ATG – Chapter 686

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Chapter 686 – Profound Strength Endowment?

As Yun Che’s voice fell, his figure suddenly blurred. Feng Huwei, whose nerves were on edge, suddenly came to that realization, but before he had any time to react, a hand had already formed a death grip around his throat; the entire process had been so fast that his eyes were basically unable to follow Yun Che’s movements.

In fright, Feng Huwei attempted to swiftly circulate the profound energy in his entire body, but just as his profound energy was about to explode, a gigantic and earth-shattering power had already wildly surged into his body, and it instantly suppressed his profound strength and caused the profound energy wave that was about to explode to disappear without a trace.

Feng Huwei went pale with fright; Yun Che could appear soundlessly behind him without giving off any trace of his existence. He could also kill Tian Yi in a similar fashion as well. These two things alone were enough to tell him that it was extremely likely that Yun Che’s current strength had far surpassed his own, but he had never ever thought that the gulf between his strength and Yun Che’s strength was actually so incredibly vast. As the great general Huwei of the Divine Phoenix Empire, who had always been accorded the highest of status, he had always been proud of his own strength, but under Yun Che’s profound energy suppression, he could not even circulate his own profound energy, much less cause his profound energy to go wild!

“You…” Feng Huwei’s pupils grew so large they looked like they were about to pop. He had originally approximated that even if he could not beat Yun Che, he would still have a sixty percent chance of being able to flee to safety. But now that Yun Che’s hand was around his throat, he could not even muster any strength to resist him. Even making a single sound was an exceedingly difficult thing to accomplish.

“Are you still going to continue asking if I have the guts to kill you or not?” Yun Che gave a cold and contemptuous laugh, “You dare to call yourself the so-called great general Huwei, yet you are actually as naive as a dumb hog.”


Following the merciless release of Yun Che’s energy into Feng Huwei’s body, a muffled explosion rang out from Feng Huwei’s body. His entire body spasmed severely, and blood flowed from all seven apertures; his awareness swiftly flew away, and in this instant, Yun Che’s Profound Handle swelled out and entered Feng Huwei’s soul as he quickly read all of his memories.

It was extremely normal for an ordinary Divine Phoenix soldier to not know what exactly the Divine Phoenix army was doing here, but it was impossible for their commander, Feng Huwei, to not know as well.

Feng Huwei’s memories were being processed at a rapid pace, but once he tried to access the memories concerning the “Floating Cloud City Mission,” an abnormal blankness suddenly appeared within Feng Huwei’s memories!

More accurately speaking, it was an obfuscating darkness!

This obfuscating darkness was clearly formed from an extremely strong mental profound energy, and whether it was its strength or its aura, it definitely did not originate from Feng Huwei. It had definitely been put there by another person. And what the obfuscating darkness blanketed just so happened to be all the key memories regarding the “Floating Cloud City Mission,” hence Yun Che could not obtain any of the information that he wanted.

“This is a Cage of Memories that has been set up by someone whose mental power is extremely high!” Jasmine said unhurriedly, “And even though the memories locked up in this cage belong to Feng Huwei, he knows very clearly that he is not allowed to use words, profound energy sound transmissions, writing… or any other method to tell other people. If he has any such intention or takes any actions that indicate he is about to do so, this mental energy will instantly trigger and destroy this portion of his memory. On the other hand, if others try to use any Soul Search techniques to obtain these memories, it will not be possible either! So likewise, your Profound Handle will not be effective in this scenario!”

Since Jasmine said that it was not possible, then it definitely would not be possible. Moreover, Yun Che could clearly feel that this obfuscating darkness was intertwined with this portion of Feng Huwei’s memories, and if he tried to use his Profound Handle to forcibly wipe away the obfuscating darkness, then the memories which are intertwined with it will also be wiped away, leaving him with nothing in the end.

After thinking about it for a while, Yun Che decided it was best to not force the issue, so he simply read all of Feng Huwei’s other memories and withdrew his Profound Handle once he was done.

“It looks like among the two hundred thousand Divine Phoenix soldiers here, only Feng Huwei can give me the answer that I desire.” Yun Che said with a deep sigh, “And it is clear that the reason the Divine Phoenix Sect set up this Cage of Memories within Feng Huwei’s mind is because they were worried that the Four Great Sacred Grounds would take action against Feng Huwei and forcibly use a Soul Search technique on him.”

