ATG – Chapter 678

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Chapter 678 – Floating Cloud City’s Devilish Energy

“Junior Master Yueli, during these three years, was there any… news of Yuechan?” After hesitating, Yun Che still asked the question. He knew in his heart that the possibility of him getting a certain answer was so minuscule that it might as well be zero.

Seeing how expectant he was, Chu Yueli’s expression dimmed as she shook her head.

“It’s okay…” Yun Che took a deep breath. “Three years ago, I once entrusted Black Moon Merchant Guild’s headquarters with obtaining any information they could on Yuechan. With Black Moon Merchant Guild’s ability and it having been three whole years, they have to have found something… Maybe, they have already found out where she is.”

“Mn!” Chu Yueli nodded slightly, and her beautiful eyes were sparkling rays of hope. “Asgard Master, when you head over to the Black Moon Merchant Guild, remember to ask them if they have obtained any information on Qingyue. Now that the crisis here has been dealt with, it is instead not safe for her to be out.”

“I will.” Yun Che nodded, “I should be in Divine Phoenix Empire for a period of time. Maybe my stay will be long or maybe it will be short. If there are any accidents, remember to send me a sound transmission immediately. I will have a way to get back here right away!”

Yun Che bade farewell to the Frozen Cloud disciples, retrieved the Primordial Profound Ark, traveled through space, and returned to Blue Wind Imperial City.

Compared to yesterday, Blue Wind Imperial City was a lot more peaceful today; at least, that heavy, dark, and desperate atmosphere was half gone. The return of Prince Consort Yun and the news of him demolishing the army of tens of thousands of Divine Phoenix Empire had already spread throughout Blue Wind Imperial City and its surroundings, lighting up the hope that was extinguished a long time ago.

“Husband, how did it go with Sun Moon Divine Hall?”

When Yun Che returned, Cang Yue quickly came out to welcome him. Under the phoenix crown, her tender face was covered with deep joy and tiredness that couldn’t be hidden. Apparently, because she was worrying, she stayed up all night again.

“Empress sister-in-law, Big Brother really was too… too… too impressive!” Before Yun Che could answer, Xiao Yun was unable to hold back his excitement and yelled, “The people from Sun Moon Divine Hall were all so strong. Not only did their Young Master come personally, there were also a few Monarchs. But Big Brother burned one to death, and the others were all scared off… he scared them so hard that they would absolutely not dare to come again. Ah… Seventh Sister, you don’t need to examine me, I am really not injured at all. I only stood there for a little while and didn’t fight with anyone, ah ow-ow-ow…”

Xiao Yun’s plain words naturally couldn’t illustrate the scene back then, and he didn’t know that under the surface of an incredible success, Yun Che’s every breath was as if he was walking on a steel wire above a thirty thousand meter deep abyss.

Cang Yue didn’t inquire any further, because just by looking at the assured expression in Yun Che’s eyes, she knew that the calamity of Frozen Cloud Asgard had been already resolved… even though their opponent was Sun Moon Divine Hall. She smiled and said, “As long as everything is fine. This time, you should go to Grandfather’s side.”

“Mn, I will take Xiao Yun there right away.” Thinking about Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi’s faces, warmth naturally flowed through Yun Che’s heart, and then, it became stronger and stronger, turning into excitement so strong that he almost lost control.

“Xiao Yun, the Floating Cloud City that we are going to now… is where you were born. When we get there, you will be able to see your real blood relatives,” said Yun Che as he picked up the Primordial Profound Ark once again and smiled.

Xiao Yun opened his mouth, paused for a good while, and then strongly nodded his head hard, “Yes!”

Finding his own blood relatives and meeting and reuniting with them was the main reason that he came to Profound Sky Continent with Yun Che!

“I want to go too,” said Number Seven Under Heaven as she hopped and grabbed onto Xiao Yun’s arm.

“You and Xiao Yun are family now. How could we meet family without you. You can’t not go!” Yun Che smiled and said, “Yue’er, I will bring Grandfather and Little Aunt back soon. Brother Under Heaven, Yuanba, I will leave the imperial city to you two.”

“Brother-in-law don’t worry, no matter how many people they send, they shouldn’t even think about coming near here!” Xia Yuanba raised his strong arms, held his fists together, and exaggeratedly cracked his knuckles.

“Xiao Yun, Seventh Sister, let’s go.”

“Ah? Just… just go like this? Should we prepare something, like… like…” Xiao Yun didn’t know what to do all of a sudden. For over twenty years in the Illusory Demon Realm, he was labeled as the “Profound Sky Bastard.” Even though he was twenty-two years old, he had never seen any of his blood relatives before.

“You don’t need anything, let’s go!!” said Yun Che as he grabbed onto Xiao Yun. Compared to Xiao Yun’s nervousness, he couldn’t wait any longer.

After entering the Primordial Profound Ark and setting the distance and direction, in only an instant, they were already in the air above Floating Cloud City.

Leaving the Primordial Profound Ark, Yun Che took a deep breath of the air here… “I finally returned again, to the place that I grew up in…”

The air still held a familiar smell, but without the scent of the smoke of gunpowder this time.

