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Chapter 694 – We’re Gonna Be Rich

The sudden change in the tone caught Zi Ji off guard. Although he only looked like he was forty or fifty and there was not even a speck of white in his beard yet, his actual age had already surpassed the thousand mark. He possessed knowledge far beyond any normal human’s comprehension and had gone through a flow of time that a normal person would not be able to comprehend.

Hence, he was able to see through a person’s inner thoughts clearly which meant that it had been a long time since he had experienced any unexpected feelings… However, when facing this twenty-two year old youth who was standing in front of him, a youth who was several times younger than him, the intense gaze of this youth seemed to pierce through the depths of his heart.

Facing Yun Che’s gaze, he uttered with a bitter smile after a moment of short hesitation, “Such unbelievably astute observational skills… no, rather than calling it observational skills, it would be more fitting to call it… instincts?

“I admit, there was some personal agenda behind me telling you the information we had about Xuanyuan Yufeng. However, in what I’ve just said, there were no lies nor was there any ill intent directed at you. I only wished to do you a favor while simultaneously gifting Mighty Heavenly Sword Region an ‘unfathomable’ enemy.”

Yun Che laughed slightly, “I believe you. If I had really felt that you had ill intent, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of you so casually right now.”

Three years ago when he initially met Zi Ji, he only felt that his status was extraordinary, but now, the more he spoke with him, the more he felt that this person’s strength and status was probably unfathomable. He decided not to beat around the bush anymore as he took out his Profound Currency Card that was shining with a violet glow and slapped it in front of Zi Ji. “I have bothered Senior Zi for long enough today, let’s get to the main topic. I need forty five thousand kilograms of Purgatory Stone and a hundred fifty kilograms of Flaming Devil Vines that are at least ninety years old. If you do not have those that are ninety years or older, then those above sixty years will be fine as well, but I would require twice the amount. Also, I need six thousand Rakshasa Heart-destroying Fruits, twelve thousand Skull Seeds, six thousand blades of Soul Withering Grass…”

Without stopping, Yun Che eloquently listed forty-nine different types of ingredients. If there were only a few, Zi Ji would not have thought much about it; however, all forty-nine ingredients that Yun Che had mentioned were all violent and explosive! Each one of them possessed a great amount of concentrated energy which also meant that they were extremely dangerous objects… For example, the erosive power in a ten centimeter long Flaming Devil Vine was sufficient to completely destroy a Sky Profound practitioner in a matter of seconds.

The reason why Purple Veined Divine Crystals were so precious was because it not only possessed extremely concentrated energy, the energy was also very gentle; it could be easily controlled, guided, and changed into other forms to use for other purposes, and also because it could be absorbed directly. Although the things that Yun Che asked for possessed the same concentrated energy, they were on the other extreme as each one of them possessed different attributes and only had one common characteristic, which was that they were extremely violent and difficult to control.

However, due to the “violent” characteristics, several of the ingredients could occasionally be used to make pellets that were used to break through bottlenecks… However, the success rate was unbelievably low, and there were huge risks involved.

However, if it succeeded… a pellet that could break through bottlenecks would undoubtedly be a treasure that could be priced for an exorbitant amount!

Therefore, although the energy within these forty-nine ingredients was extremely concentrated, their demand was very low which meant that they naturally did not cost much… After all, among all the top pellet refining masters within the entire Profound Sky Continent, not one of them would dare to say that they were able to perfectly handle any one of the listed ingredients.

If it were controlling several of them at the same time… they probably wouldn’t succeed a single time even if they had decades.

Not only had Yun Che requested forty-nine items that were already frighteningly explosive on their own, the quantity that he had requested was absolutely shocking.

The three young girls behind him were dumbfounded by what they had heard.

Zi Ji closed his eyes as a small profound formation appeared on his slightly raised right hand. After a short while, the profound formation disappeared and he opened his eyes. As he breathed out, he said, “Black Moon has all of these forty-nine ingredients. However, our storage is insufficient for your needs. To collect everything would require a little time.”

“How long would it take?” Yun Che asked calmly. He knew full well that the quantity that he had requested for was massive and he would not be able to obtain the full quantity at any other shop. He knew that Black Moon Merchant Guild would not disappoint him… as long as he paid them a sufficient sum.

“Purgatory Stones need to be collected from the depths of lava. For forty-five thousand kilograms, it will take approximately fifteen days. As for the other ingredients, five days would be sufficient,” Zi Ji replied.

“Good!” Yun Che nodded. “Then I’ll come back and retrieve them in fifteen days. Senior Zi please name a price. In order to reassure you, I shall pay half the cost in advance.”

Although he spoke with calmness, Yun Che was feeling restless within… thinking to himself, “I only have nine million purple profound coins,  sufficient to buy a small city. These ingredients aren’t that expensive but the quantity is a bit much… but, I should have enough right?

If I really cannot afford… I could consider obtaining some money from the Divine Phoenix Sect.