After all, the only powers that could threaten the Divine Phoenix Sect within Profound Sky Continent were the Four Sacred Grounds.

When he had infiltrated this tent, he had also clearly heard Feng Huwei and his vice commander Tian Yi mention “the Four Great Sacred Grounds,” so they clearly knew that the Four Grest Sacred Grounds were behind the occasional abductions that had occurred every now and then.

“To be able to set up a Cage of Memories such as this one, not only does the creator need to have extremely strong mental strength, it also was accompanied with risks that cannot be controlled or calculated.” Jasmine said with a cold laugh, “This Divine Phoenix Sect seems to be hiding a huge secret indeed.”

“At least, it is a lot bigger than what I had originally anticipated…” Yun Che’s eyes flashed. “I have always had my suspicions on why the Divine Phoenix Empire would take action against Blue Wind Nation. Or perhaps swallowing Blue Wind Nation was just a pretext and this place… is where their real objective lies!!”

“I am suddenly rather curious about something right now.” Jasmine said with a peculiar interest, “When do you intend to depart for the Divine Phoenix Empire?”

The thing that women had most in abundance would forever be their curiosity… and Jasmine was no exception.

Yun Che replied without a hint of hesitation, “This very day!

“When it comes to things like settling debts, even a one day delay is too long.”

“Hmph.” Jasmine giggled through her nose which more or less conveyed her meaning, which was “so it’s going to be like this after all.”

Feng Huwei, who was still in Yun Che’s clutches, finally regained his consciousness at this time. He opened his eyes and looked at the cold smile draped across Yun Che’s face and immediately felt his body go cold. He almost demanded in a quavering voice, “You… what did you just do to me?!”

As soon as he spoke, he discovered that his own voice had become extremely weak.

Yun Che did not reply; instead, he directly disregarded him and looked straight ahead. When he spoke, the words that came out of his mouth were filled with icy-cold cruelty and killing intent, “Feng Hengkong, now that you know I am alive, do you feel very disappointed?!”

“I owed a debt of kindness to Feng Xue’er, but three years ago, because of the issue of bloodlines, you sought to persecute me and disturbed my peace. After that, on the Primordial Profound Ark, you ordered Feng Feiyan to find a suitable opportunity to kill me. For Xue’er’s sake, I was originally planning to forget about the whole thing and not pursue the matter any further…”

“But you have truly given me a nice surprise!!”

Yun Che’s voice was so sinister and cold that it caused the nearby Feng Huwei to shiver all over… he instantly understood that Yun Che was not just standing there talking to himself, but he was clearly using his death soul imprint… to send a message to the Emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire, the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Sect Master, Feng Hengkong!!

That also meant that once Yun Che was finished, it would be his turn to die!

Not only did the death soul imprint not pose any threat to Yun Che, it was actually utilized by Yun Che in the end!

“Right now you must be wondering just where those hundreds of thousands of troops went to… That is right, I did it. However, this is only just the beginning… Ah, no! It can’t even be counted as a prologue!”

“Killing my royal father, trampling over Blue Wind Nation’s territory, trampling over countless of my friends and countrymen, and turning my homeland into a hellhole filled with fear, despair, and suffering! All of these things are weighed against you and I want your Divine Phoenix Empire… to pay it back a hundred thousand fold! So wash your neck and wait!!”


With an explosion, Feng Huwei was fiercely thrown to the ground by Yun Che, and his body instantly ruptured as a large amount of blood and flesh was splattered against the ground… yet not a single drop of it had touched Yun Che’s body.

No one would have thought that the Divine Phoenix Empire’s famed general, Huwei, who caused the other six nations to tremble in fear, would die in such a miserable fashion. Forget about leaving a corpse behind, not even a whole finger was left… all because he touched Yun Che’s reverse scale!

So even though Yun Che had not obtained the answer he wanted, he had already killed the person that he had wanted to kill. Furthermore, Feng Huwei was an important member of the Divine Phoenix Sect, so his memories contained many things regarding the sect itself… including some of its secrets.

Yun Che withdrew his Frozen End Illusory Mirror and silently took his leave as he returned to Floating Cloud City. Meanwhile, outside of the large tent where he had just been in, the layers of guards stood at their posts, their expressions solemn, as not a single one of them knew that their grand commander Feng Huwei had died without even leaving a corpse behind.