From three thousand meters up in the sky, Yun Che silently looked down at his homeland that he was most familiar with. Blue Wind Nation was the smallest nation out of the seven nations of Profound Sky Continent, and Floating Cloud City was the smallest city of Blue Wind Nation. It was originally not noisy and lively compared to other large cities, but Floating Cloud City was currently even quieter than how Yun Che remembered it. Even though there were some people on the narrow streets, it was far less than usual.

As Cang Yue had said, even though Divine Phoenix Empire surprisingly sent a whole army of two hundred thousand to Floating Cloud City, they didn’t have any intention of attacking. Yun Che’s eyes swept over Floating Cloud City, and there didn’t seem to be any trace of battle… Not to mention large scale ones, there weren’t even small scale skirmishes. The streets were neat, there was no damage to the buildings, and the entire city wasn’t shrouded with an atmosphere of panic. Moreover… With Yun Che’s scouting, there was only one set of troops which should be the Divine Phoenix Army’s in the direction of the City Head’s Palace in Floating Cloud City, which only numbered around hundred.

Yun Che was relieved with this result, but at the same time, suspicion rose within his heart.

The citizens of Floating Cloud City were weak, the city was small, the land was poor, and the surrounding of the city was not abundant with resources. Even the profound beasts that existed there were ones of the lowest level, so there was no value in hunting them. On top of that, its location was at the most eastern side of Blue Wind Nation. The region was remote, and troops needed to travel a long distance, so taking it over would do more harm than good. If they had to take control of it, with the military force of the Divine Phoenix Army, a few thousand soldiers and mounts would be able to manage it… but the Divine Phoenix sent an army of two hundred thousand soldiers!

And this was before they sent their troops to Blue Wind Imperial City!

Just as Cang Yue had said, after the two hundred thousand strong Divine Phoenix Army arrived here, they never left.

But before their very eyes was a scene like this in Floating Cloud City.

Everything had a strangeness to it that could not be explained with common sense.

What’s going on?

What is the Divine Phoenix Empire trying to do to Floating Cloud City?




Deep explosions came from the east, northeast, and southeast. Some of the explosions were far away, and some of them were relatively closer and even more concentrated. Yun Che quickly turned his head to look to the east, and when his eyes looked that way, he saw a bunch of red shadows that were either condensed or scattered at the uneven, abandoned mountain region on the east side of Floating Cloud City. His eyebrows scrunched up a bit as he squinted as much as possible and slowly noticed that the red shadows were part of the Divine Phoenix Army which were wearing scarlet-red light armor!

“What is that sound? Could a battle be taking place over there?” Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven looked to the east and asked in alarm.

“It’s the Divine Phoenix Army!”

“Divine Phoenix Army? Could someone be in a battle with the Divine Phoenix Army?” Xiao Yun immediately asked. His eyes and Number Seven Under Heaven’s eyes couldn’t compare to Yun Che’s as Yun Che possessed the power of the Rage God.

“No,” answered Yun Che as he shook his head. There was deep confusion in between his eyebrows. “From what it looks like, they seem to be blasting the ground in a controlled manner.”

“Blasting… the ground?” Xiao Yun’s eyes widened. “Why would they do that? Could it be for training soldiers?”

Yun Che pondered, shook his head, and said, “I don’t know. Let’s ignore them for now. Let’s go, we’re going to land.” He extended out his hand and pointed at the most familiar place in his life. “That is Xiao Family’s courtyard, and it is also the place that I grew up in for sixteen years. Grandfather and little aunt are there right now.”

Just as Yun Che’s body was about to land, Jasmine suddenly yelled deeply in his mind, “Wait!”

Yun Che’s body suddenly stopped. Whenever Jasmine suddenly used this tone, she must have noticed something that cannot be ignored. He immediately focused and said, “Jasmine, what’s wrong?”

“Where is this place?” Just as Jasmine finished speaking, she recognized the place herself. “Floating Cloud City?”

Apparently, Jasmine had just woken up from her sleep. Yun Che answered, “I just returned here, what did you find? Is there something wrong here?”

“…” Jasmine was silent for a good while, and then she said in an incredibly deep voice, “Why… why is there devilish energy here!”

“Devilish energy?” Yun Che was stunned. “What do you mean by devilish energy?”

“…” Jasmine continued to be silent for a while, and her voice became even deeper, “It indeed wasn’t an illusion. That is definitely devilish energy! Devilish energy… to explain it simply, is when one or more types of negative emotions reach a certain limit. The law becomes twisted, and profound energy will mutate! The devil profound energy that it creates is even stronger than profound energy of the same level, but it is also harder to control. Because devilish energy will only be created with extreme negative emotions, the ones who possess devilish energy… all have twisted minds and beliefs. They are evil creatures that should not exist in this world! Or they can be directly called a demon or devil!

Yun Che, “…”

“This plane is really getting interesting, there is actually devilish energy here!” Jasmine said in a low voice. Towards the “devil,” she had deep disgust and even hatred because she had been poisoned by the most fearsome devilish poison!

“This person is in Floating Cloud City?” asked Yun Che as he lowered his voice.

“That’s right, and… it is within Xiao Clan that you are about to return to!”

“What!?” Yun Che’s heart was shocked.

“Go down and check it out immediately. I’d like to know what kind of person could release devilish energy on such a low level plane!” Jasmine’s tone was especially unusual.

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