When talking about money, Zi Ji was not verbose with Yun Che as he nodded and replied, “That would be the best. Although these aren’t extremely precious goods, it still isn’t cheap. I estimate it to be around eight million… purple profound coins! The deposit shall be as you said, half of the total.”

Eight million purple profound coins was undoubtedly an astronomical amount. Even for the Black Moon Merchant Guild, it was a huge sum. However, Yun Che secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he cleanly handed Zi Ji his Profound Currency Card to pay the sum of four million.

After paying the deposit, the millions of purple profound coins that he had extorted from the Xiao Sect had almost been completely spent…

Yun Che cried in his heart… I originally thought that this huge sum could last me for several lifetimes, but I didn’t expect… Sigh! Now I’m going to be broke again.

After paying the deposit, Zi Ji had a short and deep internal struggle with himself before he asked, “Yun Che, Black Moon Merchant Guild never asks their customers why they are purchasing goods, but I’m truly curious. All forty-nine ingredients that you have requested for are extremely violent and explosive. The amount is massive as well. What are you using them for? Heheh, if it’s possible, I hope you can kindly enlighten me on this mystery. However, if it isn’t possible, you can just laugh it off. The old man won’t pursue nor would he investigate in secret.”

Yun Che laughed, flipping over his palm. He placed a dark red round pellet on the stone table. In an instant, the room was filled with a pungent medicinal smell that spread quickly, causing the face of the three girls to grimace.

“Can Senior Zi Ji please help junior inspect this? If this pellet were to be auctioned off by the Black Moon Merchant Guild, what kind of price can it command?”

“This is…” Zi Ji’s gaze immediately concentrated on the pellet, and just based off the aura of the pellet, he could already conclude that this was no simple pellet. Using two fingers, he grabbed it off the table and placed it in front of his eyes. The pellet was clear and transparent. Looking through it, Zi Ji could see Yun Che’s face clearly. What shocked Zi Ji the most, however, was the aura that the pellet emitted. After observing it for a short moment, Zi Ji started to gather his concentration and placed his profound energy into the pellet…

After just a very short moment, Zi Ji looked up strongly, uttering in a deeply surprised voice, “This is a pellet that allows one to break through high level bottlenecks!!

“And anyone below the Tyrant Profound Realm… could break through directly!

“Below the Tyrant Profound Realm, break through directly!” Zi Ji shouted these words out with immense shock. Not just normal profound practitioners, even the masters of the Four Great Sacred Grounds would be shocked to hear those words.

Because this meant that… with this pellet, there would not be anymore bottlenecks… below the Tyrant Profound Realm!

This pellet was the “Overlord Pellet” from Illusory Demon Realm that allowed a peak leveled Emperor Profound practitioner to break through the bottleneck and advance directly into the Tyrant Profound Realm. However, what was different was that the Overlord Pellet from Illusory Demon Realm used thirty six different types of ingredients to make, whereas the one Yun Che took out used forty nine different ingredients and looked completely perfect and flawless. In terms of medicinal properties, the one made by the Illusory Demon Royal Family could not even be compared to the one Yun Che had made.

“Senior Zi obviously has a keen eye.” Yun Che sincerely said in admiration. Such a simple test and he was already able to determine the effects of the Overlord Pellet. This was not something a normal person could do. “Senior Zi please let me know how much this pellet can be sold for?”

Zi Ji’s current attention was completely on the Overlord Pellet. The more in depth he examined using his profound energy, the more signs of shock appeared on his elderly and composed face. He remained silent for several breaths of time before putting the Overlord Pellet down. Then, he looked at Yun Che and shook his head. “This old man has handled numerous treasures and pellets over the years, and I can determine their authenticity and value immediately for most of them… However, for this pellet, its value is something this old man cannot truly gauge.

“Pellets that are used to break through bottlenecks need to have extremely violent medicinal properties. Therefore, not only is it difficult to produce, there are huge risks in consuming it too… The higher the level the breakthrough the pellet is used for, the harder it is to make and the more dangerous it is as well. A middle risk pellet that could aid one in breaking through to the Sky Profound Realm is already a priceless treasure even within the Four Great Sacred Grounds. They would only be used on the most core and youngest disciples. As for your pellet…”

As Zi Ji spoke, his agitated feelings could not be stopped. “The medicinal properties within the pellet is mysterious, complex, overbearing, and its aura contains several different types that combining them individually was already a tall order. What’s even more frightening is that when these overbearing medicinal properties are combined, its reactionary effect toward external forces is exceptionally gentle. It is exceptionally easy to handle, and it can be easily controlled using profound energy of the Tyrant Profound Realm. A profound practitioner in the peak of the Emperor Profound Realm who consumes this pellet would be able to break through to the Tyrant Profound Realm within a day or two. Unless there is interference from the outside, there is no chance of failure at all! Furthermore, there are no risks in the entire process, and there is no need to be afraid of any backlash.

