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Chapter 683 – The “Old Man Duotian” of Legend

On the edge of Profound Sky Continent, in a place that was always peaceful.

“Everything you have said… it’s all true?”

WIthin a mysterious space that floated within the air, it was so quiet that it was as if everything was completely frozen. Underneath the gigantic Sun Moon Totem stood a tall person. He wore white clothes, and lacked any aura on his body; the light and darkness from the Sun Moon Totem shone onto his average face that lacked any unique features. He looked to be around thirty to forty years old, but his eyes contained incomprehensible deepness.

In front of him, the Sun Moon Divine Hall’s ninth elder, Ye Guying, had his head bowed low. He was trying his hardest to hold his aura, and even his breath in… Under the heavens, there was only one person that could make him act so subserviently.

The master of the Sun Moon Divine Hall… Ye Xinghan’s biological father… The person that was listed alongside the Saint Emperor, the Sovereign of the Seas, and the Sword Master as the current Four Hegemons… The one with the title of “Heavenly Monarch”—Ye Meixie!

Towards the doubt of the white-robed person, Ye Guying’s body subconsciously moved forward, and said respectfully, “In response to the Heavenly Monarch, there is not a single word of lie from what Guying just said! Creating a world, breaking the void, an aura that covers the heavens, creating a fire from nothingness… If Guying were to merely hear about them, he would never believe these levels of profound strength that can be considered myths. But Guying has seen all these! Young Master, Juanyun, and Shuran were all present; it’s not the least bit false. Even if Guying were a thousand times more courageous, he would never dare lie to Heavenly Monarch about these things.”

Ye Meixie had his back towards Ye Guying. His head was slightly raised as he looked up into the Sun Moon Totem that was high up in the clouds, releasing eternal light. “Guying, you have always been calm and prudent and your thoughts are always detailed. Since you saw it with your own eyes, and have said it yourself, I naturally will not doubt it. It’s just that I never thought that such an existence had hid itself in this world.”

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t dare to believe either.” The scenes in front of the Frozen Cloud Divine Hall surfaced in his mind, causing Ye Guying’s face to be unable to control the deep respect and fear on his face. “That Yun Che was useless six years ago, this point is definitely true, but three years ago, with the powers of the Earth Profound Realm, he single-handedly defeated ten of the Divine Phoenix Sect’s younger generation. All of them were powerful people of the Emperor Profound Realm as well. Only three years have elapsed, but he can now kill two mid-stage Overlords of our Sun Moon Divine Hall! When I found out about it, I was shocked and couldn’t comprehend how this was possible, but after seeing that terrifying master, I actually understood… Only with the guidance of such a master beyond this world could a freak that defied logic like Yun Che appear.”

Ye Meixie’s expression didn’t change. He slightly raised his head and said faintly, “Then did you manage to get that person’s name?”

“Yes!” Ye Guying nodded slowly, “I risked the danger of angering him and asked for his name. He didn’t avoid it at all and directly told me that his name was ‘Duotian’…”

The moment the words “Duotian” came out of his mouth, Ye Guying felt a sudden movement of profound energy on Ye Meixie’s body. Ye Meixie’s half-shut eyes suddenly opened as and he forcefully turned around. “What did you say? Duotian?! You’re sure it’s Duotian?!”

Ye Meixie’s reaction shocked Ye Guying. In a thousand years, he had never seen the Heavenly Monarch that looked down upon the world reveal such a violent reaction, so he quickly answered, “He said it himself. With his level, since he said it, then he would not use a false name.”

An unnatural movement appeared in Ye Meixie’s eyes. His aura was still scattered everywhere. “But did he say how long he has lived for?”

“He did not,” Ye Guying replied . “However, he mentioned the words ‘ten thousand years ago’ inadvertently… With his terrifying realm, it might be possible that he really has lived for more than ten thousand years. Heavenly Monarch, could it be that you have once heard of the name ‘Duotian.’”

Ye Meixie looked directly at Ye Guying. From the movement of his soul, he could be sure that, at the very least, Ye Guying did not lie at all. After quite a while, he turned around, his voice slow and distant, “In an era long ago, which is at least ten thousand years in the past, at the time, the name of Sun Moon Divine Hall was not yet known to the world.. The founder of our Divine Hall, Ye Qihun, was only a hundred years old, and his profound energy level was only just in the Monarch Profound Realm. At the time, whether they were commoners or people of the profound way, there was a single name that everyone knew…”

“Old Man Duotian!”