“So the reason you chose to battle Fen Juechen three months later was so you could use this period of time to exact vengeance on the Divine Phoenix Empire?” Jasmine concluded in a voice filled with intention.

“Yes!” Yun Che was flying as fast as he could so the Floating Cloud City in his vision steadily grew nearer and nearer. “Three months is more than enough time for me to baptize the Divine Phoenix City! Even if I can’t baptize them in blood… I can at least flip the damn Divine Phoenix Sect upside down! If not, I won’t be able to get rid of the hate in my heart!”

“Other than that, the Divine Phoenix Sect is still strong after all, so I will not be able to directly confront them. This bloodbath will come with risks, both big and small, so it will definitely cause my profound strength to increase proportionately as well. And at that time, I should have the confidence to have a battle with Fen Juechen!” Yun Che claimed rather confidently.

“Hah! If that is what you truly think, then you are gravely mistaken!” Jasmine said coldly, “Within the three months specified by the arrangement of the duel, Fen Juechen’s growth will definitely far outstrip yours! Today, you are barely his opponent, but you can still try to force a battle. But if you wait for three more months… you won’t even have the strength to resist him anymore.”

“What?” Yun Che’s speed immediately dropped as he said, “Why?”

“As I told you before, his devilish profound strength is not manifested from his own will, it comes from someone else instead! Within his body… or more accurately speaking, within his soul and his profound veins, an extremely large devil origin has been infused! The reason why he has become as strong as he is today is completely due to him absorbing the power of that devil origin. But this is definitely not the power of completely absorbing the devil origin! If I am not wrong, he has only absorbed about thirty percent of the devil origin’s power!”

“Thirty percent?!!” Yun Che’s expression was filled with alarm because just thirty percent of the devil origin’s power had bestowed Fen Juechen with the might of a mid stage Monarch! So if he absorbed the whole thing… how terrifying would he become?!

“He hates you to your very bones. So because you have set a three month deadline, in order to guarantee that he will be able to kill you, he will definitely try his best to completely absorb the devil origin! No matter how you cultivate, you will definitely not be able to catch up to the speed of growth bestowed by this method.”

“…” Yun Che’s speed slowed down even more, and all of the sudden, his heart was weighed down by a heavy pressure. He furrowed his brows in silence for a while before starting in a low voice, “According to the legends and records, some kinds of profound arts possess a certain endowment technique that will allow one person to endow it upon another. But when it comes to something like profound strength, it has to be obtained through on one’s own painstaking training or from absorbing and refining some worldly treasure. Both of these methods take a long period of time and has to be done step by step, there definitely isn’t such a thing as someone being able to give his profound strength to another… this could be said to be a part of the fundamental knowledge of the profound way! If not, if profound strength could truly be endowed, then an expert who is nearing the end of his or her lifespan could directly give an entire lifetime’s worth of profound cultivation to an infant… or it could be even a case where many Overlords give their strength to one person and forcibly birthed a Monarch… if that was the case, then wouldn’t the entire profound world descend into chaos?!

“The devil origin that you speak of is clearly devil profound energy that has been cultivated by someone else! How can this kind of thing be directly transferred into someone else’s body to allow him to directly absorb its power?” Yun Che questioned in a flummoxed voice, “Could this perhaps be a special characteristic of devil profound energy?”

“Of course not!” Jasmine directly rebutted him, “If devil profound energy had this kind of unique characteristic, then the entire cosmos would have become the playground of devils!”

Jasmine’s next few words caused Yun Che’s heart to leap in alarm, “Also, in regards to the devil origin in Fen Juechen’s body, even I am… extremely puzzled by it.”

“It’s something even you do not know?” Yun Che stopped in midair and his brows knit together tightly. Something that even Jasmine could not make sense of… just what exactly had happened to Fen Juechen?

“The world you are able to see, is far smaller than what you imagine, while the limits of the profound way, are more so something the current you cannot imagine. Never be so naïve to think the so-called ‘fundamental knowledge’ is the truth! Profound Strength Endowment is indeed extremely difficult, but it is definitely not impossible… Do you know how my profound strength came to be?”

In a disinterested tone, Jasmine revealed something Yun Che had always wanted to ask, but had never dared to

alyschu: To anyone who forgot what a reverse scale is, it’s the scale you never touch on a dragon unless you want it to eat you alive!

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