Che’s face didn’t show any hint of concern. Although he might be incapable of defeating the Monarchs of the Divine Phoenix Sect, given his extreme speed, only the Little Demon Empress could catch up to him under the blue sky. Even if the Rulers of the Four Sacred Grounds were to try, they would not find it an easy task to catch up to him.

And for the time being, the Divine Phoenix Sect had not produced an individual that was as strong as a Ruler of one of the Sacred Grounds.

“Looks like you’re going to be disappointed. The aura of those dozen-odd Monarchs are still at their original location.” Jasmine said blandly.

“Ah?” Yun Che had an astonished look on his face, “That shouldn’t be the case. I killed two of their princes, but they did not even manage to put a scratch on me. And today, they even directly called off their search. Even if that Feng Hengkong was a teenage mutant ninja turtle, he shouldn’t be unwilling to call those old monsters out of seclusion. Could it be that… he has prepared some other scheme?”

“There is a very well hidden profound formation that is centered within a one kilometer radius around the heart of Phoenix City.” Jasmine had discovered this hidden profound formation which required sixteen hours and the effort of nearly all the Divine Phoenix elders to set up with a glance, and her tone even clearly carried a note of disdain, “This profound formation should have been specially prepared for you, and the aura of the profound formation is very similar to the sealing profound formation that was used on Princess Snow in the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago.”

“Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation?” Yun Che said as his brows sank. Three years ago, Feng Feilie had hit Feng Xue’er with the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, and even though his bloodline and profound strength was inferior to her, all the profound energy in her body had still been sealed for twenty-four hours; it was clear just how tyrannical this profound formation was.

“No wonder they did not ask those old monsters to come out of seclusion. They have actually prepared such a large present for me.” Yun Che gave a cold laugh, “Such a gigantic Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation… they are really willing to go all out. But it looks like I have to be a little bit more careful now….”

“Careful? Hmph, this is simply laughable!” Jasmine said with a contemptuous little laugh, “Your profound veins have been cast by the indestructible blood of the Evil God; they are the Evil God’s Profound Veins! In this world, unless it’s power that is on the same level as the gods, then there is simply no power capable of sealing or suppressing your profound veins! This pitiful Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation is only a mere joke in front of the Evil God’s Profound Veins.”

“…Oh, so it’s like that, huh.” Yun Che said with wide open eyes before he subtly nodded his head and murmured in a hushed voice, “Yeah, I recall that it was something like this…”

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s “Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation,” which could even forcibly suppress the power of his grandfather, Yun Canghai, who was in the late stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm, did not even have any effect on him who was only at the Earth Profound Realm at that time. So no matter how powerful this Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation was, it could not possibly be stronger than the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation, right?

Yun Che had all his fears put to rest and with a flicker, he had already rushed into Phoenix City.

“What? All of our forces were obliterated?”

The news that came from Blue Wind Nation sent Feng Hengkong into a complete rage. Because of Yun Che, his mood was already as low as it could get, but just as day broke, he received yet another piece of completely unexpected and calamitous news.

“This isn’t possible!” Feng Hengkong said gravely, “Yun Che is clearly in our Divine Phoenix Empire right now! With Yun Che gone, how can a mere Blue Wind Nation withstand the might of our Divine Phoenix Army!? Just what is going on!? Could it be that Yun Che actually made his way back to the Blue Wind Imperial City in the span of a single night!!”

“The Western Army and the Eastern Army each had two hundred thousand troops, and they rushed towards Blue Wind Imperial City through the night so they roughly arrived at their destination sometime this morning. After Western Army had sent news that they were approaching Blue Wind Imperial City, there was no further news from them, even from the supervising elder who was with them. It was exactly the same as the Middle Army who had disappeared before! The elder supervising the Eastern Army, Feng Leiming, also fought with someone, and he met a crushing defeat. In his despair, Feng Leiming most likely ignited all of the profound energy in his body in a bid to incinerate Blue Wind Imperial City but it was rebounded back on our army by his opponent’s exceedingly strong wind profound energy, causing the Eastern Army to suffer terrible casualties and in the end, only forty thousand troops were able to get out of that bloodbath alive.” Feng Feiran said solemnly.

“Wind profound energy? Could it be that there is another powerhouse besides Yun Che in Blue Wind Nation who exceeds our Divine Phoenix Elders?” Feng Hengkong’s face grew darker and darker by the second. Yun Che had never used wind profound energy before, so this person was naturally not Yun Che… but an elder of his Divine Phoenix Sect was an invincible existence who could do as they pleased within the Profound Sky Seven Nations. For Blue Wind Nation to produce one Yun Che was already shocking enough, and this had even sent shockwaves throughout the entire Profound Sky Continent, so how could there be someone else like him!?

“That person is indeed not Yun Che. As for his identity, I will dispatch people to swiftly investigate it for us. It’s just that the Middle Army has completely fallen, and the Western and Eastern Army have also suffered heavy casualties, so the morale of the troops garrisoned in the Blue Wind Nation has severely plummeted…. Ah.” Feng Feiran let out a long sigh after speaking.

“That doesn’t really matter anymore.” The Crown Prince Feng Ximing spoke of words that would cause any outsider to have serious misgivings over the whole affair, “In any case, we have practically already gotten what we wanted to obtain, so even if we pull out our troops now….”