“Old Man… Duotian? Ten thousand years ago…” Ye Guying suddenly raised his head and exclaimed, “Could it be…”

“In the knowledge of the current profound practitioners, the Monarch Profound Realm is the peak of mankind. The Divine Profound Realm only exists in legends, a realm that could never be achieved. However, in the memories passed down by our ancestors, the name “Divine Profound Realm” did not appear after the Phoenix Spirit’s appearance five thousand years ago, even though it was passed down from ten thousand years ago. This was because, at the time, ‘Old Man Duotian’ was someone said to have surpassed the Monarch Profound Realm and was half-step into the Divine Profound Realm!”

“Divine Profound… Realm!” Ye Guying muttered.

“In that era, the cultivation of Old Man Duotian was at the peak and was on a miraculous level. Don’t talk about someone that could rival him, no one who could even pose him a threat existed.. It was even more impossible for someone to kill him.”

“Then what happened to this Old Man Duotian later? Since no one can kill him, then did he die of old age, or… or…” After the initial shock, Ye Guying’s heart had gradually come to a conclusion… Yun Che’s master proclaimed himself as “Duotian”, and had shocking powers. The person that the Heavenly Monarch called “Old Man Duotian,” the former has lived for at least ten thousand years, the latter’s name trembled the world ten thousand years ago…

“Duotian”, is the ‘Old Man Duotian’ from ten thousand years ago”!?

“No!” Ye Meixie shook his head lightly. “All traces of him just vanished into thin air one day. No one has ever saw him afterwards, nor did anyone know where he went either. it was as if he suddenly completely disappeared from the Profound Sky Continent. Not long after, a rumor spread through the Profound Sky Continent: The Heavenly Old Man had a sudden insight and formally stepped into the Divine Profound Realm from being just half a step in and became the first Profound God in the history of the Profound Sky Continent. Receiving unparalleled divine powers through understanding the highest laws, he broke through the void and rose into a higher-leveled world of the profound way.

“From then on, Old Man Duotian never appeared again, nor did a second ‘Old Man Duotian’ appear. The only thing that was half a step into the Divine Profound Realm, the Phoenix Spirit, is not human either. After ten thousand years, it’s enough for any traces to be long forgotten. The people from the age of ‘Old Man Duotian’ have long since scattered to ashes. Old Man Duotian was completely forgotten, and the legend of the Monarch Divine Realm being the limit of humans has become more and more firmly entrenched. If it wasn’t for the memories of the ancestors being passed along each generation to never be forgotten, including me, no one would know the name “Old Man Duotian’ in this world.”

Ye Meixie’s expression became more and more sullen. As someone who had thought himself as invincible, suddenly finding out about a hidden existence on a higher level in this world, his mood naturally would not be good. He said softly, “If they are both named “Duotian,” then the name might just be a coincidence, but with over ten thousand years of age and incomprehensible power, it definitely is so simple, that this Duotian, might very well be the ‘Old Man Duotian’ from our ancestor’s memories!”

Although he already thought this before, Ye Guying’s eyelids still jumped. A person that was invincible throughout the world ten thousand years ago, with half a step into the Divine Profound Realm, who might have even completely entered it… Then ten thousand years later, it was extremely hard to imagine how terrifying he was!

No wonder, with the flames he lit from his fingers, he was able to turn a powerful monarch into nothing.

“From your description, this guess has at least a seventy percent chance of being true, “Ye Meixie said with a frown. “Who would have thought that the Old Man Duotian ten thousand years ago did not rise to a higher-level world, but had never left the Profound Sky Continent! Perhaps, one day, he suddenly had a complete understanding. Thus, he erased all traces of himself and ignored the world… Until today, he still lives in this world. If he really reached the level in legends, then having a lifespan greater than ten thousand years is definitely not impossible!”

“It can’t be wrong. That is definitely a realm surpassing the Monarch Profound Realm!” Ye Guying, who has always been careful and never said absolute things, said with a tone beyond absolute certainty, “Guying has cultivated for thousands of years and is only a step away from the late stage of the Monarch Profound Realm. He assumed that he could look down on the entire Profound Sky Continent, but in front of that person’s aura, I felt like I was as tiny as a child. My body shuddered uncontrollably, and I could not even keep calm. If it wasn’t for the absolute suppression of realms, it would be impossible!”

“Absolute Monarch Sanctuary has ten odd people in the Monarch Profound Realm, and only with a lot of time and effort could they build up a spatial profound formation and seal it into the bracelet… But it could only be used once! Yet that person, he entered the Primordial Profound Ark with just his body and brought Yun Che back out without harm! This is clearly the power to shatter the void which is only possessed by the gods of legend!”

