ATG – Chapter 672

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Chapter 672 – A Might Which Covers the Heavens

To be able to correctly ascertain a profound practitioner’s level of profound strength, one had to have a profound strength higher than the other! Yet Yun Che was able to accurately shout out the profound strength of these four Monarchs, including Ye Guying, who was a late stage Monarch!

Yun Che only had the profound strength aura that was at the Emperor Profound Realm, so he definitely would not be able to do this! The only possible explanation was that… there was someone here whose profound cultivation was extremely strong, and he might even be strong enough to surpass Ye Guying’s strength!

Before it was only a faint suspicion, but following what Yun Che said, this misgiving’s likelihood suddenly multiplied many times over… it reached the point where they could practically confirm that there was indeed a huge power that was backing Yun Che up. And the strength of this power far exceeded their previous expectations… because the other person was able to accurately ascertain their profound strength, whereas they could not even detect the presence of that person! To be able to conceal his profound strength so perfectly from them, that person had to have a profound strength that exceeded them, and it was highly possible that his strength was far above theirs!

Could it really… actually be someone who was in the late stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm?

That was not possible… besides the Four Sacred Grounds, it should not be possible for any other high level Monarchs to exist elsewhere in this world!

At this time, they looked at Yun Che’s face that was calm and devoid of fear, and he even had a provocative, cold smile plastered on his face. They were quickly disabused of the notion that all of this was just “false bluster and bravado.”

Ye Guying quickly suppressed the look of alarm that flashed across his face and gave a humorless laugh as he replied, “Let us first not talk about whether we are going to kill you today and move on to other matters instead… seeing your reaction, it seems as if you had already known about our impending visit for quite some time.”

“Haha.” Yun Che gave an extremely disdainful and cold laugh as contempt flashed in his eyes, and he looked at the powerful Ninth Elder of Sun Moon Divine Hall as if he were some kind of an idiot. “To think that words so stupid that it insults one’s intelligence would actually come out of the mouth of an elder of Sun Moon Divine Hall! When I killed Ye Ziyi, I was using Ye Ziyi’s death imprint to transmit the entire manner of his death to your young master, Ye Xinghan. My motive was to get Ye Xinghan to immediately rush over here with his people to try and kill me… You actually have doubts over how I knew about your arrival? Hahahaha! This is the level of intellect possessed by an elder from Sun Moon Divine Hall… it truly is too laughable!”

Yun Che’s words caused Ye Guying’s eyes to tremble in anger, but his expression did not change. Instead of flying into a rage, he merely gave a tepid laugh and said, “You mean when you killed Ye Ziyi, you had already known about the death imprint on his body, so you purposely used this death imprint to let our Young Master know that you were the one who killed him?”

“What else?” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth curled upwards as he mockingly replied, “Didn’t any of you actually stop to think about why even though both Ye Ziyi and Ye Qingsheng died… you did not receive Ye Qingsheng’s death imprint?”

The expressions of all the members of Sun Moon Divine Hall changed simultaneously… Before this, when they were still on the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, Ye Guying had gravely voiced his suspicion that it was possible that the other party had preserved Ye Ziyi’s death soul imprint to entice them to come here. Because if the other party could wipe away Ye Qingsheng’s death imprint, it was impossible that he would not have discovered the existence of a death imprint on Ye Ziyi’s body. But they could not bring themselves to believe this, and they explained it away by coming to the conclusion that Ye Qingsheng’s death imprint had faded away by itself, because there was no one who had the guts to provoke and “entrap” the members of Sun Moon Divine Hall… unless said person had a death wish!

However,, those exact words had come out of Yun Che’s mouth this very moment, causing all of them to be involuntarily alarmed as a feeling of uneasiness which should not exist was birthed in their hearts. But Ye Juanyun took a step forward and gave a laugh of contempt instead, “And so what if you did? Yun Che, you are only a pitiful frog in the well in our eyes, so what would you know about how high the sky is or how deep the earth is. You truly believe that just relying on that teacher behind you, you can challenge our Sun Moon Divine Hall? Hahahaha…” Ye Junyuan laughed wildly, “That is so incredibly naive! Our Sun Moon Divine Hall’s strength is something that you can never imagine and is something that you are not qualified to know as well! Your confidence and the backup that you think is infallible, in the eyes of our Sun Moon Divine Hall, it is only a huge joke!”

“Oh?” Yun Che’s eyebrows drooped slightly as he replied, “You actually know who my master is?”

“Tsk tsk, anyone who has dared to behave in such a brazen manner in front of our Sun Moon Divine Hall has always died a horrible death, and even if they managed to survive, their fates were even worse than death…” Ye Shi continued with a cold laugh as he put a hand on his chin, “Yun brat, don’t even talk about your master. Even if you had one hundred of those masters, you will definitely not be able to keep your life today!”

“Haha, what?” Yun Che gave a humorless laugh, and while his tone was arrogant, his voice began to deepen as well, “My master is normally within his own little world, so I normally will not dare to disturb his cultivation, and I am even less willing to borrow my master’s power.” Yun Che’s eyes instantly became dark and cold as he continued, “But Frozen Cloud Asgard has no quarrel or grievance with you, yet you acted so viciously towards them. Not only did you push them into a desperate situation, you even killed their two previous sect masters… this hatred and animosity has created an irreconcilable gulf between us! And if I cannot avenge this wrong, then I am not fit to be the new sect master of Frozen Cloud Asgard!!