“But Yun Che must definitely die!” Feng Hengkong said in a voice filled with hatred.

At that very moment, a nightmarish voice that came from the outside swiftly followed Feng Hengkong’s furious outburst, “All you old dogs of the Divine Phoenix Sect, your granddaddy Yun Che has come to pay you a visit, so what are you waiting for!? Hurry up and welcome me!!”

“Yun… Che!” The rage-filled Feng Hengkong immediately located where the source of the voice came from; all the hair on his head nearly instantly stood on end, and the phoenix mark on his forehead appeared as it began to burn violently. This time, Yun Che’s voice had not come from the middle of Phoenix City, but he was at its gates. This clearly showed that he could not be bothered to silently infiltrate the city the way he did yesterday. Instead, he brazenly swaggered up to the city gates and even announced his arrival with a shout, as if he was scared that the Divine Phoenix Sect would not discover his presence.

This was clearly and undoubtedly the naked contempt that Yun Che had for the Divine Phoenix Sect!!

We… will definitely personally rip him to pieces this very day!!” Feng Hengkong had already said those words far too many times, and every time he uttered them, his hatred for Yun Che would grow by leaps and bounds. Just as he was about to rush out, Feng Feiran swifty held out a hand to restrain him, “Sect Master, please keep your cool for the moment. We have completely relaxed our guard and recalled all the disciples back from their search efforts. We did all of this in order to tempt him to infiltrate our city in the same manner he did yesterday, so we could trap him in the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation. But it seems like our plan has come to naught as his voice is clearly coming from the city gates…. And no matter whether the profound technique he is using is Extreme Mirage Lightning or not, his speed is definitely not something we can catch up to, so the most dependable method we can rely on to capture him is to lure him into the midst of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation.”

Feng Hengkong stopped in his tracks as his gaze swept across every single person who was present before it finally fell on Ninth Prince Feng Xilin, “Xi’er, among all of our sons, besides Feng Ximing, you are the one who is the steadiest and also the one who has the most leadership qualities. If we were to hand over this heavy duty to you, would you dare to take it?”

Feng Xilin strode forward and said without a hint of hesitation, “This son will definitely not disappoint our Royal Father.”

“Good!” Feng Hengkong heavily nodded his head and said, “With just these words of yours alone, you have already fully lived up to our expectations. Do not worry, Xichen and Xiluo have already suffered at the vicious hands of Yun Che, so we will definitely not allow anymore of you to meet the same end. The Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation was constructed using the strength of thirty-six of our elders; so even your grandfather would have a hard time resisting it if he was ensnared by it. If you can lure Yun Che inside of it, even if he has the ability to traverse the heavens… he can still forget about escaping again!!”


Feng Hengkong shot into the air with a furious conflagration trailing behind him; several thick roofs of the main hall instantly crumbled in his wake. Yun Che floated in the air directly above the gates of Phoenix City; both his arms were crossed over his chest, and his face was still calm and disdainful. The expression on his face was the one that made all the Divine Phoenix disciples enter a frenzy, inducing their desire to directly rip that smirk off his face. All of the Divine Phoenix Elders took action at the same time as well, but they did not surround him like they did yesterday, instead they scattered across the air above Phoenix City while they locked onto him using their eyes and their auras.

Behind each wave of elders was a prince that they were protecting. It was clear that after two princes had died one after the other at the hands of Yun Che, the Divine Phoenix Sect had now become exceedingly cautious. Every prince had several elders by his side protecting him, as their only fear was that Yun Che would once again move against one of the princes. They had even thought of hiding all the princes in another location, but the safest and most secure place in the entire Divine Phoenix Empire also happened to be this Phoenix City….

Compared to the past two days, when Yun Che once again appeared today, all the Divine Phoenix Sect members, from the elders to the lowliest disciples, felt a deep spike of fear and apprehension lodged in their guts. When he had arrived on the first day, the only thought that flitted through their minds was that he was seeking his own death. But within the span of two days, he had been able to kill two princes of the Divine Phoenix Sect consecutively despite nearly all the elders being present. Not only did he not lose his life in the process, he had hardly even received a single scratch.

This was the first time someone had trampled upon the dignity and might of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

When he saw Feng Hengkong arrive, Yun Che’s gaze immediately turned towards him, “Feng Hengkong, it is a beautiful day once again, and we have also met once more. So why don’t you take a guess as to whether you will be losing another one of your sons today?”

This kind of greeting would cause even a normal person to instantly go up in flames, much less the Divine Phoenix Sect Master. Feng Hengkong gritted his teeth so hard that they bled. Only when he had forcibly suppressed the urge to recklessly rush towards Yun Che so that he could rip him to pieces that he spoke to him in an extremely low voice, “Yun Che… you killed two of our sons… and as for this debt of vengeance and hatred that we owe you, we will definitely make you pay ten thousand, no, one hundred thousand times for it!!!”

“Hehe.” Yun Che gave a bland and cold smile, “Whether you even have the ability to avenge your sons’ deaths is something that I do not know. But the debt of vengeance and hatred that your Divine Phoenix Sect owes my Blue Wind Nation for killing my royal father and trampling all over our citizens is something that I will make you pay off with the blood of every single one of the princes of your Divine Phoenix Sect!”

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