From what he had seen with his own eyes, heard with his own ears, in combination with the name “Old Man Duotian” that Ye Meixie described in person, the more Ye Guying thought about it, the more shocked he was. Cold sweat began to dribble down from his forehead… They actually pissed off such a character that they really were incredibly fortunate to be able to come back alive.

Ye Meixie remained in silent for a long time, then said calmly, “Tell the entire hall later, that no one, before I remove the order, is allowed to provoke Yun Che, including those he’s affiliated with.”

“Understood!” Ye Guying raised his head and listened to the orders. Right now, even if he was three times more daring, he would not dare to step into Frozen Cloud Divine Hall ever again. After a bit of hesitation, he said carefully, “Heavenly Monarch, do we need to loosen the relationship with Yun Che? After all, the Young Master and Yun Che already have deep rooted grudges. Yet the person behind Yun Che is that Old Man Duotian. If this grudge isn’t resolved, I fear…”

Ye Meixie turned his face over and looked with eyes like frozen swords, “You’re scared?”

Ye Guying laughed wryly and said, “In response to the Heavenly Monarch, Guying was fortunate in this life to become a person of the Divine Hall and stand at the peak of the world. I am now one thousand and three hundred years old and never knew what ‘fear’ was. However, that Old Man Duotian, truly made me afraid.”

He was already addressing Yun Che’s “master” directly as “Old Man Duotian,” so it was clear that he subconsciously believed it all already.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA o man that is absolutely perfect that the random name Che gave just happened to be real and thus he has another layer of defense against Sun Moon Divine Hall from messing with him til he is ready to uproot them.

      1. Well, if we presume all MC had this kind of thick plot armor… why do we even read stories which we know how it will exactly end?

        I’m not denying the existence of Plot Armor… I only want to state that a good writer will not make the Plot Armor too thick to keep the story interesting. 😀

        1. Plot armor is for the main characters but the good authors add twists in forms of minor characters or supporting characters and the best ones add some tragedy and hope into the mix, basically most novels have a set ending in mind when the author writes them, the important part is what happens along the way b/c thats what most of the readers look for.

    1. Well the Sun Moon Divine Hall master knows about the name because of memories from previous masters just like when Yun Che got the memories of previous masters from the Frozen Cloud Asgard.

  2. oh look at that… there just so happened to be another person by the name of Duotian…. who just so happened to also be as powerful as what yun che portrayed his master to be… who just so happen to also be more the 10000 years old….

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    1. Unless they explain next chapter or so that he got the name from Jasmine who had heard of him since we can assume the real Duotian ascended to the higher realms. Who knows maybe the real Duotian had some achievements which is how Jasmine knows his name.

    2. nope… It’s Yun Che’s hidden talent that whatever random bullshit name he came up while disguising it will be 100% true that person existed.. just like when he disguised a doctor to infiltrate the Xiao clan’s branch

    3. “Doutian” just means “Heaven Shaker”… not a hard enough name to create…

      And there were most likely a bunch of experts 10,000 years ago…

      It’s like if you say “10 years ago, there was a guy called Bob, and he was fat. So they called him Fat Bob”…

      Chances are, some dude being called “Fat Bob” existed 10 years ago…

      It was an ass pull name itself…

      1. Well, I think the idea YC got the name from Jasmine is still plausible. At that time Yun Che desperately needs some protection, so he definitely want to make his plan work. If some name with a profound background would make his plan work smoothly, he’ll definitely use that name. That’s the impression I got from YC. 😀

    4. There are three possibilities.

      1. Yun Che will go back in time because of… something. That explains Duotian AND suddenly Duotian suddenly vanishing (Yun Che going back to his timeline). I see 2 possibilities. One is Heavenly Treasure (he already has the one that controls fate, he can stop time for LDE with another, so why not), second is finding Evil God Seed and getting moved in time just like he was moved through space to Azure Cloud Continent and then went back on his own to Profound Sky Continent. Space-time is still space-time. If Evil God can warp him through space and program the laws to transport him back in few days, why wouldn’t he be able to do that with time? Maybe Yun Che will ask Evil God seed how to save LDE and will get sent to the past to get the item that can save her from dying in 3 years?

      2. Duotian wants to take Yun Che as his disciple, so he planted a suggestion in Yun Che’s mind, so that he calls his name. Unfortunately, unless Jasmine is equal/weaker than Duotian, he shouldn’t be able to easily slip into Yun Che’s mind like that. Well, Jasmine herself needs some training to kill her father or something, right? It’d be hilarious if Yun Che was fellow disciple of Jasmine. Jasmine will get fodderized soon. Hong’er escapes her understanding already. I’m pretty sure we need someone stronger soon.