“So today, I will borrow my master’s strength and will use Ye Xinghan’s… no, will use all of your blood to offer up a sacrifice to the souls of the previous two sect masters!” Yun Che raised his left hand. “You will soon know who exactly is the frog in the well! When my master condescends to appear before us, all of you better be ready for it… don’t become so frightened that you wet your pants and stain this pristine snowy land!!”

Yun Che’s tone was harsh, and his words were filled with animosity. As his words fell, Ye Xinghan’s face grew dark, and just as he was about to speak, he saw a light flash from Yun Che’s body. Following that flash… his entire person had disappeared from where he was standing! Whether it was his figure or his presence, all of it had completely disappeared!!

Ye Guying and the rest of his companions were fiercely shocked… they definitely did not believe that a profound practitioner who was below the Sovereign Profound Realm could disappear without them noticing. But despite their enormous power as Monarchs, they could not detect Yun Che’s presence even though their spiritual perception blanketed the entire area. It was in this manner that he had completely disappeared in an instant right before their very eyes!

“What… what is going on?” Ye Shi sputtered in a deep voice as his eyes swept the area. According to their own knowledge and experiences, this was something that should not be possible! Without even mentioning that Yun Che was a Throne, even if he was a Monarch as well, it should not be possible for him to disappear completely before their very eyes!

Ye Guying’s brows sank, and he suddenly remembered that Yun Che just said these words, “My master normally resides in his own little world, so I normally will not dare to disturb his cultivation…” His heart suddenly shook… his own little world? Could it be that his master was actually someone who could open his own little world, just like in the legends? And Yun Che’s complete disappearance was due to him entering his master’s “little world”?

Amidst their shock, a light suddenly shone out in front of them, and Yun Che’s figure appeared before them once more. But the Yun Che who had appeared once again was not facing them; instead, his head was bowed and he had his withdrawn his aura. His stance was completely devoid of the wild arrogance that he had displayed before. Rather, he assumed an attitude of solemn respect.

“Yun Che, where is your master?!” Ye Shi roared, “I definitely do not expect you to tell us that once your so-called master heard the four words ‘Sun Moon Divine Hall,’ he was so frightened that he ran away, haha…”

Ye Shi’s laughter abruptly came to a halt as his expression underwent a great change.

An aged voice let out a long and drawn-out sigh. This sigh carried with it an indescribable heaviness, and it seemed to come from an ancient age. Accompanying this sigh was a boundless and indescribably majestic presence and might. This might seemed to have welled up from the ends of the earth, and in that moment, it seem to fill the heavens and the earth.

In that instance, it seemed like the dome of heaven had completely collapsed! With it, the entire world descended into a deathly silence.

The four Monarchs of Sun Moon Divine Hall—Ye Shi, Ye Shuran, Ye Juanyun, and the mighty Ye Guying all felt their breath seize up in their chests as this might fell upon them. It was as if a mountain range was pressing down on their chests. Forget about breathing, even their hearts had nearly been completely stopped as their bodies went rigid while every cell in their bodies shuddered violently and uncontrollably… and they could not stop no matter what they did.

They raised their heads after much difficulty, and their pupils contracted as they looked at the figure that had suddenly appeared out of thin air… his voluminous black robe fluttered in the howling, cold wind. The black robe covered half of his face, so they were unable to make out his appearance… Under this incomparably dreadful pressure, even as mighty as they were, they still did not dare to meet the gaze of that man. Even the black robe on his body seemed to have the weightiness of a mountain.

In this world, the thing that was the hardest to fake was one’s aura. And this black-robed man’s aura was so strong that it was something they could not describe and could not even imagine. They were Monarchs which stood at the pinnacle of the world, so in this world, there should not exist any aura which would cause them to tremble… Moreover, under this aura, they felt that they were as small as grains of sand before the blue sea. They could barely bring themselves to believe that this was an aura that belonged to another human being… but was the might of a primordial god of legends which covered the heavens!

What was even scarier was that, while this aura was majestic and boundless, it was not fierce or violent. Instead, it was completely calm… so that was to say that this was merely the presence that this black-robed man normally displayed. It was not a deliberate show of force that would come about when one circulated all of his profound energy.

“Master!” Yun Che knelt to the ground and deeply bowed his head. The Yun Che who had been unreasonably arrogant in front of Sun Moon Divine Hall now spoke in a voice that was filled with a deep reverence… and there was even a hint of apprehension in that voice.

Ye Xinghan’s expression had turned incredibly ugly, and not one of the four elders could laugh in this situation. They all looked at each other and saw that the eyes of everyone else was filled with a deep shock and unease… an aura which could cause Monarchs such as them to tremble with fear. Just based on that alone, they could tell that this person’s strength definitely exceeded that of their own Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Heavenly Monarch.

This was… Yun Che’s mysterious master?

How could there be such a terrifying existence that was akin to a god or a devil on this earth?!!

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