“What’s even more surprising is that the medicinal energy is extremely pure and practically has no flaws. I tried several times previously to examine it, but I still could not find any contamination! A high grade pellet that is this pure is something that this old man has never seen before despite living for thousands of years.”

Zi Ji’s unrestrained praise and shock was nothing much to Yun Che. After all, he did produce this Overlord Pellet and was clearer than anyone about its medicinal strength and purity. However, he was shocked at how well versed Zi Ji was in pellets. Also, the three girls behind him stared widely with their mouths agape for a long time…

Because this was the first time they had heard such “exaggerated” praise coming out from Zi Ji’s mouth.

“Since this pellet received such praise from Senior Zi, if it were sold to the Four Great Sacred Grounds, could one pellet be exchanged for two hundred grams of Purple Veined Divine Crystals?” Yun Che asked seriously.

Within the entire Profound Sky Continent, only the Four Great Sacred Grounds with their thousands of years of accumulation could offer a large amount of a legendary item like the Purple Veined Divine Crystal. Most normal sects did not even know what Purple Veined Divine Crystals looked like.

“Hehe,” Zi Ji merely laughed and shook his head before slowly stretching out his hand and showing Yun Che one finger.

“Oh, only one hundred grams?” Yun Che slowly nodded. He was not completely disappointed. After all, Purple Veined Divine Crystals were too rare and precious. It was already exceptionally worth it if an Overlord Pellet that did not cost much to make could be traded for one hundred grams of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.

“No!” Zi Ji continued shaking his head, “It’s one kilogram!”

“Huh?” Yun Che was instantly stunned.

“You’re completely underestimating the value and how prized a pellet that could be used to break through bottlenecks is.” Zi Ji exclaimed, “Although Purple Veined Divine Crystals are exceptionally precious and can be used to massively increase a profound practitioner’s profound strength in a short amount of time, if that person was stuck at a bottleneck, any amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystals would be useless. At places like the Four Great Sacred Grounds, profound practitioners below the Emperor Profound Realm could rely on the strength of Monarchs to assist them in forcefully breaking through. However, if they were at the peak of the Emperor Profound Realm, on the brink to the Tyrant Profound Realm, even the assistance of a Monarch would not be able to help them break through the bottleneck. Within the past ten thousands of years, many disciples within the Four Great Sacred Grounds had frantically searched for pellets that could help them break through while they were training in order to not fall behind others. Pellets that could help break through the bottleneck of the Emperor Profound Realm were a rarity in the world, and even if one managed to get hold of it, the pellet was usually left for the most core disciple of the sect… Also, these pellets usually brought along uncontrollable risks. Who knows how many disciples of high status and talent had consumed such pellets and suffered backlashes like meridians being damaged, severe injuries, or even the complete loss of profound cultivation. Also, there are many who dared to not rely on such pellets to break through and as a result remained in the bottleneck of the Emperor Profound Realm for several years. After tens of years of being unable to break through… when they finally advanced to the Tyrant Profound Realm, they were so far behind others that they could only be considered as mediocre.

“Not only can this pellet in my hand allow one to break through the bottleneck of Emperor Profound Realm, there are no risks involved either… furthermore, it is exceptionally beneficial in aiding one in their attempt to break through the bottleneck of the Tyrant Profound Realm in the future.”

Despite all the praises he had already given it, Zi Ji eyes still glinted with curiosity. “If the Four Great Sacred Grounds were to find out about this pellet, it would undoubtedly cause a huge uproar and they would expend a large amount of resources to get this. One kilogram of Purple Veined Divine Crystal is my safest estimate… after all, when one obtains this pellet, he would enable someone of the young generation to break through to the Tyrant Profound Realm in a short amount of time, letting them obtain another pillar for their sect.”

“Ohh…” Yun Che’s expression seemed to be uplifted… Oh baby, we’re gonna be rich!

“Yun Che, would you mind telling me the name of this pellet? And which master produced it?” Zi Ji asked earnestly. He was familiar with all the high leveled pellet masters within Profound Sky Continent. However, among all of them, not one of them should be able to produce such a pellet… otherwise, he would definitely know about it.

“Oh, this pellet was casually produced and does not have a name yet,” Yun Che replied indifferently. After all, he could not mention the name “Overlord Pellet.” If Profound Sky Continent had records about the “Overlord Pellet” from Illusory Demon Realm, it would be troublesome. Furthermore, the medicinal properties of this pellet was far stronger than the Overlord Pellet. Therefore, it did not have to be called Overlord Pellet.

“Heheh,” Zi Ji shook his head and laughed, “This old one definitely does not believe that such a prized pellet that can shake the world can be causally produced. If it’s not convenient to let this old one know, then this old one shall not pursue it.”

Yun Che looked at him, grinned, and waved it off with his left hand…

“Clack clack clack.” There was an extended noise as Yun Che threw more than thirty Overlord Pellets onto the stone table. He threw it casually as though he were throwing sweets away.

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