      1. But, even Sovereigns can manipulate space -_-

        So manipulation of space and time is different…

        Though an anomaly does already exist, so maybe it can use that…

        1. Making small pocket dimension versus warping space to let him teleport throughout the whole planet… Yeah… I’m sure it can be compared. Sovereigns are NOT interfering with the world’s natural law and space-time. Only Evil God can, because it’s his world anyway. Monarchs get scared at the very thought of warping the space. To make the comparison even more ridiculous, let’s quote THIS CHAPTER.

          “only with a lot of time and effort could they build up a spatial profound formation and seal it into the bracelet… But it could only be used once! Yet that person, he entered the Primordial Profound Ark with just his body and brought Yun Che back out without harm! This is clearly the power to shatter the void which is only possessed by the gods of legend!”

          So yeah… I don’t think small storage pocket dimension of Monarchs has anything to do with warping the space to teleport. They freaked out because Yun Che disappeared twice. It’s enough to show that Monarchs CAN NOT manipulate space like you claim, so my point still stands. They specifically state, that manipulating space/void is a thing of Profound God.

        1. Nothing suggests it isn’t. It seems only one Old Man Duotian appeared in 10 thousand year history of Profound Sky Continent. Does it sound cliche in english? Yeah it does. How are you so sure it’d be common in cultivation world despite being so overbearing and arrogant?

          1. I think it is the disciple of Doutain that’s the ancestor of Under Heaven clan.
            His name is probably… Number One Disciple Under Heaven.
            That’d probably explain the naming sense of the clan.

      2. When he became sect matter of frozen cloud Asgard he received the memories of all previous sect matters through that snowflake thing. Let’s not forget who the first sect master was. Maybe the legend was in those memories just like sun moon divine hall master has it.

      3. i have a potential 4th option, perhaps the evil god himself was named duotian before he became the evil god. The evil god coming from the profound sky continent would also explain why the planet was important to him. perhaps the name duotian was influenced by the evil god’s profound veins.

        1. I don’t think so . Remember that the Blue Polar Star (Their world) was created by the Evil God that’s why the Azure Dragon , Divine Phoenix , Golden Crow and MAYBE the Vermillion Bird (which I think is in the Azure Cloud Continent) left their legacy’s in the world .
          I think “Doutian” was the name of his previous master , the Medicinal Saint of the Azure Cloud Continent . Just a guess , but maybe it is brought out from the Frozen Cloud Sect’s previous Sect masters’s memories .

          1. Yeah that old guy from another life, which later got killed.. Nah maybe like before it crazy coincidence. Though that name can be pretty common back in the day right?

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        (and let’s not forget the fact that YC has ‘Heavenly Luck’)

      5. Until now, the only thing that has been able to alter the flow of time is the Mirror of Samsara. When the Evil God warped Yun Che to Azure Cloud Continent, he only moved him through space and didn’t alter time flow.

        Moreover, the author especially specified that only this treasure can modify the timelines and not even the most powerful of the ancient god was able to do it (reference needed, but i’m lazy. If you really ask for it, i’ll go through the trouble though).

        But i really like the idea of Yun Che being Heaven Seize. It leave us with one possibility. In a few years (enough to go past the lapse of 20 years to get the Mirror working again), Yun Che will die. His fate will be altered and he will be rebirthed ten thousandyears ago as duo tian.

        However that would be really boring to have yun che lose everything and have to grow up again through all the cultivation stuff. So it’s unlikely.

        In addition, until now the author has only been messing with future timelines. It’s rather convenient because when Yun Che get back in the past, the alternative future gets simply and purely erased. Messing with past timelines bring up a whole lot of time paradox(es? not sure about the plural here).

        I’d also like to add a 4th possibility, which is a bit similar to your second point. All the divine beings (the LDE excepted) have been saying that they could sense a faint presence on Yun Che that they seem to be afraid (or at least uneasy) of. So … Duo Tian ? Who knows. But a random human, even at the divine realm wouldn’t be enough to scare them imo.

        Let’s wait and see 😀

        1. Maybe there’s another time base usage with the Mirror of Samsara.. I mean it is a heaven-defying object, right? and i think there’s something that Jasmine once said that it can also change one fate(not sure though, might be wrong)….

      6. Look in the spoiler thread for atg, lots of theories on duotian and medicine man names, most accepted so far is that it has something to do with the mirror or a Phenomenon that will happen later in the story, build up to explain something later or its just Mar’s way of BS surprises 🙂 .

    5. I mean its normal for any story to have hard to believe or perfect coincidences.

      That being said Duotian isn’t that unique of a name and its not difficult to believe for someone powerful to take such a name.

      1. Well… Apparently Duotian is a chuuni name for humans, but when some human grew enough strength it won’t be weird anymore to use that name… I think this notion is quite good. 😀

    6. No guys, here is the real asspull:

      “In a corner of space, suddenly there’s this old man opening his eyes from his deep tranquil meditation. Looking into the direction of Planet South Heaven, this old man murmured ‘interesting brat’ and then go back to meditate.”

      Thus in the next few chapters, the real Doutian shows up and really become Yun Che master, the reason was because YC already tied karma by using his name.

      I’m calling it now

  3. “With his level, since he said it, then he would not use a false name.”
    Well i guess RWX wasn’t right here and his name is ACTUALLY should’ve been written as Duo Tian. Thanks Mars.

    1. No, but it wasn’t a name, but his moniker…

      He called himself “Heaven Shaker” basically, not a name…

      And they are probably referring to that.

      1. And in previous 682 chapters NO MONIKER was used, making your accusation baseless in conjecture of this novel.

        Also this is probably last time Duo Tian is mentioned, so i have no more time for my pet peeve to be annoyed. ~_~

        1. It’s Chinese dear, their words can have dual meaning and the name itself can be both an identifier and a descriptor and deciding which to use in translations is an art in itself. Remember, both ways are right and a matter of preference.

          Can you say that the name Duo Tian is wrong?
          Inversely, can you say the name Heaven Seizer is wrong?

          Both are correct.

          It may peeve you off but it’s not wrong. Welcome to life, lots of things that peeve people off but are not wrong. Like leaving the toilet seat up. Or mixing the knives with the forks.

      2. Wait, is it “Heaven Shaker”? I think before it changes to Duotian it was translated as “Heaven Seizer”…. am i wrong?

  4. OMG here we go again, remember Divine Phoenix Empire’s ‘Eccentric God Hand’ Huangfu He? What Yun Che reacts afterward will shock you!

    [Yun Che’s heartbeat immediately started to thump about …… Eh? F*ck! There’s actually such a person? I had specifically chosen this super uncommon surname. Aaaaah!!]

    1. Well, it’s just like how “Mike” is a common name in the US.

      I mean, there are 2 “Michael Jordan” and “Michael Fox” that are famous

      Use a common surname and a common family name and there is a chance you could get the name of a famous person.

      This was just a common moniker that shouldn’t be specific..

    2. TRUE ! I can’t wait for Yun Che’s reaction that he really is a f*cker regarding creating pseudonyms . NO ORIGINALITY whatsoever wahahaha kidding ! Yun CHe’s a d*ck through and through . But at least , he’s not Li Qiye 🙂

  5. What kind of black magic is this XD this is the second time this has happened now and also fit the description of who he was pretending to be!
    First time- the eccetrinc medical saint Huangfu He
    and now – Duotian

    1. Well in the first case they just thought it was him because “Oh a mysterious medical expert who acts very strange. Surely it’s not because he is Yun Che with a flawed disguise he must just be that legendary eccentric expert”

      So that’s all that was.

      As for Duotian that is a bit weirder but since he made it as a half assed arrogant name it could be that old expert just thought a lot like Yun Che.

      1. and if you remember, that doctor guy is coincidently is out of town in the same moment..Like Holy sh*t its a f*cking heavens luck..

  6. ugh… Well ain’t that a coincident.

    Well it’s not like I didn’t expect it, the author sure loves his ex machina bullshit.

    Looks like we’ll have some Hong’er action in the next chapter.

    1. Name, forgotten, erased and no longer exist. Not even asgard mistress live that long, and the founder, shes a shit. She didn’t left her memories behind, so it is very unlikely that he picked it from inherited memories

  7. Found a typo,

    “Old Man Duotian was completely forgotten, and the legend of the Monarch Divine Realm being the limit of humans has become more and more firmly entrenched.”

    It should be ‘Sovereign Profound Realm’ instead of ‘Monarch Divine Realm’.

  8. Guys, while a bit painful to read, the “coincidence” isn’t that far out.

    It’s like the term “Hulk”.
    If it’s bombastic enough, someone notable is sure to use it.

    Like the Hulk and Hulk Hogan
    or “the Rock”

    “Duo Tian” really isn’t a name, it’s a tag someone stuck to another person and let us just say that people are not really very creative when it comes to monikers. Isn’t that right “Stormin Norman”?

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